Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • akhilmahajan
    07-21 10:22 AM
    EAD RD: 29th May 2008
    LUD: 5th June 2008
    FP/Photo: 29th July 2008
    Current EAD Exp Date: 24th September 2008

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  • GCBy3000
    04-06 04:12 PM
    yes that is true. I did not had any problem with mortgage. Atleast as of today, it is illegal to deny mortgage based on immigration status. If you have any idea of buying a house, it is better to do it before any law changes if at all there is one in the pipeline as you(madhuri) suspect.

    It is all how you see your life. Just concentrate your energies on positive stuff you have. This will bring you more energy and most importantly, it will bring more for those who sorrounds you like your family. Peace in family is very important to pursue anything in life and especially career and that too as an immigrant in US without GC.

    I know many people who bought home while on H1B, including me. I did tell the Bank/Credit Union, I'm on H1B and my application for GC is under process and all they requested is to provide a letter from my employer about my employment, my h1b papers, etc and I'd no problem in getting a Mortgage Loan. This was a year back.

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  • harpomarx
    07-10 01:04 PM
    Can anyone do a cartoon and we can post it on the internet?

    How about a caricature of Gonzalez holding a sign as follows:

    WASHINGTON�The Department of State has revised its July Flower Bulletin to reflect that all available flowers have been allocated for fiscal year 2007.
    As a result, beginning today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is rejecting applications to send flowers (Form I-356937) filed by aliens whose priority dates were current under the original July Flower Bulletin.
    U.S. immigration law limits the number of employment-based immigrant flower receipts that may be issued each fiscal year.

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  • sankap
    07-10 12:47 PM
    Are you suggesting that AC-21 job does not need to be bonafide?
    Then you claimed that AC-21 job does not be same/similar to labor/I-140.
    Where did I say that AC-21 job does not need to be the same as I-140 petition? It's clearly a requirement on the Yates memo. "Do you even read what are you saying" (to quote you)?

    Second, re "permanent" job, the Yates memo clearly doesn't say that requirement--the RFE you quoted does . Also, since no source has been able to define what a "permanent" job is, I said that ALL contract jobs and self-employment can be shown to be permanent. Surprisingly, your interpretation is that NO H-1B job is "permanent!"

    Now you have changed stand on these two after seeing one RFE example.
    I did not change my stand on "permanent" job--no source has been able to define what that is. So, inserting that in the EVL in case of as RFE should not be a problem.

    Now, you are saying new AC-21 job does not be bonafide.
    I'm not saying that the "AC-21-job does not be bona fide." You *assumed* that, which is what you need to stop in your arguments. All I asked you is, where did you read that?
    Do you even read what are you saying?



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  • go_gc_way
    06-23 12:21 PM
    I would say that Social Sec Taxes and Medicare are unfair taxes. Some H-1Bs (read people from India and China) are not treated the same way as citizens, Green Card holders, and othe H-1Bs (read from Western Europe). Since they wont give us GC's.., we have to eventually go home. This implies, no Medicare or Social Sec benefits. Going by a conservative estimate.. there are about 500,000 GC applications in the blackhole for an average of 3 yrs. Each pays on an average $4,200 SC and Medicare taxes. So the state owes us $6.3 Billion... We sincerely request that we be treated fairly and our money be given back to us.. OR.. easy for them, give us GC

    $ 6.3b !!!!! How and where did one get that figure, I am not sure. But I certainly feel SSN money may be considered to given back to H1's who have stayed here for significant number of Years and acchiveing nothing -- GC.

    I feel that is fair request. I hope this becomes a formal request to appropriate Office to consider. What do you guys think on the Forum.

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  • pd2001_12
    09-10 02:54 PM
    Thats right. I don't see any issues with EB1 or EB2 movement, For gods sake EB2 came to 2005, EB1 is current. It is funny when the other poster said we need to work for EB1 also(It is current, what else you want to do there?).

    I feel IV has to concentrate on EB3 now. Period.

    That should not be the case. It should just concentrate on EB3-I. Period Because that is the only category that has to wait for centruries to get any movement.


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  • chanduv23
    06-28 10:26 PM
    A note to my fellow IV members - I am not after the $42/Hr job. Good luck in finding a US citizen to do this job. I was wrong about EEO, it is actually IRCA which prohibits discrimination in recruitment and hiring.

