Friday, July 1, 2011

Hairstyles With Medium Length Hair

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  • lutherpraveen
    10-08 12:15 PM
    Same here. No update. Same parameters as yours.
    I am still waiting?

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  • yardin
    09-08 02:03 AM
    I140 Applied on 16th July
    485 Applied on 27th July
    Received Receipt on 6th Sept

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  • cleopatra
    02-14 07:27 AM
    Donated $100 for the event.

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  • dreamworld
    12-13 04:42 PM
    I am July Filer too I have not received evn a single receipt for anything. I called USCIS they said it is taking from 90 to 120 days so wait and call.

    I had long dely in gettting my 485/EAD/AP receipts from USCIS and I wrote to my local congressman. It really worked and got the receipt numbers from congressman office.

    Try to write to your local congressman and explain your situation in one page and give them your package tracking information.


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  • abq_gc
    08-18 01:18 PM
    This issue cannot be solved through Lawsuit. What are the other alternatives?

    What are reasons .. as to why it cant be solved by lawsuit ?? Are u afraid that they might stop processing any I-485 applications for EB2-I until the lawsuit gets resolved ??

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  • Dhundhun
    02-05 07:01 PM
    Just a correction - as I remember. 3 Yr in past 4 years for Citizenship


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  • gdilla
    03-09 04:31 PM
    Why is the US the be all and end all of your life and career? Is Canada out of the question? It's not always rosey up there, but schools are just as good if not better than US, generally safer and less xenphobic, and they will welcome and appreciate your skills; pay you a fair wage (that through hard work and good relationships you can ratchet up over the years), and welcome your family. CAD is going up. US dollar is going down.

    Did you know that most large, publicaly traded, US hi-tech and financial juggernauts have thriving offices in Canada (to take advantage of high skiled quality workforce)? Intel, HP, Agilent, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, AMD, etc. Start applying. And guess what, if you really pine for the start and stripes, you can work your way to a transfer back on an L1 visa which may up your EB category and reduce your wait time.

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  • atlfp
    05-05 11:35 AM
    Wonder if you happened to mention the time line question? One section in the "Guest Worker" chapter says it can not be implemented 90s before the study, would that only cover the "Guest Worker" section or the whole bill? The house will try their best to push an enforcement first approach, if they gain more on that, then we might end up with a bill passed but never take effect. That would be the worst situation.

    Today I spoke to a Representative who deals with immigration issue at Sen Mike Dewine's (R-OH) office. I spoke to him for 15 minutes to understand what he and his senator think about this CIR.

    Here is he and his senator feels about this bill. It is difficult for him to say that when CIR bill will be introduced in senate floor . It depend on Majority and Minority leaders to decide. Majority leader told to the media that he will introduce before the end of the may, he is mostly consistent, but there are several bills where he has committed a timeline and till today it is not on the floor.
    However he told that once CIR pass, legal immigration is already taken care of, but if it does not passes there are bills like SKIL which will be put before the floor. But CIR has to fail or pass before you see this SKILL bill on the floor.


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  • optimist578
    03-08 02:04 PM
    I and my wife have been SCREAMING, FIGHTING for over four years now. We are now so frustrated that we have EVEN DISCUSSED THINGS LIKE TAKING UP OUR LIVES !!! I really mean it. For both of us, our career is the single most important thing.
    We had decided to wait for our next step in life like having a kid or putting in a big investment till we both at least have a job. Inspite of both of us having Masters degress from US universities, we are both suffering - me languishing in a filthy job and my wife on H4 - for the past 5 years !!! She is now more than 35 making it difficult to have kids etc...
    I don't have the choice of going back to my home country due to many other personal reasons. I just don't know what to do... I am losing my sanity.

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  • geve
    11-17 04:49 PM
    Thanks to IV and it's core members.

    I just completed.


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  • tonyHK12
    02-01 10:31 AM
    I have been thinking in similar lines for quite sometime now. I have decided to wait till September 2012 to see if dates reach my PD which is October 2007.
    If not i am strongly looking at New Zealand too...
    Whats wrong with Canada? I see many don't mention it these days. I guess its pretty decent for technology.

