Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • vparam
    05-14 08:04 PM
    My PD will become current. I want to support IV, so contributing agaain.

    today 100, 450 till date.

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  • ocpmachine
    06-10 03:08 PM

    Took TST last week, positive (16mm), X-ray negative, civil surgeon marked "Class B, Latent TB Infection" on I-693, and gave me a notes saying that since May 2008, TST>10 will be marked with LTBI, and advised me to go to Health Department.

    Same as many of you guys, had taken vaccines when young. Have been in US for 11 years. Pretty sure I don't have TB. What should I do? Does LTBI affect 485 approval? How about AP/EAD? Will USCIS ask for evidence of TB treatment?

    Thank you very much!

    We just got our medical envelope for me and my wife from the doctor, we both had TST reaction of 10mm and 18mm, chest x-ray came out marked both of us Latent Class TB(LTB1)...i would not worry about this, Latent TB is not infectous and recommended(not required) to undergo treatment. I am going to sit tight, not taking any medication as i heard the medication is a strong antibiotic which has more side effects(esp in women) and does more damage(to liver) than cure. If on medication, you are also required to take a test every 2 months to check if your liver can take medications for following months. Ofcourse, even after taking medication for 9 months, you cannot guarantee future TST test will result -ve due to BCG vaccine history.

    If i get an RFE at a later time, i will goto my PCP, start medication(which i will discard) and get a letter saying in am on medication just for paper work sake, i refuse to take the medicine when x-ray is clear.

    Read here:

    Here is the snippet from for TB:

    16. What is Class B�Latent TB Infection Needing Evaluation for Treatment (LTBI)?
    A TST reaction of 10 mm or more of induration, and a history of recent arrival (within the last 5 years) in the United States from a high-prevalence country.
    No evidence of active TB disease.

    17. Should Part 3 of Form I-693 be completed when the civil surgeon is referring the applicant for evaluation for treatment of Latent TB Infection (LTBI)?
    The 2008 TB TIs recommend that civil surgeons refer applicants with �Class B�Latent TB Infection Needing Evaluation for Treatment (LTBI)� to the TB Control Program of the local health department. The referral for evaluation for treatment of LTBI is recommended, not required. Part 3 of Form I-693 should be used only for required referrals, therefore the civil surgeon should not complete Part 3 of Form I-693 when making this referral. It follows that the health department is not required to complete Part 4 of Form I-693 after evaluation for treatment of LTBI is completed or after treatment for LTBI is completed. Please see question 18 for related information.

    21. Can the civil surgeon medically clear the applicant for TB even if the applicant is going to receive treatment for latent TB Infection (LTBI)?
    Yes. Referral for treatment and/or completion of treatment for LTBI is not required for the civil surgeon to sign the I-693 form. As regards TB, the signature indicates the applicant is free of Class A pulmonary TB disease.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or an attorney, Please consult doctor or an attorney for expert advice.

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  • gc_dream07
    08-05 06:30 AM
    I am in similar situation.

    I have AP valid till Oct 3rd, 2010. My new AP application is with USCIS and have not received the approval. I will be traveling to Canada on August 15th for one week. I am planning to return on current AP. My question is: if my new AP gets approved when I am in Canada, will that cause any issue in my I-485 or re-entry to US.

    i was in same situation. couldn't get new AP in time. went for stamping in India.

    my attorney's advise was, u can't use the new AP, if u weren't here in US when it was approved. but after u come back using old valid AP or H stamp, u can use the new AP, for travel next time.

    if u read 131 instructions, it talks about abandoning app.

    basically, if u have no other status like H status, if u are using EAD for work and AP for travel,
    and if u leave US before approval of AP, ur 485 considered abandoned.


    Page 4, Section E.

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  • mwin
    08-14 02:49 PM
    325 + 70 + 180 + 170 = 745

    How did you come up with $745? I-485 application fees were $325 + $70 fee for biometrics. That makes it $395 per application or $790 for two applications. Maybe your lawyer gave you incorrect advice about the fees??


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  • needhelp!
    08-31 12:50 AM
    You guys are the experts.. I am a newbie. Good I asked, I would have never known!!

    Am I missing something here. Isn't it via country of birth and not country of citizenship. There might be better ways to get around the system. EB2 Indians should marry EB3 ROW folk and apply cross-chargeability! I have yet to think of a way out for EB3 India!

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  • howzatt
    07-16 01:44 PM
    I beg to disagree - I think if you read between the lines it is quite clear that potential solutions are being discussed. A solution may be announced but NOT within the 24 hrs that we all are expecting. It may lead to a deadlock in which case the lawsuit would be one of our recourse.

    I think we all got a little carried away by the 24HR time frame from Core.

    Whats new about this news? We have been hearing this since Thursday evening.


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  • kondur_007
    10-30 12:17 PM
    Thanks for your reply it was helpful.

    BUt can any one tell me do we have to be on payroll for at least 6 months after you get Gc or can we on and off payroll and still be with the same employer for what ever length of time we stick to the same employer who filed GC..

    Srh1: Please read my comments in the above two threads (thread links posted by bluez). I tried to summarize everything there.

