Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • brit_gc
    08-09 06:07 PM
    Received the FP notice today, for August 17th

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  • PDOCT05
    10-08 10:39 AM
    Did you contact USCIS regarding your case ? Any response or the regular
    'wait for 30/45 more days' answer ?
    Looks like today is holiday..i called up no response.

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  • rbusgc
    02-02 04:24 PM
    think about it, there has been slavery here in the united states similar to what has been in India, India is now a secular and democratic country, with opportunities for all, but one has reservation there, so in a similar sense, the blacks/ latino's would also need reservation here ??.

    Simple ... Blacks and Latinos are minority in US... and in India so called Backward Castes are the Majority and in a Democracy MAJORITY RULES! .. so Reservations Persists in India!!! :)

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  • english_august
    07-09 07:50 AM
    So it's the day before the flowers will be delivered and let's make the most out of this story. Here are the links to the press release to use

    PDF version ( that can be sent as an attachment.
    HTML version ( that can be copy-pasted as text of the email.This ( is our updated press release in response to the message on the USCIS website.

    Most news organizations have dedicated reporters to cover immigration issues; so our first contact should be with them, since they'd be most interested in this story. Contact the writers of any immigration related stories that you've read recently - contact either by phone, or by email. If you are contacting by email here are a few helpful tips

    Make sure that title/information of that person's most recent article is used in the subject line. Something like, 'Follow up to Green Card Woes in WSJ'
    Refer to the article in the body of your email. For example
    You recently wrote about the frustrations of green card applicants due to a reversal by the USCIS (Wall Street Journal - July 5, 2007 - 'Reversal Frustrates Green Card Applicants'). I am one of those skilled, legal applicants and we are planning to protest against this decision the USCIS in a unique and peaceful manner - by sending hundreds, if not thousands of flower bouquets to the director of USCIS, Mr. Gonzalez on July 10th.
    After this, you can say that please refer to the attached press release for more information
    Wrap up your email with something like, "This is probably the first time when skilled, legal professionals are participating in an event like this at this scale and it goes to show the level of anxiety in the community right now. Would you be willing to write about this event as a follow-up to your previous article?"
    There is no harm in giving your contact number to let the reporter know that you can be contacted for any follow-up questions.
    Other things that we can do to create a buzz around it is to talk about it in blogs, various forums etc., specially if you are a blogger. Already, if you search USCIS+Flowers in Technorati, there are a good number of hits - we should try and increase them.

    Call up your local public radio station and tell them about this event (

    Any other ideas regarding increasing the visibility of this campaign should be posted on this thread.


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  • zephyrr
    12-16 09:02 PM
    i'm glad someone brought this up, i'm in the same boat, came in 1998, applied in jul 2003 eb2.

    i think it is important to get at the bottom of what is making one depressed, is it the gc necessarily, or is it not being able to do what you want to do? if it is the process itself, well - joining IV or talking to people and fighting for a cause is the way to go.

    if it is not the process itself, then it is another story.
    in my case, the gc process really started affecting me and became a topic of daily discussion in the family in the past 2 yrs, after i finished my mba from a top 5 school, and was unable to switch jobs because it meant starting tge process all over again. i could care less about a gc if i could do jobs that i wanted to. in your case, it might be something else, maybe career related or otherwise.

    my stand is now simple, after 180 days are over in dec, i'm going to do what i want to do i.e switch jobs etc, i've applied to canada as a backup, something goes wrong, i'll leave the usa. i'm not willing to put any more of my life in a 'prison' than i already have.

    you may have a different stand, but as long as you have one, and understand that the gc is nowhere as important as your mental health and well-being, you will be fine.

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  • archanais
    07-04 06:09 PM
    When I joined Company X (prior employer) I paid for H1b transfer fee and h1b renewal fee(total $3200 + $3000).
    They agreed to sponsor my green card(just to give required paperwork) and they asked me to pay GC cost, So far I have paid $1500 for labor +$1700 advertisement + $1700 for I-140 + $3750 just now to file I-485 for me and for my spouse as dates were current to my lawyer . I have labor and I-140 approved from Company X.

