Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • delhiguy
    07-07 08:58 AM
    Delhiguy you are right and dont participate in any protest some of the members are making, have fun with your family, if you have any, and chill out. dont worry what others are doing

    USCIS and gov make laws and break laws we dont have right to ask, but when we got hurt we should make them know how did they hurt us so that they will not do that to future immigrants, that's it.

    I am doing things, which i could have done , I am sorry if my views collided with yours ,

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  • delhiguy
    07-08 05:57 PM
    It is not the U.S constitution or the constitutional law that is in question here. The lawsuit is being filed to simply determine if the laws were broken when this visa bulletin fiasco happened. If so, the courts will give relief. The laws of the U.S extends to everybody (citizens, GC holders and non-immigrants) alike.

    It is just like how if a non-immigrant breaks a law, he/she is arrested and taken to court. Even the terrorists who are held in Gitmo won a lawsuit that they have a fair share in the courts. There are numerous cases of potential immigrants who sued the U.S govt and got GCs (most recent being a worker who got his I-140 rejection based on labor cert overturned in Washington State by a Federal Court and finally got his GC).

    But, as you mentioned, there are certain aspects of the Constitution that apply only to Citizens. I don't think the constitutional law applies here.

    After reading your example about the GC i am very positive now, about the lawsuit

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  • makemygc
    07-09 03:00 PM
    everyone....join hands....send flowers so that they reach Tomorrow.....

    Show them we are from the Land of Gandhiji !!!

    coolvigo, sent you a PM. Please see.

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  • jnraajan
    02-08 06:58 PM

    The link on your message to donate seems to be broken. can you check into it, or can I just donate to IV through Paypal.


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  • amitjoey
    05-23 11:37 AM
    I sent the email to senators but was disappointed not to see any SKIL provisions like MS, PHD exemptions.

    Pitha, we do not need SKIL, if we get greencard quickly. See item 3 on the list.

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  • blacktongue
    11-18 01:37 PM
    I also suggest partnering up with Reform Immigration For America as they have large numbers of supporters as well. I urge core IV members to contact them as time is short for us
    .. confirming that I have sent the faxes for myself and for whole family

    I went on website and see IV is their partner

    Reform Immigration For America
    Organizations � Reform Immigration For America (

    A lot of big organizations there in list.


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  • sanju
    02-26 05:08 PM
    Ok. Time out suriajay12.

    Tell me one thing - Why do you expect IV core to spoonfeed everything to you and your friends. If you and your friends are raring to go and do something for the retrogressed community, why not come forward with ideas and show some efforts, instead of just harping on a forum with a bundle of dollars in your hand! Remember, IV is made up of you and me, and it's you and me who can make all the difference. It's very easy to sit on the sidelines and talk. And one more thing - "Have a positive attitude" about everything (life, IV, GC etc) and you will notice how much your point of view will change for better.

    The best advice I have for you is to join your state chapter because IV does lot of its planning and strategy implementation behind the scenes. That way you will know more about IV's current and future plans, and will be able to contribute in a positive manner.


    Allow me to ask you this. Why do you waste your time like this? Don't you have anything better to do? This suri guy is a jerk fresh out of PMP some class, and he wants to see a "project plan". Let me send him a power point presentation and Microsoft Projects file about the "project plan" which he wants to see.

    Look, you can waste your time for as long as you want, but there will always be jerks who think that advocacy for EB issues is a "project", and at the end of budget and scheduled time, he wants to see the desired output. That' a narrow mind-set of PMP certification, which often do not apply in advocacy campaigns. It's ok, it took me time to understand this, but I had to do my own research to understand this. suri has to do his own research to learn more than his pmp class. You cannot explain it to this suri guy. So my advice to you is, please don't waste your time.

    Also, who knows if this suri guy is an agent of some tracker site, just playing his charm to dampen our spirits so that all we do is track our soft LUDs.


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  • EB3Ind
    09-03 11:41 AM

    today uscis site updated for my spouse regarding EAD card for card produciton.

    applied july1st 2008
    lud july 8th 2008
    card production on site: 09/03/08


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  • manishs7
    09-24 04:54 PM
    Consider the scenario:
    Two guys (A and B) come to US in 2005, both do not have MS and experience less than 5 years. Therefore both not elligible for EB2 on 2005. They are from a retrogressed country.

    A does MS and joins job in 2007, becomes eligible for EB2 and files GC on 2007.
    B joins a job on 2005 that do not need MS and experience and files for EB3.

