Sunday, July 3, 2011

Map Of Vermont Counties

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  • GC08
    07-08 04:41 PM
    Madam Rice is trying to divert the issue by telling skilled professional from all over the world wants to come here....This is not the issue.....

    Issue is there are thousands of high skilled professional with approved labor and I-140 , waiting for years to file I-485.... DOS told then on 13th June that you all can file I-485 and all of the sudden on 2nd July 07 DOS said we can't accept your application...

    So madam secretary it's not issue of how many high skilled professional wants to come here. Infact DOS/USCIS/Govt. of US need to think how life is tough for those high skilled professional who already came here and waiting for years to get green card through legal system....

    In Fox News this afternoon, the senator has explicitly said that the Chicago lady does not have any "constituional rights" since she is not American citizen. Go figure what they think about us.

    wallpaper Map of Maine Counties: Map Of Vermont Counties. Vermont map showing office
  • Vermont map showing office

  • Springflower
    08-30 04:37 PM
    Mine & my wife's I-485/EAD/AP applications reached NSC on July 6th.

    Waiting for receipt notices and checks to be cashed.

    Contributed $50. Signed up for $50/month recurring contribution.

    PD: March 2004 (EB3 - India)
    Labor approved: Jan 2006
    I-140 approved: Feb 2006 (NSC)
    I-485/EAD/AP applied: July 6th, 2007 (NSC)
    Checks cashed: ?
    Receipts received: ?

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  • gc_lover
    07-20 07:41 AM
    I am in for $100.

    By the way if we have 20,000 members and even if each pledge $5, we can reimburse the core team expenses. How often we have to teach and tell the Math to our so called highly skilled free riders.

    Some should be feeling really guilty for using IV and not contributing till now. Come out the stingy attitude and help.

    Thats because 19,236 members hide somewhere when there are talks about $.
    If some people want to criticize IV same 19,236 members will be first to jump on forums and post messages!

    PS: 19,236 is just a made up number!

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  • File:Vermont Locator Map.

  • reddymjm
    05-01 08:10 PM
    EB2 went to U and then because of EB1 they are available. so it could be all EB3 numbers left. In that case we can see considerable movement in EB3. If EB3 ROW becomes current or close to current next visa bulliten there might be some movement for India and china in coming months or atleast IN FY 2009.

    If you don't agree. Speak out


    Map Of Vermont Counties. Grand Isle County, Vermont
  • Grand Isle County, Vermont

  • narendra_modi
    02-09 11:54 PM
    Really? Narendra Modi is great? And thats why he has been banned from visiting USA...WOW

    hahaha...who said that..I am here with you sitting with you guys - in the heart of capital of the world ....I don't need any entry permit ....And in India, no body can dare me even touch to me..they know the consequences ....Sooner or later you will see me in New Delhi's PM chair..believe it or not ..Let them indict me in Godhara & post Godhara & world will remember that day as a turning point of Indian politics !!!

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  • abhisam
    02-04 04:20 PM
    Well, culture has tremendous impact on people. Looking at the state of our country, what have we become in last 63+ years? Major percentage of population still live under poor living conditions. We are one of the most corrupted countries in the world. Some people want to live in denial. Boasting about greatness that doesn't exist is of no use to the current and future generations. We have to make our country great by changing the conditions. In order to do that, first we need to acknowledge that there are serioous issues. Unless we all unitedly agree that the conditions are pathetic and will worsen, nothing is going to change.

    Agree 100%. You have to acknowledge that there is a problem before you can fix it. And I have no shame in accepting that there are problems. I am also proud of where India has reached in the last 20 years or so (especially since some of the purely socialist policies became capitalist leaning). Today Indians are giving Americans some serious and tough competition for jobs, not an easy feat. According to me, things are always grey - there is no black and white. So be proud of your achievements, and learn to accept problems and work on them is my motto in life.

