Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • csvinay
    07-10 12:39 PM
    Shipper: DHL.
    Order Number: FNL1792925

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  • sen_raju
    07-11 09:50 AM,0,5061439.story

    I am going to call the reporter and thank him again.

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  • arrarrgee
    07-06 04:20 PM t_Rose_Bouquet.htm

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  • sanju
    02-28 02:34 PM
    Sanju my friend, why sarcasm ? This is such wonderful information, why can't this be made more public, posted in a prominent position on IV ? Why should members do research to get this info when it can be relatively easily acquired by Quinn Gillespie & Assoc and given to core ? Come on man, a little bit of information like this goes a long way with members.

    qasleuth, I don't believe that suri is for real. I think this guy is phony and will not spend a dime on anything other than his selfish self. I don't know why core or admins here do not give out this information, you could ask them, but I do know that folks here should grow up and be mature not scared to do their own research, because the best thing we can do for ourselves is, research and gain knowledge. I did a simple google search and within 5 minutes I found this information. So if someone wants to find information, there is no scarcity of relevant information online. The problem is, some folks don't want to move their fingers to do simple google search, but they have all the time in the world to find reasons to sit on their a$$ and not do anything. And that's just too much bull....

    Tell this suri guy to go tell his friends that the EADs they flash every time allay their anxiety is because I and others like me paid for it. So I have earned and paid for the right to sarcasm with these elite educated illiterate idiots, if you know what I mean.



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  • prashanthg
    09-17 03:51 PM
    Its unfortunate you are confused. Still appreciate you took sometime even with this confused state of mind to give your valuable 2 cents.

    First of all, its not between me and employer for that matter. USCIS is delaying the process with no logical reason ( am i repeating myself from my first post - hopefully you read again and properly this time Mr.confused ).

    All we want is to have them follow a pattern. Wait what am i doing here, you are confused, doesnt matter what i write here. Let me know when you are normal ( after all the hormones are in order, if at all that happens ), we can talk.

    You either get too emotional, or too defensive.

    I still don't get what you want to achieve.

    We all agree that you are not after the money.
    You want them to approve the cases this September, before the retrogression hits in Oct.
    They can�t give the GC�s if this year�s quota is already over. Even a judge can�t force them � it is the law � they cannot give any more than the number defined in the law.

    On USCIS processes:
    USCIS already confessed before the congress that they can�t (unable to) process the applications in the priority date order.
    If you force them, they will say the same thing in front of a judge. If the judge forces them to process the cases by PD, they will say it will take them couple of years to make changes to their processes/procedures. In the mean time they will waste visa numbers.
    (We are still smarting from the BEC fiasco � at least I am � They took two years just to move the boxes from SWEs).
    They have been saying that they are hiring, training and improving blah, blah blah (we have heard all that BS before). And they are going to repeat the same thing again in a court.

    So, How do you want to see the USCIS perform and how this law suit is going to help.

    Convince me. I will gladly contribute, even though, I have not filed my 485 yet.

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  • deepak
    09-10 08:12 PM

    There are several restrictions/constraints for many ppl for not being able to devote time/money for the general cause. Let's not fret about the reasons. While it would help for all ppl to join forces that should not distract the group that is doing something about the issues.

    And ppl on the sidelines - pls don't be a passive professional critique. However valuable your comments and ideas are they are useless without acting upon it - they are just like seeds sown in a barren land. The good work of the forum will continue without your presence. With your involvement we all can reach the goal that much more faster.

    My Labor certification is actually filed in the state of IL. But i am on an assignment in MD till Sep 2010 (after filing for relevant amendments).
    It's ~5 hrs drive for me to Baltimore/Washington-DC. So, coming every week for a meeting is not practical. I am extremely eager to support OUR cause given the commuting constraints. I have already written to our congress man here to bring to his notice the struggles of wannabee immigrants.
    So, where do i sign up?