    Till 2010 both of them did not get GC. But B crossed 5 years of experience and from EB3 to EB2. Now B's priority date is 2005, although he was not elligible for EB2 at that time.

    Although A was elligible for EB2 in 2007 earlier than B (2010), A is pushed behind B.

    SHould it be acceptable to people like A? And there is not one or two pleale like B, thousands arer doing that?

    If you see my priority date you will understand I am not saying this for myself. I have a bro and friends who are facing this isssue.

    Therefore EB2s who are from mid 2006 onwards will really get pushed back..

    I see this porting simillar to the labor substitition.. Till it was in place it was legal although thousands bought labors and that is one main reason EB2 had retrogressed back to 2000. I predict simillar thing is happending again, people are paying money to the desi employers to file perm in EB2 again pretty soon same tertrogression will happen to EB2 I if any urgent action is not taken.

    I hace passed this stage.. now its for you all to decide..

    Mr RSharama, it's 'A's ignorance of the process. He should be aware at the time of starting the Masters that GC is based on the position in the queue ( no body's gives a rat's if the person in front of you is a retard). Porting was legal in 2005 and it is now. there is no change in Law.
    You can't compare porting with labor substitution. For porting, you have to go through the complete process and not just throw some dollars.

    Same logic applies to people who say "I was eligible to file for EB2, but my employer/lawyer forced me to file on EB3".
    It's the ignorance of process, if you are eligible for EB2 .. go join any other company.. it's America .. for God's sake..

    If it doesn't suit me it's injustice.

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  • bebar
    06-14 03:31 PM
    They are not personal checks. So there is no way for me to find if the checks were cashed or not. But attorney said, it takes minimum two weeks. But it looks like many have gotten their receipts.
    Are you checks cashed?


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  • mnq1979
    09-11 11:35 AM

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  • my2cents
    04-30 05:08 PM
    Look Here


    look here at

    "Though we still have challenges to overcome, USCIS is currently showing improvements as a result of process improvements. As of April 25, 2008, USCIS had adjudicated over 65 percent of its FY 2008 target for employment-based visas. With five months to go in FY 2008, this is a strong start. We plan to continue implementing process improvements and new reporting mechanisms for managing these important applications. "

    It means they have used 90K Visa out of 140-150K means 50K visa left for next 5 month..not sure how much visa dates wlll be moved.


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  • EADplease
    09-21 11:56 AM
    For me, since my 140 was approved in TSC, my attorney sent 485 to TSC.

    I have also files on the same day, how do you guys make out that your file have been trabsfered to texas and CSC, because my 140 was approved in texas and my attorney has sent the 485 to NSC , Thanks for you reply.

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  • elaiyam
    06-26 02:56 PM

    see page 5

    My employer says EVL is not required for 485 filing. How do I make him understand that it is required? Any links from USCIS website or any authentic info will be helpful. I searched and couldn't find it!! TIA


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  • feedfront
    08-26 02:48 PM
    Do you have Pritority Date written on your I-485's notice of action? It's blank for me.

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  • sunny1000
    07-09 12:13 AM
    United states postal service. My lawyer sent it on june 29 and to this day it's a mestry to me how it was delivered at 10:10 pm at night. I did not think anybody would accept it. BUt if they were working on 25000 in 48 hours. The only reason i think they took it is to finish the number of visa available.
    still It does not mean anything ... they can reject it.

    Can you please tell the date..was it 6/29? Thx


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  • glus
    06-04 11:11 AM
    e-mailed my 2 NY senators with a personal letter explaining the problem in the new immigration bill. Requested changes to be made.


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  • sbanil
    09-20 10:37 PM
    Which number to call?? Do they ask all the details of lawyer as well??


    What is the phone number to call to get the status of application? My applicaiton received on July 2nd at Nebraska Center and still no receipt notice . Checks are not cashed either. Is there anyway to findout the receipt number?

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  • gc4me
    08-28 10:24 AM
    Got card production ordered email yesterday evening. :D

    RD: 7/11/2008 , Approval: 8/27/2008

    05-23 11:26 AM
    I emailed and used the "contact us" form. It asked me if I wanted a reponse and I clicked - yes.
    Have not heard back from them. Has one else?

    thank you

    My bad. They sent a note saying they will respond personally only if I am from their state.

    05-28 12:27 PM
    emailed the house representative as well

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