    I consider myself a pro-business and a not-so-emotional person. I go where I see a business opportunity. Right now I see great opportunities waiting to be grabbed in India, and I am going back in pursuit of them. India or the US - I know that I will be happy in either place. Like someone said earlier, happiness can be found anywhere, as long as your priorities are straight and you know what they are.


    Map Of Vermont Counties. The State of Vermont.
  • The State of Vermont.

  • bottlemani
    12-10 11:13 AM
    Living off the wealth others have created?? What are you talking about? Also, this issue is not just about programmers. It is about doctors, scientists, engineers and several other qualified professionals. Do some fact-checking rather than being a nitwit. Go take a walk.

    Why don't posters on this forum move back to their home country and concentrate on making their home country great instead of slamming into someone else's country and just living off the wealth others have created?

    The bottom line is that a SKIL act is not needed. Hundreds of thousands of American programmers have lost their job to the third world, both in outsourcing and insourcing of third world programmers who work for cheaper wages. There is absolutely no need for more foreigners here and no need for more green cards. Temporary workers are just that - temporary. If you are on a temporary visa, work your time, make some money for your family and head home when your time is up. Don't cry that we don't provide enough green cards when you knew what kind of visa you were on.

    2010 North Carolina County Map Map Of Vermont Counties. Overview of Vermont MSAs,
  • Overview of Vermont MSAs,

  • chunky
    08-31 01:11 PM
    I applied for my I140 in May and it is pending in Nebraska.
    I filed my AOS in Nebraska in July.

    I am in Texas Service center teritory. Does this mean that my case will be transferred to texas and I will receive receipt from texas

    Is anyone in similar situation


    Map Of Vermont Counties. Beautiful, decorative map
  • Beautiful, decorative map

  • eb3_nepa
    12-11 07:50 AM
    Guys even H1B increases are not that bad. A lot of our spouses could get jobs on h1b if it was open just now. Ultimately isint that what we want? Both husband and wife working?

    I know that it could have a possible effect on the EB but I think a LOT of our spouses could work if the H1B quota was available. I know atleast 2-3 such friends whose wives can easily get jobs if the H1B was open.

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  • anilsal
    11-21 07:10 PM
    Hi Mehul, i'm really sorry to hear your situation. I was researching some stuff & since you are from Fiji & with the political unrest in your home country, can you take political asylum since you were kinda forced to leave the country. I mean everyone knows about the coup that took place in your country. below is a link that gives you more information on Political Asylum maybe this would expedite the process for you.

    Let me know if i can help you in any other way!!!


    This is another avenue. I do not think it is based on country of birth, I mean Asylum.


    Map Of Vermont Counties. New Hampshire amp; Vermont county
  • New Hampshire amp; Vermont county

  • abracadabra
    07-07 02:34 PM
    Is it happening today?? There is no media coverage

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  • Blank Vermont County Map

  • pappu
    03-10 11:36 PM
    This will really help. Simple things like posting on various web site forums about IV will be great
    Least someone can do. we had a thread with this campaign. Could someone activate it again and encourage everyone to participate. We need to grow the community pretty fast.


    house and Essex Counties, VT.; Map Of Vermont Counties. Vermont (see area map)
  • Vermont (see area map)

  • gxtrader
    09-06 01:10 AM
    Anybody from August filers who got his/her Receipts already?

    My Aug 1 filer friend got his already....

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  • crystal
    07-05 10:59 AM
    Gandhigiri is a concept in an indian movie based on Gandhi principles. In which hero of the movie wins over anti-hero by sending flowers to him as per Gandhi principles for every wrong doing he does and he makes others also do the same who are effected by the anti-hero wrong doings..

    hate to be so ignorant but what does Gandhigiri mean? I assume it's something Indain. Can you tell us non-indians what that it. (Anything to do with Mahatma?)


    pictures The State of Vermont. Map Of Vermont Counties. two counties (see Vermont
  • two counties (see Vermont

  • alias
    08-18 01:45 PM
    I don think this issue concerns you. So , with all due respect, please BACK OFF.

