Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • buddyinsd
    08-20 01:30 PM
    Thanx to Libra, skidude, vkrishn, gkattalu, bindoke, andycool ....

    I feel much better. These are trying times for sure.

    Loads of work at the office, moving from one city to another and above all...this frustrating wait --- Its 2 much 2 handle. But I'm with u guyz...I think I shud just STFU N wait.

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  • santhi_krishna
    08-13 11:10 PM
    Did you get this notice or did your lawyer? Do you have an I-140 LUD update?

    My lawyer got the notice and they scanned and sent it to me. My I140 is pending since Jan 2007 and there is no LUD update.

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  • reddymjm
    06-08 03:46 PM
    3 out of 6 of my checks got cleared from NSC. My application reached NSC on JUN 1st.

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  • felix31
    05-03 12:04 PM

    what do you say, ordinary folks in EB3, without US Masters will not be able to proceed toward I-485 stage when visa is unavailable?

    Hmmm, I will have my Masters, but I cannot work, as I cannot get h1 because of the 6th year limit (just like so many h4's). My hubby does not have US Masters, so he will wait in EB3 forever?

    Can I slap my Masters to his name so he can proceed faster and I can finally get my EAD..?


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  • alias
    08-18 02:35 PM
    This is weird... It does'nt look like you are joking, so are you are indirectly demanding and taunting a Mr anonymous to take some action?

    action from which you will benefit directly and is also something which you feel strongly about but will not do anything by yourself? :eek:

    I am joking 100%

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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-26 10:04 AM
    Wanted to know what the members here think of the probability of receiving RFE from USCIS to find out whether the applicant is still in a "same or similar" job when the time comes to adjudicate cases for for EB3 India.

    I ask this because in a poll conducted in a separate thread, it seems the number of people waiting for their GCs are more with PDs before Dec 2004 than after that date.

    When the dates become current again for these people, do you think USCIS will be sending RFEs to get the employment information for every single of them ? Is there is a percentage from the pending applications that they pick for RFE, assuming all applicants who changed employers DID NOT notify USCIS when they changed jobs OR is it completely up to the whims of the adjudicating officer to send an RFE ?

    There are several people I know who changed employers with EAD, never notified USCIS and got their GCs without any RFE. Trying to understand whether USCIS will think twice before sending RFEs for everyone as the number of applicants waiting with PDs of 2004 and earlier are huge now than ever before. Won't it be too overwhelming for them to issue RFEs to all and manage their responses?


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  • thomachan72
    11-17 03:54 PM
    Sent. Thanks!!

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  • gccovet
    08-01 11:24 AM
    Applied EAD renewal on 5/29 @TSC- paper baseed, still waiting.....

    I-131 applied in 1st week of June, got approved first week of July (wired!!!)

    Getting worried now!!!


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  • kondur_007
    07-19 02:49 PM
    I understand why you all are not favoring my call, since you all are EB2, EB3 is suffering because of no movement and huge backlog and EB2 is gaining because of Spillover, so you all are not favoring this. Anyway we are trying our best to get some relief for those hanging around with older priority date, let's see...

    Let's please not start EB2 and EB3 fight again.

    What I understand (and I am not a lawyer), is to change the current situation, law must be changed. Congressman can be helpful here, but only if there is going to be a change in law. A congressman can not simply call USCIS to change the way they do things. They must come up with legislative change that can then be followed by USCIS.

    Now for any legislative change, there is resistance from CHC to let it pass as a small piece, rather they want more comprehensive approach. This issue is so complex and no political party or politicians are interested in opeing the can of worms.

    Did you see O'Riely interview Sarah Palin?? She could not answer the question that was "yes or no" (I am not much impressed with her IQ any way...but that was one example).

    Under current circumstances, the only two hopes for EB3 India are:
    1. Port over to EB2.
    2. Legislative change which effectively will mean immigration reform with good provisions for EB immigration.

