Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • gcnirvana
    06-26 04:07 PM
    Thanks elaiyam! I got it after I submitted my post. Actually, my attorney sent me only the 4 pages of I-485 for me to fill :(

    see page 5

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  • maag
    05-30 10:29 AM
    Thanks Marty.
    Just keeping my fingures crossed.
    POE will be peace bridge niagara falls.

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  • abhijitp
    07-08 04:04 PM
    No postings on the windows of those Bharat Bajars and Cash N Carrys and Kumuds. Can't the i-phone designers and router gurus make Ashas and Abhijeets invisible with some eye catching posters?

    Something like this would certainly spread the word in at least the indian/asian community.
    Also, PERSONALLY send out emails to linkedln contacts/ various yahoogroups/alumni groups you are part of. I just did that.

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  • solaris27
    08-12 08:07 AM
    Mailed: July 12th
    RD: Jul 15th
    ND: July 15th
    EAD approved - August 12 2008

    What I did till now.

    1) Contacted Senator/Congressman/Governor
    2) Filled 7001 form for Ombudsman
    3) Called USCIS 10 times in last 10 days and come to know that everything is cleared on my and wife applications.
    4) Strange thing applied EAD on July 15th 2008 and got approved today august 12 2008.


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  • sunny1000
    07-08 05:54 PM
    H1B is a non immigrant visa, and we dont have the full constitutional rights, for eq we dont have the right to vote.

    Legally we are not immigrants, that is the worst mistake( calling ourselves immigrants) ,being done by us,

    If USCIS denies GC for security reasons, you cant sue them.

    It is not the U.S constitution or the constitutional law that is in question here. The lawsuit is being filed to simply determine if the laws were broken when this visa bulletin fiasco happened. If so, the courts will give relief. The laws of the U.S extend to everybody (citizens, GC holders and non-immigrants) who lives on the U.S soil.

    It is just like how if a non-immigrant breaks a law, he/she is arrested and taken to court. Even the terrorists who are held in Gitmo won a lawsuit that they have a fair share in the courts. There are numerous cases of potential immigrants who sued the U.S govt and got GCs (most recent being a worker who got his I-140 rejection based on labor cert overturned in Washington State by a Federal Court and finally got his GC).

    But, as you mentioned, there are certain aspects of the Constitution that apply only to Citizens. I don't think the constitutional law applies here.

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  • sina
    09-19 02:41 PM
    All mine and my spouse's applications were transfered to Vermont. my I-140 was approved from TSC. My checks were cashed on July17th and that is how I know that it is pending at VSC.
    Yesterday I got an email that Card production ordered for EAD. All applications applied on July 6th. I am not sure on what basis they transfered. But it looks like Vermont has started approving the EAD cards. Hopefully, I will get it soon too in the mail.

    I am wondering if anybody knows based on what indicators the cases are being transfered from one service center to another? My I485/765/131 went from Nebraska, to Texas, to Vermont (frustrating, since Vermont has the slowest processing times for I485). Any ideas?


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  • kondur_007
    09-27 01:40 PM
    Sorry for my French guys...I generally dont like to use bad words, but this Charles Oppenheim boils my blood...

    Look at all his previous statements...I dont know under what kind of influence he makes his statements...

    He has BSed us in the past (look at his prior statement that he made in VEGAS) ....

    Now he is BSing us again....

    And we take his words seriously and start another set of arguments....

    God bless every one; I need to calm down now. If possible please ignore this Oppehemi guy; he is just another joker.

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  • WeShallOvercome
    11-21 12:34 PM
    Look at us. We fight and worry and waste our life for such petty things as a plastic card.
    Pray for your, your family's and friends' health..which is all what matters.

    Please go to India, atleast for some time and get a second opinion from good hospitals. And remember, Prayer is the most powerful healer.


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  • gxtrader
    09-13 01:05 AM
    Kudos to late july filers who got good news. Mine was received by F.Heinauer on July 30 11:23 am at NSC.......nothing yet.

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  • kumar1
    02-12 02:08 PM
    Sledge_Hammer - You are so shallow in your thinking!

    Every rule in this world has a human aspect. I urge you to grow up. Immigration rules in this country are so complex that even lawyers conflict with each other. We are simple human beings and most of the time we do not fully understand the law. Yes, it does not give us the authority to break the law, however, there are times when you become "out of status" by just sitting at home. There are times when you become victim of situation. I have 1000s of refugees in my city who flee Yugoslavia/Bosnia during ethnic cleansing/genocide of 1990s. US working with UN gave them refugee status and most of them have green cards now. Some of them lost sons, some of them lost fathers and they all have stories to tell. Do I go there with my MS/BS degree and tell them that I was in the line before and I should have gotten the GC before them? No! Do I curse the system for that? No! When countries fall apart and when morality/humanity hits the rock bottom, rules, status go right out of the window.

    Please do not be so harsh on forums.

    I do not have anything personal against you but there are times when you are very harsh on individuals and that changes the whole course of discussion.

    D%ck weed, I came to this country with the intention of studying and then working, but to do so legally. I came to this country very well knowing that I have to maintain my legal status, regardless of the circumstances.