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  • reddymjm
    06-08 01:45 PM
    What is the source of the updates/information you have posted.
    Even I asked the same question yester day...:confused:


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  • mchundi
    12-15 02:09 AM
    I myself will not support for skill Bill in current form. Too much H1b numbers will not only create a problem for US citizens it will also for current H1bs as well future H1bs. That 20% automatic adjustment and exemption for Cap for MS persons will increase supply and it will be tough to find a job if too many people are in the market. There are abundant jobs in India. Let people wait in India for 1 or 2 years to come here. Sustained immigration without increasing unemployment is better for US as well as potential immigrants. Otherwise Hate will increase. It may be easy to talk Capitalism and fittest will survive. When those people talking will be unemployed for more than 6 months with kids in the family will realise the truth. In the Forum most of the people are young and they did not face any issue other than Green card.

    But speed with which Corporations and Lawyers are working the Skill bill be passed in current form soon. We will wait and see after 3 years after increasing H1B. My prediction is Limited increase in H1 with Moderate increase in GC numbers will solve the problem for all the gc waiting people without big reaction from anti immigrants and that will boost sustained immigration.
    Well, it is not a perfect world. It is not a perfect system. When CIR comes up every group will push for their interests. If u send a mail to any Senator, all u get is a standard reply about H1-B. It will be impossible to educate every ligislator. We have to do the best we can to voice our concerns and go with the tide. We cannot nitpick the sections of the CIR and tell the legislators vote only for these. We just make sure that our issues are addressed in whatever bill comes up.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-21 11:44 AM
    Mailed EAD Renewal on 7/7/08
    Receipt Dt 07/09/2008
    Notice Dt 07/09/2008


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  • kosu
    06-13 07:55 PM
    I thought all the fees are to be paid by the employer then how come you are paying for it, is it still an option or is there any premium processing for 485

    Actually I paid for all the fees from my personal checks. Later on my company reimbursed those. I dont think there is a premium processing for 485.

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  • reddog
    07-09 01:14 PM
    well, the question then would be, has anyone been denied after presenting an EVL which states the employee is a consultant ?


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  • svgupta
    05-23 12:43 PM
    For those of you, who are still just browsing through the threads... wake up... this is the time when you can make a difference to NOT just your life... but others as well... who would thank you for your sincere efforts in fixing the broken immigration.

    - Send emails
    - Contribute
    - Focus on burning issues, by avoiding to start a new low priority personal opinion threads/ seeking advice. You'll have all the time in this world later to have your personal queries answered

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  • pittdude
    02-15 10:18 AM

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  • sanjeev_2004
    10-09 12:35 PM
    I understand that you want to use experience before PD. However, there is no much gain and makes it more complex.

    For example, the person who does not start PD for 5 years on work can get only 6 months earlier preference.

    My thoughts.

    I gave more points to PD month than experience month.
    If you think its more complexes then I will go with PD only.
    New PD means either you are new in US or you dint applied or you got laid off. What ever is the reason of new PD, you or your luck are involved so only you should be responsible. My previous PD was Jul, 2003 with EB2 but INC canceled my company’s LC in group because my company didn’t apply from co-operate office and there was no one in office during INC raid. Later my company applied LC from co-operate office and I got new PD. Even though It would be unfair to talk about experience because some how my or me are involved here.

    So let’s keep only PD as only preference.

    10-08 04:24 PM
    If you want to play chess you got to play it by the rules. If you think you can win the game if we can change the rules, I would say it is not impossible but a long shot.
    In USA every citizen is supposed to follow the law that is the fundamental reason why this place has been attracting so many immigrants ( anybody can pursue their dreams if they follow the law). If you think govt officials are above that you are wrong, if you encourage that by accepting it, that will not make this place any better than other third world democracies. All govt officials in the USA are accountable for what they are entrusted with, if you didn't know about it until now there is something wrong with the system we are working with. I can say this with full authority on this matter because I work for the goverment.
    Let us give it a little though and see if fighting to make the dept follow the law is worth while. If we think it is not, getting a GC and living here is not any better than living back home.

    07-10 12:45 AM
    This comment was then obviously was not directed to you but to others who advise to "file AC21." Please show me any of my post where I have advised people to file for AC-21.


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