Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • GCStatus
    09-15 02:36 PM
    You can do all you want and be as blunt. USCIS doesn't have to answer to you. Stop chanting the "HIGHLY SKILLED", paying all taxes, nonsense. You were not brought to the USA at gun point. You chose to come (and stay). The USA can just put one ad in the newspaper anywhere in the world and there will be 10 million highly skilled NEW people they can bring. They do not need you (us). It is important to remember that we are not doing anyone a favor by being here except yourselves.

    Again, because USCIS is so BIG and has millions of applications to process they can say they are trying their best and cannot reply to each individual.

    Vivek Ahuja - Apparently you didnt read the note completely or misunderstood it. All we are saying is be consistent or give our money back.

    Yes, we chose to come COZ we were offered to come. We are not complaining here. We want them to follow basic rules.

    On a side note, if they dont need immigrants not sure why they created H1B?

    No one is doing anyone any favor here. We want everyone do their job.

    And not sure whats your agenda of sending this note other than being extremely rude and ignorant.

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  • new_horizon
    07-20 02:28 PM
    I would like to pledge $100 towards the core's admin cost reimbursement.
    Thank you core team.

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  • belmontboy
    09-10 08:12 PM
    Its not even worth talking to you guys..

    chillout dude.

    Everyone here is pissed with VB, not just you.

    You should find somebody else to show ur anger, giving me reds won't help your GC cause :D

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  • mukpatel
    06-08 06:12 PM
    My attorney said ideally they have to accept I-485 till 30 June, but during last 20 years of his experience, 3 times it happened that the date was retrogated in middle of the month. So June visa dates can go back. Act fast and apply I-485 if not done yet !!!


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  • vij
    06-18 11:21 AM
    Does 140 LUD change before they cash the checks

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  • ita
    07-26 03:03 PM
    Did you send out the latest letters...I am getting a positive feed back ..that approximately at least 500 letters have gone out..we started to make noise.. and we will see the results eventually...More action items will follow in comming weeks..Dont forget the high five though campaign though ;)

    But I was just curious about how you came to know that approximately 500 letters have gone by now?

    Thank you


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  • caydee
    05-23 05:48 PM
    Sent emails to CA Senators and to the 10-Senators listed on the first sheet of this thread.

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  • Hopeful1
    02-17 03:20 PM
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 11531931731379304.

    Go IV Go!


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  • indigo10
    11-17 06:19 PM
    Done, Thanks.
    Sent to my friends too.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    09-15 01:02 PM
    you got my support chief

    Come up with the plan commander!


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  • fall2004us
    08-13 08:24 PM
    thanks dude...
    lets see how it goes after that...
    Is the 485 processed based on RD or PD ?? I heard mixed opinion on IV,
    I am not able to get a hold of my attorney.

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  • GCNaseeb
    08-27 07:15 PM
    485/765/131 filed at NSC.
    I-140 approved at NSC in June '07.
    EB3 PD: 08/03.

    No news yet.


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  • govindk
    11-17 03:16 PM

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  • lutherpraveen
    10-02 02:38 PM
    I took a printout of the receiver's signature image and the tracking information from the Fedex website just in case.
    My attorney also mentioned that he submitted my case to the NSC liaison (I think he is referring to the AILA liaison of the NSC center) for follow up to see if they can help confirm the status of my application.
    I'll keep you posted on the progress.

    I am just trying to make list of people stuck on July 3rd at 9:03 received by R.William. Appears that our box is lost.
    Here is the information I got of people(July 3rd) still waiting

    If there are more plz...added it to list


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  • nk2006
    10-05 02:45 PM
    please post contents of that yale article (your link is not working).

    Try this:
    That article is too big, so I avoided copying. I am pasting some sections that discuss about future course below (again the article maily talks about h1b visas and how the lack of number is affecting foreign fresh grads, giving example of Ivy Legue colleges like Yale and Harvard):

    Future of the H-1B program:

    The H-1B visa issue might be slow to change because it is tied up in the larger debate over immigration reform, Yale-Loehr said.

    "A lot of immigration issues are not being solved until the larger issues are solved," he said. "It's like anything in Congress - it takes a long time to pass a major bill that seems controversial."

    In the past year, both the House and the Senate passed immigration reform bills, which are still pending in Congress. But the two bodies approached the issue of immigration reform in very different ways.

    The House bill - passed last December - focused on the strengthening of border control, while the Senate bill - passed this past May - took a more comprehensive approach to immigration reform.

