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  • Sheetal_MA
    05-01 07:00 PM
    The analysis on the FB movement by simple1, et al is based on the current VB. This will result in severe retrogression in the FB categories. Are you willing to assume the burden that comes with classification in the FB category - separation of family while waiting for PD to be current? Think of what it will do to someone who comes to US on GC through the FB category and later gets married to an Indian citizen. The current wait time for that individual is 5+ years and the individual cannot stay with spouse for a long stretch otherwise he/she loses the GC or does not meet minimum residency requirement for citizenship.

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  • ramus
    06-05 05:13 PM
    All you lucky guys who can file for 485, please contribute to IV.

    LIN is the prefix of the id number given to your application if you are applying to Nebraska service center, like WAC is for the california service center. it might possibly mean Lincoln,Nebraska.

    I believe all 485(along with 765 and 131) applications should go to Nebraska service center after the bispecilization rule became effective. Not sure where the 140 application should go to though.

    here is how you decipher the receipt number, be it from Nebraska,California,Texas,Vermont


    LIN - Service center,LIN for Nebraska,WAC for california,SRC for Texas and EAC for vermont

    03 - the year 2003, it should be 07 for this year

    123 - working days count from the start of the immigration year(immigration year starts in october i believe)

    5 - Not sure what this number is i know it is 5 all the 4 service centers

    0001 - count of the applications received at this service center on the given day(day-123). This can go from 0001 - 9999 but normally its about 2000-3000 application worst case 5000-6000 applications per day

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  • gcnoteasy
    08-10 12:34 PM

    I received an email on 8-8 saying card production ordered and on 8-9 about the welcome kit.

    My PD is April 2 2004 EB2 (US educated for the idiot who tried to divide us b/w US and non US educated)

    As a token of appreciation - I have contributed $100 to IV just now.Receipt ID: 1467-8132-5592-9911. Request all of those who get GC this month to contribute some $ amount. Although I was not very active in the forums I have contributed at least $400 to this cause and I will do the same in the future. Please do not try to divide b/w EB3 EB2 US educated etc. which I am noticing lately.


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  • kg318
    04-19 10:01 PM
    I work for company A which sent me to client C through company B(Prefered vendor). After working with the same client for 1.5 yrs, transfered my h1b to company B(PF) due to issues with the pay with company A. Company A has deducted huge sum of money($4000) from my last months pay towards PERM filing(Still under process). Upon demanding them to reimburse my money saying that its against law, they r threatening me saying that based on non-compete agreement they will take legal action against me.
    I am not actually aware of the clauses in the agreement. company B(PF) told me that it does not have any clauses in its agreement with company A prohibiting them from taking me.Though i requested company A to provide me a copy of non-compete, they said i signed with them, they haven�t. The company is located in NJ and not sure how non-competes work under NJ state law.
    I am really frustated upon this blackmail and going thru lot of pressure. The amount is too big too leave and cannot afford to hire a lawyer in case they file suit based on non-compete. even if i had signed a non compete agreement how does it stand as it is conflicting the agreement which company a signed with PF sayign tht upon my termination of the emplyment with them, Pf can take me without any gap period... what can i do to get my money. they also refused to provide me with experience letter which i need for my future GC filing.
    Plz give me ur valuable inputs


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  • GreenCard4US
    11-17 03:35 PM
    Done. Thanks for the effort.

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  • diptam
    07-02 02:01 AM
    CURRENT employment letter they will give in 10 mins....

    But for FUTURE employment letter i signed a bond for 10 grands saying that i wont leave them till 1 Year after GC....

    I bargained for 1 yr after EAD ( I already worked 2.5 yrs with them and i'm in this country for 7.5 yrs ) but the bargain was a failure... I could just change
    certain Clauses but nothing in the core of the Bond/agreement.

