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  • gcfriend65
    04-27 03:58 PM
    Hagel Introduces Legislation to Deal with Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.

    A new Senate Bill has been introduced.

    U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) has introduced �The Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007.� The legislation would create a merit-based point system to deal with those living in the country illegally. Those who receive enough points would be put on a pathway to earn citizenship after 13 years. Under Hagel�s bill, no person here illegally would be able to jump in line ahead of someone who has applied for citizenship legally.

    So, on the Illegal side we have:

    Senate Bill: Hagel with The Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007
    House Bill: Flake with the STRIVE

    On the Legal and High-Tech side we have:

    Senate Bill: Cornyn with SKIL Bill
    House Bill: Shadegg with SKIL Bill

    Senate Discussion: Last two weeks of May 2007.

    Let the engines start.

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  • pd_recapturing
    09-26 10:51 AM
    You made my day. Thanks so much. :):):):):):):)

    I don't understand why people are right now so worried about priority date retrogression. If you have passed 180 days after I140 approval, go ahead, change your job and incase your 485 gets denied, reapply with new employer, with new new job description, using old PD and get GC soon as your priority date will be current. Am I missing something?

    There is no way I am going to spend 6-7 years in the same job with the same title(maybe even same company).
    ohhhh wow !! .. Man ...It not so easy as it looks on paper ...U will find tons of ppl in the stage of limbo after doing all this ... (including me though :(
    My sincere advice, DO not even think about it ..

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  • sree_99
    02-01 08:09 PM
    She is not using her EAD, She is enrolled fulltime in school.

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  • wandmaker
    07-12 08:46 PM
    Our Current EAD is expiring on 10/01/2008. So we had applied for extension in june. On july 7th our application was approved and today we recieved our EAD cards. I was expecting a one year extension , which is until 10/01/2009. But USCIS send us ead cards that will expire on 01/01/2009.

    What should be the course of action here. Do i need to reapply or just contact USCIS and will they be able to fix it? Any body on similiar situation.?

    Service center is nebraska

    You do not have to reapply, please call USCIS and let them know of this issue. CSR will tell you how to proceed further


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  • Gravitation
    11-19 12:04 PM

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  • xu1
    08-24 01:43 PM
    hello days go by,
    kinda new here.
    is there a way to find out, out of 360K case overall, how many are EB1, EB2 or EB3? Or how many files in year 01, 02, and 03?

    overheard most are EB2/3 cases and not many 245i cases.

    One thing for sure is that no file in BEC is EB1. The rest is all guess:

    If the historic information can tell the present and future, then roughly for every 2 - 3 EB3, there is one EB2...

    The trackers at immigrationportal show not many 01 files left, and there're still quite some 02 and a lot of 03 in both BECs. DBEC tends to process a lot of 04/05 cases recently in LIFO manner, whereas PBEC is a bit more FIFO recently barring some cases that came out of regionals..


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  • mheggade
    08-13 02:48 PM
    who is vld rao?

    vdl rao is Official Visa Bulletin Astrologer for IV. ;)

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  • ArunAntonio
    02-20 06:13 PM
    guys, why even bother waste your time on this. Please help IV gear up a movement to end retrogression. Please donate, make other IV aware...and send in ur stories......How do u think number crunching will help us....apart from making us feel worse.

    I disagree, Number crunching if it can give the members an idea of how long it will take to get the GC will motivate them beyond any thing else. If ppl can see the unreasonable amount of time we have to wait before any thing can happen will make force them to take some action. So if any one can make sense of the numbers and if it is reliable please post it for the benifit of others.


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  • The7zen
    06-14 08:01 PM
    Thank you for your inputs. I really appreciated for your help. We went to Detective office and he allowed my sister only to question. He asked couple of questions regarding that family and theft. My sister explained him that she don't know about that situation. It took about 20 minutes time there. We have below questions still remains in our mind.

    1) Do we really required a Lawyer to protect?
    2) I believe they should have proper information to arrest or accuse right?
    3) We know my sister is innocent but feeling insecure for being happend. so what are all the chances to again question my sister?.

    After viewing your messages here, we realized it is wrong to go to Detective office but we went this morning

    Please help me in this

    1) Its better to have a lawyer in these type of situations, especially if they have to record your statements.
    3) Did you talk to the accuser to find out what exactly is happening and why he is suspecting your sister? BTW if you do so, just be polite and listen to what he says dont get agitated over the phone.
    Good luck....

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  • virens
    12-12 02:35 PM
    I entered the US at LAX from my vacations using AP. It was very smooth. I was asked to go to a different line and the whole process took like 2 minutes.
    The officer stamped one of the 3 copies of my AP and returned it back to me. So I still have all 3 copies of my AP.


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  • srkamath
    08-05 06:15 PM
    It is illegal for the foreign employee to pay or to reimburse the employer (or even agree to a reduced salary) to cover the costs of the foreign labor certification process. There are no exceptions to this - there is no varied interpretation either. The labor certification will be denied or revoked if the foreign applicant had any role to play in the recruitment process.