    Nope, you are wrong. Anyting spoken in this website concerns every aspirant immigrant member. You need to get that straight!

    dresses Blank Vermont County Map Map Of Vermont Counties. Grand Isle County, VT map
  • Grand Isle County, VT map

  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-16 10:42 AM
    I can pledge around 200-250 for this.

    Go IV!!

    Great Thanks. Please PM me your email ID, Ph# and amount u would like to pledge.


    makeup Beautiful, decorative map Map Of Vermont Counties. and Essex Counties, VT.;
  • and Essex Counties, VT.;

  • mqualique
    05-01 03:49 PM
    FOIA may be. Btw can you add a poll to this thread to see forum support?

    Is suing the only option? USCIS could be making unintended mistake. We want to get clarification in a smoother and faster process before the flood gates open in October.

    There should be some other legal-process to get written clarifications/interpretation etc on the law (like some kind of AILA discussion with CIS).

    girlfriend Louisiana County Map Map Of Vermont Counties. Multi Color Vermont Map with Counties : Adobe Illustrator EPS Vector Maps
  • Multi Color Vermont Map with Counties : Adobe Illustrator EPS Vector Maps

  • nmdial
    11-17 03:22 PM
    All the best!!

    hairstyles New Hampshire amp; Vermont county Map Of Vermont Counties. Hand colored, engraved map
  • Hand colored, engraved map

  • TheOmbudsman
    10-25 04:38 PM
    Most likely the majority of Americans have immigration roots from somewhere, like anybody else. I don't think that would be a compelling argument though. The US allows 1+ million to immigrate here every year.

    Rbharol, what really messed up for us is the high influx of illegal aliens. We, the Employment Base greencard applicants represent a small group. We used to be respected few years ago. We are not visible at all, even when we get stuck. It is understandable that the illegal aliens abused the system and we are paying the price for it. I am sorry but that is true. People generalized and we are now in the middle of this mess. It happens that after I posted this, I found the article below which reinforces my sad perception:

    Does the Workplace Welcome Differ?

    Are Americans more welcoming to Asian immigrants than to Hispanics/Latinos? C.N. Le, who directs the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts, calls it "a complicated issue." She thinks that "Americans in general are becoming slightly less welcoming to immigrants in general. Part of it has to do with illegal immigration, but it spills over and affects legal immigrants too. There is always workplace tension between those who gets jobs, and those who get left out."

    Talk about this article and get advice on the Diversity at Work message board.

    Can somebody ask these people (who are opposing immigration), how many of them are kids, grandkids or grand-grand kids of immigrants themselves?

    Will they conduct a poll on it?

    03-10 03:26 PM
    Any lobbying for immigration is tough at the time of recession. I think you are trying to do advocacy effort. Without getting approval from core IV group it will not be any use as advocacy effort only will not work. Senators will note your concerns and will act only if some bill is introduced. You need lobbying with advocacy effort for changing any law. Lobbyists will lobby only at right time as if they do in wrong time it will backfire.

    Senthil, I agree with you for once.
    However some people are too bent on doing this campaign that they forget the realities. Maybe they are having a secure jobs and have EADs. So they have nothing to lose. For people on H1B any wrong step will cause government to shut down the entire immigration or punish immigrants. They did it with TARP and now they will do it in every industry if we do not understand. The newspaper headline will be H1B Indians immigrants asking for greencards after taking American jobs. Like it or not, but this is how antis will show us and all Americans and lawmakers who are sympathetic towards us till now will support antis due to bad economy and for the need of Citizens to stick together in bad times. You have also made this issue of Indians and that is a big no no. Indians now getting a bad name and have become notorious and if you highlight 'Indians' then you are in for a failure. So any campaign should be about all immigrants and not just Indians. Indian Immigrants are having a bad reputation in IT circles these days.

    Guys do you know that economy is going from recession to depression? I read somewhere that in the last depression they shut down immigration. So let us not do anything that will be hard on H1Bs just because you have a secure EAD cards.

    08-01 01:47 PM
    I 140 from TSC and I 1485 received at NSC on july 2 8:00 AM

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