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  • TheOmbudsman
    10-25 09:10 PM
    "The market has a way of regulating itself".
    That is probably the most absurd thing said in this forum.

    Purgan, please do some basic research and you will see you are plain wrong. There is no way you will see your dream coming true. Govenment intervention when it comes to regulate the influx of foreign labor is everywhere. It is controlled. You just allow less or more people coming in and that is fair. If you allow the gates of a third world country to open for good and flood this with programmers to a point where you would be making $10/hour, nobody sane wants to get downgraded to that level. Foreigners with a funny accent like us would be competing for jobs. Probably employers would love and exploited people in the third world countries would love that, but I have to tell you things don't work that way.

    Similar polls were conducted by Zogby, CNN, etc. I outlined other evidences there. Only individuals with an open mind can read between the lines though.

    when american's from such third rate schools are not getting jobs, do you seriously think foreigners with their funny accents and relatively poor English communication skills (I'm Indian and can tell you its still a second language to me) can get jobs??

    The market has a way of regulating itself. As someone mentioned above, there were a a lot of H1 space available from 2001-03. But it never got filled because there were simply not enough jobs. Lets not try to set up govenment intervention here....let the free market decide....that is what made this country great.

    btw, NumbersuSA, FAIR and other restrictionist organizations have zero credibility because they oppose even legal immigration.

    That poll....don't impress me much...

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-09 11:30 AM
    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 9, 2009 Payment To Immigration Voice Completed ... -$20.00 USD

    Related Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Feb. 9, 2009 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details $20.00 USD
    Business Name:
    Immigration Voice


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  • ganguteli
    03-06 05:18 PM
    For me country cap was an important issue, so I started a focus group. If you think filing I-1485 is more important than start a focus group, you may find 100s who will support can start a yahoo group

    While it is temptig to start an agenda item and group, I do not think time is right. You may end up too muchg attention in the bad economy and anti-immigrant atmostphere. It is better not to go on offensive and instead work on saving your job.

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  • senthil1
    05-23 09:21 AM
    If you are able to file gc why do you need this. Only future H1bs need to bother about the this restriction. Corporations or Compete America will lobby to remove H1b restrictions if that creates problem for them.

    I am about to e-mail to the Senators based on the new letter.

    Folks, but I have a simple question. Is the following provision addressed by IV when contacting the Senators or not ?

    Placement of employees at client site(Consulting business practices): Under the proposed bill one cannot place H1B employees at another employer�s site (common in consulting business) whether you are H1B-dependent-employer or not. Today, the law places that restriction only on H1B-dependent-employers. This proposed law applies that restriction of outplacement on all employers across the board.


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  • vinabath
    04-23 03:34 PM
    any one who tells to be cautious is a desi employer or a silent partner. Any one wonder to ask the thread starter

    why in the beginning he chose a desi employer and signed a non-compete clause?
    why did not get his H-1 done with PF?

    every one( desi employer and h-1b employee) have weaknesses and strong points.

    H-1B program is the nastiest and problematic for employer and also for the employee. There is a reason lot of american born owned consulting business dont do H-1s. Big over head on the employer. Accounting complexity and hard to follow H-1b and dol rules.

    I am not even talking immigration process and family problems H-1bs go through. Desi employers take the risk of doing h-1s and and 90% of them dont even grow beyond 50 people and there is constant battle of retaining H-1 b employees at the same time making profit.

    I thought of starting a desi consulting firm and realised it is a lot of pain.

    Desi employee

    1. wants 80% and may be 90%
    2. bare h-1 cost
    3. bare gc cost
    4. bare insurance cost
    5. pay salary on time
    6. pay umemp, ss taxes

    in addition to the time employer has to spend time to do all the above tasks.

    end of the day its not even worth running desi consulting business unless we make atleast 15-20% of the revenue.

    end of the employers have to face the brunt of american born workers and dol that desi employers run poor hiring practices and poor EEO practices and not only that desi employers run down the billing rates.

    it is a vicious cycle. desi employees want to work for low billing rates because of their necessity and in turn run down profits of the employers this in turn make both the employee and employer unhappy.

    how can a guy with 5 years experience in SAP is ready to work for 60$? LOL.

    every knows how the game is played.

    another important point employees want the employer run the payroll while they are on bench so that their H-1B status does not mess up. How can an employer run payroll when the employer makes 5-7% profit? LOL.

    another one..... employee wants 80% but cannot wait until the client he is working for pays for his services to the employer. employee wants that 80% percent on time. LOL

    another one h-1b employees want to cut lines to gc faster. they are ready pay large sums to money to employer to buy earlier PD.

