Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • javadeveloper
    07-20 02:15 PM
    looivy, Please have a conversation and don't turn this into a pissing contest.

    What the other post said is very true. We have 45000 members in this board, a significant majority of them are EB3. Even if 50% of the members 22000 (as an example ) contributed 25$ each, IV would have more than half a million bucks. With this money EB backlog plight could easily come out in mainstream media. Just because you, as a person, contributed does not mean all of EB people are contributing. Realizing our problem is the first step in solving it. Problem is people are not willing to contribute to IV, either their money or time, but want issues solved. Doesn't work that way..

    Again the original poster is correct in his statement.

    my .02$

    Correct me If I am wrong

    out of 45K members let's assume 22.5 K are EB2 and 22.5 K are EB3.

    Even If 11.25K (EB2)+11.25K (EB3) = 22.5 K (Total) contributes $25 Each Problems gets solved ... but the catch is ....

    Even 11.25 K EB2 members are not contributing because they don't have to as their problem is solved

    Even 11.25 K EB3 members are not contributing because they are not sure even with this contribution their problems gets solved.

    Many people are saying that EB3 members are not contributing that's why you are lagging etc...

    EB3 Members who contributed are feeling the pain because even after contribution they are not getting the results and EB2 members who didn't contributed are getting the results...

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  • texcan
    08-25 03:47 PM
    Thank you, texcan. FP may not be requierd for EAD renewal or first-time EAD? Mine is first time EAD. So, eseentially no FP yet for 485 (filed August 07) and first time EAD (this August)!

    Thanks again!

    your are very welcome.

    Chill, relax and live everyday ( this USCIS circus is no fun).

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  • conchshell
    07-11 11:30 AM
    Guys thanks for your appriciation on my recent blog "Power Behind A Flower". Please note that the reason behind this writing is to help our movement and encourage people to fight against injustice. Now the question is what's next??

    With a successful flower campaign to USCIS, we must draw our conclusions from this success, and use the outcome to make the San Jose rally a success.

    Please note that legal immigrants is a small handful set of people. Just a usual rally/demonstration will not make a dramatic impact. We have learned from the flower campaign that if we use innovative-peaceful ways of demonstrations, and manage Public Relations and Media well, we can be successful once again.

    Please think and try to come up with some ideas. I have come up with these four ideas:

    1. Project Martin Luther King Jr. as our hero in these rallies: Please understand that local Amrican people better understand about Martin Luther King Jr. andhis idealogy then M.K. Gandhi. My suggestion is that we should include large picture posters of Martin Luther King Jr. with a slogan "We legals too have a dream". We should also take Gandhi's posters. There is a possibility that all Black American organization may lend their support to us.

    2. An act that attracts media attention: Please remember the scene from Gandhi movie when protesters led by Gandhi peacefully burned their resident permits in South Africa. To do something similar and show our symbolic protest against USCIS, we can publically burn a Photocopy of our H1B approvals (I-797). Please note that we are not asking people to burn the original I-797 approval but a photocopy of the document. This will send a message that taking the great pain in obtaining these legal documents are not helping us getting a better treatment by USCIS. This act will perfectly portrey the pain of legal immigrants and once again will attract media and newsprint to keeps us in headlines. This should be part of our demonstrations.

    3. Waive American Flags: Please understand that recent media reports that only Indians are responsible for the flower campaign may hurt the campaign in the longer term. Please waive small American flags and show our solidarity with local Americans.

    4. Distrubute a flower with a pamphlet to the people passing by at the demonstration site. A well worded paper will be required that can project our problems to the people.

    Please share if you come up with innovative ideas to make these rallies a huge success.

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  • GCVictim
    08-14 09:18 AM
    Yesterday, My lawyer sent me receipts for my EAD, AP and my wife AP.
    Now I am waiting for my 485 receipt and my wife 485,EAD receipts. How it is possible without 485 receipts, I got EAD and AP receipts.

    Any idea?


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  • newuser
    05-23 11:26 AM
    Unfortunately, the Senator e-mail id's are not available. We need to do the hard way. use either AILA websiter or senators contact page

    AILA -

    Senators -

    Can someone copy paste the email ids of senators. I have limited access to internet at my work place.

