Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • zoooom
    07-20 11:44 AM
    Pl. count me in....I pledge $100 towards Aman's expense re-imbursement.
    Pl. let me know how to send the amount coz your post clearly says
    "do not pay it directly to the IV core funds, yet"
    (so far contributed $100 to IV)
    Sure will let you know. Please check back the thread on monday for more details...

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  • mirage
    03-15 11:23 PM
    There is very simple reason for this, during 1999-2002 H1B cap was raised to 190,000 even if you make a guess on the lower side more than 50% of these H1Bs went to Indians, so atleast 200,000 Indians entered US between 1999 when these people filed their Green Cards most of them filed under EB-3, b'cause retrogression wasn't there and everthing was current, lot of people, who were in the states where labor took less time, kept getting their green cards, in the meantime a huge chunk of people from states like NJ, NY, TX, CA got stuck at the labor stage with PD in 2000 and up. So basically lot of 2002 & above got cleared but these people with older PDs were stuck. Now when these Labors are cleared, with just 3300 Green Card numbers every year, it'll take 20 years or more for EB-3 cut-off dates to move to 2009.

    Can you tell me why EB3 is lagging so much

    I hope I had got answer to this question ? I am still searching and been doing for last 2 1/2 years from the time I joined IV.

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  • GCard_Dream
    12-11 11:54 AM
    Can't agree with you more. Since 9 or so mandatory spending bills are pending for 110th congress and it will be the first order of business when congress opens in January, including minor provisions like these, which doesn't require any visa increase, should be considered as a possibility and pursued. If we just want to hit jackpot, it may not be happening anytime soon.

    Well said actually!

    From the past couple of years and efforts it is VERY clear that any kind of Quota Increase is a BIG no no with the Anti-immigrants. This now divides the IV users into 3 groups

    1) This group has already applied for the I-485 a Long time ago but has not seen their GC in the mail yet.
    2) This group has not been able to file for I-485 coz of retrogression.
    3) This group is stuck in Labour Certification stage and cant do anything about it.

    How about for starters if we try and alleviate the pain of people in groups 2 and 3, i.e. ask for people to be able to apply for stage 3 (and ead etc) without the PD mess. For the labour people we ask for a similar benefit. As for group one, well i know that you guys do not benefit under this, but consider this, you are already in a much better situation than the rest of 2 groups. I know you have to go for fingerprinting etc and renew the EAD every year, but consider this: People stuck in LC and stage 2 have to spend much more on renewing H1/H4s coz of lawyer fees. Maybe, if we reduced our demands to asking for 3 things

    a) Filing for stage 3 regardless of PD
    b) Relief for people in the LC mess
    c) Fingerprinting one person just Once (i mean fingerprints dont change do they?)

    This might go under the radar as no quota increase is being asked for. I know this point has been discussed ad-infinitum before and we concluded that no more band-aids for the immigration process, let us get a permanent solution. Well permanent solutions take their time, especially with a Much more powerful lobby opposing those changes. For all we know this permanent solution may NEVER go through. Lets face the facts here:

    1) The big corps are pushing ONLY for H1B increase.
    2) Anti-immigrants are opposed to ANY kind of increase in numbers.
    3) Currently the political climate is such that it is either, deal with legals AND illegals or nothing at all.
    4) Currently FAR bigger problems stand in front of the lawmakers such as the war, stem cell, abortion etc etc etc.
    5) Currently the average American is OPPOSED to even legal immigrants for fear of losing their jobs to them.

    In light of all this, does it make sense to go for a Comprehensive Permanent solution or does it make sense to ask for smaller tid-bits and treat the other costs we incur as "costs of doing business"? I mean atleast if the husband and wife Both have H1bs and jobs, you will still be making a ton of money. U use things like approved I-140s to switch jobs with 3 year extensions or u use the EADs. Let us seriously think about this solution.

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  • alias
    08-18 01:12 PM
    Everybody has been waiting for his/her green card and congratulations to all those who has got their GC. On the other hand it is really unfair and to some extent unethical on the part of USICS not follow a fair system.
    There are several people in 2004, 2005 who have been paitently waiting for their turn only to see that people behind them getting approved.
    Several of us have writtent to Ombudsman, Director but of no avail.
    Not sure what else can be done? Any Idea? Do we have any liaison with AILA who can take up this matter.

    Didn't someone took up the EB3->EB2 porting issue already; can't this issue be clubed along with it? ek teer se do shikar!!


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  • suresh1
    08-20 09:29 AM
    140- approved by TSC 6/06
    LUD - 7/28/07
    485 - sent to NSC on 7/03..
    No response yet..

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  • apb
    08-13 05:21 PM
    It is a hard fact but I guess I do not want to scare anyone. If you notice some people have got their JuLY 2ND filed cases receipt # and most of them have a Notice date of 08/04/2007 (the guys who got their receipt #). This notice date is the day the Receipt was generated. So today is 08/13/2007. It seems that USCIS is delaying this process of issuing receipts as that will give them a chance to reject applications after 17th. So I guess we should brace ourselves for rejection notices also......