    Disclaimer - This is my understanding, i'm not a lawyer.

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  • sanjaymk
    10-19 05:17 PM
    Actually, IMO, stocks is a loosers game. Many have tried it and have lost a "lot" of money(including myself). If you would like to make money through investments(i didn't say *stocks*), you should go with something like mutual funds and have a well diversified portfolio across different asset classes.

    If you really want to get yourself into stock market investing, the best book(Holy Grail for people like Warren Buffet and many other Mutual Fund managers) to get started on is is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. There are tons of discussion forums like that has discussions about finance related topics. You could also get started with Mutual Funds for Dummies, Common Sense book on Investing by John Bogle, The Intelligent Asset Allocator by Bill Bernstein etc., There are tons of other ones, but this would get you started.

    But, my 2 cents, have a long term goal, educate yourself on what investing(again, I didn't say stocks) is and get started. Investing is a marathon not a sprint.

    Hope this helps.



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  • chanduv23
    11-10 04:03 PM
    WOW...its amazing to see how a simple thing (in my opinion) like volunteering can be such a big deal.

    While it is legal to work on a L-4 why are H-4s not allowed to work? Beats me!

    yes - unfortunately that's how it is. The simple funda is "never work for free". it is a competitive and exploitative world - I have seen so many people working as volunteers coming as contractors for 2 months , 3 months work - they get hired by unscrupulous managers who want to get work done for free. They are promised employment after 3 months contract and all sweet words ... this happens in big companies too - they will use and throw you to keep their job. Many a time they may not even acknowledge that you were there.

    Keep looking for a job and work hard towards a job - you will definitely get one.

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  • akhilmahajan
    11-16 10:15 AM


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  • funny
    09-16 02:54 PM
    Keep those phone lines busy..

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  • sayantan76
    12-07 06:21 PM
    Maybe the definition of project managers varies by company. Most PMs I know have maybe around 6-7 years of work experience and I definitely wouldn't classify them as executives or even say that their employment is in the National Interest.

    However I do know of some cases where doctors have got NIW based on practicing in an under-served (rural?) area.

    Is there a way to prove that one who created a suite of applications without which a business unit will stop functioning comes under National Interest?
    Just a thought.
    I think - the spirit of EB-1 (manager) has to do with having full managerial control over people (performance management, hiring/ firing/ compensation rather than just supervisory control) and/or a business portfolio (say - head of a business division)

    but as someone pointed out - let lawyers figure out the best strategy for each case.......


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  • new_phd
    05-14 12:51 AM
    *** Modified post to reflect that this is a repeat post.***

    __________All Other________ China _________ India __________ Mexico _______ Phillipines

    EB-1_________ C ____________ C ____________ C ____________ C ____________ C
    EB-2_________ C ________ 01 APR 04 _____ 01 APR 04 _________ C ____________ C
    EB-3_____ 01 MAR 06 _____ 22 Mar 03 _____ 01 NOV 01 _____ 01 JUL 02 _____ 01 MAR 06
    Other_____01 JAN 03 _____ 01 JAN 03 _____ 01 JAN 03 _____ 01 JAN 03 _____ 01 JAN 03

    Everything else is current.

    Link to bulletin:

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  • vishals_me
    04-17 03:04 PM
    Even i reviewed the list of NOC on their site but I don't see any chages. But i could see one thing on that pdf list is the date still says February 5, 2009. So it;s not updated as per April 15,2009 if they revised the list.
    So need to find out wether they revised the list of NOC or not..
    any one knows???

    Thanks in advanc,


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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-18 05:31 PM
    LostInGCProcess, his I140 is not approve, how come he can use his EAD ?

    AOS can only be use after his I140 is approved.


    That is not true. Once you have EAD on hand, you can chose to work using your EAD. I-140 pending or approval has nothing to do with working on EAD. The risk is, if his I-140 is not approved, then it would automatically trigger a NOID for I-485 and his EAD becomes invalid....thats the risk factor. But one can work if one has EAD.

    05-12 10:14 AM
    This is what I received :

    Thank you for taking action on AILA's Contact Congress website. If you'd like to get more involved in our advocacy efforts, please contact AILA's Manager of Grassroots Advocacy, Jenny Levy.
    Your message was sent to:

    Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN)
    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
    Representative Keith M. Ellison (D-MN 5th)

    06-08 05:57 PM
    I have approved EB3 LC and approved I 140 with PD JAN 2002. My wife has approved EB2 LC (Perm) and Approved I 140 with PD JAN 2006
    As we represent one family can't my wife use my PD and apply I 485 under EB2.
    for example If husband is born in a retrogressed country and wife in a non retrogressed country in that case, husband gets a free ride !
    Why not in this case ? Just curious !

    in case of spouses having different nationality, we can flip the primary applicant and are not mis-matching the priority dates. So if ur wife is from a non-retro country her PD is still going JAN 2006 but since she is from non-retro she has greater chance of success.

    But here u want ur priority date to be applied to your spouse application and that's not legally possible. As the other poster says u can try PERM for EB2 and xfer ur old PD to the new PERM.

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