Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • nefrateedi
    09-08 04:34 PM
    WAC is California Service Center.

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  • logiclife
    03-09 09:19 AM
    Listen, everyone is frustrated but to take your lives for a GC is crazy. If you guys are so depressed please seek medical help. If you have kids they will be US citizens they can sponsor you 18 years later so why are you that frustrated. When your wife is on H4 that is the best time to have kids because she is at home and you don't have to pay daycare. It is the woman in H1B that my sympathies are with bc they cannot go part-time or get more that 6 week maternity leave. So please buckle up or seek help, I don’t think your logic makes sense.

    I tend to agree that suicidal thoughts borne out of frustration is totally crazy. Look at the Irish. They are illegals, yet they go to capitol Hill and themselves talk to lawmakers. And then probably in the evening, they might have drunk to that. Do you think they think like that...?:

    Yes, if suicide is something that crosses your mind due to GC frustration, I think you need to seek professional help from a therapist. Because mental health is of higher priority than immigration status.

    Putting off raising a family, having kids etc UNTIL you get GC is also not wise. Do you really want to tie that important decision of life with the process that's decided in the halls of congress?

    Another thing...if you are from India and China, then I suggest you do this. Go to Barnes and Noble, and pick up one of the two books (or both).

    "Flight of the creative class..." -- By Richard Florida.
    "Flight Capital..." -- David Heenan.

    Both are written on how hundreds and even thousands of US citizens(Citizens, not GC holders) are going back to their home countries after living in USA because home offers same opportunities in addition to being a the place where you grew up. They've analyzed 10 countries. India and China are one of them.

    I know many people are averse to talking to their lawmakers because of unknown fears(totally wrong thing to do...there is nothing to be afraid of) but I am sure you are not loathe to going to Barnes and Noble and picking up a book and reading it. It will make you feel better. You and others like you, if not wanted by USA, are wanted elsewhere.

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  • Santosh_gc
    06-26 10:26 AM
    Its not about stereotyping...its about being can people who have come here illegally be allowed a path to naturalization while we have been waiting in line for so long? I came here because I had a certain idea about the makeup and composition and ideology of this country (liberty, equality, etc.) Making such a move will invariably change the demographic of the nation. Now that would be an intentional act. Not the natural pace at which migration/assimilation and diversification occurs. I have nothing against that.

    Would somebody call you racist if you say that you dont want to move to a ghetto because the standard of living is not good? NO. The fact that you dont want to move to a ghetto does not mean that you are prejudiced about the people who live there.

    The statement about corruption and inefficiencies is not slander but just a simple observation. If you dont agree with that, then most likely you would prefere to live in/immigrate to some Latin country instead of being here/coming to USA.

    I wont open the argument about the burden the illegal people will put on welfare etc. considering that they are typically from a income bracket that does not contribute much to taxes.

    It is very easy for people to use a cliched terms like racist/bigots etc when arguing for amnesty but if racism was the core argument against amnesty, one would not see the kind of backlash that one is seeing from the masses after CIR was introduced.

    All Americans think it is unfair to reward behaviour that is against the law. Not to mention the fact that they will have to take the burden of welfare of the legalized illegal people while they themselves dont know if there will be any welfare/social security benefits available when they are ready to retire.

    If you calling someone racist, please explain why you are saying so.


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  • PDOCT05
    08-27 01:21 PM
    Send AOS,EAD apps on 2nd to NSC.
    Signed by R.Williams on 3rd at 9:03 updateds yet.


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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 06:01 PM

    Can you guys also update the 'Gandhigiri' in Wiki

    - AA

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-21 11:44 AM
    Mailed EAD Renewal on 7/7/08
    Receipt Dt 07/09/2008
    Notice Dt 07/09/2008


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  • chanduv23
    09-14 10:59 AM
    Opening threads and then burying them deep like any other thread does not help us.

    Thousands of threads were opened like this and everyday we see new threads.

