Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Airline baby ban

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  • first class aby ban

  • h1b_slave
    06-11 11:56 AM
    Prefer seperate checks for each, with one check if even one application gets rejected all will come back - this is what my attorney said

    My attorney asked just to give one cheque for $745 each for myself and my spouse for I-485, I -131 and I-765. Our applications will be filed today.

    Is this OK. Will all the 3 receipt numbers be printed on the back of one cheque. Please let me know if anyone of you have done the same. Thank you.

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  • Ban Babies from Planes

  • rcr_bulk
    09-10 12:28 PM
    Unless and untill everybody in EB3 has contributed ataleast a $1000.00 to the immigrationvoice cause, its waste of time to discuss about the EB3-India movement. Any way we have to spend a lot more than $1000.00 in renewing EADs, H1Bs and H4s.

    Otherwise just wait and pray for the CIR bill to pass. Then every body in the EB category will get the benefit being the EB3- India/China are the greatest benefitters.

    How can contributing $1000.00 to immigration voice solves this problem? You are telling like a swami's in India, give me money I will do some pooja on your behalf and all your problems will be solved.

    Airline baby ban. Smuggling a aby into Cuba
  • Smuggling a aby into Cuba

  • lasvegas
    02-05 08:59 AM
    Thanks to all who responsed.

    I will be sending private msgs to those who have asked me to do so.

    2011 Ban Babies from Planes Airline baby ban. Airline Baby Ban Malaysian
  • Airline Baby Ban Malaysian

  • sreeni78
    11-18 08:54 AM
    Sent it to MI senators and my congressman.


    Airline baby ban. has planning to an babies
  • has planning to an babies

  • gc_check
    09-24 08:32 AM
    Guys wake up and fight to make the porting rules very strong if not stop porting. The rule should be if I140 for porting is denied then the applicant should loose his/her initial EB3 priority date also as he /she has indicated that he/she is no longer working in the position as described in EB3 labor. This will make sure that fraudulent applicants cannot port from EB3 to EB2.

    There are many genuine cases, who could have applied in EB2, but due to some erroneous counsel by employer or legal, ended up in EB3 category. Having an option to port PD when applying under alternate category is available, and people eligible taking advantage of this should be allowed to do it and encouraged. Given the market condition, if some one could qualify under EB2 and successfully secure a EB2 labor/I-140, then it must be welcomed and only genuine cases could do so. People with EB3 PD of 2001 or 2002 and waiting for GC might already have worked one or two years prior to starting the process and might be in country working for almost a decade and some even have done their Masters and have the experience. With all this, if they take advantage of this, then they deserve it. I am not able to understand your concern, and also expecting/requesting the porting process to be stopped !! Does not sound right.

    Airline baby ban. Malaysia extending aby ban to
  • Malaysia extending aby ban to

  • gondalguru
    08-18 09:52 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I filed on july 7th and still waiting.
    My case little different, my 485 pending at Nebraska and I mailed EAD renewal at Texas (because I live in PA, per instructions in form).

    Do you think my EAD will get stuck because of this? I hope I did right thing.

    Is any one similar situation


    I am in exact same situation too. The notice date for EAD renewal is July 7th, 2008. I-485 pending at NSC and EAD applied at TSC. Still waiting. I am current as my PD is EB-2 India 9/2004.


    Airline baby ban. has planning to an babies
  • has planning to an babies

  • nemadeni
    03-25 03:19 PM
    Wait for Oct 2008 for any possible movement.

    My PD is 1 March,2004 and my realistic estimate for getting my GC is end of 2009.

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  • has planning to an babies

  • delhiguy
    07-07 08:53 AM
    Please go back .Why wait for the change in law .No one is stopping you . Dont discourage

    I am not discouraging , i said "i wish i am proven wrong"
    Even Attorney Khanna said the same.


    Airline baby ban. Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia
  • Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia

  • bhobama
    05-10 09:08 PM
    Quota based on race argument is fallacious. For example, Bangladesh and Pakistan are not limited by the quota. However, they are the of the same ethnic/racial background as people from India.

    The concept of "diversity" by country is a racially motivated law. It does not promote diversity. In fact it limits diversity.

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  • Baby Ban in First Class on

  • gcspace
    10-17 09:31 PM
    I'm very glad to hear the news. Let us see when my checks are going to be cashed. By the way, was your 485 packet signed by F.HEINAUER @NSC on July 16th?

    I did called NSC IO yesterday and she said that my packet must have been in caught up in the front log.

    Looks like all our 485 packets have been xfered to TSC from NSC. Hence SRCXXXXXXXXX

    My packet delivered on July 16 signed by R Pitcher 9a.m. at NSC.
    I am hoping yours and Vivek.. package was also in the same bundle.

    Just curious, what is a front log ??


    Airline baby ban. first class aby ban
  • first class aby ban

  • nashorn
    08-12 03:50 AM
    On the same boat. I140 approved at TSC, 485 filed at NSC on 7/2, nothing yet. Can we get a poll here? Thread is so long already.

