Friday, July 1, 2011

Tribal Tattoos Letters

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  • apahilaj
    09-10 02:31 PM
    Hello friends,

    I was wondering about the FP notice time frame. I had applied for 485/EAD/AP on July 2nd at NSC which later got transferred to TSC. Receipts indicate that notice date is 8/27.

    I was wondering how many days does it take to get FP notice from the 485 notice date? data indicates that some of the TSC guys who have notice dates of 8/29 have already got their FP notices scheduled for mid september.


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  • english_august
    07-04 01:19 PM
    Wow! This is what a truly grass roots effort can do. I am in for July 10th as well. Can IV core please put this as an action item on the main page!

    This has the potential of a truly good media event!

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  • 53885
    05-24 01:09 PM
    I guess I am the only one on this thread.

    I guess many are still focussed on evaluating MBS, discussing CIR draft.....
    instead of taking any action.

    Sent emails to 20 more, for a total of 50.

    I sent emails to 10 more senators.

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  • greyhair
    11-18 05:30 AM
    Completed! My wife and I sent the emails. Please tell us when to begin the phone calls.


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  • greenguru
    09-10 02:25 AM
    could you share your opinion on EB3 ?please


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  • newu77
    08-17 04:57 PM
    I-485 delivered at 10:25 on July 2, 2007 in LINCOLN, NE (NSC)
    Signed by J BARRET.
    I-140 approved from TSC
    I-140 LUD on 07/28/2007
    No receipts Yet.


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  • shankar_thanu
    03-25 04:20 PM
    Went to the Washington DC office in Fairfax (Prosperity Ave). Got an appointment for finger printing scheduled for April8

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  • pappu
    12-15 10:58 AM
    Guys check out this article on Washington Post's website:

    A whole lot of anti-immigrant folks are posting their comments. All the eloquent members of IV, please mount a counter attack!
    contact the author


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  • GCKaIntezar
    06-16 02:01 PM
    Also, received Finger Printing (Biometrics) Notice today in the mail. Appointment is in three weeks.

    Cool bud. You seem to be going on expressway..

    Good luck to all of us.

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  • gccovet
    08-12 07:39 AM
    - How did you find out about the LUD?
    - What is soft LUD vs. hard ?
    - what are possible reasons of an LUD ?

    Thanks in advance!

    (LUD = Last Update Date.)
    You need to register on (case status online), you will need your receipt numbers (you can enter rect. nos. from I-140, 485, 765, h1 ext. etc). You will get an email as soon as your case has been approved/rfe/noid etc.

    When you get an email due to any change and the text changes in your case status it is called Hard LUD, if nothing changes in the case but your file has been touched then it is called soft LUD.

    There can be several reasons for soft lud.


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  • bigboy007
    08-13 03:29 PM
    That's great, I guess Texas is moving now..:)

    i see an LUD change for my case today with my I140 pending at TSC sent my 485 to NSC July 2 9:55 AM Fedex , LUD change date is 8/12/2007 , does it make any sense or what indication it is ?

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  • sm104
    11-17 04:01 PM


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  • skynet2500
    09-11 11:33 PM
    Congratulations to everyone who is getting their applications approved.

    My PD is Aug 2006 and I might have a remote chance of getting approved this month. Can someone give me the customer service number to talk about the 485 status. I keep seeing that many people talk to the customer service and get updates on the case. My case is pending at TSC. Thanks a lot.

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  • sdrk
    07-19 06:50 PM


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  • clubJWP
    05-07 05:35 AM
    iam planning to go to edmonton, alberta. what are the things that i should keep in mind before landing there, if anybody know share it with me


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  • desi3933
    06-27 02:15 PM
    These kind of agreements doesnt stand in any court .You can always say that you are forced to sign for your livelihood period.Esp. if he is a desi employer he even doesnt dare to go to court as that will cause more damage.

    Do you know the cost of defending suit? You have to prove the statements too.

    Search for law cases in PA/NJ and you will SHOCKED to see many desi employers who have sued their employees.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.


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  • Rohan99
    09-17 04:13 PM
    Hello, Anyone on July 3rd R.William 9:00am NSC has not received receipt...please let me know.
    Now I am worried, I called today(17th sep) but no news on my record.

    PD:May 2006
    140: Aug 2006
    i-485 : @ NSC july 3rd waiting for receipt

    July 3rd R.William 9:00am NSC

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-26 09:29 AM
    I was told by IO at info pass that my case was with an officer on Aug 05 , got CPO on 25

    i had a SLUD on AUG 21 ,


    In most cases the next action after CPO mail was within 5-7 business days. So keep your fingers crossed for the welcome mail. Follow the postman for your card arrival.

    For me it happend within a span 11 regular days from CPO mail. 5th day after CPO mail, I got welcome notice in the mail and then 6th day from there I got my cards in the mail.

    By the way, the online status still stays and it is in post decision activity. That is 12 days after I received my physical cards.

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  • geve
    11-17 04:49 PM
    Thanks to IV and it's core members.

    I just completed.

    05-23 05:55 AM
    Sent to 11 (one is common).


    08-01 02:32 PM
    my 485 app was delivered to NSC on 2nd @ 8.26am..
    my 140 was approved from TSC.... and no reciept or encashed checks yet!

    But are we sure, all our applications will be transferred to TSC? I've heard that the new rule that the apps should be sent to TSC or NSC based on state u live in is gonna take effect only from this week....

    pal :)

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