    Best Practices for hiring workers from Department of Justice (

    But the point remains - visa status based discrimination is illegal not matter which law is being violated, and must be highlighted. We have to correct the misinformation spread by anti-immigrant groups that most jobs are "reserved for H1Bs", while the reality is different. Most jobs are "reserved" for American workers (although such reservation is illegal under IRCA). We have to provide the proof that the myth of "thousands of jobs reserved for foreign workers" in nothing but a myth. My posting is a small step in that direction.

    Here is another one in the continuing series of exposing the highly prevalent illegal hiring practice. I request everyone to start posting similar job-ads you get from recruiters. Once we get a hundred or more ads here, we can start E-mailing the links to the media.


    fromPatricia (Vyshnavi Infotech) <>
    to"Patricia (Vyshnavi Infotech)" <>

    dateMon, Jun 1, 2009 at 12:56 PM
    subjectJobs for Web logic consultants


    This is Patricia Evan. I have the below position for one of my clients. If you are interested in this position please send me your updated resume.

    Web logic Java Consultant

    Duration is 6 months.
    Location is Connecticut

    Must be US Citizen

    Looking for a Weblogic Java Consultant with strong pharmaceutical experience
    this person will be building webpage�s and build controls to access database Page flow development for a portal that supports my clients clinical trial tracking process. This internal/external portal
    allows documents to be accessed and uploaded, etc.

    The successful candidates should have the skills mentioned below and also know how to debug problems, how to configure into weblog console, and query a database to join tables. Client will teach the business processes.

    Must Haves:
    Deep development skills
    Weblogic Admin tool 10.2
    Apache Beehive Page Flow
    Database controls
    Strong SQL
    Oracle 10G (preferred)
    Java Script

    Candidate must have all of above�.strong Apache Beehive Page Flow is key to position.

    Patricia Evan
    IT Recruiter
    Vyshnavi Infotech INC
    Herndon, VA 20170
    PH : 703-793-1868 Ext 211
    Fax: 703-547-0135

    vivek - I have come across this company. It is a desi consulting company. The "Reqruiter" name seems to be a "nickname". Looks like they are doing these things so that they do not fall under the radar and hence such blatent statements "Only US Citizen".

    If we all remember there was another post on dice which said "No Indians" and was discussed a lot on IV and finally the reqruiter got fired.

    Looks like desi companies are trying to seek a new identity so that they do not fall under the radar

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    08-29 08:42 PM
    so called active member!!!!!!. Did u wake up after your PD is current and looking for suggestions??? ha. One of those hippocratic persons.
    I am talking to you l


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  • lonedesi
    05-23 08:20 AM
    Sent emails to all senators as requested by IV

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  • jungalee43
    11-17 03:30 PM
    One more is sent by my friend. Will get about 10 out by tonight.


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  • sankap
    07-10 12:19 PM

    What's a "bona fide" job? Where did you see that a job needs to be"bona fide?"

    Also, if you're self-employed, why can't you show that's a "legitimate" business? Who's asking for a business plan--and why should that be difficult to make if you're self-employed? Please, let's not *assume* things. We should base our opinions only on facts and evidence.

    Its not ability to pay issue? The main point is to show that job is real, and bonafine.

    May I ask, how do you plan to demonstate that job offered in self employment is same/similar to I-140 job and it is bonafide job offer?


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  • rkg000
    07-20 11:58 AM
    Don't make stupid statements like this. It goes to show your intelligence and that you are an instigator. With statements like that you will alienate EB3 more. BTW, I contributed to DC advocacy and many other EB3s also did the same. That money apparently seemed to have have helped EB2 and not EB3.

    Regarding you comment on action, many IV leaders are EB3.

    I am not sure your point will be taken seriously by anyone with this kind of language. If you didn't mean to be taken seriously, then well... you are right on point. You all must have read the thread EB2-EB3 predictions. The thread is most popular for the very reason that members refrained from such language.

    Coming to this thread, I empathize EB3 position. I guess I would feel the same if spillover was helping EB2 all along and recently changed to help another category. So, how do you get everyone to support any initiative that will surely hurt the other half.

    Since Spillover rules are left to USCIS for interpretation, whatever way they interpret, it is sure to hurt one or the other category. So, why not concentrate on action items which unites us all, rather than dividing us, like VISA recapture, abolishing country quota, not using quota against dependents etc. Think about it.


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  • sledge_hammer
    04-22 08:02 AM
    The news is terrible...