    If enacted, the Senate bill would increase the number of H-1B visas to 115,000 for one year and use "a market-based calculation" to determine the cap for each subsequent year. The bill would also increase the quota by 20 percent if the previous year's quota is reached and would exempt aliens with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering or math from the H-1B limit.

    The House bill, the Senate bill, or some compromise may be approved during Congress' lame-duck session after the general elections in November, Yale-Loehr said.
    Schuck said he thinks the immigration debate is often more political than practical, and divisions do not necessarily fall along party lines.

    "Immigration has strange political alliances," he said. "I would guess that there are a number of Democrats as well as some restrictionist Republicans who have supported the restriction of these visas."

    The Bush administration has supported comprehensive immigration reform and increasing avenues for foreign workers to gain employment legally, according to CNN and the Washington Post, respectively.

    Alumni differed on how much the H-1B shortage affected their lives. Some students, like Konieczny, said not receiving H-1B status was highly disruptive to their lives and future plans. But others said that while changing their plans was inconvenient, not getting a visa this year will not affect them greatly in the long-term.

    "I am doing the same kind of job, just in a different office," Yue Zhou said.

    Current international students must be aware of the H-1B visa quota and file their forms as soon as possible, alumni said.

    "Apply early, as in April 1 early," Jarek Langer '06 said in an e-mail. "Do not wait until you get your diploma. It will be too late."

    Bicalho said students should be proactive and involved in the application process.

    "Take ownership over the process," Bicalho said. "Talk to the school's international office early so they can start working with you. � As soon as you have an offer, know who are the lawyers your firm will use and contact them so that you can work together."

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  • ragz4u
    04-30 10:34 AM
    We have received reports that Sen. Cornyn will be introducing a bill called the SKIL (Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership) bill on May 1st 2006. As can be guessed from the title, this bill has lots of pro-legal immigration clauses. We will make the details that we have received public once we get the permission to do so.

    Though Immigration Voice is currently focussing on the Comprehensive Immigration Bill as that is hot right now, we are also closely following the PACE and SKIL bills to try and ensure that high-skilled legal immigrants can make the best of it.


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  • Janisaris
    09-07 03:53 PM

    Since I have not received my receipts or my checks are not cleared, I am hoping that my case got transfered to TSC or CSC. Nebraska is now producing receipts for applications filed on the first week of August. I see this big void from July 3rd to July 20th that people did not get their receipts. How many of you got receipts in this time frame from NSC?

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  • zerozerozeven
    05-08 03:05 PM
    I dont believe in flower/food/sos campaigns to resolve this problem...just because it worked once before doesnt mean it is going to work again..have we pursued a class action lawsuit against Department of State/Labor/USCIS for unlawful discrimination based on the country of birth in Employment Based Visas. Any idea if IV core ever took up this path? Can we attempt to do this? What are the costs involved and can we get some good lawyer representation to this goal?

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  • gcbikari
    04-24 11:44 AM
    Another silent deshi employer here trying to scar H1s not to sue. I guess he created his ID (Join Date: Apr 2008) just for this.
    Go and create another website in favour of deshi blood su&^%$rs called Don't try to mock here.

    Oh Boy. What I wanted to know was if attorney is willing to work on contigency basis (couldn't get that word right), then we can risk. I wish I was a desi employer. I know in a chaos situation everyone is a suspect. I didn't give more accurate info in my profile because, i know some of my colleagues spy for my employer. I am in my 9th year on h1 and still struggling. though i said example of my friend, i personally paid 350 to a labor attorney last week to evaluate my non-compete. no matter who says what, i again repeat u either have to spend money and or loose job if you violate. ofcourse each case is different and has to be reviewed.

    BTW I believe H1 issue and non-compete are different. I think (y)our desperate situation and anger on h1b process is leading to this reply. but non-compete comes under labor and employment.

    02-14 09:49 AM
    Team IV,

    Good job ... I do recurring contribution and will do $100 for the DC Day :)...

    08-20 08:57 AM
    My wife and I just received the email about card production order. And, ou4 case status has changed on the website to CPO. I wish good luck to all of you. In case it helps, anyone, our details:

    Priority date: Feb 26, 2006
    I-485 Receipt date: Jul 27, 2007

    Steps taken:
    SR opened for my petition around July 17th: Response stated that my petition was in the adjudications department, and was for an officer to be assigned.
    Status enquiry through the local congresswoman Aug 12th: Same result as my SR.
    SR opened for my wife Aug., 10th: No response yet
    Infopass appointment on Aug. 16th: Both petitions with an officer since Aug. 12th.

    I appreciate the forum and all the support it offers. Donated last month.

    I hear you. Goodluck to us!

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