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • logiclife
    06-22 03:56 PM
    Giving Pay stubs instead of FUTURE employment letter ?

    That may be a RFE and then eventually you have to give that letter and do more bargaining with your employer...

    You wont neccesarily get RFE for omitting the employer's letter. Your 485 CAN GET DENIED.

    YOU NEED EMPLOYER'S LETTER THAT STATES THE INTENTION OF HIRING WHEN GC IS APPROVED. Otherwise, as per USCIS memo recently issued, the officer can simply deny the 485 without bothering the send you an RFE to explain the missing document.

    The recent memo says that if the "INTIAL EVIDENCE" is missing, then the petition can be denied outrightly without having to send the RFE.

    Read this memo page 2 item # 3 :

    Also, read the filing instructions on form I 485. The employer's letter is listed under "Initial evidence" list.


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  • kdprasad
    08-13 07:59 PM
    Signature has all relevant information. I-140 was approved August 2005.

    Did the Checks get cashed.!!!

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  • vinabath
    03-25 04:35 PM
    Thats not true. My PD is March 2005. When my PD comes, I have to apply for EAD whereas others will get GC. Oh such a screwed up system.

    It is true. I will take a bet. If your PD does not go to March 2005 by Sep 2009, I will give you $100. It it goes give me $100:D


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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-16 10:40 AM
    Dudes & Dudettes,

    Hasnt the issue of processing order been beaten to death?

    I understand the momentum here....not trying to rain on a parade or anything...but shouldnt we be a little practical. How long is litigation going to take? Wont only naive lawyers even take this up?

    USCIS can always pull the security reason trump card here.

    moreover, during the last the effort to not waste visas, low hanging easy to approve cases with later priority dates have gotten approved. wudnt u rather have that than visas going waste?

    We have been patient for a very long time....lets see how the dates move in the 1st 2 quarters of fiscal 09.

    My personal suggestion....stop worrying aout GC...there are much bigger things in life to worry about. :)

    What do we have to lose here by this effort:
    1) $100 or so
    2) A few hrs of effort in mobilising and motivating people

    What do we have to gain:
    1) A sense of unity if we can get anywhere close to 1000 supporters
    2) A chance to win against years of injustice and broken system.

    Comparing both...I'm definitely in.

    Also, we will leave it to the Lawyers to make the case..we all know it is a broken system and loopholes in it definitely will form a case. However, all that are talks up in the air if we cannot have 1000 people support this. First and foremost, we have to create a sound force. Only then we can talk about a future step. With a thousand pledged supporters and 100 grand behind us, we should not underestimate the force.

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  • a2006
    05-02 03:06 PM
    I think IV core has some concerns regarding the correctness of the legal advise that you received from your attorney. Let us wait for them to clarify.


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  • bugmenot
    12-11 11:30 PM
    in one of the threads its said that all 90 senators had agreed to pass the SKIL as against one who did not (sen sessions) and since lame duck required unanimous voting it cud not, but when the demo's bring it up early next year, they would not need an unanimous vote on it but a majority vote? so statistically it sud get through? how far off am i on this?

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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 11:50 AM
    Lets see if July 9 will do as much to Emilio as July 2 did to the GC aspirants...

    Looks like FTD doesn't deliver on Mondays! Lets us make it Tuesday July 10th! Gives us another day to get more people to sign up :)

    I've scheduled mine to be delivered on Tuesday July 10th.