    But I admire the courage he showed during his difficult times.

    I agree with you dealsnet. We, the members of IV, should take up this issue and try to help his family.

    ArkBird, any ideas how we can help?

    We the employment based immigrant community to do some thing to help his family. May be by contributions, and help his family to get his benefits from the company he worked, any insurance, IRA, 401K etc.....
    Hiis spouse may not have the ability do these things from a foreign country. Some body from IV must contact his family now based in Sweden. This is my suggestion.

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  • gatsat
    08-28 04:19 PM
    Even me too


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  • z029556
    09-24 05:45 PM
    Hi Guys,

    My application was sent on Aug 7th reached USCIS (NSC)on Aug 8th. Recieved my reciept # today from lawyer. But my wife haven't recieved the RN. Was wondering if any one are in the same boat.


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  • ganguteli
    01-30 06:47 PM
    This is plain simple illegal to secure H1B without a job. Period. There is no question of moral or ethical issues here.

    Moral and ethcial issues come with legal situations; like labor usb is legal but one can question whether it is etical. Same goes with PD porting. It's legal but one might question if it is ethical.

    Geeting H1 through bodyshops showing false employment is a fraud. It's high time we reported all these fraud to DOL.

    Please ask masaternyc to take up this cause and march to Washington DC for us. He can do this work along with his crusade on labor subs and get double the number of virgins. :D:D


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  • asdf123
    08-27 12:15 AM
    My application filed on 1 august.
    No receipts yet.

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  • Rohan99
    02-01 03:43 PM
    according to movie, India will be better place because we can make to the arks in Himalayas faster. From north America it will take longer time and we have to find Yuri to get ride. Astrophysicist Dr. Satnam Tsurutani, who discovered solar flare in India, was among the dead, he didn't make it to arks.

    2012??? - According to the Mayan calendar the 2012 will bring the doomsday !!!! :D

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  • deepimpact
    09-23 04:44 PM
    If someone ports from eb3 to eb2 they should get the priority date of the day they were eligible to file an eb2 and not be able to carry the date from eb3.
    Porting makes sense in a family based visa where your petitioner can file for an application while he is still a green card holder and then becomes a citizen which upgrades the beneficiary's category as well.
    On an employment visa you file for an eb3 when you are eligible for an eb3 job, you file for an eb2 when you are eligible for an eb2 job. Why would you be able to jump ahead in the eb2 line when you were clearly did not have an eb2 job ? Just because you filed an application at some point of time in eb3 and waited a decade to get a better job doesn't mean someone else has to pay for your (pick one - laziness, ineptitude, lack of skill or lack of knowledge).
    Most of IV Core is made of eb3 applicants and therefore there has never been any push from the core on this matter. And as someone said .. You ARE eating my lunch..

    That's the way the rule is set and it doesn't matter if it makes 100% sense or not. Just like not all EB3 folks are happy with change in spillover, all in EB2 may not be happy with the way Porting rule is set up. But at the end of the day the total no. of visas available is the same, whatever way it is distributed and unless legislative change is made, both EB2 and EB3-I will remain retrogressed anywhere between 5-15 yrs.

    10-16 12:18 PM
    I think the major bone of contention among the legislators is what to do about the illegal immigrants currently in the country. Amnesty OR no amnsesty is the major debate. Other than that both are in a common frame of mind (in some way) one way or the other regarding - border enforcement, legal immigration, retrogression relief. Now, it looks like there is a common agreement that the skillful legal immigration issue has to be separated from the illgegal immigration related Amnesty OR no Amnesty debate. Hopefully we should see something positive in the next few months. This article seems to indicate in that direction since they have agreed upon one more item, border enforcement -

    Last sentence in this article: "However, given the anticipated difficulty in reaching an agreement on comprehensive reform, SKIL Act supporters likely must find an alternative legislative vehicle during the lame-duck session to pass limited relief for highly-educated workers."

    What alternative legislative vehicle are they talking about?

    06-28 01:49 PM
    Thanks gc28262 for your contributions to this drive. I request others to pitch in as well. We can discuss the nitty-gritties till we bleed. But that won't achieve anything. It will not stop the minformation being spread. We have to collect enough evidence and present it to the media. 4-5 job ads is just the beginning, we need a collection of few hundred to prove this is the prevalent trend.

    Borrowing line from your signature -

    Truth Will Set You Free

    Good Luck for your endeavors.


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