    I was H-1b 3 weeks ago. I stayed with my employer for 6 years and still working. and I also know h-1 b is a really bad visa for an employee too.

    Ideally USA should give work visas based on individual's merit like an OPT/EAD for 6 years instead of H-1.

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  • pointlesswait
    04-21 09:27 AM
    File a BBB case..but make sure you are absolutely sure Company is at fault...if its just money..
    i guess u have to take a "hit".. but if they have violated ur rights in any way..u should pursue all possible options of getting justice.

    is that a desi consultant!
    I think we need to create a site of all desi consultants and rate them.. discretely.;-)


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  • svg108
    05-23 11:18 PM
    Sent emails to all the senators in the list.

    Nicely done Logiclife.



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  • ssingh92
    01-13 08:16 PM
    I am trying to switch employer. The job title and job description is similar what written in my I140. At least 75% job duties are included in new job duties. But none of new employers where I found employment ready to write job duties. What is the other way to show that I am doing similar job duties. Should I keep scree shot of JOB add? Any idea.

    Also my current EAD will expire in Aug,2011 I have to file extension in April. Employer asks if extension is denied... How to explain new employers.

    If job title is exactly same as written in I140/labour does it still require to show job duties written by employer to USICS.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • acecupid
    09-24 02:06 PM
    The priority date should be always based on the particular labor filling or the filing of I140 (which ever applicable)

    I am not against anyone getting GC. If everyome gets GC today, I am all for it. But no solution is in sight. But that does not mean someone elase will try to push EB2 back.

    Therefore just wanted to let EB2 guys realize what will happen to them if no action is taken.

    This is very simillar to labor substitution...

    It is really absurd to compare porting with labor substitution. Just because porting is not favourable to you, doesnt mean people are abusing the process. Unlike labor substitution which was sold for $$$, the person porting from EB3 to EB2 has to show enough proof to get ported to EB2. Get your mind out of the gutter. By making these allegations you are hurting your own cause and it will not benefit anyone. There is only one queue which is based on priority date and not based on category in which it was applied. You may think it is unfair to YOU but that is the law.

    Can you prove that the law is broken by porting ? What is the basis for your argument other than YOU think it is unfair to YOU ? Stop being so paranoid and help with efforts that help the entire EB community.

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  • GCwaitforever
    12-12 05:38 PM
    I have an American Lead who interviewed this indian guy over the telephone and he did appear very smart, but when he joined our company he was plain dumb and didnt know anything. Apparently somebody else attended his telephone interview. Talk about breaking FAITH i have built all these years. He doesnt trust Indians anymore. Who is to be blamed here???

    Indians have bunch of these tricks up their sleeves. Some are paid to take these interviews. Either the interviewer should rely on certification programs or employ voice recogntion and video conferencing to fish out these duds.

    Coming to the SKIL bill and Sen. Sessions, I am mailing my story to him at Hopefully, he will come around and support immigration reform.

    Dear Senator Sessions,

    I am a legal immigrant living in this country from 1995. I have been paying income taxes dutifully and contributed to the American Economy all these years. I paid Social Security and Medicare taxes, and as part of the bargain, I am eligible for Social Security payments when I retire. I own a house in this country and I am married.

    I came to know that you put a hold on SKIL bill in the Senate as you have not received any feedback from legal immigrants. This is in response to your hold.

    I applied for Greencard in May 2002. I have two Masters degrees and over eight years of leadership experience in the IT field in Fortune 100 companies. I have about thirteen years of experience in the IT industry. You would have expected that I should have the Greencard in my hand by now. That is not the case unfortunately.

    My case is languishing in the labor certification stage at Philadelphia backlog Elimination Center for the past two years. Labor certification is the first stage in the Greencard processing. I am into my 7th year H-1B extension now and I have to renew my VISA every year.

