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  • rolrblade
    11-21 08:10 AM
    Hello Mehul:

    I pray for you and your family and hope that god gives you the courage to deal with this extremely unfortunate situation.

    On the note of your question, I have written to Greg Siskind requesting him to highlight you situation (ofcourse maintaining anonimity) and to suggest any recourse that you might have. Please keep an eye out on his blog and I hope he addresses this.

    As a note to all the administrators of this IV forum, I am sure we can pull a few strings to have an attorney provide a free consultation to Mehul .

    ALso, Mehul, if you cannot find an attorney who can provide a free consultation, please let me know and I can request my attorney if he would do this favor for me.

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  • EB3_SEP04
    08-12 06:20 PM
    Just got an email that EAD card production ordered
    when did u file? Paper filed to Texas (as the thread title says)?

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  • Circus123
    03-26 04:42 PM
    Friends looking at the expectations you have set in this thread , I should then expect 2013-2014 ..WOW
    That is a long wait... :D

    9 years = 108 months = 3240 days (1/6th of my life)

    I already spent 1/6th of my life here already ( 8 years) ...

    So 2/6thof my life spent refreshing the IV homepage :eek:

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  • chanduv23
    09-14 10:59 AM
    Opening threads and then burying them deep like any other thread does not help us.

    Thousands of threads were opened like this and everyday we see new threads.

    I strongly recommend
    (1) Update your profile with true information
    (2) Pledge with honesty
    (3) Join a state chapter and make yourself visible and available to IV.

    We can go from there

    There is no other way to organize 70k or more people where everyone just open threads, discuss and then open new threads and discuss and ..... it goers on

    I say this from experience - there are people working day and night for IVs cause - with a lot of dedication - there are free riders and majority of people are sitting on fence - want to do something but not quite sure what/how /why and are lost opening these threads and discussing.

    Channelizing your frustration, your energies into positive energies will help us achieve our goals. So please decide if you want to move forward and do something about it - State chapters is the best route for contributing towards IV stuff


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  • desi3933
    06-28 11:07 AM
    desi - You seem to have in depth knowledge in this. All your posts put together gives the complete picture.

    Thanks so much, for your kind words.

    If not in IT field, I would have been in Immigration Law field.


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  • abq_gc
    08-18 02:13 PM
    Well then you should have done it long time back . You are now going for your citizenship and everyone on this forum knows that.

    i dont think we are going to solve anything by fighting among ourselves here... we have to take the fight up with USCIS and not among ourselves... the plight of EB-3 at this point is far far worse than EB-2... atleast we are current.. they are not even that.... we have to somehow include all fractions into what we do at this point....

    EB-3 deserves a GC as much as an EB-2... and so let's not create boundaries here... United we stand... divided we fall...

    what are our options.. to make the 500 pound gorilla kneel down ??
    i remember a famous saying.. pen is mightier than the sword... so what are our options guys ???


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  • stucklabor
    06-26 10:25 AM

    Let us focus on CIR and its aftermath. I understand everyone is frustrated because of the standstill on legal high skilled immigration reform. However, that does not excuse speculation on America's demographics 10 years from now, and gross pejorative generalizations about ethnic groups and nationalities. As Mpkmaster pointed out, no culture is free from deficiencies. I have never been to Mexico but I am sure corruption there can't be worse than corruption in India.

    Mpkmaster, there is a specific method to report offensive posts. Please follow it the next time round, as there is no guarantee that grossly offensive posts will be read by the moderators. Thanks for speaking up.

    And in response to Jaime, please do not let a few bad posts detract from the rest of the forums. There is a reason that people are frustrated. There is no progress on CIR and our cause is really a political football. We are not powerful enough or large enough in numbers yet for politicians to sit up and take notice of us.

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  • siddhu98
    08-14 11:57 AM
    EAD application mailed : 7/8/2008
    EAD Receipt Date: 7/11/2008
    Card approved: 08/12/2008


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  • transpass
    08-28 09:26 AM
    Thanks buddy,

    What is the procedure to the SSA update?