    Harikris, I hear you. People are in different situations. I was not mad about moving to this country and for a long time, I preferred travelling instead. Then I reached a point where I preferred to be with my family and thought it is best if we move here and we filed for our GC at the same time. If it does not work out, I am entirely content moving back. Heck, even if it does work out, I might move back.

    I am not crazy enough for my GC to spend all my waking hours trolling forums and calling people names. It is just not worth it. I do donate, the same way that I donate to the local zoo and botanical garden. I give them money to run something so that I and others may benefit from it. The people who run it are passionate about it and do it for themselves and others.

    If things work out, everyone will benefit, the people who worked, and those who didn't, the people who donated and those who didn't. When India fought for its freedom, people donated money and time. I am ready to bet that less than 1% joined in the strugle. There were people who worked for the british government and there were people who went on with their lives. Everyone got freedom, the people who worked got recognized and remembered. That is life.

    The ones who are desperate need others to pitch in to create a critical mass in terms of both money and numbers. I think this realization needs to sink in and insulting people into getting donations out of them is probably not a strategy that will work very well.

    These forums are an excellent rallying point and I think more people being helpful and polite will go a long way.

    Of course, I say all this with my leathery skin waiting to be called a useless idiot who writes bullshit.


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  • doshhar
    07-07 05:33 PM
    Can we finalize the date for rally? Is July 14th ok with everyone of you? We have one full week to work on spreading this to different groups.

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  • stuckinmuck
    05-28 02:12 PM
    A Great New Commission
    May 27, 2007

    An Open Letter to:

    The United States Senate
    The United States House of Representatives

    Re: A Great New Commission

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Our nation holds paramount equal treatment under the law. My principal question is, what federal laws may I break so that I am rewarded with amnesty to the tune of $18,000 per year?

    That would bring me parity with the estimated costs to society of illegal aliens. These are in health, education and related social benefits. Oh, and the approximately 30 percent of our prison population which is comprised of some of these aliens. Seems some of the cost is borne by victims who are assaulted by aliens doing the crimes Americans just won�t do.

    I�ll even give you a bargain. As a small business owner, my real and opportunity costs to comply with federal statutes and regulations are substantial. These are not taxes, they are non-deductible costs I incur to comply with federal law. My daughter�s chronic medical condition and my own heart condition also incur substantial expenses. Regarding our health, my family is uninsurable due to these conditions. We have never received assistance under any state or federal programs.

    All of these costs come to something over $27,000 per year. So, when you give me my amnesty and my $18,000 per year, you will fall short of my expenses by approximately $9,000. Since you are wise in the ways of federal accounting, you can inform your constituents that you have in fact saved $9,000 per year, in addition to the moral claim of having granted me amnesty.

    It will be appropriate to consider that in fairness my children should be due anchor amnesty. This from the fact that they still will be my dependents when you soon grant me amnesty. If you delay, well, my daughter will always be my dependent.

    Considering possible delays, especially since fellow citizens will have their own tailored amnesty petitions, I understand if you need to charter a Federal Amnesty Commission. That is sure to renew respect for and compliance with the laws you draft. Any shortfall in compliance, up to say, twelve million offenses, you could graciously accept as appropriate civil disobedience. After all, that would assure you more press time as we enter this latest election cycle.

    You are wise also in federal laws which may be broken with no consequence. I am too busy supporting my family, you, and the twelve million scofflaws and their employers to understand such matters, so I need your guidance. You know where I live, my drivers license number, my social security number, my bank and credit account numbers, as well as my email, internet service provider, taxpayer identification number, mortgage holder, business licenses and telephone numbers.

    Please contact me soon. Given the rising medical and other costs, I need that $18,000 quickly and retroactive to the enactment date of S.1348. It�s only fair.


    <First Name> <Last Name>


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  • rnanchal
    08-20 02:07 PM
    Hello everyone

    Wanted to let everyone know of my experience. I dont physically have my card, but there is an approval notice on the USCIS website.

