Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • kminkeller
    03-09 03:54 PM
    Thanks Radhagd:

    Is it necessary to do consular processing. PD for EB2 for my country is current. Also, can we premium process my LABOR and I140 now a days?


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  • alterego
    09-17 11:16 PM
    go to, you will get a lot more info and more accurate info there.

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  • gxr
    10-03 06:58 PM
    So, is that when you got the background check ?

    Here is why I am asking the question:

    My RD was 10/06, LUD was 10/26 and I am now afraid that mine may be another background check case.

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  • swapnajay
    10-09 01:08 PM
    Sorry to scare you in my previous reply....I did not read your question properly....
    Since you are from a Non-Retrogressed Country, you may be eligible to apply for AOS. As you mentioned, you may apply I-140, I-485, I-131, and I-765 all together without any hassle. Make sure your attorney files all your applications with the right fee, since the fee structure has changed recently.
    Sorry about my previous post though...
    Good Luck!!


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  • tnite
    06-26 03:29 PM
    While filing for my wife's G-325A form, her last name was filled in first name and first name as last name. We got our FP notice yesterday and thats when I went back and reviewed all the forms I filed. I was wondering if any of you know what can be done so that an honest mistake can be corrected?

    Any input appreciated. I understand it is for information purpose only and not many of us are attorneys, so no disclosure required :)

    Check this forum (

    Question:Name misspelled on I-485 NOA

    Yesterday we recieved 3 NOAs (for 130, 485, and 131) from USCIS, and unfortunately, most important (I-485) NOA misspelled my last name (while two other NOAs not). Nothing was misspelled on my application - I checked my copy.

    On the NOA, USCIS wrote in bold: Please notify us immediately if any of the above is incorrect. Well, my last name is incorrect (twice). Unfortunately, USCIS didn't say how exactly I should notify them immediately.

    So, what is the best way to correct this? Infopass? Or any good phone/fax numbers or email? We are in San Francisco.

    Thank you.

    Answer Yes, you can do it through INFOPASS or you can wait until your fingerprinting appointment which will happen shortly and do it at that time

    An attorney has suggested them to take an infopass appt and I suggest you do the same

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  • SGP
    02-04 02:52 PM
    Congrats on your freedom my friend. Fly like an Eagle. I am really happy to see a fellow member break open the shackles which were holding him back. Don't forget us and keep bumping up this thread for people like us.
    God Bless.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$Good Afternoon GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence, 5)Priority Date so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved


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  • tnite
    09-30 02:58 PM
    If you dont mind, can you please elaborate little bit more on this?

    I worked on-campus and I did put that info on the g325 form. The AO wanted me to send any or all work authorizations, H1B etc for the period they had mentioned. I had to send my I20, OPT EAD explaining them that I worked on campus as an F1 International student.

    I think putting in oncampus jobs really messes it up and they end up issuing a RFE thinking its illegal employment.

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  • optimystic
    09-21 11:59 PM
    Several people have said the need and craving for GC is just in one's state of mind. And that one can do a lot of things without GC, move around freely with EAD+AC21 and that even after getting GC , people who have no drive/vision/talent, will see no sudden change/bright future just because now they have GC in hand.

    I agree with all the above arguments.

    But I also want to add that having GC or for that matter having anything (like money, good wife/family, good job) etc is about having MORE options and FREEDOM of choice at your disposal, and less things to worry about.

    While EAD+AC21 gives you a lot of freedom
    You still have to worry about
    - Timely renewal of EAD
    - Timely renewal of AP
    - Worry about being hassled when entering via AP.
    - Not able to do a second side job
    Others can say that people who worry, always have reasons to worry. And I don't debate that :) . But bottom line, its about having more options at your disposal. May be not everyone will use those options effectively once its in their hands. But to those who want to, and capable of using them, its a loss by not having those options in hand.

    Thats what GC means to me.

    On the other hand...Its just the current state of mind...

    You are asking 'What is GC, is it worth it?'. But you don't ask the same thing about other 'What is Money, is it worth it?' !! 'What is family, is it worth it?'

    But people do enter a state of mind, where other things become more important to them than what is important to you or me (like money, family....GC etc).

    Vivekanada was a wealthy , happily married Narendranath at one point in his life. But after he met Paramahamsa and got set on spiritual path, he renounced money (!), family (!!) and everything else...for what his mind was set on at that time. I am sure he would have asked himself "What is money?" , "What is family" ?

    You or me may never reach that kind of "Viragya", but I am sure we will pass thru stages in life, where GC, or Money, or Cozy life in US will mean nothing to us. All you want might be to have a good health, peaceful retirement, be close to your wife, and close to your son/daughter/grandkids who may be far away from you like you now are far from your parents !