    I was compromising my personal life by staying away from my family and company X didn't find any client near to my home. I decided to stay at home hoping Company X will find some client near to my home. I was on a bench(no salary for a month).When I asked for a "employment letter "to file I-485 Comapny X said they can't give because they are not paying me , I said I will resign and then you give me "future employement letter". I resiged Company X( i found company Y near to my home), in 10 days they cancelled my H1b visa without informing me, gladly I found Company Y and H1b transfer took place before they could cancel my H1b. Company X is reluctant even today to give future emplyement letter.They are ready to do corp-to-corp, forthat have to pay them H1b tranfer cost of $3200(as my prior h1b got cancelled by company X) . I don't beleive its worth going back to them , but at the same time never wanted to lose $8650 green card cost.

    To join Company Y again I paid h1b transfer fee and , company Y expects me to pay Green card cost again. I am on 7th year extension. New H1b is valid till 2010(3 yr extension on I-140 approval from company X).

    Shall I start green card again with company Y ?
    Company X doesn't respond to emails/calls. There should some law to protect us from such employers. BTW Employer X was an american employer and wants to follow book-rules.Example .. informing USCIS to windraw H1b petition.

    :( I am almost in tears.


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  • vjverma
    07-19 10:07 PM
    count me in for a 100 as well.

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  • EB3_SEP04
    08-15 11:22 AM
    Got emails today: Card production ordered for both applications
    What's your EB category please?


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  • desi3933
    01-30 03:08 PM
    Have a question. My current I-94 is valid till May 2009(entered on AP last time). What happens after May2009? Do I need to get another I-94 and how?


    It is customary to put one year expiration for I-94 for AP entry. It does not mean much.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • dtekkedil
    07-09 10:40 AM
    11th and 12th were added later because by Saturday evening when the core team decided to support this campaign, we weren't entirely sure if delivery on the 10th was still possible.

    However, majority of flowers are going to be delivered on the 10th so I wanted to keep the focus on that single date.

    If you want to go ahead with co-ordinating the actual sending then please go ahead - I think it will be very helpful.

    The emails should be sent from the mediacontact email address (attach the pdf - Subject should be "Press Release" with a two line intro). I can compile the list of emails from some of the postings here in IV. Make sure that you Bcc it.

    As for the faxes, they can be sent from the local Staples. However, someone has to get those numbers first. Anyone here who can do that? Does IV have a list of fax numbers (Especially those in Washington DC)?

    Also, I think we should include a phone number in the media contact. Someone here who can represent us. Anyone used to handling the media.


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  • virtual55
    04-30 11:20 AM
    Thats Good news

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  • GCplease
    07-07 12:25 PM
    I live in Virginia Beach. I am willing to come to DC if a rally is being organized there. Please let me know the details.



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  • dicarol18
    08-13 03:25 PM
    I-140 approved from Texas.

    That's great, I guess Texas is moving now..:)

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  • n_2006
    02-26 08:39 AM
    Paypal Transaction # 5XF27777C1879882M


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  • abhijitp
    11-21 03:07 PM
    You are turning a blind eye to his family, while also asking him to spend time with his family. You ask him to spend what he can on his treatment, while his insurance cover may go away if he quits his job and return to fiji/india.

    There is no easy answer here.

    But if he had his GC, he could spend all the time with his family, use his insurance cover at the same time, and not worry about his family going out of status.
    He COULD try to expedite the GC, while also exploring other options.

    Sorry for splitting things apart, Mehul. My best wishes are with you.

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  • krishnam70
    06-18 11:23 AM
    Well, if u have made up ur mind just based on some post(s) (which by the way, may or may not be true and even if true, do u know the minute details around that case like country of origin, was H1 overstayed etc...etc...?), then no matter what I or anybody else suggests, u will still counter by showing that ONE little post. Do a google on AP with canadian landing and u will see many successful cases. So, tally between the successes and failures. I can guarantee u that for atleast every 100 successes u may (or may not) see one problematic case. The general mentality is, well, there was one failure, will I be the next to be caught? U will completely forget about the success cases. Even if its a problematic case, its not like the end of the world for them. They are still given a chance to re-enter USA.If everything goes wrong, then big deal, Canada beckons. Again, its my point of view.

    So, my final suggestion to u is...."Its ur call. Do what ur mind says". If I were in ur position, I'd have taken the risk and I have laid out my points of views in my earlier posts. But for u, I'd only say..."Its ur call".