    What can we relay to our congressmen? (and we all should do it):
    - Employment based immigration is good for the economic health of this country: it creates jobs, EB immigrants pay taxes, buy houses, they are educated etc.
    - EB immigration is only a small fraction of immigration currently (I forgot the exact %, I believe it is 12%). And it carries "country cap" in the name of "diversity". However no such control exist for the majority of rest of immigration (88%) and so there is no diversity clause there....why is it only on EB immigration.
    - EB immigrants pay a major portion of income to USCIS. While data is not availabe from USCIS, if we do the math (based on filing fees), it pays for > 50% of income of USCIS while it constitutes only 12% of their workload.

    Bottom line:
    - Increasing EB immigration can only bring prosperity to this country. If at all immigration needs to be curbed, it should be other areas where rest of 88% of immigration is occuring which may not be good for the country's economy.
    - Increase the annual quota of EB immigration, remove the country cap, make it simple to attract more talent from the rest of the world.
    - In fact anyone who completes masters of higher degree in STEM, should be oferred immigration benefit automatically.

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  • ryan
    02-21 10:10 PM

    Done! I just want to say, your efforts and drive, are incredibly commendable. Thanks.


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  • diptam
    09-29 11:46 PM
    Your employer do NOT have to give LC or Original 140 to you for invoking AC21. If you have 485/AOS receipt ( which is your personal property) and you got a copy of 140 receipt ( if not approved) / copy of approval notice and that 485 shows more than 180 days from RECEIPT DATE you are good to switch Jobs.

    Just keep in touch with Attorney in case if any RFE comes - so that he contacts you now instead of your previous employer. If you are a self-filer or have hired your own Lawyer even you dont have this headache.

    When changing Jobs - be responsible on your own , so that you can respond to the RFE satisfactorily. Also make sure you get a letter from new employer that they want to recruit you on a permanent basis quoting your Salary and Job description.

    If Labor Certification and I-140 Approval Notices are a property of the Employer, how the "Beneficiary" is supposed to invoke 'AC-21' for changing jobs in the future without having the approval notices? - My employer has a policy of NOT giving out approval notices of LC and I-140.

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  • nick
    08-21 06:24 PM
    EB3/PD-Nov'2004/I-140 Approved.
    I-485 - Sent July5th.
    RD - ?
    AD -?


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  • simple1
    05-01 03:14 PM
    exactly, spouse/derivate doesn�t get affected at all (other than a shorter or longer delay, depending on calculations).

    Anyways, regardless EAD/AP or green card the derivate cant leave the country longer time. There will be no diff for her.

    They have no strings attached EAD. Look at ours/primary? Can a programmer-EAD take up Project manager Job? Categorically No.

    If the primary gets greencard earlier both (primary with GC, spouse with open-ead) can work/move any place they want.

    Plus it is fair this way for some primary waiting in the queue and there is no law tying EBdependent with EBquota.

    Again, I am waiting to hear a forum-Attorney or IV-core�s interpretation.

    I support finding the fact...

    Following two concerns were raised but the answers should satisfy....

    1) Spouse may not get EAD/AP?
    The document clearly states that if the primary's priority date is current then the primary can file I-485 and the spouse can file I-485 as dependent.
    Once spouse files his/her I-485 he/she becomes eligible for EAD/AP and there are no restrictions on what and where the spouse can work on EAD/AP.
    The document only says that the visa must be used from family quota and not from employment quota.
    How does it then matter whether the spouse gets green card even after 10 years if he/she can work anywhere, any occupation and full time/part time?

    2) Spouse may get GC long after?
    Look at it this way currently we have pool of 140K to share among primary and dependents. What if this pool becomes 200K (if we assume 60K from family quota for illustration purpose)? Which one will be faster. It has to be 200K pool.

    In any case let the correct rules be followed.

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  • kris04
    06-26 02:19 AM
    While we keep hearing the rhetoric about "H1B-only ads" by anti-immigrant groups, there is absolutely no news about thousands of "US Citizens only" or "US citizen or GC onl"y ads that we see every day.

