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  • Leo07
    02-03 05:28 PM
    God Bless!
    Hi EveryOne,

    I got my Green card in mail yesterday. I want to thank IV and everyone for all the support during this GC journey. I wish everyone all the best for their green card process. I wish everyone gets to file 485 irrespective of priority dates and ultimately get their green cards. This is a question to Admin, i have a recursive donation going on, I would like to make a one time donation and stop the recursive donation.


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  • sobers
    07-04 12:06 PM
    "It's like living in a holding pattern continuously," said Swati Srivastava, 28, a member of Immigration Voice, a new grass-roots organization of skilled foreign workers pushing for immigration reform. The Internet-based group formed late last year and has about 5,000 members scattered around the country.

    "We work in [the] U.S. legally in high-skilled jobs, but we still get penalized for playing by the rules," Immigration Voice co-founder Aman Kapoor said in an e-mail. "Since no one was working on our issues, we decided to organize.",1,1670817.story?page=2&cset=true&ctrack=1

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  • nav_kri
    04-01 08:09 PM
    Yes, the info is right

    Found this text at

    Important note: A new and updated version of the AINP Occupations Under Pressure List for the Strategic Recruitment Stream � U.S. Visa Holder Category will be posted to this site on April 15, 2009. Any applications postmarked before April 15, 2009 will be assessed based on the list currently posted. All applications postmarked on or after April 15, 2009 will be assessed based on the revised list that will be posted on April 15, 2009.

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  • acecupid
    04-01 10:50 AM
    I am looking for some serious help and advice here , I hate to see any non-immigrant in US in my circumstances .Here some information about it , My company has sponsored my work visa , soon I entered into they customs and Immigration there is some mistake with my paper work , and they charged me and later deported me .In the middle we came to know the company has sponsored some other people B/J visas for their own benefits and officers acted so racially .when i got deported they never issued my passport back , I keep on calling them now , they always say , They can't hear , some times they mention call after 5 mins , 1hr .I am so vexed with all they do , I felt so victim in this . Please advice me can i get my passport back, and my case is in pending appeal , before I got deported

    At the POE, did immigration understand which language you were speaking ? No wonder they deported you. Btw, I think you are fake !


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  • ck_b2001
    07-17 07:05 PM
    You need to be in US untill you recieve "Reciept of Notice". For those who filed Jul 2nd may be a special case as untill today it was thought to be rejected. In this situation i dont know how that rule will apply. On your return you have to show the 485 reciept notice along with your valid H1/H4 Visa (if Travel document is pending) to enter to US. It may mess up the database at POE if you do not mention pending 485.
    I would advise you seek legal advice if you have filed on Jul 2nd and you or your spouse has or is travelled (ing) abroad.
    My wife was planning on travelling next week and she has to cancell her trip to be safe.

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  • leoindiano
    03-17 12:50 PM
    I agree, I wanted to take everybodys perspective on my guess. Also, 2004 is the only year which can be predictable, after that everything went haywire for EB2.


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  • dpp
    07-27 03:02 PM
    I-485, 765 and 131 forms are for the applicant who wants to adjust status/ work/travel. So, applicant signature is required. Even though you fill G28, that is for authorizing the attorney in preparing and submitting the forms.

    I think no one otherthan the actual applicant can sign the forms. If attorney represent you, then he will sign in his part, thats it. But you need to sign your part anyway.

    Please ask your attorney why he did like that.

    Yeah, he did, but no form is signed by me. Moreover I have not given any authorization form.
    Is it OK.

    Please confirm.
    Thanks for the earlier reply.

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  • Hermione
    09-27 10:07 AM
    The article says: "After all, if the legal process was more efficient and less daunting, perhaps the illegal immigration problems wouldn't be quite so bad."

    I say, it is not perhaps, it is a given. When there is a legal remedy for any issue (not just immigration), then 9 out of 10 people would not go the illegal way.

    This is very much correct. And it is also the reason to position fixing immigration system as a remedy for both legal and illegal immigration. If you propose a help for legal immigrants, lawmakers are not going to listen to you as much as if you proposed something that fixes both legal immigration and encourages less illegal immigration in the future. It is that simple.


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  • dealsnet
    03-30 09:43 AM
    :eek:What is your point ?

    What you want to say ?:confused:

