Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • DirCls
    07-15 06:18 AM
    I am in Houston

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  • pappu
    12-01 03:40 PM
    I am not sure about the exact Business Analyst vs Programmer Analyst functions, but from my own experience, just make sure that your lawyer makes your job description very broad. It will help you not just in your process with the existing company but also if you were to change the job after 485.

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  • styrum
    02-18 12:22 PM
    I can't recall Democratic senators helping LEGAL immigrants during the CIR debate last year!

    Maria Cantwell (D-WA) introduced the only amendment favorable for us.

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  • tcsonly
    07-21 04:07 PM
    My PD is June 04 and the online status for my LC shows CERTIFIED since last week. Attorneys say they need DOL to send them the approved LC ... some document, which would be needed to file I-140 and I-485. Any idea how much time it takes for DOL to send the above said document back to the applicant or representative?

    In that case, have your paper work ready such as medical tests, birth certs & related.



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  • pgc10
    02-03 07:18 PM
    The AC21 requires you to have the new employer sign the AC21. What if the employer refuses to sign..??

    Also does anyone have the exact wording they sent to USCIS with the AC21 letter

    There is no standard legal forms to file for AC21. So, I don't think employer needs to sign anything unless you were talking about the offer letter (which would obviously be signed by both employer and employee).

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  • GLIX
    02-22 06:14 AM
    it was already at july 13, 2006, now it's back at june? how could that happen?:confused:


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  • crystal
    02-02 10:27 AM

    2.K. Can I travel outside the United States if I have a Form I-485 adjustment of status application pending?

    No, not without advance permission. If you depart the United States with a pending I-485, you have abandoned your application unless you receive permission in advance from USCIS to return to the United States. This permission is called Advance Parole.

    You may also be considered ineligible to return to the United States as an F-1 student, because your application to change status to that of a permanent resident is evidence of intent to immigrate which is inconsistent with nonimmigrant student status

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  • gova123
    08-27 12:38 PM
    Go in person that would be best. Houston will not respond to mail or phone calls, Their whole switch board is messed up. I had tough time when I sent it to Houston.

    Can we go in person, I thought they would encourage only in case of emergency. Any one know that if we can go to the consulate and get the passport renewed quickly for sure.



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  • gcretroiv
    01-30 11:08 PM
    United Nations, Pls help Immigration Voice.
    we know your capability.

    BTW, sorry for some members rude behaviour towards you.
    Probably they may not know about your role in and they may not even know how you helped lot of guys with I140 ability to pay issues.

    Hi Guys, pls encourage good people like United Nations to help us.
    He will be good asset for us to utilize his time and service.
    He has an amazing knowledge in immigration matters.

    Need not to say, knowledge is power, in present era.

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  • sroyc
    08-03 12:32 PM
    There is no box for A#. The fields are - Receipt #, Case Type (I-140), Receipt Date, Priority Date, Petitioner, Notice Date, Page (1 of 1), Beneficiary, Law firm's name and address, Notice Type (Approval, Preference category).

    This was around April 2006. Maybe they changed the format?

    There should be a box for A number, is it blank?


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  • texanmom
    09-17 01:56 PM

    I am sorry that your calls were not returned. I am one of the state chapter leaders, and I am working remote supporting the core team.

    To tell you the truth, I know it is crazy at the Situation room. Everyone is very busy trying to keep up with 134 appointments we have sceduled today and also training all the folks that are coming in for these meetings. Everything except the most important tasks are falling through the cracks since the volunteers are overloaded.

    Please PM me, I am sure we could use your talent.
    Best regards,
    - texanmom

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  • dealsnet
    06-14 03:53 PM
    Living in outside India, we need to learn much caution.
    This is a true incident happened in NY.
    A boy from south India came to NY by family immigration sponsored by his uncle. He came after his 10th grade exam. Living in uncle's house. After few days in US, he played ball with some kids in the street. Ball strayed into somebody's garden. He went to pick the ball, and then he thought about taking permission from the house owner. He didn't ring the bell, just went inside the house, where he find a girl sitting in a sofa. She is a teenager alone in her home at that time. As soon as she saw this dark colored boy, she screamed and ran outside the house. He saw she is screaming, he also ran outside. All these sound make the neighbors attention and some one call 911 and police arrested this boy for attempted rape. He served 6 months in prison. Rape charge is rejected with a plea bargain for trespassing, all because he is minor 15 years old.

    So need to change the behavior with socializing in this country.

    Well just to get away a bit from the complications of immigration!