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  • new_horizon
    04-08 02:04 PM
    I landed in Ca in Jan 08. my 485 pending. I had expired h1 when landing. I went for h1 stamping in Toronto during the trip. at the consulate you have to disclose you status in Ca. I told I just landed yesterday, and the officer congratulated me, and I got h1 renewed for 3 years (my h1 was renewed after my I140 was approved, but before I applied for 485 - so 3 yrs extn).
    at the windsor border (drove by car), I even disclosed to guy that I landed in Ca. He did not say anything, but just asked to show my vehicle registration. Also he asked if I don't have to then live in Ca, I told him it's not necessary until after 3 years to maintian my residency there. He said Ok and let me in.
    again it's better not to lie about you Ca pr, coz there's the landing stamp on your pp, even if you removed the document stapled on your pp.
    again i've been to Ca twice since landing (with the doc staped on my pp). no problem re-enterin US.
    Hope this helps.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-01 05:21 PM
    I am july 2 filer

    I believe 180 days are over around 31 dec 2007 for using AC21

    I am planning to quit my job and go to india for max 3 mnths

    I have a job offer and they are ready to hire me from 1 april 2008

    what precautions should i take so i dont have problems while coming back

    I am planning to use AP

    I would take 3 months of vacation (With written vacation approval from this date to that date)at present employer ( Even with "No Pay"), come back from India, THEN QUIT and then join new employer.


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  • amitjoey
    11-17 03:45 PM

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  • test101
    07-08 12:08 PM
    I think more than anything we need organization. We need group of volunteers that focused on different tasks. for example a group of people call congress and follow up and post updates.

    group of people lead the flower campaign and anther group wrk on informing the media

    there should be a group organize the rally and contact people to sponser.
    Again avoid the 21 of july because the media would cover HP book instead of the protest.

    here is gazalion post of the same subject.. we need organization

    Guys I am looking at this thread for the first time today and want to put some comments:

    1) 3 people were making hunger strike at SJSU over the last weekend for DREAM act and we come to know about it thru 1510 AM, KLIVE in Bay Area.

    2) Immigration Voice members are planning to make a rally in SJ and we need to read it in the forum of (only) their website.

    3) We are hungry about media coverage and want utmost attention of the congressmen about our issues.

    BUT, you know what we are missing?:

    1) No postings on the windows of those Bharat Bajars and Cash N Carrys and Kumuds. Can't the i-phone designers and router gurus make Ashas and Abhijeets invisible with some eye catching posters?

    2) No postings on those other popular websites like,, etc. Did they say no for this?

    3) No usage of the library notice boards.

    4) No usage of SMS. Isn't it much cheaper than making contributions to the IV repeatedly?

    I hope to see all these channels being utilized fully for July 14/21 march in Bay Area before we talk about CNNs and WPs.

    Once the streets of SJ are hit with 1000+ people, those NBCs and CNNs and SJMs will come to us rather than we going to them.

    As for myself, I am in whenever the event takes place and will try to bring at least 5 of my friends to the march.

    P.S.: This is not an effort to criticize anyone here but just an attempt to help the organizers in whatever way I can.


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  • thescadaman
    11-17 04:17 PM
    done - Thanks!

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  • sanjeev
    06-18 12:53 PM
    Just heard from my employer checks cleared on 15th June

    Mailed to NSC on: 1st June
    Mailed From State: VA
    Received at NSC on: June 4th
    140 approved from : NSC
    Receipt Date : Still Waiting

    Priority Date Sept 2002

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  • texcan
    08-25 01:49 PM
    PD Aug 2004, EB-2 India
    I-140/I-485 applied - August 2007 at TSC (non-concurrent)
    I-140 approval - March 2008
    Spouse 485/AP/EAD applied - August 2008 (received receipt notices)
    Self EAD applied - August 2008 (received receipt notices)

    Till date I have not received my FP notice. I applied for my EAD (even though I am not planning on using it) hoping to jump start my pending 485 and get the things rolling for FP and processing of 485. Surprisingly, I got my EAD approval email on Aug 17th and I received my EAD card in the mail yesterday. It is valid for 2 years. It says finger prints not available. No change in the pending 485 status.

    I am totally perplexed about receiving the EAD without FP and so is my attorney. Can someone give me an idea of what is going on? Any input is appreciated! Thanks much!

    Congrats on EAD renewal. Enjoy and relax; please donot get in habbit of worry for anything and everything.

    Anyways, paper based ead renewal donot require finger prints. Search the forum, this has been stated many time.


    07-20 12:56 AM
    hmehta Thanks Very much !!!

    I pledge to contribute $100.

    11-17 04:49 PM
    just did it

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