Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • blacktongue
    01-20 11:32 AM
    Any EB3 here?
    Famous American Immigrants � Immigration Update (

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  • dvb
    12-14 11:40 AM
    - My port of entry was Minneapolis/St. Paul.
    - Remember to please take ALL originals of the AP that you have (let the officer sort out what to do with them).
    - I had I-485 application receipt (or take a copy if you do not have the original) just in case (I did not need it, but why not!).

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  • DDash
    04-06 03:43 PM
    lazycis, jhaalaa, meridiani - Thanks for your guys rock. :cool:

    I believe Jhaalaa trying to caution me not to take chances and move to another employer, which could potentially cause RFE to my case. If so, thanks for you concern.

    Meridiani thanks for the doc. I will read through it.

    One more question, when I first filed my LC, I made x dollars, then I got a promotion and now making x+10K. When I move to a new employer, should I make x dollars? or x+10K? or is it okay to make x-10K? :confused:

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  • slc_ut
    05-28 07:31 PM
    hi, thanks for info. But one more question. Yes, now and then a date in Oct' 2006 is showing up. But, it will take time to fill all the forms after i proceed. What are the chances that i will get that date when other people are competing in real-time? Please post a reply.


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  • mrane1
    08-08 03:54 PM
    Sept 07! Did you enquire with them as you should now be eligible to ask them since its already sixty days have past since you got your GC!
    Looks strange.

    Opened SR's, infopass etc... first the reason was NC... now they just say it should be approved, no idea why its stuck... Now we are just tired... let it come whenever it has to... 11 years and still waiting :mad:

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  • nousername
    04-07 01:12 PM
    What the hell.. Can someone please explain this in plain English?

    AAO Decision on Substituted Labor Certifications (


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  • clif
    06-15 06:00 AM
    :confused: My H1B is about to expire in Oct 2007 and I haven't yet filed for 7th year extension. I have approved I-140 with April 2006 PD. Should I file for 7th year ext. of H1B or I-485 or both? If I file for H1B extension, will I get 1 year ext. or 3 year ext? :confused:

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  • willwin
    07-15 05:10 PM
    I got my PCC in San Francisco Indian Consulate last year assuming that I might get the appointment. but never happened until now. I am not sure that is still valid PCC. I might have to go to India and then apply for a new one from the local police station.

    Is it not much easier to get the PCC renewed (basically a new PCC from here)?


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  • vkrishn
    10-13 10:02 PM
    I went in shorts/t-shirt for my H-1 renewal in chennai this jan 08. They don't really care...

    I/O asked me what do i do in my company... Gave her the response.

    she said "sounds interesting and fun".. thats it... Hardly 2 mins. For most of the guys who live in the u.s and going to india for a vacation you should be if you dress decent...

    Don't worry...

    Just answer the question I/O ask you...

    There were lots folks from Infosys, TCS with full tie and formals and sweating.

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  • theperm
    05-07 03:21 PM
    Thanks! :-)


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  • pappu
    03-01 08:02 PM
    Its been a long time since a conf call is organized. Could you all pls. organize the call and start action items. Thanks

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  • bp333
    02-19 10:50 AM
    We (me, my wife and my son) are submitted 485 applications on July 7th to Nebraska service center latter they transferred to Vermont from there it again transferred to Taxes Service. Unfortunately I forgot to write the amount in wordings in my wife's 485 application check so they rejected my wife's application on Oct 9th, they enclosed the letter to re submit the application by using the new fee. We re submitted on Oct 15th by enclose the two checks $325 and $1010 along with the covering letter and the letter what they are given.

    Again they rejected the application in Dec 12th by mentioning Visa number is not available for this application. That time my attorney is not there He went to India so no body inform to me. He came back on Jan 28th we re submitted again by explaining all the details, but they reject on Feb 14th mentioning the same reason Visa Number is not available.

    I have seen so many people are got their receipt numbers if they re submitted the application for any mistakes. Me my son got the receipt numbers and Fingerprint every thing.