    Despite being aware of all this, I am sure tomorrow you and I are going to log in to IV for some interesting bit of info, going to check for LUD, or check the processing/visa date bulletin. Thats because we are human. And I am not ashamed of it because I know I am not obsessive about it, atleast not yet :)


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  • chris
    02-12 02:51 AM
    Yes.. I did contacted to congresman office.

    His office informed me that our cases are assigned to adjudicating officer.

    damn! sorry to hear that Chris, did you contact any congressmen? as for me, I need to take some vacation, this gc bug has bitten me and its hurting now.:)

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  • gsc999
    04-15 01:54 PM
    Hello, I think I made a mistake. I recently went from GC to citizenship and it cost me my job. I was
    fired shortly after becoming a citizen.

    Senthil for once I agree with you :D Tell me who moved my Cheese!

    abby: GC to citizenship, lost job eh!
    US law doesn't permit discrimination in employment based on race or Country of origin.

    There are many websites that advertise jobs in India, depending on your situation and goals. Send me a PM with your resume and phone number, I will try getting you a job in India. Average pay scale is thousand dollars/mo and commute time in 3 hours. I am sure, those are non factors because you so sincerely desire this.

    Also, I would recommend taking a break from this all and think about your future plans. I am not sure how young you are, there is a call for surge in Iraq for our troops. It is perfect time for a citizen to show his patriotism. I heard sign-up bonus is amazing :-) I was planning to volunteer, they refused me because I am a prospective legal immigrant. I want to contribute but can't, I feel bad.


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  • ultimo
    10-02 12:06 PM
    PD is important . inorder to use the visa numbers the applicant whose FP & name check is cleared but Pd is not current but other applicant whose Pd is current but name check is not cleared The person who cleared will get the priority instead of PD . one of my friend got like this . so its cat & mouse game anyone can get it

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  • jayram123
    07-12 12:05 AM
    If this is true it's really horrible and scary that this gov. agency is handling our applications.

    It sounds like it's true. Man! I just wish somebody holds them accountable for this. Despite all efforts from DOS to not waste any more numbers by making all categories current, USCIS still wastes them. Shameful! USCIS should be completely rehauled.:(


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  • truthinspector
    01-28 08:12 PM
    Although it does not feature in this article, Bush is using the word 'Guest Worker' more often these days. Any opinions about the emphasis on the word 'Guest' these days in Bush's speeches? Is there a covert message there? s/articleshow/1461553.cms

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  • nobody
    05-27 02:16 PM
    soul's sucks=)


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  • bkarnik
    11-03 04:34 PM
    Talk to an attorney. Either way it will be money well spent. From what I have heard, these non-compete clauses are very weak and generally unenforceable. Typically, these clauses are applicable for very high level jobs where you may be in a position to benefit a competitor due to your inside knowledge of the current company. Recently, Microsoft had sued one of its senior level employee who left to join Google on the non-compete issue. From what I read the last about it, Google aggressively defended its employee and the case was dismissed.

    I would suggest talking to an attorney specializing in contracts.

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  • coopheal
    12-04 08:58 AM


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  • Jerrome
    11-08 12:51 PM
    It includes all the AOS i.e Family Based, EB etc... Right

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  • freeskier89
    03-02 10:17 AM
    Just out of curiousity, does traditional painting qualify?

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  • MahaBharatGC
    10-13 10:57 AM

    Dear gurus,

    I have one fundamental question.
    why EAD renewal can take up to 3 months? (90 days). It just does not make sense. I can understand if it is fresh application OR it has been expired for quite sometime before applying for renewal. If it is fresh app, there might be some security checks, application verificaiton checks etc. But EAD Renewal is very simple. You were approved once, your application does not boast any address changes. All you are requesting is renewal based on pending I-485. No common sense!:eek:
    This is very very unacceptable and shows the lazyness of USCIS in adjucating timely. But they are VERY TIMELY in increasing fees....:eek:
    I know I am very furious but dont we think we should raise some momentum in allowing special processing for EAD renewal or allowing local offices to issue Renewals for EAD which has been eliminated now????


    12-15 03:27 PM
    Are you trying to create a problem or solve one? If I were from Sri Lanka, why would I send my wife to India? If we start following your advice, soon many husbands would be leading a single life for being laid off.

    Read line 2 of this thread, OP says he is EB3-India , so why should he not send his wife to India ??

    05-27 11:36 AM
    I E-filed on Apr-13th. Sent doc's on Apr-19th. LUD Apr-21st. No Photo's sent with doc's.
    Waiting for FP/Approval.

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