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16th Birthday Party Cakes

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:49 AM
    Dear Members

    For those of you joining us late, here is some info about this thread.

    1. This is to do our least part to the core IV Team for their selfless sacrifice, for all of us getting the benefits of legal immigration. Note that , Aman Kapoor , the co-founder of IV has done his part by sacrificing $64,000/- from his own personal funds towards the administrative costs of IV. Yes you read it right , it is $64,000/- We come to know from his co-worker that he has sold his house towards running this show for us.

    2. We have not yet figured out a way to reimburse these costs as IV does not yet have administrative costs part of the expenditure allocation, as we understand it. So instead of a wait and watch, we decided to go ahead with collecting the pledge from the members on the amount they are putting forth for reimbursing the amount. Once we come up with a strategy(members we look for your suggestions on how to get this done, please add your comments) we will instruct the members pledged to pay out.

    Please help us spread the message about this thread in other threads by copy and pasting the following in other threads too.

    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing Aman and other core IV member's expenses towards the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?


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  • hariswaminathan
    09-09 07:08 PM
    Like my title says - Could it be a mistake on their part for EB3 I ? Was it meant to be 15th April 2002 ?
    In March of This year it was 15th Oct 2001. Then it goes to U for untli Oct and now its 15th April 2001 (gone back 6 months !!!!) This seems odd for a new fiscal year with new Visa Quota however small EB3I may be - are there still that many 2000-2001 applications pre-adjudicated in the system waiting for a visa that they had to roll it back ?

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  • friend_in_NC
    07-21 05:41 PM
    Received by USCIS on 06/04/08
    Approved on 7/14/2008
    Card received on 7/18/2008
    Got 2 yr renewal.

    Btw - why are lot of members mentioning FP related information under EAD? I did my FP last Oct. Should I be expecting second FP as a result of EAD renewal application. I am missing some thing basic here. Any pointers?

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  • Sachin_Stock
    09-24 05:36 PM
    cat got your tongue ?

    Its an absurd analogy. If I stress it too much and try to derive some sense out of it, my bar on GMAT prep would actually go down south!


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  • bombaysardar
    05-27 11:51 PM
    We are in AOS stage and planning to do Canadian Landing next month. Any one here knows if we have to surrender our I-94 when we exit the USA?

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-17 12:35 AM
    Good Job Folks...keep the pledges coming.

    And guys..lets not fight or critisize each other...initiatives like this are voluntary..if u are convinced, welcome aboard, if not, you are more than welcome to watch it from a distance.

    Everyone here is mature enough to know what is right and wrong for them and we should respect it regardless of whether they are in favor of this initiative or not...

    For now..we are moving forward...and that's what counts at the end of the day.


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  • jgh_res
    07-20 03:36 AM
    I pledge 100 dollars. Please let me know how I need to send it over. Send any action alert to my associated email id.
    I could not update the google spreadsheet. Can somebody do it for me...

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  • RSM1444
    02-10 07:07 PM
    Donated $100

    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 0L503528GU222744P.


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  • delhiguy79
    07-24 08:02 PM
    While landing which car shud we take?

    Own or rental?

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  • gbof
    08-27 09:54 PM
    Thanks buddy,

    What is the procedure to the SSA update?

    My family do not have SSA? I need to apply for them as well.

    It won't take more than 1 hr to get all those. A simple form to be filled out (for a new SSN) and I think SS5 form (please google) for those updating SSN. It's very simple procedure. SSA will need proper ID/ and GC to verify your current status. Card should arrive in 2 weeks...

    Best of luck for those who are current...


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  • desi3933
    01-30 05:23 PM
    You being US citizen or president of USA does not mean much to us! I have requested you to show me "so called 30 day rule" on any of the official web site (For example USCIS). I have asked you this several times. Every time You just direct us to some lawyer's web site/university web site and expect us to believe them.

    Show me the information on official web site and I will shut up.

    Since you asked -

    Here is link from Department of Labor website. Read for yourself and I have included relevant quote.
    Link (

    (ii) Even if the H-1B nonimmigrant has not yet "entered into employment" with the employer (as described in paragraph (c)(6)(i) of this section), the employer that has had an LCA certified and an H-1B petition approved for the H-1B nonimmigrant shall pay the nonimmigrant the required wage beginning 30 days after the date the nonimmigrant first is admitted into the U.S. pursuant to the petition, or, if the nonimmigrant is present in the United States on the date of the approval of the petition, beginning 60 days after the date the nonimmigrant becomes eligible to work for the employer. For purposes of this latter requirement, the H-1B nonimmigrant is considered to be eligible to work for the employer upon the date of need set forth on the approved H-1B petition filed by the employer, or the date of adjustment of the nonimmigrant's status by INS, whichever is later.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • CADude
    08-02 11:04 AM
    Your check will be cashed any day now. :)

    My case was received by NSC on Jun 25th. No word yet. My I-140 is from Texas. Very worrying situation,


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  • GCard_Dream
    05-23 12:27 PM
    Sent emails to 4 Senators so far and continuing with the rest.