    After EAD i would show the bond to a lawyer for $250 and ask them if i can win the case within 4-5 grands ... If yes , i would hire that lawyer or else
    i'll pay 10 grands and do something else :))

    If i succeed by the lawyer route i would spend my win sum of $5000 for a vacation to Alaska or Europe .....

    Take it easy guys - Lets just hope USCIS accepts out 485 app tomorrow.

    My app has just reached Omaha, NE at 8 PM .... Hope it reaches Lincoln,NE by morning tomorrow ( its just 1 hr drive)

    with a copy of I-140, you can complete all your paperwork between now and dawn tomorrow.

    In the meanwhile, act everything is normal. Ask a employment letter with job title and current salary (say, you want it for trip to Canada or renewing your DL or some 'genunine' reason like that.



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  • manderson
    10-27 02:24 PM says that congress may reconvene for just 1 week, in which case there won't be enough time to debate + pass SKILL Bill. They are calling for mobilization of business and medical lobbies in order to pre-emptively prevent this...

    These obstacles keep piling on. It's irritating as hell!!!

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  • gccovet
    08-05 11:35 AM
    My priorty date is 17th Jan 2003 Eb3(2)-India.
    485 filed on 31st july 2007.
    I also got a lud on my I-140 on 27th of july 2008. It is an approved I-140.
    Has anyone else gotten a lud on their I-140 also ?

    I got soft LUD on my I140 (approved in 2006)as well around same date as your. No way I would get GC as I am EB3-I 5/04. I posted this question several places, but have not recd. any answers for anyone.


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  • saketkapur
    08-18 01:17 PM
    Hi Guys
    My date is not current but I understand the frustration here. However I beleive USCIS is under severe pressure to reduce the backlogs and not waste any numbers this they are trying to exhaust them as and when they that scenaio I guess lower hanging fruits are getting picked.

    But on the bright side as I see it as more and more people get their GCs its a smaller line and the officers should be able to get to everyone's file in due course.

    I completely believe the system should be FIFO but then don't you think that will be too logical for the USCIS......

    Hopefully if they are able to get a lot of people out of the way they should go back to normal processing from October when new numbers are available and the pressure is somewhat less.....

    Again above is my theory. I hope everyone gets their green cards soon and the line keeps moving.


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  • dpp
    07-27 09:23 PM
    I was looking at the comments of one "sodepressed" in the Ron gothcer's forum..I am feeling really bad for this guy..I dont know what logic USCIS follows..but I assure you EB-3 I will fight for fair share and get it..with in 140 K numbers or thro Visa recapture #'s..first is to highlight our lets do it in creative ways...

    EB-3 I I can see we progressing very soon..lets send out those letters..


    Where the hell all these guys when EB3 is getting 80K to 100K of total 140K visas all these years and EB2 is getting just merely 10%-15%. Nobody from EB2 didn't felt jealous like this before. It is hard to digest for them now.


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  • chanduv23
    02-17 05:26 PM
    @12%, thanks iak1973, reddymjm, mhkumar, Pagal, Hopeful1, dudes2006

    Total Contributions..........$6,225.00
    Amount to be raised.......$43,775.00

    Great, lets keep this going.

    Come on folks - we can do this for ourselves, for our future, for our children, for the good.

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  • Googler
    06-08 12:32 AM
    I really don't understand these Attorneys. Its clearly mentioned on 485 form that ALL 485 petitions should go to NSC. period.

    And as far as I know, due to awareness and the fact we all are professionals who can go to USCIS site and read the instructions in black and white, we should not just rely on this morons (attorneys.. though there are some good ones around)

    If you read, you'll see that there is a line on page 2 that specifically says "Until further notice, USCIS will not reject applications or petitions filed at an incorrect Service Center. Instead, USCIS will accept the filing, redirect it to the correct location, and honor the initial receipt date."

    So if you already know that your I-485 will be adjudicated by the service center where your I-140 was processed, you just save some processing time by sending it there. See also Matthew Oh's May 14, 2007 post in which he says that USCIS may try to accelerate bi-specialization phase III in order to avoid sending massive numbers of files from the central NSC location to the locations where the I-140 processing was done.