    As far as your above question is concerned: You will be just fine even if you are on and off the payroll (especially if the empolyer does not have the project for some time...meaning that on and off was triggerred by the employer); because it still shows YOUR intention to stay with the employer.

    Feel free to ask any further questions (after going through above two threads) if you need any further info...I am not a lawyer but I will be happy to share what I know.

    Good Luck.

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  • tonyHK12
    02-03 07:52 PM


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  • anindya1234
    07-17 10:15 PM

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  • msp1976
    02-09 01:06 PM
    I would not say that suing USCIS is of no use...It does have its own uses....

    Most of the 'American people' donot think beyond their own thing...Some donot have intellectual capacity...Some lack the curiocity..Some are stuck in mortage..marriage..lovelife...divorse...They donot have time to look at our plight or our lawsuit...

    For all 'lawsuit oriented' people ...This is some educational material...
    Some people already sued the USCIS and their attempt failed...
    Still USCIS was forced to make certain statements in a federal court and certain processing became fast because of that...
    If you want to try suing please read all this.....


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    07-09 03:28 PM
    even now?

    Thats strange.....

    What is strange ?? He used PP in June when it was still available. USCIS suspended PP only for new cases to process what they already had.

    I can't wait to get the chance to upgrade mine .... not that I will do anything with it for a while (other than H1B extension) but is nice to have the approval in your pocket.

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  • logiclife
    04-02 10:15 AM
    Somehow prove that you were undocumented(illegal) before Jan 2004 to claim that benefit.

    If you were legally present and have always been legal then the benefit does not apply and you have to wait for your turn in the line for greencard.


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  • abhisam
    01-08 12:24 PM
    I recently renewed our passports. I removed the I-94 (Which were stapled) to the passports and kept those with me, just to make sure it doesn't get lost. There was no question asked from Indian embassy regarding I-94, which is not the requirement, on the website.

    i did not remove the i-94's and have already sent the passport for renewal. i do have a scanned copy of the i-94's. is there anything i can do at this point to get back the i-94's? i hope this does not pose a problem when i plan to travel outside the US. any advice is much appreciated.

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  • memyselfandus
    08-22 09:37 PM
    I have used for all of H1B and also for complete Green Card Processing. If it is just anything after I-140; they charge about $600 rest of the processing.
    You always get a response within a day from its director John Dorer.
    You can reach them at

    Can I have some recommendations for good attorney?


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  • jliechty
    June 6th, 2005, 08:05 AM
    Thanks. I will go back and reshoot this and experiment a bit. The scene wasn't lit by harsh light - high cloud as I recall. I actually deepended the shadows intentionally in the PS CS2 RAW converter - the original wasn't as contrasty. What is interesting is that while the actual exposure of the blown area should be well within tolerances (If I were still shooting B&W film I would have guessed it at around zone 8) it is just the one colour that is blown - and yellow is not one of the 3 channels so it must have actualy been 2 colours. I will have to keep an eye on my histogram display because I don't have the $ for a 1DSMkII!
    Digital SLRs are like slide film - the dynamic range is more limited than negative film. FWIW, when you end up with detail-less yellows, the red channel is probably the one that has blown. Good luck with your tests. :)

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  • msp1976
    02-09 03:59 PM
    All non-Indian members....

    At present India is the most retrogressed country...This is just an attempt to gauge the extent of retrogression....
    This poll does not imply that you are not valuable and your concerns are not cared for...


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  • paskal
    12-22 10:16 PM
    Mark you calenders/palms/outlooks etc


    watch this space for details on calling in


    let us all know if you can attend


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  • GCHope2011
    02-05 06:31 AM
    Hi EveryOne,

    I got my Green card in mail yesterday. I want to thank IV and everyone for all the support during this GC journey. I wish everyone all the best for their green card process. I wish everyone gets to file 485 irrespective of priority dates and ultimately get their green cards. This is a question to Admin, i have a recursive donation going on, I would like to make a one time donation and stop the recursive donation.

    Congrats ivar - you are now a free man!!

    My humble request - please do contribute to the cause that held you back for so long. If not financially, then through your efforts in advocacy & legislator meetings - every little bit counts.

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  • zCool
    02-25 10:38 PM
    Do not move to IT!
    Are you crazy?? IT is indentured servitude for some desi consultant!
    stay away.. there are already plenty of slaves..

    09-18 05:18 PM
    Hi, can I use EAD for my current employer.. my h1b exten under process and taking more than 1 yr .... thanks

    Of course you can work using your EAD for your Employer. The reason why so many still remain on H1(even after getting EAD) is because if the I-485 (AOS) is denied, they can still continue to work on H1 and maybe restart the whole GC process. But its not possible once you switch to EAD. You cannot fall back to H1.

    09-24 08:38 PM
    Yes, she is the primary applicant. I called the attorney this evening and he suggested H1 tranfer. I have seen people saying USCIS is rejecting H1-B transfers if the applicant already got EAD. I have to see how far that is true.

    is she the primary applicant on AOS? If so, to be safe, you may have her continue on H1 (provided employer is willing to file for H1B ac21 aka "transfer").
    If she is not prim. applicant and If the employer is not willing to shed the H1 "transfer" money, you may save money by using EAD.

    just my thoughts, check with attorney please.



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