    Raybarrone - The way one think is our choice. If there is any big master plan to delay our RN so be it. Either we can take it as it is or we can act. These kinds of pessimistic thinking helps no body.

    Please help yourself by reading some PMA books.
    Here is a starter

    AS a man thinketh

    Have some good self talk. We have to Learn to respect ourself by NOT taking any crap handed out to us. Learn to FIGHT and uplift yourself and others. A man without any reason to FIGHT has lost all battles in life. He has no hope and he cannot create any change.

    And if what I say does not make any sense, please feel free to 'BRACE FOR REJECTION NOTICES...' if that helps.


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  • nogc_noproblem
    02-23 12:29 AM
    On the lighter note, this may not applicable to humans and mammals, egg broken from outside (but this happens inside the body) still brings in new life. :)

    I read this as a status message of a CEO sometime back on linkedin:

    An egg, when broken from inside, brings in new life but if broken from outside, kills it.

    Please, don't let the immigration process break you. Join IV (and us) and fight it...until we break it for a better change.

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  • kysrek
    06-14 03:31 PM
    My I-485 was mailed on June 1'st. Attorney haven't received receipts yet.
    But my checks to USCIS got cashed yesterday. There are two numbers starting with SRC......but I dont know why there are two numbers instead of one.


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  • amitjoey
    07-09 05:14 PM

    Please rate it with 5 stars.

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  • BharatPremi
    11-01 05:13 PM

    thanks, but i believe this is incorrect. Per the 2005 Aytes memo ( it is clearly stated that person can change jobs after 180 days irrespective of whether I-140 is approved or not. The key phrase is that I-140 should've been "approvable when filed".

    So what? I-140 was "approvable" but now employer revokes it and therefore 485 denial becuase 180 days have not been passed. And that is why one never should even try to use AC21 before 180 days period. Even I-140 is already approved, revocation of it will initiate 485 denial.


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  • manubilga
    06-12 07:07 PM
    My case file on 06/01/07 but i did not get any conformation

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  • Rohan99
    09-25 02:04 PM
    my attorney recieved receipts today...filed on July 3rd at nebraska center.

    Can you tell us what time it reached NSC on July 3rd. Looks like lot of people July 3rd at 9:03 received by R.William are waiting for receipt. Are you one among them?


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  • Lasantha
    02-05 11:32 AM
    As far as I can remember all I needed for SIN card was my landing papers and my passport as ID. I did not open a bank account in Canada so I can't help you with that one.

    Is there an advantage in opening a bank account if you plan to return to the US? Please let me know. I might want to open one myslef if it's going to help in anyway.


    Thanks for info about proof-of-funds question. Another quick question, what documents are needed to apply for SIN card & open a bank account?


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 10:58 AM
    Guys inorder for DOS or DHS or USCIS to get the message they will FIRST and FOREMOST have to understand WHO Gandhi is. For that we will have to attach a few pages of documentation about Mahatma Gandhi. By the time the message gets to the correct person's hands AND he/she understands the true meaning of the message, the person will think we insulted them, coz the the flowers will be dead and dried up and STINKY.


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  • ita
    02-09 02:51 PM
    All the Best Chantu...hope you'll get job soon.

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  • boldm28
    05-12 11:39 AM
    You got it just right. Dear friend, this is the truth for immigrant community. Everyone here stands for their own GC, how can we expect others to fight for you. So as and when USCIS hurts different categories, people come here and form a loosely coupled organization.

    now that eb2 is retrogressed .. eb2 ( not that i have anything against them) are asking everybody including eb3 to contribute , send faxes be Vocal . That is my friend India for you
    it is each one for himself .how many people who got their gc visit this forum , may be a hand full others forget about this forum and move on in life


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  • svgupta
    05-23 11:43 AM
    to everyone on the list.

    Folks! who are still procrastinating .. plz DO send the mail right away. It won't matter if you do it later.

    And sure, you can always think others are anyways, doing it... that should be enough. It won't be... Go ahead and send mails... (ref: 1st page of this thread).

    GO IV!

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  • royus77
    05-23 11:13 AM
    I feel Faxing 1 page document with the critical issues will have more impact in addition to the emails .

    Can some body send the template for faxes and link to webfax also. I email 10 senate members until now

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  • harpomarx
    09-12 05:39 PM
    Got the 9 SRC numbers from the back of the checks and inputted into CRIS on Monday (9/10).

    Today got the "Card Production Ordered" email for one of the 3 I765's. How
    can I tell whose it is?

    All 9 of my checks for myself, wife, kid were cashed on Friday (9/07).

    Filed at Nebraska SC July 6th (sent July 5th).

    EB3 RoW
    PD Oct 2003.

    08-18 01:47 PM
    Nope, you are wrong. Anyting spoken in this website concerns every aspirant immigrant member. You need to get that straight!

    Well said!

    06-15 10:03 AM
    and which state did you apply from ? Looks like there is some relation to where it is processed (If your I-140 was not already approved before the USCIS bispec III...see my message before )

    My lawyer sent the applications on June 1st and we have the receipts already. They cashed the checks by June 6th.

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