Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • bebar
    06-16 04:16 PM
    Me either. No receipts yet.. filed to reach on june 1st.
    Lucky you summerof98!

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  • jessie1981
    06-12 11:47 AM

    I filed on June 5th and TSC received my package on June 6th. Still my Checks hasnt cleared.

    I filed 485/EAD/AP on May 31st and TSC received on June 1st. My checks haven't been cleared yet. TSC is said to be the slowest one. In a chinese forum, several people whose PD became current on June 1st got 485 approved recently. Their cases were all transferred to NSC recently.

    BTW, how long will it take to get EAD? I sort of remember that it takes at most 3 months.

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  • tonyHK12
    02-17 02:59 PM
    Positive programming. Could we start it inside ourselves first? Stop ranting and lamenting?

    The point is not that tri-state was crooked etc. The point is, they got the cash because they made themselves known as an entity that does some service

    Same with IV. If IV is just a rant board, who will believe? We must change IV!

    I would prefer if you didn't edit my replies. Of course its each persons preference to think his posts are ideas and others are rants.
    Lets delete posts that are not relevant to this thread.

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  • mrajatish
    05-01 09:41 AM
    Yes, Any idea on when this bill come on the floor?


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  • palemguy
    11-30 07:54 PM
    Hi Mehul,

    very sad to hear your condition. We do have good medical treatment available everywhere. Get the best treatment. I have seen so many people recoved from cancer. Hope you will be the one among them. Don't give up hope and spirit. Hope both you and your family will get GC very soon.

    Consult a good attorney what to do immediately.

    I will pray for you.

    Wish you all the best to you and ur family

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  • ski_dude12
    04-20 01:29 AM
    What is the name of your employer? Atleast it will help others to be aware of them.


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  • Saralayar
    08-26 08:23 PM

    Please add a poll to this thread to track number of application mailed per week to USCIS eg Week of July 17th, Week of July 23, Week of July 30,Week of August 6 & Week of August 13th.

    Hopefully this will help us understand the load.

    I have included the Poll.

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  • Kodi
    07-24 02:01 PM
    Was the FP for I-485?
    I am quite sure FP is not requested for paper based filing. FP for you is misleading.

    In the letter it mentioned I-485. I can't figure out what's going on. Its over 90 days since I filed everything and I thought usually you receive EAD within 90 days.

    I was happy as I thought I'll be receive EAD soon since I did FP. Oh Well. I'm currently on H4 and have been out of work since last Dec and its becoming very hard living on one salary.


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  • asdcrajnet
    02-02 10:16 AM
    All the best asdcrajnet.. Both countries are equally good, we have lived in both.. so we know how to adjust..

    Few points that you may need to find out before you go..

    1) Apply for POI for your kid, you may have already done it. There is a restriction that you need to visit nearby police station every 180 days if your son is in India (because he is a US citizen), try to find out more about that and see what you can do to avoid it (may be get a India visa as opposed to a POI)
    If you go to a police station, 100% guarantee they will ask for a bribe or make things difficult for us.
    2) The school fees for non-Indian citizens is very high, because your son falls under NRI category, try to find out about it, and if possible share with us too.

    Everything is good back home but there are few issues which I see are a problem,

    1) Nothing moves ahead without bribery, if we need our stuff to move up the queue, say if it is land registration or getting approval for something - it will not move with bribery and any govt office related work we need to wait a lot and service is bad, unlike here in US there is no bribing and things are so streamlined and good. We can talk about ethics and moral values and not give bribe but then our need will never get fulfilled for years if we decide to go as per queue.
    2) If you are in IT, the work hours are horrible, most of IT companies are outside city limits, we will end up going early in the morning and return late night (because hey we need to talk to onsite guys). If an employee leaves at 5:30 or 6 PM it means there he is not working - not sure when this culture would change there. Again most of them work on saturdays, so only sunday is a holiday, here in US i can leave work at 5 PM or 5:30 and come home and spend time with family.
    3) Commute is very tough back home - too much traffic than what the roads can handle, there is traffic in US too but it is decent traffic, everyone follows rules and lane sense is there. Back home it is really horrible.

    For your PD you have waited for a long time, I would suggest you wait for 1-2 more years and give it a try. We can always go back to India no one is going to stop us, but the return is not very easy. Nowadays h1b approvals and stamping has become a nightmare.

    All the best in whatever decision you make. Everything is for good :)

    My son Has the PIO card. The rule is we have to register with "Foreigner Registration Office" if he stays for more than 6 months. So I got to do that only once. I think there is some procedure when he turns 18. My son will be studying in a Private school. The fees are the same.

    We got to be a Roman in Rome. If we have to bribe a little to get things done, I will do it. I am not there to change India. But I would really try to implement something what I learnt in US. I would never throw garbage in the streets(Preach others not to do it). Be kind to all people.

    I lived in India for 23 years and in US for 11 years. I am used to both systems. I love the freedom of expression in US. Other than that I like the Parks and Nature in US. In India it is only reserved for the rich. Other than that both are fine with me. One big advantage in India is the extended family. I love lot of people.