    While I understand there is a genuine case of 'Citizens Only' when it comes to jobs that involve national security, 98% of the job ads have nothing to do with national security and or government clearance. Most of these are clear and simple violations of Equal Employment Opportunity law, and hence illegal.

    Since no one seems to be interested in reporting on this pervasive violation of law and illegal behavior, I have decided to start this thread to report on this highly-prevalent form of discrimination. I invite other members to post similar Job-ad E-mails on this thread (or open other threads) to highlight this issue. This will enable us to post the links whenever someone brings-up the issue of H1b-only Ads next trime. It might also enable members to report to EEOC in large numbers and/or shame the recruiters/employers from posting such blatantly discriminatory job ads.



    Greetings for the Day!

    This is Ruby from Charter Global Inc. Our client is looking for a "Java/ J2ee Developer" in Warren NJ. This could be a great opportunity for you and all you need is to reply to this message to indicate your interest, availability, legal status and salary requirements with your updated resume to present to our client.

    Rate: $42/ hr during the contract
    Job Title: Java/ J2ee Developer
    Location: Warren NJ
    Duration: 6 Months Contract with possible extension

    Client for this position is looking for Only US Citizens

    Strong J2EE, Java, Struts, Oracle resumes right away
    Plus: Spring and Hibernate

    Ruby Roy
    Technical Recruiter
    Charter Global, Inc.
    Toll Free: (866) 570-1818 X 337
    Fax: 404-745-8755
    URL: Welcome to Charter Global Inc. (


    Most of these companies are small sub-contractors , if such companies hire an H1b visa holder then have to disclose financial strength for the visa sponsorship, look at the hourly rate it is offering . dont worry my friend it is implicit that this company is not a big viable one


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  • SunnySurya
    08-18 01:57 PM
    My reaction would have been the same if you were in Eb1 category. The fact is that I am trying to mobilize some people to get few things done. Of course, motivated by my self interest.
    I am sorry SunnySurya but this issue DOES concern me. If everyone starts asking the IV core for their time just for their own issues, what about the rest of the community?

    If you expect the IV core to dedicate it's time JUST for a particular secction of people, then you need to justify that demand.

    In your opinion, EB3 is a LOWLY category as compared to EB2. So it is not enough that Nurses feed from it and just about EVERYONE else feeds from it. To top it off, overflow from eb1 goes FIRST to eb2 and then (and almost NEVER) to eb3. SO Eb2 gets a fair chunk of the greed cards, and over and above that you now want the IV core to further drop everything else and help JUST eb2 out? And who should make this demand? None other than someone who is trying to BREAK the community up into Eb2 vs Eb3.

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  • logiclife
    03-08 10:46 AM
    Yes, and a lot of people know that there are highly skilled people who are depressed and that takes a toll on employee productivity.

    After all, if 90% of your time is spent on thinking about BECs and visa bulletins, imagine if that time was spent on doing the job they've hired you for.

    Some employers(like Microsoft) realize this and want to do something about it. Its not just about keeping the best and brightest here in USA. Its also about keeping the morale and productivity up.

    As to how to deal with this...try this.

    Call your local congressman's office(Find out info about that from, with your zipcode). Get an appointment with congressman. There is an Easter recess coming up when they would be back from DC.

    Then talk to him about all issues you have. Take all the material you need from the "Volunteer" menu item of this website.

    Doing something about the problem is the best therapy there is. I am not saying this because I want to coax you into meeting your congressman. No. That's not the objective. But I think action is the best remedy for this problem. And there is actionable stuff to do about this. If you are suffering from terminal cancer, then you really cant do anything about that. This is not such a problem. This is a problem for which the solution is out there.