    Folks this is personal experience

    We during the endless wait for the elusive GC decided to have back up plan. So applied for Canadian PR in March 2003. The Mandatory 52 weeks were in progress when I had to move out of the city from where we used to reside. So I completed the formalities of informing the Immigration dept of canada about the change in address. After 48 weeks we received a letter from the Canadian Immigration to proceed for Medical examinations and finger prints> We completed both the formalities and within 2 months received the request to send out passports for Stamping. In June 2004 we completed the formalities of getting the passport stamped. Meanwhile here in the US we had already received LCA approval and filed 140 and received approval for the same also but we were not hopeful of the GC itself.

    In July 2005 we landed in Canada through Detroit. Drove all the way to Toronto. We were keen to complete all the minimum formalities required like setting up a bank account, applying for SIN etc. We stayed a a friends place and completed the formalities next 2-3 days and then drove back to the US.

    Immigration status:
    My H1 had expired( 6 yrs completed) Feb 2005 so moved on to EAD. During the entry back to US they did not ask any questions. They asked when we entered US etc and general questions about work for which we replied. Questions about AOS were not asked as it was pretty apparent we were in AOS. The IO scanned through the entire passport and even saw the immigration stamp by canadian consulate and did not comment on it. I guess the answer to any potential questions would be that you will let go of the Canadian PR in case you get your US GC. As far as I know there is no statute or directive that IO should cancel the existing US GC process in anyway. The choice of choosing your country of permanent residence is yours I do not know/think if IO has any say in that.( I might be wrong may be we were lucky). Long story short.. We entered back to the US. Subsequently we got our GC cards which were collected by another friend who was visiting Canada and brought them back to the US. This year July is the last window of oppurtunity for us to go back to Canada.

    We did spend close to 2500$ for the whole process if I counted right.We filed ourselves. It was a valid back up plan for the position we were in. I have had 2 more colleagues of mine who were in the same situation and applied and got their Canadian PR's in the same way and no issues when entering back to the US. One of them even goes to canada every few months to show he is working out of Canada and goes out on consulting jobs. He is maintaining a virtual phone number in canada for any contacts that gets routed to his US number if somebody calls.

    Any call to go this route is purely personal and one person's experience is not a yardstick to say that is the norm.

    - cheera


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  • ravi190372
    08-28 10:28 PM
    gc_on_demand , are you with a desi consulting firm or with a US software company

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  • vjkypally
    07-20 09:37 AM
    Please keep this thread on the top

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  • test101
    07-09 10:41 AM
    I found this in the one of the forums.. please people contact the report have people hear us.

    Story for the Washington Post


    Hi all,

    I'm a reporter with the Washington Post. If your efforts result in Emilio Gonzalez receiving hundreds of flowers tomorrow, I would very much like to do a story on it. If you're interested in speaking with me and telling me your story and why you've decided to participate in this demonstration, please give me an email or call me. My contact information is below.

    office phone: 202 334 6701

    11-21 11:18 AM

    I have a unique position. couple of weeks back I was told that have fatal cancer and won't live pass 4-6 months. After recovering from initial shock I am wondering if my wife will be able to continue her american dream or she will have to head home after me.

    I have filed 485 with approved 140 back in june, 2007 with PD of March, 2003

    Please help.


    Hi Mehul,

    I cannot tell you how sorry I am for your current situation. Please don't give up and consult other physicians. I personally know couple of people who were scared by the doctors about having a serious health condition but they totally recovered and are fine now. The doctors here just alert you about the worst that could happen to save themselves from being sued. So please don't lose hope and try other methods.

    I am sure USCIS will consider your situation and your wife will get her GC without any problems. You just have to go in the right route. Contacting an attorney would be the way to go.

    Our best wishes are with you!

    05-01 12:51 AM
    Please all sign this petition it will hopefully help others and there for the grace of god could happen to any member of this site, so please help and sign

    There just has to be a compassionate visa subject to documentary evidence

    This situation can affect any of us at anytime. My dear husband was diagnosed terminal 4th May 06 and passed 13th May 06, the day he passed my sons immigration cases died with my husband

    Yes I can (LPR) petition for my son but as he is now over 21 years it will take approx 10 more years which is unacceptable

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