Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • psaxena
    09-10 07:23 PM
    YOu are a USELESS fellow. Thats right.. Immigration voice core are the ones who are doing whatever they can for you thankless idiots like YOU!!

    Why do you care if they care about EB3 or not.. do you care? Seperate effort.. what will you do in that.. again a back bench behind the alias pushing others to do something, without donating or contributing. Who gave you even the right to write here and put your views when you cannot even can consider it trustworthy to donate 2 cents.

    BTW keeps your "2 cents" to yourself. I hate reading the post like these.

    In my opinion, we need to have separate efforts for EB3 (now that EB3 I and EB3 ROW are in the same boat). If we have someone with leadership qualities and wants to use some social networking site for discussing EB3 issues and identifying approaches to solve the EB3 issues, there will be many EB3 folks willing to support the effort. Immivoice is just useless portal, it doesn't have open forums and the core folks here don't care for EB3. In fact, their lobbying efforts were behind USCIS changing the rule for spilling over the unused visa numbers to EB2 first. Just my 2 cents.

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  • dingudi
    11-05 03:22 PM

    I am a Jul 23rd I-485 filer. Just called USCIS second time (first time no success), went thru their menu and was lucky to get a great Cust Service Rep.

    She asked me the I-485 receipt #s, address, primary contact #, DOB, and Zip Code for self and spouse.

    She generated a SR for us together and gave us a Conf # for FP notice. She said that you should receive a FP appt notice in next 30 days.

    So I guess, perseverance does pay off :)

    Hopefully we can get this FP out of the way soon enough.

    FYI I am a Bay Area resident.

    I am not sure if opening SR helps, especially for TSC. I opened SR 30 days ago and still waiting. They have not scheduled me yet for an appointment.

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  • h1techSlave
    06-28 09:05 PM
    Employers can (at least they do) discriminate EAD holders. Here is an example and related link:
    Fog Creek Software - Intern in Software Development (

    "Permanent legal right to work in the United States. Because student visas (J1, F1, etc) are time-limited, we regret that we can't consider interns on student visas."

    They key word here is "Permanent legal right to work in the United States". EADs (485 based EAD as well as F1 based EADs) have a limit of 1 year/2 year/29 months etc. Based on this Fog Creek Software will not hire an EAD holder. Can we do some thing about this blatant violation of the law?

    Thanks, Walking_Dude, for putting this link.

    As per web page on this link -This will exclude applicants on H-1B visa status as they don't have work authorization to work for the new employer.

    However, as I said before, Employer can not discriminate between GC holder, EAD, and OPT holder.


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  • logiclife
    05-03 08:06 PM
    Here is how the parties in general stand on immigration:

    Democrats: They support immigration in general. But their sympathies lie with low-skills, low-wage workers who mostly enter illegally.

    Republicans: They oppose immigration in general, ESPECIALLY the illegal variety. However, they overwhelmingly support hi-tech immigration(and hi-tech immigration is mostly legal, I havent met a scientist or a Java programmer working illegally :) ) because of their close relationship to businesses and their pro-business attitude in general.


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  • unitednations
    08-25 03:15 AM
    am always puzzled how H1B is valid also for outsourcing the h1b-employee to another company (like sub-sub-.....sub-contracting) ?

    wasnt h1b intended for a inhouse job rather than a job at a client company ?

    h-1 by its nature is a temporary job when it was created (it was not dual intent where you could apply for permanet residency). Law is very clear in H-1b that you can be considered the employer (workig at your location or under your direction and control at a client location (pure consulting). OR you can be a staffing agency and outsource employee at a third party location. In this situaiton you are considered a "token" employer and only pay the person. Direction and control come from the place where you are actually working. This is where it gets difficult. Even if you are working at an end client; it is difficult to satisfy uscis these days because the evidence they are requesting; people cannot get it legitamately from many of the end clients.

    In some of the various proposals; lawmakers are trying to kill EB based greencard and h-1b for IT people by getting rid of staffing. Staffing companies have historically been the feeder system into the country. Get rid of the feeder system then whole h-1b for IT collapses. People getting h-1b would mainly F-1 students.