    I strongly recommend
    (1) Update your profile with true information
    (2) Pledge with honesty
    (3) Join a state chapter and make yourself visible and available to IV.

    We can go from there

    There is no other way to organize 70k or more people where everyone just open threads, discuss and then open new threads and discuss and ..... it goers on

    I say this from experience - there are people working day and night for IVs cause - with a lot of dedication - there are free riders and majority of people are sitting on fence - want to do something but not quite sure what/how /why and are lost opening these threads and discussing.

    Channelizing your frustration, your energies into positive energies will help us achieve our goals. So please decide if you want to move forward and do something about it - State chapters is the best route for contributing towards IV stuff

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  • aquarianf
    04-25 10:27 AM
    [QUOTE=gcbikari;242385]Did you ask Attorney what happens if your employer still choose to Sue you? My friend's attorney told most of cases will be settled, but we might loose money up to 10K. Is it woth it doing? Also if we choose to fight, we might have to attend hearing (may be in different state based on your agreement). I am an employee too, and with you on this. I'd say if attorney guarentees he'll win our case we can go ahead.[/QUOTE

    as per the attorney, the case history of employers who won using non competes in the court are very rare unless the law suit is agiainst key personnel and court gets convinced by the legitemate business interest. If the employer still chooses to fight, he has got more to loose than me because of non payments of wages also being involved here. since non compete has been used just to escape the wages, courts wil be more hard on the employer and will consider it as threat rather than genuine.

    Did you contacted INS regarding this? Someone in my office told that one of his friend contacted INS regarding back wages. He received a phone call 3-4 months later from INS regarding his complain and was told that INS will investigate into the matter and if complain is valid then the former employer will be punished accordingly. He was told that INS has received many many such complaints and they have huge backlog and it is taking 3-4 months to reach to a complain but they are working on each of them.


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  • GCStatus
    09-16 04:42 PM
    Only 2 people stepped up today....

    How are we going to reach 1000?

    Give it the benefit of the doubt of members not looking. We will wait till Thursday.

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  • anilsal
    10-08 01:58 PM
    Gatorade: "Is it in you?"
    Microsoft: "Your potential, Our Passion" (Replace word Our with IV)
    Nike: "Just Do It"

    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
    And this be our motto: "In God is our Trust."
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O�er the land of the free and the home of the brave

    The country will eventually provide you permanent residence. The question is "do you have the bravery the country expects"?

    Suggestion: Get involved with state chapter activities. :)


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  • desi3933
    07-10 07:49 AM
    Please post URL of this and others. Thanks!

    Sec. 245.1 Eligibility dca

    Sec. 245.2 Application a56

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  • reddymjm
    05-02 03:44 PM
    maybe there are not enough EB3- I cases in the queue ;) ..well one of my friends did get his GC during last fiasco ..eb3 - I, pd 2003. ofcourse there is no unity is every man for himself (And hence save as much as you can while you enjoy life)..and hence don't worry too much ..GC will come when it has to (my friend told me that once ..and I found those words comforting) ...see few of the threads nearby ..people are content talking about dots (I guess since they know nothing will ever happen due to our actions :-) ..and I sort of agree).

    I also guess there are not much cases of EB3 left, atleast till PD dec 2002. Jun filers who ever did not get their GC last summer or fall will be waiting.


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  • pitha
    07-07 08:43 PM
    she said "But we're prepared to talk to people about what happened here."

    hope that means they are willing to talk about giving EAD. If we get EAD all the lawsuits will be withdrawn. The law does not say AOS applications should not be accepted when there are no visa numbers available, the law only says AOS cannot be approved when visa numbers are not available. USCIS internal regulations says they will not accept AOS applications when priority date is not current. by now its quite apparent that USCIS has broken a lot of there own internal regulations just to make sure the visa numbers are used up before july 2 2007. Then can easily accomodate the EAD for july filers. It all depends upon the pressure exerted on USCIS and DOS

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  • Hassan11
    07-21 04:18 PM
    received by USCIS on 06/30/08
    Soft LUD 07/01/2008
    EAD expires 09/07/08


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  • nefrateedi
    08-22 04:01 PM
    Application reached NSC on July 14. No receipts or cashed checks yet.