    Priority date October 20th 2005

    I opened a service request on Monday August 16th. The person on the other end of the line was extremely polite and nice. I told him I had a speaking engagement in Canada (which is the truth) and that if my case was expedited, I would not have to apply for a visa. He given me a SR number and asked me to wait for 30 days which I was prepared to do. However my case status changed online on August 19th. I am unsure as to whether this was because of the service request or things would have taken this route anyway.

    Best wishes to people who are waiting

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  • saimrathi
    07-13 06:36 AM
    Is this posted somewhere? Is there a link?

    Just woke up to NPR morning news ... nice coverage on the July bulletin.


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  • smsthss
    03-28 11:28 AM
    At one end it is bad that USCIS moved back Nebraska Processing date to June 08 2007 (More than one month backword) but it looks like USCIS is preparing itself to kick EB3-India ahead... It is too early to say this confidently.. But my feeling is that USCIS will keep processing dates tied to June 2007 and will kick EB3-India ahead. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Though as per murthy's web site in May bulletin EB3-India dates will remain same, I am feeling that if my guess is correct then at least from June bulletin we will see 2 patterns 1) Nebraka processing date would not move ahead for some months or will
    move ahead very slowly from June 08 2007
    2) Eb3-India PD dates will move ahead speedily. To me it looks like USCIS is now prepared to kick EB3-I (Till June 2003 PD) lot out.
    How is the nebraska processing date of june 2007 linked to the visa bulletin. How can you say that looking at processing times of june 2007, we can predict that USCIS wants to push out EB3-I past jun 2003?????

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  • greencard_fever
    08-12 02:27 PM
    I think we got our green cards.


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On August 12, 2008, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service.

    Only catch for us is that we are moving next weekend!! I am going to do change of address with USCIS immediately, but in the meanwhile what if they mail documents to my old address? Any suggestions?

    Also whats ADIT.

    BTW our case was at NSC and priority date is May 2004. Application mailed Aug7th 2007.

    Congrats!! can you also post this approval in another thread which is for NSC-approvals..BTW were there are any LUD's on your 485 before approval


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  • shukla77
    05-23 12:36 PM
    sent emails to 10 senators

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  • crazyghoda
    06-26 11:05 AM
    The trick is to say that you have unrestricted work authorization, i.e., can work for any employer without needing additional sponsorship. Stating that you have an EAD may be confusing to some and they may just take the easy way out by not pursuing further, or, wilfully rejecting to avoid any kind of complications later on that could jeopardize the specific project by suddennly being unable to work.

    When I looked for jobs I have seen employers or reqruiters asking what is my status and if I say I have EAD some of them will say "OK, no problem" but will not get back because they have instruction from hiring managers to hire only GC or USC. The hiring manager may not be well informed enough or may not want to deal with things with USCIS (perception, because all USCIS wants is a verification letter which is common and other agencies like Banks, DMVs etc.. may also request the same)

    I have noticed that a lot of people are not comfortable about dealing with USCIS - it could be a stigma.


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  • saptaswara
    05-09 09:54 PM
    Under the circumstances we might like to approach the Hon'ble President by posting a well drafted letter (not more than a page). Let us see what happens. All letters should be posted withing a specific pre-determined time frame (within one week, say from June 1 to June 7) to create an impact. We might like to achieve a target of say 250,000 letters. This cannot go unnoticed.

    The law suit option is not bad but probably would need serious consideration. The suit will have more impact if we first send the letter. Atleast then we will have a point in our favour - that we have been driven to wall with no option but to fight legally.

    As a starting point can some of us come up with some convincing drafts? We could eventually come up with a good final draft.

    Obama was the only person who did make a mention of the problems faced the legal immigrant community during the campaign. We need to highlight this too.

    Thanks and regards!