    My family do not have SSA? I need to apply for them as well.

    You can download the form from SSA website and fill the information for each applicant and take it to the SSA office. You can get rid of 'authorized to work with INS permit only' label of your SS card by using the same form and get a new card.

    Take the forms, your PR card, old SS card. It just takes few minutes. They will take the info, shred the old cards, forms, etc. and will mail the cards to your address...Just check other thread ' Dos and Donts after GC' fo rmore info, and open a separate thread so as to not to mix up the original content of the thread...

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  • chanduv23
    07-08 03:04 PM
    The exchange between Chanduv and Desi3933 has been a refreshingly objective discussion and is a welcome change from the typical hyper-reactionary posts one sees more frequently in this forum.

    One of the features of the fight for EB immigration reforms we all need to be cognizant of is - that most (99%) of the members are in this fight to solve an immediate personal problem (visa situation) in a timely manner - most of us are not in it because we believe it to be a cause larger than us and a cause that demands personal sacrifice - and hence the lack of collective passion (lukewarm responses to IV sponsored drives, donation efforts etc.)

    While - many have tried to compare this cause to India's independence struggle or Gandhiji's movement in South Africa - but the fundamental difference is that in both these struggles - people who led the struggles led it at a personal cost (Gandhiji willingly gave away a lucrative career to take up the struggle and so did Nehru; Netaji Bose was a Civil Services Officer and gave it up) - even the vast majority of revolutionaries (Bhagat Singh et al) were college educated professionals who could easily have had nice careers in British India.........and therein lies the fundamental difference......not one of us would willingly give up what we have for this struggle - we are in it because we are stuck in a system and want some soon as our particular situation gets resolved...we move on....(maybe there are a few exceptions and hats off to these folks).........and hence Desi - the answer to your question why H1 does not care for F1 and EAD does not care for H1 and so is not a collective cause - it is just a collection of individual causes - thats all - we would be fooling ourselves if we had some other grandiose visions - calling this group a cause would be the same as calling passengers on a bus one group - they are in the same bus simply because they share a part of their journey - thats it

    Well said. healthy discussions help introspect ourselves. In day to day life we seldom see people trying to be wise and good. At workplaces, there is no healthy discussion - all people do is to watch out their backs and talk accordingly - which leads to false perspectives. These days when we give a good advice to friends or someone they may not percieve it in a good way with a "stop preaching me - go help yourself" attitude.


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  • bigboy007
    05-12 09:48 PM
    Not sure Why IV Core should respond when a category goes off... They are working united for all overall suffering and pain for all categories...

    Hoping to get some direction / response from IV core.. surprisingly quiet CORE grp this time..

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  • sushilup
    09-03 07:53 AM
    I saw CPO status for my EAD status (WIFE'S Status still pending)

    My receipt date was 7th July

    Also, I485 pending at NSC...WAC receipt
    Filed EAD at TSC b/c I live in PA....

    PD - Feb 05, EB-2


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  • mheggade
    07-20 09:45 AM
    I pledge $100

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  • mrsr
    07-08 12:28 PM
    may be by october we will have some visa numbers at that time they may let us file, rice donot mind loosing 2 or 3 billions to AILF because we are alreading loosing 3 to 4 billions in iraq every month and by now she is get used to it.


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  • mannan74
    12-01 03:39 AM
    From Drak70: Of all the responses I think this has a definite plan of action for Mehul, Please do as Drak says. May God bless you and your family.

    Dear Mehul

    Best Wishes for your and your family

    My suggestion would be that probably doctors have discovered metastatic cancer and have give you the prognosis.

