Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • srini1976
    09-30 12:15 AM
    What happens when 485 is pending for more than 180 days and a person already used EAD for his current JOB(because of the policy of the Employer saying that: Once they apply for EAD employee needs to use EAD and company will not extend H1B anymore). Eventually employee will use EAD.

    The he loses his JOB(with Current Emlpoyer who is the sponsorer of 140 & 485)? And say he remains without similar JOB for example 2-4 weeks and then finds a JOB with similar JOB description? Does he still remain on Adjustment of Status? Does he needs to be continuously employed till his 485 is adjudicated?

    Please provide some input. All your opinions would help many folks!

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  • mike_2000_la
    06-08 01:17 PM are seems they are not processing anything today..

    Also i heard that on June 4 th approx 1100 485 apps was receipted. That makes it approx a total of 1800 for jun 1 and 4.

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  • MightyIndian
    10-01 05:22 PM
    WAC means CSC?? We applied on July 23rd at NSC and no news yet:(


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  • nag2007
    03-25 04:14 PM
    I think you will get in less than 2 years. It will not take 10 years. Hang on. Total GC process time from applying to labor to getting GC usually is 4 years. some unlucky people had to wait more than that. But more than 80% fall in to 4 year time line.

    but some were lucky people got it quickly because they could cut lines.

    Thats not true. My PD is March 2005. When my PD comes, I have to apply for EAD whereas others will get GC. Oh such a screwed up system.


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  • neelu8
    02-24 09:14 AM
    I just contributed $200. Will try to participate in the event as well. Thanks and good luck!

    Your receipt number for this payment is: 4408-9307-9825-0138.

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  • imh1b
    02-04 03:48 PM
    Why is everyone making a big deal about going to India?

    If you want to go , then go.

    Its good for the backlog. One way to reduce the backlog if there is no bill is to encourage people to leave USA for 'green grass'. If they leave, we get our green card soon and grass will become green for us.

    Let everyone be green and happy.


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  • diptam
    06-22 01:39 PM
    I have a electronic mail from them with the 140 receipt Notice (as PDF)
    from USCIS.. I took the LIN number from there and Queries USCIS - they says USCIS received my App on May 15th and under processing....

    I took a Print out of that 140 receipt Notice and will attach with 485 Application... My approval will not come before Jan-Feb 2008.

    But don't you need copy of 140 also?
    Canda is not the only option.You can tell them that u r resigning.In that case u might not win but atleast he will loose everything.So might be he will ready.

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  • ajaykk
    08-26 10:38 PM
    No, we have not tried calling yet. Both are on H1, so just have EAD for just peace of mind. Do let us know what you hear from the customer service.


    Even my spouse got card production ordered email. Good Luck to you.


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  • amitjoey
    07-10 02:46 PM
    no wonder they are talking about impeachment of GWB and Sr Mcain's press conf. no news of this protest.. I like the way Michael moore trashed them yesterday in his live interview with Wolf on why and how CNN neglected his story all along..

    CNN sucks big time and others are not too far behind


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  • smohan
    07-20 03:51 AM
    hello anzerraja
    By putting date coloumn in the Excel sheet, this sheet will provide a reader the trend in the pledge making. Most of the techies are always curious...sniff-sniff type you know.


    Thanks Mohan !!!


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  • we_can
    05-23 11:41 PM
    Sent. Just took 10 mins for our cause.

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  • kondur_007
    09-27 01:40 PM
    Sorry for my French guys...I generally dont like to use bad words, but this Charles Oppenheim boils my blood...

    Look at all his previous statements...I dont know under what kind of influence he makes his statements...

    He has BSed us in the past (look at his prior statement that he made in VEGAS) ....

    Now he is BSing us again....

    And we take his words seriously and start another set of arguments....

    God bless every one; I need to calm down now. If possible please ignore this Oppehemi guy; he is just another joker.


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  • manchala
    02-25 08:54 PM

    I asked most of my friends to donate amount and they are not even on this site. They have donated some. I have been following up with all of my friends. Please do the same. Ask your friends and follow up with them. Also can we have a Facebook page for this advocacy day also??

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-19 07:00 PM

    count me in also ....