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  • SanjayP
    05-09 10:43 PM
    At least Bush Administration was sympathetic to our cause. Everyone knows that this is a congressional fix but alteast Bush never came up with those anti-H1b policies to destabilize people in GC queue. Now these numbers have retrogressed in month of June when historically this has never happened. Obama is trying to woo people at the cost of Indian community.
    Everyone knows Durban & how he has lately tried to screw Indian community and Obama is a good friend of Durban. Now Democrats are in majority , why have they not fought for your cause ? There was an idiot congressman in IV Dc rally who was talking about making all illegals legal from IV stage. So what else u can expect ?

    Come out of Obama Dreams & fantasy world. Obama is not good for us. He is good for illegals and any immigrant who is aspiring a blue collar job. They don't want you & me taking white collar jobs. He is helping right-wing white supremacist agenda by aligning himself with people like Grassley & Durban.

    I believe you are very close to the truth matter.
    Bush, deport and detain illegal immigrants while expanding and ignoring any frauds in H1/L1/etc programs for 8 years. Obvious, Bush thinks our future voting block will be in republican favor and illegals future voting block would be in democrats favor.

    Now we see with Obama he is acting in the opposite manner. He wants to legalize illegals to create a future voting block and to penalize and stop/disarm the h1/l1/etc programs because he believes we will not vote for democrats when we become naturalize.

    I will be sending this letter on Monday anyways because we need to do something our voices are being DROWNED out by the ANTI's!!!


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  • Saralayar
    08-27 10:35 AM
    Through other thread in this forum, I could see some July 17th filers are getting receipts and their checks getting cashed.

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  • dicarol18
    08-13 03:06 PM
    Did you file I-140/I-485 concurrently. Where is employer's office location? and your residency?

    I have filed I-140/I-485 concurrently on July 25th at Nebraska, my employer and my residence come under Texas Service centre according to new direct filing instructions.

    I am in NJ and my employer too, and yes 140-485-765 concurrently..and I just checked the 140 file and it was updated 8-12-07...Do you guys think this is related to notices of action??? :confused:

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  • ushkand
    08-03 11:10 AM
    Someone who had their I-140 approved from TSC had their checks cashed from NSC yesterday -

    07-08 01:18 PM
    Excellent points dvsnm.

    Once the date, time, and agenda are fixed, we'll hit the roads.
    We can also come out with a common flier.

    Adding to this:
    * Each major company in the bay area must have their own internal
    network/alias. They can spread the word within and pool in more support
    for this.


    Guys I am looking at this thread for the first time today and want to put some comments:

    1) 3 people were making hunger strike at SJSU over the last weekend for DREAM act and we come to know about it thru 1510 AM, KLIVE in Bay Area.

    2) Immigration Voice members are planning to make a rally in SJ and we need to read it in the forum of (only) their website.

    3) We are hungry about media coverage and want utmost attention of the congressmen about our issues.

    BUT, you know what we are missing?:

    1) No postings on the windows of those Bharat Bajars and Cash N Carrys and Kumuds. Can't the i-phone designers and router gurus make Ashas and Abhijeets invisible with some eye catching posters?

    2) No postings on those other popular websites like,, etc. Did they say no for this?

    3) No usage of the library notice boards.

    4) No usage of SMS. Isn't it much cheaper than making contributions to the IV repeatedly?

    I hope to see all these channels being utilized fully for July 14/21 march in Bay Area before we talk about CNNs and WPs.

    Once the streets of SJ are hit with 1000+ people, those NBCs and CNNs and SJMs will come to us rather than we going to them.

    As for myself, I am in whenever the event takes place and will try to bring at least 5 of my friends to the march.

    P.S.: This is not an effort to criticize anyone here but just an attempt to help the organizers in whatever way I can.

    11-21 02:01 PM
    Dear Mehul,
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Our prayers to God to help you in your situation.
    Attorney Prashanti Reddy has been involved in a lot of pro bono work especially for spouses of 9/11 victims. You can contactt her, let me know if you want to get her consultation. She is a big supporter of IV.
    Like everyone here said, things change. I am sure things will go well for you.


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