    Ok sorry if I post this in the wrong place. So I married my wife in 2004 and we began the immigration fillings right away. so you know I was turned away at the border in 2000 because I was going to stay with my wife and her family for 3 months.
    When they asked why they would put me up for that long, I told them they were like my adopted family. they still turned me away saying that the money I had at the time $300 was not enough to support my self for that time. this was summer break from school. So that is from my record and the officer who interviewed me wrote in his report that I intended to be adopted for immigration purposes. I think he just mis understood me. ok so that is in the noid. when we went to the first interview the woman was hostile towards my wife and I asking about our age and how we met we are 22 years apart in age. we provided her with documents some bills, photos and joint bank account statement. this is all we had in the first 4 months of out marriage. she asked repeatedly why we had not made any major joint purchases Why we didn't have joint health care. both because I had just started working and had not saved money yet.
    We had a second interview to which we took the same documents and more. This interview was short. The interviewer was professional and asked alot of yes and yes questions and would stop us from going on more then that. he said that he had to talk with his supervisor and we would hear from him with in six months. So nothing from them from them for 4 years I called the help line once a year and kept up my EAD and worked full time. Then 2 guys showed up and asked to be showed around the house. we let them in and they interviewed us they took some photos and said have a good day.
    Then 6 months later we received our first NOID. Stating that I had been turned away the one time and that I had said I was to be adopted. That I was in a relationship with a person that does not exists. They pointed out that there were photos of my wife with her ex-husband on the walls.
    So we go see some lawyers talk to like 6 of them and picked the one who seemed best. talked to people in out community friends who had immigrated. ects. so his plan was to withdraw and file anew to get a fresh first interview. So we refiled with a stack of documents 4 inches thick. insurance, all of our bill, tax returns, car payments. anything we could think of.
    So we get anther interview dude takes us back to his office. asked me the basic security questions. and sent me away. Then told my wife and lawyer that the first filing was denied and letters sent. and that they never received our letter withdrawing the first filing. we never received their denial letter. He said he would review out case and the new documents. he sent a NOID for the second filing like 4 months later. So we responded to the noid with a letter from my wife and I refuting the noid line by line. And with letters from friends PHD professors at the local collages. about 10 - 15 all in all and we have not had a reply from them. So the layer said that we had to wait on the USCIS to make the next move. is this so is there anything we can do to move this along? should we switch lawyers? we really like the man we have but I dont know its been over a year now.

    sorry for the poor grammar its really late here. thanks for your health.

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  • linuxra
    07-23 02:31 PM
    I got an rfe on employment v l and history of 5 year in oct 2009 replied dec 2009
    after that no update?how abt u?


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  • chinna2003
    03-11 09:21 AM
    I worked for an employer in WY 2004 as a physician and since then i resigned and moved onto another job with a new labor and I-140. However last year at the time of July isa bulletin fiasco, I asked my employer from WY in 2004 to file for an I-140 based on the previous approved labor condition in 2004 to retain that priority date under EB -2.
    Employer knows I have no intent of joining them after the green card and I have my own practice , so i donot intend to join the practice.

    In this scenario, if this considered a misuse of retaining priority date and how do i prove the intent and will the USCIS allow a situation like this?

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  • ngopalak
    10-14 06:11 PM
    I am in a similar situation...filed for AP in June...mine got approved...wife's AP has not gotten approved yet....planning to travel in early December.

    I tried expediting for financial loss and got email saying that is not enough reason....

    I am thinking of refiling my wife's I131 and paying the extra $ What do you guys there a chance of approval before end of November or is it a lost cause...


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    08-25 02:17 PM
    I am still waiting.

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  • go_guy123
    04-21 02:04 PM
    Actually GC on L1 can be really much faster because GC processing on L1 comes under special EB1 category. So if you are willing to take risk of loosing job on L1. I will recommend to go for GC under L1.

    No not all L1 fall into EB1...only multinational executives fall into that


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  • crazyghoda
    06-11 10:06 AM
    Now that was some freudian slip :D. Thanks for the early morning humor.

    USCIS tops any other US pubic office

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  • rayen
    02-05 03:47 PM

    Thanks a lot I will try to reach them now.

    Thanks, again.


    I just called teh number and was able to talk to the officer.. he said the case under review.. means.. Any idea.

    Thanks again.


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  • meridiani.planum
    02-27 06:04 PM
    It is worse than your estimates below because when green card is issued spouse and children are also counted in the quota unlike the h1 where spouse and children are not counted in the quota. Even if we assume each green card applicat has only one child, there would be 3 visa numbers used for each GC applicant. Going by that India has a demand for 150K GC as per the perm statistics but it gets only about 10000 per year. At this rate people from India who applied for GC in 06 and 07 would have to wait about 15 years and 30 years respectively to get the GC!!!!!!!!

    he took that into account (thats the 2.5:1 ratio of GCs filed:LC). Stats have shown the ratio is typically 2.1, but thats close (& scary) enough.

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  • cgs
    08-21 10:54 AM
    Enjoy and Please visit us:)

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  • RDB
    07-12 09:31 PM
    I e-filed EAD in June 2009 and the case is at NSC.....they did sent me some notice on Friday - which I am yet to receive - not sure if it is going to be a FP notice or request for evidence.

    09-16 01:17 PM
    Check this task off your TO DO list..

    03-26 07:30 PM
    Well... thanks for your reply but maybe you are one of the lucky ones who never been scr... up by the lawyers in the past. Well.. I have and others as well. Just becuase the lawyer says "it can be done" (read: pay now and we will see what USCIS will say later) I am not necessarily going to believe in that ...

    CIRcus is in the early stages of the show so hopefully it will pick up the steam soon I will not need to go through the EB2/EB3 pains ....

    It was done well in my case. Takes a lawyer who knows what s/he is doing though. Gluck.

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