    My Attorney is telling we need to wait for PD current. Mine is PD for EB2 India 6/6.

    My wife doesn't get her receipt 485 number I am not able to use my EAD.

    Can any body suggest how to approach this case? Or is any one face same issue.


    If its rejected due to "missing or incorrect fee" you can send the package back with a special cover letter to by-pass the mail room. The letter has to say something in the lines of: "Attention CRU Supervisor, case improperly rejected due to fee".. search for these in google. You will find a template.
    Mine was rejected for the same and Supervisor accepted my refile.
    Good luck.


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  • srarao
    07-19 07:04 PM
    Any guys with RFE on this

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  • reddymjm
    05-01 09:47 AM
    Cool down and complete your story. Hopefully You did not file ur case like this. Just kidding.


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  • qasleuth
    09-17 11:37 AM
    Why even bother?

    Forget worrying about about CNN and Lou Dobbs. They are NOBODY and of no significance for the quest for immigration reform.

    If CNN drops Lou that will not pass CIR or recapture. There are so much Lou Dobbs are there in USA. It is a waste of time.

    Wrong and Wrong.

    Lou is broadcasting his radio show from Federation for American Immigration Reform's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" legislative advocacy event. No points for guessing what the event is advocating for. Just wait for CNN to drop Lou and Fox embraces him. It will be just in time when CIR comes back on radar.

    If you have been even remotely following the healthcare debate, the fewest (however idiotic or uninformed they are) make the loudest noise, scaring lawmakers. THAT is guaranteed to affect you and I (well not senthil as he already has his GC).

    Lou Dobbs | Media Matters for America (

    Here is a good read on the why's/what's

    Timothy Karr: What Beck, Dobbs and Limbaugh Are Really Afraid Of (

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  • prince_charming
    04-08 04:14 PM
    Does July 1st include the weekend till 3rd July or it just hardstop @ July 1st?


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  • jamesbond007
    12-03 12:48 PM
    Thanks for your advice guys, I have found a university which allows people to go on CPT from 1st semester itself. They charge $3000 for this arrangement (along with $2400 for 6 credit hours) and their MBA/MS program is weekend only classes. I expect to convert to F1 and work with my present employer on CPT upon the my H1B expiration in Sept' 09 (I don't want to recapture the 2 months in Indian vacation). Classes start in 1st week of Oct 2009. The worst part is my course load will be really heavy as I have to continue with my regular M.B.A coursework in my present university.

    Check to make sure the CPT from that university does not have any conditions on the type of employment you can take under it. And also check the number of hours you can work under that CPT - fulltime/parttime?.

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  • bluez25
    10-29 07:01 PM
    And I am not a lawyer.. trust your instinct and change jobs...

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-25 02:12 PM
    1. My view on pre-adjudication is that they processing is done on the application and is put in an approvable status. once the PD is current and the immigrant visa number is available, then such an application can be approved. but it has to be noted that these applications can be reviewed again before approving and can be denied at that time.
    2. when an AOS application is being adjudicated, if the underlying terms of the 485 application are not satisfied, then it can be denied. it does not matter if the PD is current. the 485 is based on the 140, which in turn is based on a bonafide job. using ac21, you can change employers, but i still feel that you need to be employed in a similar position and not looking for a similar position.

    any thoughts anyone?

    I agree. The argument that the AOS applicant doesn't need to have a job now is very aggressive and should only be used if absolutely necessary. If there is any chance of finding a new job soon, the first step would be to ask for more time to respond to the RFE.

    06-11 01:20 PM
    Please refrain from saying such a thing for President.
    He might have made mistakes but he has been a tough one for terrorists.Since Sep11,2001,he has kept the ppl safe.
    6 years is a big time.
    If he is trying something beneficial for Immigrants,lets support him and ask him to support our cause.
    I think we should send faxes/emails to him to show our support and I am sure he will get our amendment passed.

    Lets give this a try.I am sure he will make no more mistakes as these are some last things which can give a lot of credibility back to his Presidentship.

    01-26 01:16 PM
    Why more IT people from Andhra India?

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