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  • sumansk
    12-18 06:17 PM
    Here's something to laugh about just relax and donot worry...GC is just a little story in a BIG LIFE !!

    1997--arrived in US on F1
    2000- got a desi consulting co..
    mid 2000-- got first consulting assignment.. arrived with dried mouth and chilled shivers to client site
    2002- desi consulting applied for GC after lot of dilly dallying and negotiating GC fees
    2003- got married
    2005- kid arrived
    2006-- still waiting for GC..after frustrated with Desi co. changed job to another desi company.Same story begins as far GC is concerned.
    2007--Waiting for GC-frustration building up
    2008--Waiting for GC-frustration building up
    fast forward
    2020-got GC finally
    2024-Retiring and moving back to India after little saving.Trying to sell the house.. no buyers...

    Parents calling since last 10 yrs to return but delaying as thinking will return after GC.

    This is the story of typocal desi guy..

    So njoy yr life and forget abt GC tensions man..
    Relax and meditate

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  • desigirl
    09-27 08:26 AM
    I have no problem with porting, but the priority date should be starting from when they acquired required qualifications for the job.

    Example, if someone with B.S and 2 years experience had applied in EB3 in 2005 and tries to port now I think it is fair to have the ported PD not in 2005, but 2008 when the person acquired B.S + 5 years experience.

    This would automatically address all those folks who deserved to be in EB2 but couldnt either becuase lawyer screwed up or issues with sponsoring company.

    We got the about the month and day on which to port to eb2?;)


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  • tabletpc
    12-18 04:45 PM
    The ideas and concepts of releasing your unlimited potential can only be turned into reality if you take bold action now. Wishful thinking will not make your dreams come true. . If you want to be free your thinking must control your limitations instead of your limitations controlling your thinking. Look at your life for a moment! What do you see? Do you see opportunity, love, happiness, success and fulfillment? Or, have you mentally set up restrictive limitations? If so, the fact that you have declared yourself a prisoner will make you a prisoner. Once you make up your mind to be free and declare that you are �sick and tired of being sick and tired,� you will be motivated to make necessary moves toward liberation. The truth is, you will remain where you are only as long as you hold yourself prisoner. There are only �ordinary� people who have decided to do �great� things. These are people who are motivated by a burning desire to be free in order to express their unlimited potential. Instead of blaming others for their condition, they took action to change their situation.

    Hope this helps someone somewhere...

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  • transpass
    08-20 04:48 PM

    For all those who are waiting...I would suggest one more thing, if your file is not touched. My lawyer had sent an email to NSC on Aug 2. I believe that along with my SR might have done the trick.....Sheela Murthy was my lawyer....that too might have helped....Who know what works....but we can all try.....Hope all who are stuck, get their GC by end of this month.

    Take Care

    Yes...A thorough lawyer does this. I am very happy with my lawyer too. She was diligent and thorough...She sent a letter to TSC on the day our cases became current. She also attaches copies of CIS Memos (if applicable) when filing for extensions, reinstatements, etc. so that the IO does not raise RFEs indiscriminately...Once we got our GCs, she sent a long letter regarding Dos and Don'ts after getting Cards

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  • justAnotherFile
    07-20 11:25 AM
    I pledge $100 towards Amans' exp re-imbursement...

    Contributtion to IV ($125 to date)

    06-11 10:07 PM
    All checks cashed June 8th. It was sent to Nebrasks. I hardy just could read the SRC letters in back of my check. Online image in not good. I guess it has gone to Texas sercice center.

    Do you know how long for receipt letter?


    07-08 05:54 PM
    No onde denies that we cannot vote. But we have the basic rights, like being treated "equally and fairly". For example, if some employer violates labor law and did not pay you for your work, I am sure you can sue, even though you are not a citizen. There are some basic rights that everyone has, esp. if you hold good fainth and are damaged. Statement that you do not have any rights as you are not a citizen is just wrong. I am wondering how this will impact people's (esp. people from other countries) perception about this. :confused:

    What i said are my views after reading through the internet, I may be wrong.
    We would now have to wait for the lawsuite judgement , to know where we stand.

    I planned to sue my previous employer and i called a labor lawyer , when i told him i am on h1b , he said that i need to call some lawyers who specialize in h1b labor law, as his expertise is in labor law specific to us citizens..

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