    My wife is a structural Engineer who had to put her career on hold, because she can not work until my Greencard petition moves forward. My wife has a Masters degree in Structural Engineering. We hear in papers that Alabama is short of Engineers. Why not improve efficiency at USCIS and use available workforce in the US?

    Legal immigration reform is essential to alleviate the pain and suffering borne out by legal immigrants in unending waits for the relief.

    I am expecting my Greencard petition to arrive only in another four years.

    Some of the anti-immigrants complain that more immigration pollutes the cities and chokes the cities. This is a falsehood propagated by them. My wife and I are living in this country as we speak. Granting us faster immigration relief does not increase population, rather it changes our status only - from hung upside down to standing straight.

    I request you to support EB immigration reform bills in Senate in the future and show us some light. The focus should be on how quickly America can assimilate legal immigrants by making the process easier. I am sure you would come hard on USCIS to process immigrant petitions efficiently.

    Some of the key provisions which would need your support are ...

    1. Recapturing VISA numbers from past years, which were left unused as USCIS never processed the full annual quota of immigration petitions in a timely manner, thus letting them expire.

    2. Allowing EB immigrants to apply for three year work permits instead of one year work permits which they have to renew every year. This lets us renew our drivers licenses also every three years instead of every one year.

    3. Forcing FBI to completing fingure print checks and background checks in a timely fashion instead of current waits which stretch to three years or more.

    4. Processing labor certifications in the backlog elimination centers by September 2007 as promised to Congress in the past.

    5. Ability to file for I-485 petition, even when the priority is not current. This would help lots of people in the retrogressed categories of immigration.

    Thanks a lot for your time in reading in this lengthy post. I hope you see the suffering of EB immigrants and support immigration reform in the future.


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  • rcr_bulk
    09-10 12:28 PM
    Unless and untill everybody in EB3 has contributed ataleast a $1000.00 to the immigrationvoice cause, its waste of time to discuss about the EB3-India movement. Any way we have to spend a lot more than $1000.00 in renewing EADs, H1Bs and H4s.

    Otherwise just wait and pray for the CIR bill to pass. Then every body in the EB category will get the benefit being the EB3- India/China are the greatest benefitters.

    How can contributing $1000.00 to immigration voice solves this problem? You are telling like a swami's in India, give me money I will do some pooja on your behalf and all your problems will be solved.

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  • laborchic
    07-11 10:11 AM
    Viceroy Lord Wavell and his assistants laughed when M.K. Gandhi told them that one day they will be forced to leave India. What they did not understood that they were not politicians, they were bureaucrats. When the political power behind peaceful civil disobedience was unleashed, a nation took shape, and what Gandhi told Wavell became a reality.

    Something similar repeated in United States recently when thousands of legal immigrants were given a cold shoulder, despite of their merit based claim for an American Green Card. They decided to apply Gandhian way of peaceful protest by sending thousands of flower bouquets to USCIS, an American agency responsible for immigration and citizenship. Instead of offering an apology, USCIS chief decided to again ignore the immigrants and simply issued a statement that the flowers will be forwarded to the injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Once again a bureaucrat miscalculated the power hidden behind a peaceful protest. Now the power behind flowers is becoming a media mainstream story. NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Yahoo News are a few to name. Bollywood, has recently issued a statement providing its full support to Immigration Voice, the non profit organization behind the flower campaign.

    An American way of fighting injustice "A law suit" is on its way, the usual rallies and demonstrations are about to begin. However, in America, its first time after Martin Luther King Jr., that someone has tried to apply Gandhi's way to fight injustice. It is yet not clear that what would be the outcome of this campaign, but there are rumours that USCIS is already discussing internally to reverse the discriminatory decision which resulted in this flower campaign causing enough embarrassement to them.

    Its amazing to witness that 60 years after Gandhi's demise, his ideology is still relevant. We are sure its gonna remain relevant till there are Lord Wavell's in this world. Wavell's can momentarily laugh thinking that unorganized immigrants are helpless, but when the peaceful protest will demonstrate its political power, they surely will realize what Gandhi and Gandhian ways are all about.

    This one was the best... Where did this come from??