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  • clear485
    08-18 01:21 PM
    What are reasons .. as to why it cant be solved by lawsuit ?? Are u afraid that they might stop processing any I-485 applications for EB2-I until the lawsuit gets resolved ??

    I'm ready to join in the law suit....


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  • kshitijnt
    05-01 12:15 AM
    I think EB3 India will move to Dec 2004 by end of this year. (crossing my finger and praying hope this will come true)

    By the end of this year If they haven't made any significant movement in EB3 India We should seriously look into filling a lawsuit for country discrimination. Seriously I'm surprised no one is looking into filling a lawsuit for this endless country based discrimination.

    I can't think of any other solution for this mess. Watching the house hearing made me sick they can't even differentiate GC visa and H1B visa.

    I would be happy if EB2 India gets upto Dec04. Forget EB3. Also any lawsuit is only sustainable only if its properly funded, well represented and there is wide public support if you expect the class action status. Mr Rajiv Khanna filed a lawsuit for 485 backlogs and its class action status was denied by the judge which I personally think was a biased judge and later USCIS quickly approved 485s of plaintiffs making lawsuit moot.

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  • mygc2006
    11-19 07:35 AM
    Emails sent for me and my wife!


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  • Legal
    07-27 11:39 AM
    Its unfortunate that you ask us to UNITE and use 'EB2 elitist protectionism' in the same breath. I am not even going down the road of EB3 'smarter' than EB2 because a reverse argument is equally valid if not more. The law as stated above is what it is - there is a clear categorizaton established by law. If there is a level of frustration with it then a campaign to change it makes sense. However any proposed changes that arbitrarily assigns visa numbers just because 'my HR filed it the way it got filed' then you need to check with your HR and port over to EB2 - if you think your private US degree qualifies you for it. The position determines EB2 or EB3 and I'll leave it at that.

    I have no problems in people expressing their opinion in an open forum and lobbying for change. The devil is in the detail. If the change means taking the EB2 excess visas to give to EB3 purely based on length of wait then I have every right to present another point of view - elitist protectionism or not.
    I have only seen implications to this effect but nobody has come forward and said it plainly - yes we are EB3 and we want the EB2 excess visas because we have waited seven years. Everybody seems to imply it but nobody wants to call it as plainly as I stated it above. I am only presenting a counter to that.

    and accurate.

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  • ponvas
    10-09 12:23 PM
    Action item for IV, besides visa recapturing etc. Its one of the items they
    should add to there agenda.

    Who are you to dictate how they should process? It should be their preference.


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  • ameryki
    09-30 07:59 PM
    see my signature, no receipts till date money order not cashed, Called USCIS got an answer.... "Not yet in the System", but IO told me there is a big junk of files and it will be processed in next 30 or 40 days.

    Venkat, if you are sure your check got cashed please contact USCIS they will provide you receipts

    how do you track if the money order was cashed?

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  • rogerdepena
    10-02 01:33 PM
    i'm sorry to hear that some july 2 filers ares till not getting receipt notices. anyway, here's mine:


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  • s_kary
    09-14 03:01 PM
    Let's make sure that this thread or remains at the top "Recent forum posts" on IV homepage, so that more and more people can notice it and we can take a timely action. We might need some help from admin. to get this done. I see that "IV Forum login problems" thread is hardwired to remain at the top. We can do something similar for our thread.

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  • supreet
    07-08 04:02 PM
    Hello All,

    After being without job for almost 2 months, I am getting an offer for a short term project on 1099. Project is in my field and my job responsibilites are exactly same as what was approved on my labor. I am a Jul 07 filer.

    Now, if in the next few months I get any Employement Verification RFE, what are my options? How can I answer the RFE while on 1099? What kind of documentation will I need? Has anyone successfully answered an EV RFE while on 1099?


    Is being on 1099 while on EAD a bad idea and I should stay away from it?