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  • fetch_gc
    10-17 10:04 PM
    My packet delivered on July 16 signed by R Pitcher 9a.m. at NSC.
    I am hoping yours and Vivek.. package was also in the same bundle.

    Just curious, what is a front log ??


    Just wanted to let u know that when I called NSC IO today, she was kind enough to give my 485 Recpt # and asked me to wait a couple of weeks to get them in mail. She told me they(both my wife and mine) were just entered into the system.

    Also I asked her abt my wife's pkg, she said it also got cashed, but my wife has to call to get her Recpt#.

    frontlog refers to the folks who have filed between July2nd -July 16th.



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  • chi_shark
    07-10 11:49 AM

    so what is your point? i have no doubts that i can prove point 1, 2 and 3 below... i.e. real business, planned business (with only me as the employee), contracts and orders. i dont think anyone here is talking about a non-bonafide job with a "paper shop" (in your words)...

    what is your point about If business is new, it becomes difficult to show that business can offer full time job to someone at say 60k salary per year? doesnt that sounds like "ability to pay" issue? if yes, that is not an issue at I-485 stage... the yates memo clearly states this...

    The problem with self employment is demonstrate
    1. AC-21 job is in same classification as original labor/I-140
    2. New job is bonafide

    In order to show that the new job is "real", one has to show
    1. The business is real, not just paper shop
    2. Business Plan, Funding to support employees
    3. Any contracts, orders etc

    If business is new, it becomes difficult to show that business can offer full time job to someone at say 60k salary per year. Now, if business has some capital funding or line of credit from bank or some long term contracts, then it is relatively easy to show that business can support employees.

    The burden of proof, in case of RFE, lies on beneficiary.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • vbkris77
    05-01 01:51 PM
    Well, you assume family members can get AP and EAD after submitting I-485. Not true for many people. Take myself as an example, I was not lucky enough to file my I485 in 2007. So with a PD of early 2007, I have none of the benefit from AOS a(B) who is the beneficiary (including a spouse or child of the principal alien, if eligible to receive a visa under section 203(d) ) of--

    (i) a petition for classification under section 204 that was filed with the Attorney General on or before 2a/ April 30, 2001; or

    (ii) an application for a labor certification under section 212(a)(5)(A) that was filed pursuant to the regulations of the Secretary of Labor on or before such date; and 2a/

    t all.

    Although for me it's not a big deal because my wife will soon get her PhD and will file for her own immigration petition. This actually works better for us, because it will make the line much shorter and both of us will get the green card much quicker.

    However, for those who do not work and solely depend on their spouses to get green card. This change can spell disaster for them during the long wait caused by retrogression without the ability to file AOS.

    I am in the same boat, per INA, when your PD is current, you including your family will be able to file I485. What OP saying is that they should be counted against FB2. INA explicitly has that point.. With is we should be able to file I485 quick and primary gets GC quickly.

    (B) who is the beneficiary (including a spouse or child of the principal alien, if eligible to receive a visa under section 203(d) ) of--

    (i) a petition for classification under section 204 that was filed with the Attorney General on or before 2a/ April 30, 2001; or

    (ii) an application for a labor certification under section 212(a)(5)(A) that was filed pursuant to the regulations of the Secretary of Labor on or before such date; and 2a/


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  • garybanz
    12-17 10:38 AM
    Been in the US since 1998, have an EB-2 PD of 2001, have played by the rules all along. Still no GC... And, the dates are going back to 2000 from the new year.. I've lost hopes...

    I'm pretty close to getting clinical depression because of this game played by USCIS, Labor Dept, FBI and my own bad luck.

    SKILL bill, OMNIBUS, etc. comes and goes. IV does seem to be doing things to lobby for the community, but let's face one reality. Like a news article said, no one in congress or senate wants to touch immigration even with a long pole until 2009.

    The US has been very good to me (other than the GC part), more than my home country (India) which is why I'm still here.

    Have invested too much of time in this country to just pack up and go. Just curious if any of you feel this way? How do you handle such depressing feelings?

    Switch to EAD...and stop worrying about GC

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  • walking_dude
    10-08 02:48 PM
    Please donate $5000 to IV and they'll make it their top-most agenda

    I would say IV should make PD based processing as the top most priority in their agenda. ...

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  • hiUS
    09-05 09:48 AM
    I actually spoke to Customer service and I got 2 very different responses.

    1. Wait till you are an old man and then the cards may just come !! (Just Kidding ) she actually said wait for 90 days.

    2. Another CSR told me that the TSC is having technical issues and they are not able to access the Biometric information on approved 485's in their systems. She advised me to download Form I-90 from the USCIS site and fill that in and send it in - if you have a minor on the petition then also send 2 passport size pictures of the minor - this will allow them to access the Biometric screen when they process the I-90. We will get Biometric notices and the Minor will get the card - the Grown ups will get the Cards after the Biometrics are uploaded.