    My attorney sent my forms to TSC on June 6, 2007. Tick tock tick tock till I get the receipt notice.


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  • ddanait
    02-18 01:27 PM
    I still dont have access to Donor Forum, I have sent out email to IVCoordinator and Starsun with the transaction/Subscription ID.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 12:56 AM
    hmehta Thanks Very much !!!

    I pledge to contribute $100.


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  • diptam
    06-26 03:58 PM
    After 6-7 months tell the employer that i'm going India for ever due to personal reasons - you know its not feasible for me to pay.

    They can't cancel 140 after 6 months from approval ( or can they?) , they can't substitute the labor because its already used and July 17th has passed.

    Then I actually go back to India , spend some time , come back silently because i have a EAD and AP.

    Thanks !

    No one can force you to work for them. If there is no breakage clause, then the agreement will not stand in court. Issue is when there is a breakage clause. If there is a breakage clause, you may either have to fight it or suck it up and pay the amount (as long as it is a basis for the amount - just saying "pay $10K if you leave the job" will not stand in court either).

    Usual disclaimer is - this is not legal advice. Consult a lawyer for good legal advice.

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  • GCnew
    11-30 05:41 PM
    I have heard that getting a Canadian Green Card is faster. May be that is another alternative for you.


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  • delhiguy79
    07-25 12:52 PM
    Its better to use rental car, as i did landing on june30, 2008 and the canadian customs asked me to either transfer the car or take it back to USA.

    so were u able to do landing? if yes, then how u did?

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  • asdcrajnet
    02-01 04:45 AM
    Finally we have decided to go back to India for good. I filed my EB3 in May 2003. Its going to be another 4 years to get the green card. When I went to India for vacation last December, we liked it over there & the economy is booming. There are all sorts of discussion regarding the Economic Gap/Politics/Corruption/Cleanliness. But we like it over there. Finally I will have an option to do something interesting. In US I was very much dependent on my monthly pay check and afraid to take even the slightest risk. I am also scared to use the AC21(Hey, thats the way I am). I am working with the same company for last 10 years, kinda stagnant in the last 4 years. In India, there are lots of choices, either to work for a sw company or start some business on my own. I think I will take the business route.

    May be I can go there, earn well, send my son to US for college, do green card through him & come retire in US!!!

    Good Luck to everybody!!

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  • royus77
    07-02 08:27 AM
    I am starting this thread for the july filers to track right from fedex delivery to Receipt Number, EAD and APO .Let post the details.

    11-08 11:47 AM
    Thanks SIRINEME for Sharing your experiance.
    Quick Question though,
    What Happens if you are offered Higher Position then the responsibility listed in Job descirption? For eg. Lots of perople apply for Programmer/Analyst Position and over the years of cumulative experiance he is offered Architect Position.


    In my opinion, This Job code/description related facts ONLY relates to immigration related paper work. In real life , practically one may be handling the load of directing or managing people though for immigration pupose s/he may just be a software engineer or programmer. But in this kind of scenario one has to be extra cautious to have "Software Engineer or programmer" on offer letter till s/he gets done with immigration. Now some companies may prefer to go by book then one may not have a lot of levarage or choice other than performing the things what offer letter says.. And in that case one should not accept the oppertunity of higher skill and/or function inspite of its lucrativeness as to conclude immigration successfully.

    02-01 08:14 PM
    I guess you have decided after lots of thoughts so "all the best of luck". Do you have kids? what age group if you do? just curious
    Wondering how they would adjust to the tests, languages, discipline etc etc

    My son is 20 months old right now. I don't think he would have the slightest idea of how US is :) . He is going to enjoy the same education system which churned me out :)

    When I went last time, I checked out the schools. They are not bad as I thought. All are improving. Since my son is a US citizen, he can easily come to US for college education.

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