    For your visa
    It seems you have already cleared most hurdles

    1) Talk to a immigration lawyer
    2) Talk to USCIS and ask for "Humanitarian Expedite". Call or fax them the document ask you doctor to write the letter
    3) get media attention: write to local congressman,senator and the local media TV stations to expedite your case
    4)Dont delay any day. Once you create an expediate request they are bound to act on it.(by either rejecting it or accepting it). The point is make an official request without delay
    In a similar situation i would try to straigten out few things
    First is finance Security :

    1)Try to transfer control and custody of all financial instruments to you wife name

    2)is you wife working if not try to get job on H1b.(not EAD) Cap exempt HIB from university affialted jobs are alsways available or get her to a school on f-1

    What does you wife want.She may not want to stay here if she does not have extended family.Talk to her.Ask here

    Lastly Get an second opinion from Indian APollo etc they may do life prolonging surgical procedures (which doctors here might not be willing for many reasons ...this will get you enough time that your green card is appoved

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-13 02:18 PM


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  • chanduy9
    07-03 12:50 PM
    Order # FNM1314828

    Guys do it..lets try our best.


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  • deepak
    09-10 06:35 PM
    Plain and simple question, are you a donor or a volunteer.. if yes.. then you must be aware of
    the different initiatives that IV has taken up for EB3, which I guess you are not aware of.

    As you don't want to donate or volunteer what makes you think that you can tell IV on what to do and what not to do.. Are you even associated in anyways.

    I have never ever seen such a big thankless following of a group. Everyone is in trouble and everyone has problem but cannot donate.

    Wanted to write a lot more , but I think its not worth it. I just hope your conscious makes you feel ashamed of this attitude of yours.

    I don't usually comment on such posts and I have seen a lot of people take the side I am about to take. I just think you are being unnecessarily rude. It is these people and their opinions that cause IV to exist as a group. Lets say you are going to lock membership only to people paying a membership fee every month. How big a group are you going to get?

    If it is going to be significant, then maybe that's the way IV should go and should just shut down public forums where there are members who can talk and members who have "not bought their right to talk"

    I bring up the "monthly membership" issue because I did make donations on multiple occasions (you should probably look up your records and verify). And yet, under the new design, I am not a donor, I do not get access to the exclusive threads that only the privileged monthly members do. So, just like the OP, I am a thankless member who thinks the group is thankless. So, I do not know what initiatives IV has taken, but yet, I linger around the forums because it has so many smart people throwing around ideas, working on theories and just being friendly.

    Maybe you should just create a little forum of yours in one corner and put walls around so no one can come in and make suggestions about things you won't tell them about. Does it take that much effort to be nice to someone? Just remember that he is free to tell you what to do irrespective of who he is. What you actually do is upto you. Just be nice for a change, it will make you get a whole new perspective on life!

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  • newuser
    05-23 08:05 AM
    Finished e-mailing to all the senators. Its easy than AILA website if you have google toolbar to fill in the addresses.

    1.Use the Autofill feature in the google toolbar.
    2.Put the mailing address in the autofill.
    3.Then Select the Senator's contact page.
    4.Press the autofill option on google toolbar.All the fields are populated
    5.Cut and paste the letter in the message body.

    Give me more.

    08-31 03:41 PM
    I really like this idea.... Actually if north Indians didn't rule Central government in India for such a long time (before PV Narasimha Rao), south Indians would be better off in India itself !!! Then north Indians would be citizens of USA in no time, and South Indians (in India) would have been happy about it!!!

    Either way, get well soon!

    USCIS should seperate North Indians and South Indians - We are soooo very different anyways ..... Different language - different look - different food ..... That way all of us North Indians will get our GC sooner :D

    07-21 05:47 PM
    Received by USCIS on 06/04/08
    Approved on 7/14/2008
    Card received on 7/18/2008
    Got 2 yr renewal.

    Btw - why are lot of members mentioning FP related information under EAD? I did my FP last Oct. Should I be expecting second FP as a result of EAD renewal application. I am missing some thing basic here. Any pointers?

    FP is mainly for E-filing folks, paper filers need not take FP.

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