    I personally believe I can do more philanthropic deeds in India, because in US I have no time and it is hard for me to learn the system and help someone. Somehow. I cannot connect with the people over here(Its just me). All I do here is if something catastrophic happens, I go to Red cross website and donate some. I don't get the satisfaction in just donating the money. I will be happy if I could participate in changing the lives of a few.

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-17 03:49 PM
    For those wondering what's going on in this's a brief synopsis:

    We are collecting pledges to file a lawsuit against USICS against these random and opaque processing of GC's. Our target is to get 1000 affected people to pledge atlaset $100 each so that we can fund this lawsuit. No money being collected right now..just honest pledges.

    There is a current list of members who have pledged support on the link below.

    If you would like to help in this effort, please send me a private message with the following info:
    1) Ur IV handle
    2) Ph#
    3) Email ID
    4) Amount you would like to pledge.

    Please note, we will move forward only if we have atleast 1000 pledged members to make up a sound force behind this campaign. So unity is the key here. We will not collect money unless we have a solid proof that we are not alone in this fight.

    Once again..we have nothing to lose...but a big gain if we can gather enough support and raise our voice against thsis open injustice.


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  • GCStatus
    09-14 11:36 PM
    I totally agree with you! We should energize the local chapters and organize some happy hours and get the word out!

    I am willing to help out reach out members in my state/area. Please keep this thread going...great initiative!!

    Yes GTGC

    Like MadhuVJ and Man-woman-GC mentioned, we should start gathering personal details, Come up with any suggestions you may also have as well

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  • sen_raju
    07-11 11:02 PM


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  • cr52401
    06-05 11:04 PM
    I am EB3 with PD of Oct 2003. My attorney filed on June first. I will give update as soon as I get the recipet #.

    Does any one knows what happened after you apply in Nebraska. Do they send your application to Service center or will be processes all the way through in Nebraska. I live in Texas and my attorney said we must file in Nebraska and can not send to Texas service center any more.

    Is that true?


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  • Waitnwait
    12-16 12:53 PM
    Very good recommendations.
    here's my list. would love to hear others.

    1. listen to music.
    e.g. kishore songs.
    sing !

    2. read a good book.
    e.g. Emerson essay on compensation.
    "For everything you have missed you have gained something else."
    i think it's a very powerful essay for life.

    3. go to the gym. workout. jog. lift weights. play a game.
    table tennis really helps.
    resolve to be your fittest.
    adversity must make us stronger, not weaker.

    4. travel internationally
    take a trip to some country you've never gone to before.
    observe people's olympic struggles.
    it's part of the human experience.

    5. learn a new skill
    something you've always wanted to do but did'nt get around to.
    public speaking, dancing, singing...your choice.
    take a class at a community college or a university.

    6. go to temple or church or mosque.
    make a deeper spiritual connection with God.
    let him lift some of your burden.
    i listened to Hari Om Sharan after many years and experienced a real sense of joy.

    7. spend time learning about US government.
    get to know more about how government works. why does house vote differently than the senate ?
    get to know the 100 senators and 435 house reps. especially how they stand on legal immigration.
    our friends on the other side of the fence have done us a favor by organizing this information
    just reverse the grades. consider approaching reps/senators with your situation.

    8. learn from IV efforts of previous years
    many skills were introduced which could have helped us. what can we learn from what failed ?
    e.g. comprehensive immigration bill 2006. it passed in the senate but stalled in the house.
    Gandhigiri did work this year. it was a major success story we should celebrate and learn from.

    9. accept and enjoy the present.
    accept the present moment. breathe.
    enjoy nature - the sun, the moon, the heavens, fresh air and water. make new associations and friends.
    experiencing these gifts of life is enough to keep one happy.

    10. write it out.
    record the feelings you are going through in writing.
    capture the details.
    what was your journey, your expectations, your highs and lows ?
    you may see your struggles in a different light 10 years from now.


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  • diptam
    06-22 01:41 PM
    Pay stubs talk about CURRENT employment , not FUTURE...

    >> "No, employment letter is absolutely required...", well, it is not.

    You are wrong. How are the pay stubs link to your future GC job. Employment Letter is listed right there on I-485 form as initial evidence.

