Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • beautifulMind
    10-08 04:38 PM
    This should be #1 priority of IV.

    People have been waiting for their GCs since 2001, 2002 or 2003. My PD is 2004, and I absolutely want everyone with PD before me to get GC before me.

    People who are opposing this idea are used to cutting lines -- most of them look like '06 and '07 wannabes ...

    Nobody is opposing should be based on years of exp in US..I applied mine in 2001 and got laid off and now I have a priority date of jan that FAIR?

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  • gondalguru
    09-02 07:33 PM
    Received the EAD cards today in mail for me and my wife.

    Valid for 2 years.

    Applied at TSC with RD of July 7th.

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  • venkygct
    07-20 01:15 AM
    I pledge $100

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  • raj3078
    10-30 10:48 AM
    You guys are making me sick and making me think that you are lobbying for numbersusa and alikes.....

    Senthil1 -
    Are you working for numbersusa? Do you know that it is made by white supremist who dont want any colored skin including native americans to be alive in US? Talk about your scare of getting too many people with substandard MS degrees. Do you not realize that the companies in USA knows a different in good US school and Bad one - So in nutshell the people from bad school wont get job? Do you know that there is nature's rule - Fittest Survival... So in case you are fit enough and qualified enough to get a job then you will get one, it does not matter if you are from good or bad school....
    Also, looking at your thoughts, it does not appear that you are MIT or Stanford grade material, so do us all a favor and keep your thoughts to yourself....

    Ombudsman - There is a questionmark on Senthil1's origination but we have no such doubt about yours.. You are definitely a MOLE in this IV Organization and the only reason they keep you on board is because this is democracy and we dont want to throw out someone who might disagree - Its about freedom of expression - But when Freedom of expression crosses the line and creates poison pill then we need to weed it out I guess.....
    In any case, I would definitely like to challenge your argument about 400 anti: 1 pro immigration calls. Are you aware of Avertising world rule that when someone does not like soemthing, they tend to tell at least 25 people about it, while when someone likes something, they might tell 1 person. In this case, this classic rule has applied beyond expectations because people who are calling are already racist who sit on their ass and expect all colored people to be their slaves and get things done for them. They want their mexican maid or indian computer programmer doing things for them but the moment they realize that these foreigners might get citizenship and be equal to them, they dont like that.... (and so do you)....So there you go....No wonder they pick up phone and dial....In any case, what better can they do?

    We cannot reject numbersusa and other organizartion's ideas. As our people are suffering in retrogession some of their people and their families are impacted because of job loss in past. So we cannot tell that they do not have crediblity. They have some valid points also though some of them are absurd. But we need to understand them and try to elimimate their fears also.

    QUOTE=purgan]when american's from such third rate schools are not getting jobs, do you seriously think foreigners with their funny accents and relatively poor English communication skills (I'm Indian and can tell you its still a second language to me) can get jobs??

    The market has a way of regulating itself. As someone mentioned above, there were a a lot of H1 space available from 2001-03. But it never got filled because there were simply not enough jobs. Lets not try to set up govenment intervention here....let the free market decide....that is what made this country great.

    btw, NumbersuSA, FAIR and other restrictionist organizations have zero credibility because they oppose even legal immigration.

    That poll....don't impress me much...[/QUOTE]


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  • gcisadawg
    03-06 06:22 PM
    I find the second proposal very reasonable. If anyone is waiting for more than 5 years, then make that person exempt from country quota.

    I'm not saying this because I've already waited five years. It makes sense to flush out oldest PD in the system. This would give people an idea about the wait time.

    I'm fine even it is made to say, 6 or 7 years......We just need to know what to expect and how long to wait rather than being subjected to the whims and fancies of politicians and vagaries of the economic boom and bust!

    Whether, it is 5,6 or 7 years can be debated but a reasonable time frame would really help.

    When the spill over happened based on PD, it was doing exactly that; the oldest applicants ( who were typically EB3 I/C) were flushed out of the system.

    When the criteria got changed (fEB category first and then PD), the applicants with oldest PDs were made to wait even longer.

    I dont expect a GC before 2010. That would make about 8 years with multiple boom and bust. When the economy is bad, we need to be free to look for other jobs. With the shackle of visa sponsorship, one would easily become a viction of a recession.
    I know few of my friend who went back in 2001 - 2002. I was fortunate to survive then....Not sure what is in store now......


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  • SanjayP
    05-09 10:43 PM
    At least Bush Administration was sympathetic to our cause. Everyone knows that this is a congressional fix but alteast Bush never came up with those anti-H1b policies to destabilize people in GC queue. Now these numbers have retrogressed in month of June when historically this has never happened. Obama is trying to woo people at the cost of Indian community.
    Everyone knows Durban & how he has lately tried to screw Indian community and Obama is a good friend of Durban. Now Democrats are in majority , why have they not fought for your cause ? There was an idiot congressman in IV Dc rally who was talking about making all illegals legal from IV stage. So what else u can expect ?

    Come out of Obama Dreams & fantasy world. Obama is not good for us. He is good for illegals and any immigrant who is aspiring a blue collar job. They don't want you & me taking white collar jobs. He is helping right-wing white supremacist agenda by aligning himself with people like Grassley & Durban.

    I believe you are very close to the truth matter.
    Bush, deport and detain illegal immigrants while expanding and ignoring any frauds in H1/L1/etc programs for 8 years. Obvious, Bush thinks our future voting block will be in republican favor and illegals future voting block would be in democrats favor.

    Now we see with Obama he is acting in the opposite manner. He wants to legalize illegals to create a future voting block and to penalize and stop/disarm the h1/l1/etc programs because he believes we will not vote for democrats when we become naturalize.