    Related questions - I am not planning to file AC21 at this time as this is a short term contract and I don't want to 'notify' USCIS of any changes at this time. Can there be any potential issues of not filing for AC21 in such cases? My EAD will be up for renewal in Sept 2010 and I am hoping to be in a full time permanant position by then.

    Thanks all for you replies!!!

    - S


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  • anilsal
    10-25 11:49 AM
    Wonder if dems take the house, will they worry about the 2008 prez elections and not make major decisions?

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  • pappu
    07-21 10:08 AM
    IV will have more money to do advocacy events like the one that just happened. More media spending, more coverage.

    This is correct. You not only need funds but also lot of warm sweaty bodies. !!

    We need many people working everyday continuously over a period of time. It cannot be --"As and when I get time, i will try. Or I am already contributing by posting ideas on the forum. Or I am EB2 and my date will be current soon so I do not really care, I am not desperate for green card so do not bother me by contacting me. Or IV is for EB2 and I am EB3. Or IV is for Indians and I am ROW." Stop thinking IV just a forum like other forums of lawyers or trackers where the aim is to make money from the long wait and run a business. Here we want to fix the problem so that we no longer need Immigration Voice and all of us can move on in our lives and professional careers.

    There have been times when we evaluated our decision of continuing this work after hearing lot of negative comments from our community or seeing lack of participation. A recent proof is the recent funding drive for advocacy day and our thousands of phone calls to members asking them to come to DC. It is not easy to organize any event and it takes lot of planning and funds. None of the members who used to write negative posts after every visa bulletin urging IV to do an event in DC came to DC event or even contributed. Many in the IV team are still involved with this effort even after getting their greencards only to succeed in what we all started out to do together. The commitment needs to be there so that many people can help out even during the day time. One option is for members to have their homemaker spouses volunteer for IV work. We have so many ideas we can work on if there are more sincere people who commit to helping out. Funds are also important. AILA has a budget of 13 million dollars/yr and they can do a lot in terms of advocacy, filing lawsuits, talking with offices on regular basis, organizing conferences each year where lawyers pay to hear USCIS officials, media outreach, meeting other organizations etc etc . They have people in DC to go and meet offices on daily basis. Likewise anti-immigrants too have millions of dollar budgets. You do not see their forums filled with posts of infighting. suspicion and baseless arguments that we have. Many of our posts do not even project us as well educated and mature individuals. We can blame whoever we want-- employers, government, lawyers, karma.... but the real reason why this retrogression problem still exists is because all of us in the community have allowed it to exist. Only we are responsible for the success and failure of our efforts. Nothing is impossible if we have strength and resolve to advocate our issues.


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  • makemygc
    08-01 01:11 PM
    My i-140 no. starts with SRC 06, is this also from Texas?
    If you have I140 receipt with you, just look at the bottom. It will tell you if it was from NSC or TSC.

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  • Ram_C
    11-06 03:42 PM
    I had taken an infopass appointment after filing an SR. All the IO said was I should call NSC. I don't think the IO's at the local USCIS office can issue FP notices.

    Shall try again sometime this week or next and update the same here. I am a NSC->CSC->NSC transferee.

    has it been more than a month since you opened SR??

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  • idiamin
    11-18 11:30 AM

    11-19 04:36 PM
    Please contact members of congress by clicking on the action alert below.

    It will only take less than a minute for you. We are requesting adding amendments in the DREAM Act coming up. This campaign will help the DC advocacy work we are doing on this bill. - Advocacy -- DREAM Act: Help the Legal Immigrants (

    Please spread the word everywhere for more participation

    Please post on this thread once you have sent the email. Keep this thread up for the next few days.

    I sent it and got receipt confirmation e-mails from Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. and Congressman Joe Sestak.But I never got copy of e-mail to my inbox.

    09-23 02:18 PM
    Another basic information. I-140 needs to be approved on its own merit. Once it is approved, the dates would be ported. There's no such extra-scrutiny added related to "porting" exercise as such.

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