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  • VMH_GC
    07-19 08:20 PM
    can you create an excel sheet in google and share it so that it is easy to track the contribution

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  • alterego
    10-08 09:14 PM
    None of this damn crap is fair. There are 3 lines in the green card queue. 1) Labor/PERM line, further subdivided on the basis of BEC, PERM, Employer willingness, exempt(NIW) etc. 2) the I-140 Line and 3) the I-485 line. These lines each have inconsistent patterns depending upon the winds of the day, a few years ago, LC/BEC lines were long, employers were less willing to sponsor green cards, and there was no I-140 PP processing, now all of a sudden PERM is there, PP of 140 came into being, and 485 became an eternal wait and country quotas came into being. For those that got screwed with BECs then PP 140 got removed when they were ready to file and now PD retrogressed into the stone age, it sure would seem like non sense for the guy who got PERM in 2 weeks, then PP 140 in 10 days and filed 485 in he July fiasco. Nevertheless you are only speaking in terms of degrees of getting screwed, since all are being done so by an unpredictable and unreliable system.
    None of this damn crap is fair, we all know it. The only fair thing is for this country to decide who it wants and needs and sort them out ASAP. A wait of 2yrs, 5yrs or 10 yrs is immaterial, all of the above are ridiculous in EB immigration, degrees of unfairness is splitting hairs if you ask me. Up to 2 yrs is understandable, but beyond that implies a broken system which we need to lobby to fix. If we can all agree on that then, we have a platform to move forward with, otherwise we will get nowhere. When you average out the way most immigrants came to this land....................all of us are way more contributing and deserving, lets try to remind people of that as well as our future potential.


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  • zoooom
    07-19 07:39 PM
    Also..How can we let other members know that a thread like this exists...

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  • buddyinsd
    09-01 12:07 PM
    Ignore her. She dozn't deserve a response...Seems to be a mental case

    Pooja.......The way you are going, very soon, you will start saying Northeast guys vs MidWest vs Mountain Time people vs...Pacific Time people.......If you continue with this attitude, all you do is DIVIDE, rather than UNITE.....Maybe you need to understand that such comments are considered racists


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  • jindhal
    09-23 04:29 PM
    Dude... Whatz up?

    If someone ports from EB3 to EB2, then they deserve to be in the front of the queue. Nothing wrong in the process..

    If someone ports from eb3 to eb2 they should get the priority date of the day they were eligible to file an eb2 and not be able to carry the date from eb3.
    Porting makes sense in a family based visa where your petitioner can file for an application while he is still a green card holder and then becomes a citizen which upgrades the beneficiary's category as well.
    On an employment visa you file for an eb3 when you are eligible for an eb3 job, you file for an eb2 when you are eligible for an eb2 job. Why would you be able to jump ahead in the eb2 line when you were clearly did not have an eb2 job ? Just because you filed an application at some point of time in eb3 and waited a decade to get a better job doesn't mean someone else has to pay for your (pick one - laziness, ineptitude, lack of skill or lack of knowledge).
    Most of IV Core is made of eb3 applicants and therefore there has never been any push from the core on this matter. And as someone said .. You ARE eating my lunch..

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  • we_can
    05-23 11:41 PM
    Sent. Just took 10 mins for our cause.

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  • kshitijnt
    04-20 02:28 PM
    I would probably not worry too much about it. You probably signed a non compete not to join company B. You can save 4K in like 2-3 months. This company may have used the same tactic at multiple places. For future ref., just keep the non compete with you when you sign it.

    07-07 10:26 PM
    Lets do a poll and we will get some idea about the count. Idea should be that each IV member who is voting "Yes" for the poll should try to convince and bring some more friends (non IV members who got affected with July VB) with him to participate in the rally

    Please mention how many members from family..

    IF we get minimum 1000 then we can talk to core members.

    07-15 01:05 AM
    I applied for my EAD and AP renewal on the second week of May 2008. Again, I am not sure if EAD or AP renewal triggered the FP notice. Good luck to you.

    thank you mhtanim. i would appreciate it if you could let me know when you recieve your ead..would like to track how long it takes. i am worried that i would not recieve by renewal before my current ead expires.

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