    I will be sending this letter on Monday anyways because we need to do something our voices are being DROWNED out by the ANTI's!!!


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  • feedfront
    08-26 01:56 PM
    I had taken infopass and officer sent an email to TSC enquiring about current status. Today, I got snail mail reply..

    "Due to the high volume of expedite requests for this case type, we are strictly enforcing the criteria that has been set for these expedite requests."

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  • adobe howm
    08-08 01:07 PM
    I got the e-mail saying that they have mailed my 485 approval notice on August 4 - but nothing after that - will the notice come to me at home or will it go to the lawyer - also how long before the card production e-mail gets here - not that I am in a tearing hurry - I have waited several years so what is another month ?

    I can tell you - based on my observation from folks who have received the card before, within 7-10 days your card should be on its way to your HOME not LAWYER.


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  • hiUS
    09-04 02:28 PM
    Even I submitted my application to NSC later it got transferred to TSC
    My receipt number starts with WAC-XX-XXX-XXXX
    How about yours...

    I was just wondering are they holding card of WAC..?

    As I said earlier, even mine is also the same case. Couple of people I have seen in forums whose cards on hold dare also of WAC...numbers.

    How about others?

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  • gc28262
    02-10 10:23 AM
    DCU bill payer needs phone number for IV.
    Can someone post tel# for IV ?


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  • Gravitation
    03-08 07:45 AM
    Well, I am TOO depressed about the BEC performance. I know too many people are in same situation but I find myself "helpless" and at least i want to SCREAM......:mad:
    Looks like that they are on track to eliminate backlog by Sept 07. You'll get your LC then or probably sooner. Hey, it's March already... time will fly fast...

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  • gsc999
    07-20 02:08 PM
    Zoooom, Anzeraja & All pledgers,

    Thanks for driving this effort. Subsequent to Aman's post, we can direct these pledges to the normal contribution drive for IV.

    It was amazing to see such response to call for funds for Aman and other core members.


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  • vij
    06-15 11:28 AM
    Receipts only recieved by lawyer? Will benefeciary get any updates?
    I have the same question. who gets the receipts? - only lawyer or both lawyer and benefeciary or both lawyer and employer

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  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    12-16 06:42 PM
    Been in the US since 1998, have an EB-2 PD of 2001, have played by the rules all along. Still no GC... And, the dates are going back to 2000 from the new year.. I've lost hopes...

    I'm pretty close to getting clinical depression because of this game played by USCIS, Labor Dept, FBI and my own bad luck.

    SKILL bill, OMNIBUS, etc. comes and goes. IV does seem to be doing things to lobby for the community, but let's face one reality. Like a news article said, no one in congress or senate wants to touch immigration even with a long pole until 2009.

    The US has been very good to me (other than the GC part), more than my home country (India) which is why I'm still here.

    Have invested too much of time in this country to just pack up and go. Just curious if any of you feel this way? How do you handle such depressing feelings?

    Think Positive- that's the first prerequisite for positive things to happen.

    I am quote content with what I have at this point
    8 months ago- everything looked hopeless.
    it seemed I was ages away from being able to change a job or ever get a GC
    but here I am - few weeks ago (fingers crossed) from being able to change jobs on AC21.

    So I thank God for the small mercies and carry on
    Would I like to get a GC? yes. Of course !!!
    But I do pause to thank for what I have and try to make the most of it.
    I am sure you too have lots to be grateful for.

    Chin up- and try not to think about GC so much...that works for me at least...


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  • Winner
    06-26 06:29 AM
    Good to hear from you again. You are the ultimate fighter. I remember your fight in the drivers licence issue in your state. Excellent Job!

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  • pachaik
    02-09 03:35 PM
    I have sent my contribution of $21 through paypal.

    Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #0FB67301XJ308793P)


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  • sam2006
    08-24 07:11 PM
    July 3rd R.Williams 7.44 AM NSC
    140 Approved TSC
    LUD 07-28
    No CC
    NO RN

    my guess: Look at TSC Processing dates

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  • asdcrajnet
    02-09 02:14 PM

    why are u arguing whether to go back to India or not, just go if u want to or else stay and keep quiet..

    There is no need to wash India's dirty linen in public here.every country has their own issues, that includes US as well.

    Admin, can we please DELETE this thread and be done with this.

    Moreover why cannot a person going back to india just go back quietly instead of posting it here unless he has issues been stopped as the Immigration counter in India.

    I just put it in the Interesting Topics section. I think it is easy for you to ignore it instead adding 10 lines of comment.


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  • little_willy
    01-30 12:40 PM
    Just for replying to this query - I have got 40 or so negative reputations.:confused: I understand that this is Free Lawyer Conference call forum.

    Please update your profile to reflect the correct dates. This will help IV to analyze the data and present our case to the lawmakers. We appreciate your support to IV.


    06-11 01:37 PM
    at some month before OCT 2007 the dates would become unavailable.

    what would happen at that time?

    say your case was received by USCIS and they have not issued FP notices.

    what if they issued FP notices but not issued EAD and/or AP.
    would they still issue an EAD and AP even if your dates are not current(obviously the case was received by them and they issued you a case number)

    any ideas?

    I think the answer is yes, we will get our EAD and AP.

    USCIS only looks at your PD while they issue case number (when you file for 485) and next when they approve your case (they issue your GC)

    they will issue an EAD and AP for all pending applications. EAD and AP don't need PD. as long as you have a case pending with USCIS you can get new/renewed EAD and AP

    07-20 06:20 AM
    I pledge for $100.

    Great going Aman and gang!!!!

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