    Somehow, after landing in this country, people lose the appetite for risk and adventure. Before they are in here, they would move mountains to score an H1 or an F1. After coming here, they hunker down, heads-under-the-desk kind of approach. What I am talking about is nearly 200 people right now, who have read this post, but havent logged in. They wouldnt log in. They wouldnt give their real email address if they sign up. They would never contribute. WHY? Because they are afraid. That they will be deported. For no reason. Everything we do is legal, including raising funds and spending it on lobbying. But they are afraid. They are also afraid that by talking to congressmen, they will make them mad and the congressman will pick up the phone, call USCIS and then get their 140 cancelled. Yes. People create their own fastasies and become afraid of them..

    Yesterday, nearly 2000 Irish illegals went to capitol hill and talked to various lawmakers to lobby for CIR and legalization. They were illegals. Yet, the somehow managed to walk into the building where laws of this country are made, talk to people who make the laws that they have broken, go thru Capitol Hill security check, and look into the eye of the lawmaker and talk to them.

    However, our community, this is how they behave. Forget about talking to congressman, or contributing money. When they call the core group with a question, they block the caller id can call. Dont disclose their name too. Ask a questions and then quickely hang up. Some of them want to contribute with cash because they are not willing to believe us that we are doing everything legal here and its their right to lobbying and petition the Government for problems.

    After paying taxes, after following all immigration laws, after getting all the education in the world to become "Highly skilled", the highly skilled cant bring themselves to stand-up with a straight spine, thump their desk and talk to their lawmaker.

    So at the end of the day, if we are depressed that legals dont get attention, then you know where to look for blame : the highly skilled who are highly educated and too afraid because their education and skills make them think too much and analyze too much, and they are afraid all the time.


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  • go_gc_way
    06-21 09:23 PM
    Does any one know what is the time table for SKILL, PACE?

    If I understood correctly, SKILL BILL will not tabled unless CIR is dead?

    Assuming CIR wont be there in end of July, what would or how SKILL or PACE get a chance to be discussed?

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  • gc_on_demand
    08-28 07:55 AM
    My H1b Extention got approved from Vermont center yesterday.

    First 3 year extention filled on July 10th 2008 .

    Approval notice sent Email : Aug 27th 2008.

    GC Details : PD Jan 2008
    I 140 Appoval date : July 31st 2008.

    No RFE in h1b extention. One more exp at NJ DMV..

    My NJ DL was expiring in Sep 2008 . My visa was expiring in Nov 2008. ( Stamp and I 797 ).

    I went to NJ DMV and they renewd my DL till Nov + 90 days = Feb 2009.
    it was smooth process and took 1 hour to get it renew.

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  • waiting4gc
    07-19 08:10 PM
    pledge towards reimbursing core team

    02-22 05:36 PM
    I am also frustated with GC process. It is literally controlling my life...
    I don't want to go India because not sure whether I would get Visa or not. I don't want to join some prime vendor company because not sure whether they would start GC process immediately or not, and vendor could terminate the job immediately after contract expiration or any other issue. As everyone knows that desi employers are blood suckers and on top of it H1B extensions are very tough to get with them. I was almost on edge of leaving the country on my last extension.

    With desi employer, It looks to me that my career goal is only GC. I don't know when I get that and I am sure that my goals will be none after getting GC because I would be exhausted by then....

    07-08 04:41 PM
    Madam Rice is trying to divert the issue by telling skilled professional from all over the world wants to come here....This is not the issue.....

    Issue is there are thousands of high skilled professional with approved labor and I-140 , waiting for years to file I-485.... DOS told then on 13th June that you all can file I-485 and all of the sudden on 2nd July 07 DOS said we can't accept your application...

    So madam secretary it's not issue of how many high skilled professional wants to come here. Infact DOS/USCIS/Govt. of US need to think how life is tough for those high skilled professional who already came here and waiting for years to get green card through legal system....

    In Fox News this afternoon, the senator has explicitly said that the Chicago lady does not have any "constituional rights" since she is not American citizen. Go figure what they think about us.

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