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  • diptam
    06-27 11:53 AM
    Point1) makes me perplexed - Can there be agreements with open ended
    time periods.

    But whatever is the exit strategy i will end up paying almost $10,000 as lawyer fees.

    There are many points on which this agreement can be defended.
    1. No fixed time period. Staying upto 1 year after getting GC is same as saying work until the car engine for the company CEO's car goes out. Nobody can predict either one.
    2. Usually waiver of filing lawsuit by employee involves sum of money for its consideration. Many employer pay employee month salary (or part/multiple) to offer agreement for not suing. Agreement terms without consideration are usually null and void. For example, I can't have agreement with you that you will deliver free newspaper without stating consideration/compensation for you.
    3. Company can claim for GC Expenses and other related expenses if employee leaves within reasonable and agreed period. So probably $10,000 is in the agreement to cover that.

    Now for the bad news, defending this agreement could cost much more than $10,000, besides time and hassles. More so, if employee and employer are in two different states as employer can file suit in their state. In short, $10,000 is cost of moving out of this job at the time of your choice. You could also look at it as the added cost of GC.

    I suggest you should consider making a plan to move in your life and career. As they say, freedom is priceless.

    Good Luck.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at


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  • ndbhatt
    11-17 04:04 PM
    Done. Also, sent message to my 10 friends. Hope for a viral effect.

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  • mmanurker
    07-20 11:42 AM
    Dear Members

    For those of you joining us late, here is some info about this thread.

    1. This is to do our least part to the core IV Team for their selfless sacrifice, for all of us getting the benefits of legal immigration. Note that , Aman Kapoor , the co-founder of IV has done his part by sacrificing $64,000/- from his own personal funds towards the administrative costs of IV. Yes you read it right , it is $64,000/- We come to know from his co-worker that he has sold his house towards running this show for us.

    2. We have not yet figured out a way to reimburse these costs as IV does not yet have administrative costs part of the expenditure allocation, as we understand it. So instead of a wait and watch, we decided to go ahead with collecting the pledge from the members on the amount they are putting forth for reimbursing the amount. Once we come up with a strategy(members we look for your suggestions on how to get this done, please add your comments) we will instruct the members pledged to pay out.

    So do not pay it directly to the IV core funds, yet.

    Please help us spread the message about this thread in other threads by copy and pasting the following in other threads too.

    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing Aman and other core IV member's expenses towards the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?


    Pl. count me in....I pledge $100 towards Aman's expense re-imbursement.
    Pl. let me know how to send the amount coz your post clearly says
    "do not pay it directly to the IV core funds, yet"
    (so far contributed $100 to IV)

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  • raj2007
    04-24 05:16 PM
    I agree with kshitijnt that you need past employer more than you need client. In my case I had received 485 query to supply some my employment related docs ( whether that I am working with responser or working with someone else, letter from company showing my current position,sal. etc). Since I didn't change my employer, it was very easy and quick to get such documents from current employer. Imagine if I would have switched on EAD then I would have to chase my past employer for letters, paystubs etc and by the I would got them from past employer,I faced the risk of PD moving back.

    Your case is different becasue you filed your I-485 with them. Here he has not started 485 at all.I don't know how he can maintain good relation with them. Some employer are too torugh to deal and same goes with some employees too.

    12-13 03:03 PM
    Do we have anyone here who opened a SR for FP and has received FP notice ? Does it really help if you open SR for FP?


    02-17 11:11 AM
    local chapters....I have been part to two chapters but not seeing any communication happening around. On one chapter last communication is on June 2010 with 170 members and on another chapter last communication is on Dec 2010 with 9 members.

    Local chapters need to be as active as IV forum to engage their members to take part actively.

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