    So to counter your sophomoric point - yes, it does not matter if you have spent your prime years working here, it does not matter if you have loans in India, it does not matter if your wife is on H4, it does not matter if your child is a US citizen, it does not matter if you did your masters here, it does not matter if you are from IIT, it does not matter if you're employed through a consultant, it does not matter if you're employed full-time with a "proper" company, it does not matter if your parents in India are sick and you need to send them money; THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU SHOULD BE MAINTAINING LEGAL IMMIGRATION STATUS BECAUSE YOU CAME TO THIS COUNTRY KNOWING THAT!

    So stop complaining @ss wipe and go back and learn to spell and fix your grammar.

    >>>>>>Do you have a brain?
    >>>>>>So why the hell u came to the country
    >>>>>>u ask them to go to their home country is it

    Thinking in your native tongue and translating to another language is NOT a very effective way to communicate. And for god's sake, spell 'you' the way it is and don't short hand it to 'u'. That's the most annoying thing people like you do.


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  • Administrator2
    09-23 05:55 PM
    Most of IV Core is made of eb3 applicants and therefore there has never been any push from the core on this matter. And as someone said .. You ARE eating my lunch..

    You can think what you want. Most of IV core is/was Eb3. But never ever have anyone here sided with any one category. Maybe that's why a few good men rose above this small thinking, and they had the courage to join the core team for representing entire EB.

    You can bicker as much as you want but you do not represent Eb2. As few days back there were a few claiming to be in Eb3 and they were blaming IV for working only for Eb2. These guys can also bicker as much as they want and they don't represent Eb3 either.

    IV functions and represents the collective issues of the entire EB community without any regard to any amount of bickering from anyone in either Eb2 or Eb3 or India or China or ROW or any other group. You can say what you want but it won't stick. Our goal is clearly accessible from the homepage. If you don't agree with our goals, feel free to take this bickering somewhere else.

    Just to be clear, you can say what you want but we don't think its your lunch.

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  • prince_waiting
    07-20 07:32 AM
    I pledge 200 USD; a small salutation to a great act.


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  • bkam
    06-26 12:59 PM
    This and many other threads have undoubtedly a huge racist component and we urge the administrators to quickly remove them.
    You don't deserve to get a green card!
    What is the difference between that anti-mexican speech and Sensenbrener's & Tancredo's theories?:(
    We could say" We are not going to worship cows and take ritual baths in dirty rivers..."
    Shame on you!
    Dear mpkmaster, it is easy to ignore facts and throw stones like "your are rasist". And it is not easy to face the reality. Since you are so smart, I would like to ask you some questions:
    1. Why there are long immigration lines in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Singapore etc, and almost none for Mexico, Latin America, Middle East etc. Maybe because these countries a full of "racists" ?
    2. Tell me why some some people/countries can manage their economy and become attractive centers for immigration and other are just hell holes. There is a huge difference between Japan, S. Korea, China and N. Korea and they are populated by the same race - what has racism has to do with that ?
    3. Why did you immigrate from your own country?

    I will tell you one thing - due to my profession I have visited most countries in the world, including India. And definitely have a better understanding what is racism, what is protectionism, what is laziness, stupidity etc. Do not hide all these behind "racism", won't work...

    Come on, Admin, delete quickly this "racist" evil message :-)

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  • crazy_gc
    06-10 12:12 PM
    What service center was it from? Was it a concurrent filing of I140 and 485?

    NSC and it was just 140...yet to dispatch 485 application


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  • summerof98
    06-07 08:26 AM
    The applications recrived at TEXAS on 1st JUN started receiving recepit notices. One of my friends checks got cleared today. :confused: As per my analysys nebraska had a 6 day lag till Jan 1st. Lets see.

    I thought that we have to send our I-485 applications to NSC regardless of which state you are from.

    Is that not true? How come your friend sent it to TSC?

    Also, what do you mean by "Nebraska had a 6 day lag till Jan 1st"?


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  • redsox2009
    11-17 04:00 PM


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  • bindas74
    06-17 10:52 AM
    Also, received Finger Printing (Biometrics) Notice today in the mail. Appointment is in three weeks.

    Hi Gurus,

    I was looking at the processing times for the NSC 485 applications and it shows March , 2007.

    Does it mean that all June 1st filers will be getting their 485 approvals by September ( barring any RFE and name check delays)???
    Or is it Wishful Thinking???

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 02:38 PM
    Zooom Not yet.

    Let us urge the core to setup an administrative account or set aside a certain % towards the administrative expenses and then request people to direct funds there.

    IMHO people responded to this call as it was for a special purpose. We need to respect that. What do you guys think ?

    So whats the verdict..Do we ask all the members to donate towards the core fund..Anzzeraja what do u say...SAM??

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 12:43 AM
    ThinkTwice, tommorow we should get this done.


    The man has put his Job, Personal Life, Money, Time and his soul into this effort.
    We cannot give him his time but atleast we can reimburse him financially.
    That is the least we can do.
    We should target to get 50 contributors tomorrow.


    07-05 11:17 AM
    this is pathetic.. wake up can you not spend 30$ from your pockets to make this thing happen? Why would you not want to do something that is so different and would be effective if all of us do it together.

    cmon, arise,awake.

    Sorry - I had no idea what this thread was about.

    08-23 01:18 PM
    I came to know my wife's application is pending for finger printing. I was told she will be getting an appointment notice. Should I wait for notice or can we just walk in? I live in NJ and if anyone has had this experience please let me know. Don't want to miss while my PD is still current - Nov 05.

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