    Either the victim (who lost jwelery) has some animosity to you/family/your sister or your sister by her actions has given him/her reason to suspect her for the lost jwelery. Maybe your sister might have been a frequent visitor to that house? Or the jwelery was lost immediately after your sisters visit? First identify what prompted this accusation and then tackle it. Ofcourse consult a good attorney.
    Even if the person acuses your sister, she is inocent until proven guilty and unless there is sufficient evidence there is no way your sister will be convicted by any judge/jury.

    Lesson to learn; Don't get tooooooooo close to anybody. Helping is good but even with your relatives you have keep a certain distance and respect their privacy and territory. Indians tend to overlook this and often asume that they can enter into other people's lives, think for them and act for them. Its ok in India but once you are here things change quite a bit.......:o:o


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  • needhelp!
    08-31 01:45 AM
    Registering a new country? I hope you are not kidding, needhelp!:)


    With one appearance in print and one on the airwaves of funasia radio... I couldn't have had a better day. Thanks to IV!! I am a little light in the head right now, and its way past my bedtime.

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  • aquarianf
    06-25 10:22 AM
    As we all know that priority dates became current in the latest visa bulletin. My lawyer made all my paper work ready and is about to file my paperwork with USCIS today. I am not sure if we can file the application a week before it actually becomes current.

    I heard some people say that it's actually allowed to file 3 or 4 days before it becomes current. I also read reports that some people's application was rejected because it was sent too early. I am not sure what to believe here. Does anybody has any information on this?

    Wait till 1st July. My friend who send his application on 29th May still waiting for receipt number but other friends who filed in June first week got their receipt number.


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  • Gravitation
    10-23 10:30 AM
    One common misconception is that there's a "quota" for each country. There's none.

    The number 2600 is actually the upper limit. It means that no one country should get more visa numbers than 2600.

    The total number of EB3 visa numbers for the whole world is 40,000. There's no entitlement here. There's no guarantee of all visa numbers being issued. There's no minimum number of visas that a specific country is sure to get...

    If there's a demand for more than 2600 for a specific country, it's said to be oversubscribed. If the total demand from all countries remains below 40,000, the remaining visa numbers may overflow to the oversubscribed countries.

    Once again, it's perfectly within the law to issue less than 40,000 visa numbers. It's a limit, not a quota.

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  • gcisadawg
    04-19 06:06 PM
    When you go for a loan against the credit card balance, there are two types.

    1> 0% to 1.99% short term loan with 3% transfer fee.
    2> 4.99% to 5.99% LIFE time loan with 3% transfer fee.

    The key thing for both the loan is...

    1> Never EVER use the credit card that you used to get the loan UNTIL you repay the loan completely..
    2> When you go for the loan, ensure the balance on your card is zero. If you have a balance, ask them to pay off the balance from the loan amount and send the reminder.
    3> Always pay on time at least the minimum balance. Never miss a payment. Ensure this credit card doesn't have universal default clause, meaning, if you are late on any other credit card then you are considered as late on this card.

    If all the above three points are acceptable, I suggest CC loans. Otherwise, look for other options.



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  • lazycis
    05-07 03:08 PM
    since leaving the employer was not my intent but the employer`s decision

    It gives you more protection in some cases (i.e. I-485 is pending less than 180 days). Overall, you should worry about finding new job more than this portability stuff. Whatever regulations they come up with will not have retroactive effect, AFAIK.

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  • vinayskadam
    11-23 08:49 PM
    @sameer2730 :

    So when you made the mistake "Country Of Citizenship" on your EAD eFile, how did you get that corrected? Did you send in a "Request For Correction" along with your supporting documentation to USCIS? Did they send you an RFE or did they accept your docs and approved your EAD?
    Sent the request for correction with my supporting documents.

    -- I have done the same mistake, so can you please tell what exactly you did. I mean did you call the helpline and is there any format in which we need to "Request for correction".

    And once you sent the "Request for Correction", was it ok. Or is there any problem with the correction.

    Please help me with your advice. I am completely in dilemma as to what needs to done..

    Thanks in advance..

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  • gsc999
    04-19 03:59 PM
    [QUOTE=boldm28]Y cant you ask the same question in your home country assuming it is India
    you wont get any reply not in 100 years[/QUOTE
    baldm28: :p

    Cz Raju pays taxes in US.

    05-27 01:48 PM
    120 days, but 90 days atleast

    Does anyone know how many days prior to expiration of EAD, we can file for extension?

    04-19 11:30 AM
    Atleast, Janak was bold enough to be straight forward.

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