    Do NOT confuse Current Employment Letter with Employment Letter for GC job

    Not a legal advice.
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • gjoe
    10-09 06:18 AM
    Why do you think FIFO is scientifically impossible? If you beleive that weather forecast is reliable like most of the Americans do, making the FIFO system work more effeciently without wasting even a single visa is possible.
    It is not necessary to issue the visa if the case is still pending for some reason, but if it has cleared all it has a visa number ready to complete the case. If all the visa numbers are allocated ( not necessarily issued) each year there will be no waste. There is no need to go back and recapture visa numbers because all visa numbers are already allocated. Obove all these reasons, those people with PD's as old as 1999 coming out from the BEC need not face another nightmare like first waiting for the I485 to become current before even he can file and then wait in the end of the queue for new applicants to move forward before having his case handled.
    This GC system broke because the system was revamped without taking into account the whole process.
    First I-485 is triggered by an act of the applicant (he has to apply). So USCIS is never going to know whether an earlier applicant is still out there trying to file his application or not. In fact I would blame the entire retrogression on USCIS' attempt at FIFO which is scientifically impossible. It only results in wastage of visa numbers. In 2004 USCIS wasted 47000 visa numbers, in 2006 it wasted 10000 visa numbers. What USCIS could think of doing is just approve whoever is approvable. So the visa bulletin has only 2 possible values "C" and "U". If an earlier I485 applicant is stuck in name check then he should take appropriate action (writing to senators, FL, GWB or file WoM) and get his case adjudicated.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about AoS. Let me write it here.

    1. A visa number is not needed to get AoS adjudicated. A visa number is only required to file the application. But USCIS' stand is that visa number is required both while filing and adjudicating. This according to the statutes and regulations is not true and valid. If USCIS screwed up and delayed adjudicating your application that is their problem. According to statutes and regulations a visa number is only required at the time the application is filed.

    2. Neither Statutes nor regulations call for any fbi name check. Remember FBI name check is different from criminal back ground check or finger print check. The name check is an arbitrary decision by FBI and USCIS and will not stand in any court of law.

    3. An FBI name check was never called for by USCIS on AoS applicants. It was only required for naturalization applicants. FBI screwed up by sending every one's name through this dreaded name check and now claims that it has too many names to check.

    4. If your AoS application is pending for more than a year file a law suit against USCIS because USCIS violated regulations 103.2(b)(18). According to this regulation if an investigation is pending for 6 months district director should review it. At the end of 1 year he should again review it. After that it has to be escalated to higher authorities. Trust me this never happens. Violation of regulations is a serious offense.

    So FIFO will never happen because USCIS cannot control who will apply when. Second FIFO is really bad because USCIS then has to keep shuffling its visa numbers around. Instead if it just approves anyone who is approvable atleast visa numbers would get used.


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  • mbawa2574
    09-07 12:08 PM
    Did ur packet was received by R.Williams ?

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  • gjoe
    10-08 05:32 PM
    All EB categories will be current all the time. As soon as a I485 EB case is filed the visa number should be allocated to the first 8000 odd cases for that category based on the PD of application. If a new case is filed tomorrow with a old PD he will get the visa number and the last guys application will move to waiting list. At the beginning of the year all visa numbers are allocated and nothing is wasted, even if the case is having issues like RFE, FBI check, etc the applicant knows that once cleared he will get his GC.

    Can you explain why you think the lawyers will laugh it off? Or is it just that you say it because someone is saying something which you don't agree with?

    A clarification regarding the flower campaign. I said the AILA law suit and the congresswomen letter to the chief also had lot of weight. It is just not the flower campaign for your information, if you beleive so it is your opinion just like I have mine.

    So what's your suggestion to fix the issue?

    Since you consider that IV did nothing to reverse July 2 VB, why are you hanging around here? If you credit AILA/AILF why don't you write to them to file Class Action against USCIS to process case FIFO? They might do it or they might just laugh it off

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  • cagedcactus
    08-19 07:37 AM
    I'm ready to join in the law suit....

    Count me in too.... 10 years of slavery is enough for me....

    12-15 11:49 PM

    Well, my old carcass is getting too aged to handle that anymore. So now I ease off the sauce and go to the gym.
    But I do also try to notice and enjoy the silliness of the every day human condition. (Still to this day, I'm not sure why I mow my lawn, for instance.) A sense of humour is very important. Recognition that there are others less fortunate. And stay connected with friends socially.
    And also recognize that fact that a green card won't make me magically happier beyond the immediate jubilation. Yes it is good to regain the rights we lost coming to the US. To speeches I'll still smile, nod, even clap and think "what a bunch of nonsense!" for privacy is the true freedom that you still have. But I'll still work for a living. I'll still put on a dress shirt to impress clients I'll never see. I'll still try to spend more time creating than managing. Not simply because my h1b legally requires me to do so, but because managing is intellectually trivial. Or one could say that managing is the work of man, creation is the work of the gods. ; )

    Chin up!

    12-16 09:34 PM
    I came here in 2000 and applied for GC in 2003(Nothing much Happened to it). Moved to different Company in March 2005 and applied for GC before PERM started. After that Applied for RIR conversion in JAN 2007 and my bad luck, the Labor did not get cleared before Auguat 17th and Company did not apply in PERM and Almost all of them got EAD and i am left behind. I am in this country for close to eight Years and not even signs of EAD.

    On top of it, I applied H1b for my Wife this year and the quota was over on the first Day. She has PHD in Computer-science and did not get H1. What a mess ? And what kind of life i am leading here...

    Thinking of all these things, I feel so frustated...
    I am just waiting for PD to be 2005 and then apply for I-485 ? (Sucks Man..)

    I am the worst Unluckiest Person on this whole earth....

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