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  • Paradise Baby Co. has crib

  • neswar
    07-04 07:27 PM
    Problem is not only with the desi companies! If you work for the so called MNC, still you will be exploited. At least if you convince your desi employer that you will work for them for X number of years, they will be ready to help you. Sometimes they will go beyond the legal limits if the get return from you. Not true with MNCs. In the name of abiding the law, the will not help you. I have seen many people work MNCs, just at the verge of getting the GC, they got laid off! No need for me to tell what happened to his GC.

    So in my opinion the best way to get your GC is go thru the blood suckers! That is the price you have to pay to become citizen of this "Land of Opportunity".


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  • Malaysia Airlines to an

  • GCStatus
    09-13 09:04 PM

    First of all, ask yourself the following points before continue reading.

    1. Do I need a Green card at ANY cost ( Any cost = Waiting for yrs, Not willing to risk any other options, afraid to raise issues, not pinpointing flaws )

    2. Willing to fight for justice.

    If you chose the option 1, please stop reading further and good luck.

    For the option 2, here we go.I am new to this web site and it seems there are approx 70k people here and lot more outside. Huge enough to create miracles.

    Just to remind ourself who we are. We are Highly skilled LEGAL immigrants. It not only means we are skillful but it also means we pay every damn tax which is out there. We pay for welfare. We pay for unemployed. We pay for pensioners. List goes on. We pay fees for every application processed by USCIS ( Labor, I-140,I-485,I-765,I-131 etc etc ). We pay rent. We buy cars. We buy houses. In short, we are nothing but GOLD to this economy.

    However, this one department called USCIS is literally toying with us for yrs now as if we are slaves or we are obligated to them. We dont want anyone to do us any favour. We need justice.

    Friends - I have self respect and i wasn't born chanting Green Card. I AM going to face them, confront them, demand them to provide justice, if not I want them to REFUND every penny i have paid so far. If this "I AM" becomes "WE", half the battle won. TOGETHER WE STAND, VICTORY/JUSTICE FOR ALL. If you are still hesitant, you made a bad choice of choosing option 2. Please go back to option 1.



    We are making great progress on this and glad to see tonnes of positive responses. For the people who are viewing this thread first time, please send your name, e-mail, ph number and the amount you are willing to contribute ( in case of a lawsuit ) to man-woman-and-gc ( who is graciously collecting information for us and adding them in the below spreadsheet. Next steps on the way. (

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  • just anned babies from

  • msp1976
    03-08 01:07 PM

    This is another discussion derivative of Mr Gates testimony...
    All frustrated individuals...This is your chance to use you frustration for something constructive....Please post replies to some of the comments in there..


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  • Baby banned from easyJet

  • bindoke
    08-20 01:18 PM
    Buddy i am in the same boat :)

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  • Airline bans babies from first

  • gee_see
    10-01 04:13 PM
    There was no discussion on invoking AC21 where the salary is lower than specified in LC. For example wages for LC filed in bay area will be higher than other places and if one wishes to move to work location where prevaling wages are lower compare with original LC location. What would USCIS position on this since AC21 does not talk about work location.

    wage for Original LC location in Santa Clara:- 90k
    New job offer in mid west:- 70K ( much higher than prevaling wages)

    Please comment


    makeup Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia Airline baby ban. plastic bag anquot;, quot;aby
  • plastic bag anquot;, quot;aby

  • viveckj99
    10-02 06:58 PM
    I am adding my name in the list.Filed on July 16 at Nebraska signed by R Pitcher,till now no Receipt.
    Thank you "Lutherpraveen" for info. I will react on this situation after OCT 10th (traveling right now). I will contact my lawyer and see what can be done. Keep posted on whatz happening..

    here is list of July 3rd at 9:03 received by R.William-- If you are still waiting then please add your name


    If we hear nothing then we may have to take collective action. If any of you guys receive RN plz update as ASAP.

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  • Airline Baby Ban Jay Sekulow

  • diptam
    06-26 01:57 PM
    I have dealt all options with my employer ...

    They will give me "Employer Letter" ASAP but i have to sign a letter that i'll work with them for 1 year after getting 485 approval.

    What does it mean - Indirectly i have to work with them till 485 approval ( which could be 3 yrs easily) plus another 1 year ??

    hairstyles first class aby ban Airline baby ban. Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia
  • Airline baby ban: Why Malaysia

  • snathan
    02-11 11:42 AM
    Thanks NK2006. Its now $1501.

    08-11 09:45 AM
    My husband received CPO mail on 08/04, welcome mail on 08/05, soft LUD on 08/06 and approval notice sent mail on 08/09 but dated 08/08 in USCIS status. Hoping to have the GC in hand next week.
    Anyone who has the same chain of events or received GC for CPO mail on 08/04 or later?

    Same exact sequence of events happened to me. I am sure we will have our cards this week God willingly.

    05-08 05:06 PM

    Specifically the line..

    "In fact, I predict retrogression to U level in EB2-I also."

    And send me money if you want any more accurate predictions for the future. :)

    Looks like my calling is in astrology. :)

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