    I have not done this - eventhough I downloaded the I-90 forms - I took a INFOPASS appt and if they suggest that I should do a I-90 then I can get that done right on the spot - I am carrying the filled I-90 with me. Anyhow I-90 is usually submitted to correct errors on the card or to replace a card - however this woman sounded quite knowledgeable - but then there are issues realted to where the I-90 should be sent - this is specially complicated if your case has been transferred a few times like mine was.

    Best is to check with the guys/gals at Infopass -meeting.

    All this was from the rep at the TSC - so not sure if this is applicable to all centers.


    I will post my Infoapss exp on the 9th of september.

    She was rude and did not even give me the chance to speak.

    What she told is 'My case is approved and they are missing the Biometrics and I will be getting the mail to appear for the Biometrics'
    ...and She is not even giving me the chance to explain the scenario of uploading the Biometrics to TSC etc... (I have seen in the forums that for the numbers starting with WAC...Biometrics were uploaded to CSC and the TSC is unable to upload the Biometrics back to their system. And she told him that she will put a request to upload the Biometrics to TSC ASAP which may take 3 to 4 days)

    When I tried to tell this, the answer I got is "I don't want to hear anything from you and you will be getting the Biometrics mail as we are missing"

    08-20 11:51 AM
    My order so far is follows

    Aug 12 8AM - Email -> Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.
    Aug 12 9PM - Email -> Card production ordered.
    Aug 15 - Email -> Approval notice sent (for ME)
    Aug 18 - Email -> Approval notice sent for Spouse
    Aug 18 - Received I-797C Approval Notice for both me and spouse by USPS. In fact i received 3 original copies of the same approval for me and only 1 for my spouse.

    Still waiting for the actual cards to come.

    02-26 10:49 AM
    This is what i understand and i might be wrong, and this is specifically from my perspective and i am not representing IV.

    For a legal immigrant who has been here for the last 9 years, following the law from day 1, i don't see any hope except IV. I understand this is a political issue, and everything happens on the back-end. There is no time table or time line which can be promised by anyone, because this is all politics. Even anti-immigrants don't do anything everyday. They lobby in the background and try to stop any kind of relief, if any being given to us. They still collect a lot of money. They are also only active when there is something on the table and same goes with IV. Everything goes in the background and when there is something positive they come out and request the community to work on an action item, which in the ends gets a very poor response and undermines all their hard work. IV has an agenda and sticks with it. They have lobbying firms who work on the lines of that agenda. I don't think anybody can promise a time line or timetable regarding anything. They are working on an agenda and trying to get relief for all of us. They can't come out openly every day and say we are working on this and that.

    I believe in trying and by supporting IV, i am doing that. If no body is going to fight for us (Legal Immigrants), then we can't expect any relief or i will say not even dream of anything good for us. No one is going to address our plight till the time we fight for it. Ask your friends what have they done till today? If they think giving $1000, can buy themselves a Green Card(so called independence) then i am ready to give them $1500 and will request them to do it for me also and i am sure i can find many fellow IV'ans who can also give them $1500. Its very easy to question someones hard work, but when they will be asked to do something, you wont find them anywhere. Every time they will have some reasons not to contribute or do anything. If they join IV, they are not doing anything good, till the time they don't participate in any activities or action items. If they think sitting and waiting for Visa Bulletins and Processing Dates is the best way to go, then there is no way anyone can help them.

    Nobody came to convince me, that IV will get me out of this pain. I understand the problem, which is right in front of everyone and i only see IV as the one and only one organization working to get us some relief. I have met the Core group and i know how dedicated and honest they are. During the rally they were in DC for weeks getting everything worked on, only so that our problem can be highlighted and heard. IV Core spends a lot of time in Washington DC lobbying for our cause. They spend money out of their own pockets. They have families and they end up spending time away from them. Why???? Because they want relief and get our problem sorted. I really salute and appreciate their efforts and the hard work they have put in to come so far.

    But we as legal immigrants always end up questioning someones efforts? These questions need to answered by us. If your friends think there life is good and things will fall in place, its fine and they can stay away and go on with their lives as it is going on. But tell them not to criticize and question anybody's hard work and honesty.

    At least they can do us a favor, by not questioning what IV does? Rest regarding the funds, IV is a non-profit organization, and the tax returns are available online and can be viewed by anyone.

    Rest i hope they wake up and realize that by helping IV they are helping themselves and their families.

    I tried my best to explain how i understand IV. If i offended someone i am really sorry about it.

    I am proud to be associated with IV. At least in the end i will be happy to say that i tried for my independence.


    Very well written. We need this kind of language material to present to our friends. You got my contribution. How do I donate $20? I don't see tab for that money on page. Minimum for one time contribution I see is $100. Also is there any way that I do not have to use paypal and directly use my cc to pay?

    Also not all of us are as good in writing or speaking the same language. I am glad you understand the pains of IV core but unfortunately all of us have not gone through the same things as you have. So we surely need some convincing on part of IV. This post I see is right step. I need some more info to present to my friends, as to why they should contribute. That would be perfect.

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