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  • HV000
    08-10 12:44 AM
    It is too early to tell if it definitely refers to us, but it is more likely that this IS referring to EB and naturalization background checks. Reasoning is like this - Background checks are required by Department of State (DOS) for issuing Visas. Department of homeland security (DHS) under which USCIS comes is responsible for those within the US. Now background checks are not conducted for issuing H1B visa etc. They are only for EB/N-400. So it is more likely they are referring us. Secondly, just two months back USCIS announced that it is going through Ombudsman's report and would be preparing a response. Last month FBI's miller came out and suggested they are happy with main file checks (which take less than 2 days to come back automatically) and USCIS is insisting of doing reference file checks and they would be keen to work with USCIS to find ways of reducing backlog processing times. Some options included they way background checks are done, and also borrowing workers from USCIS for FBI's NNC unit. Finally, when the fee increase was announced USCIS mentioned some of the money would go to reduce processing times and FBI asked for increasing the name check fee from $2 to $9 which means now that the fees increase has been implemented more resources to reduce time may be implemented.

    With scores of cases against USCIS and thousands of letters to congressmen and president and articles in NYT and WS Times, finally they may have realized that it is time they attended to the background check delays issue.

    Very good points. We should know more about this tomorrow. Hopefully they are referring to FB/EB IMMIGRATION.

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  • chanduv23
    02-18 09:25 AM

    I was quite disappointed to see so much space devoted Senator Barack Obama in "Power Politics" (January 2008). In particular, I was upset at the "feel good" nonsense spouted, like Bushisms, by one supporter: "I have looked him straight in the eye and I can tell you first hand that the man believes in what he says."

    My daughter, a Democrat activist at Georgetown University also had a first hand experience with Sen. Obama when he gave a speech there last year. After the speech he was approached by my Indian daughter and an Anglo-Saxon friend for a handshake, a few words and a photo op. Sen. Obama was brusque, rude and stated that he was too busy for a picture with them. A few steps later he was stopped by an African American woman, who made the identical request. Without hesitation he spoke to her for a few minutes and posed for a photograph, all within feet of my daughter and her friend.

    I have tried to contact the senator's staff by phone and e-mail to communicate the disappointment of the two young girls, but have had no response.

    My daughter and I will certainly vote for the person his staff tried to insult as the "Senator from Punjab," Sen. Hillary Clinton, and pray that in the final analysis others, young and old, will value the experience and proven loyalty to Indians of the Clintons. I hope I won't be forced to make a choice between Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain.
    Jan Vyas, Via eMail

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  • amitga
    04-27 06:00 PM
    Hagel Introduces Legislation to Deal with Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.

    So, on the Illegal side we have:

    Senate Bill: Hagel with The Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007
    House Bill: Flake with the STRIVE

    On the Legal and High-Tech side we have:

    Senate Bill: Cornyn with SKIL Bill
    House Bill: Shadegg with SKIL Bill

    Senate Discussion: Last two weeks of May 2007.

    Let the engines start.

    Are they going to discuss all the bills in last week of May or just the Hagel Bill.

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  • sunny1000
    04-20 06:25 PM
    When it comes to immigration matters, my mantra is safe than sorry. I would still make the trip to the CBP office and get a date noted on the I-94. This way if you want to extend their stay, etc you will be covered.

    I second that statement. Moreover, this gives you the peace of mind knowing that somebody at CBP won't screw up entering the I-94 info when your parents surrender this at the airline or give a hard time for a lack of date on the I-94 when your parents want to travel again.


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  • Junky
    09-16 01:27 PM
    Call House Judiciary Committee Members for HR 5882
    Calls to ?

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  • uma001
    07-26 02:30 PM
    Go for GC , not career. You can get good career whenever you want, but you cant get GC whenever you want. Once you get GC you can apply for 150k job wherever you want, any company you want. With h1 you cant do that.


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  • srisra
    02-01 09:19 AM

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-08 05:11 PM
    Thanks for starting this. I am in same boat, i called TSC and the IO told me my case was approved on 9/4/09 and i have an LUD on 9/4/09 however online status says case pending. I asked that to the IO and she says she does not know about the online status but in there system it is approved. I did that after i received a call from an IO from local field office ( i went for Infopass last week at local office) informing that my and my wife's cases were approved on 9/4/09.
    I am hoping to get the cards as have to travel to India next week. The IO in Texas advised me to get the Passport stamped.

    I am in India already, both my H1B and AP expires in few weeks. Waiting for the God damn mail to reach home so my buddy can fedex to india.

    How many have got the physical mails already?


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  • pakrish
    06-22 09:29 AM
    My laywer has adviced me that the skin test is mandatory

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  • spicy_guy
    04-08 04:47 PM
    I believe the intention of not moving too much beyond jul 06 , may be to make some spill over benfit happen to EB3 also. If they open the gate for EB2 now, lots of 485 application may come in and there may not be spill over to EB3. :)


    If that were to happen, EB3 I should move at least one month ?!!?!


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  • karl65
    11-17 12:37 AM
    yes thats true .... but I guess only pig is not enough ... we need the whole animal kingdon fly before ....:D least most of the Animal kingdom can fly.....the problem is if USCIS knows it!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D

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  • kookoo
    08-03 06:17 PM
    What the chances are of an inquiry between the USCIS and my Previous Employer?


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  • suren26
    07-24 12:12 PM
    I have question Need Urgent reply

    I have H1B valid till FEB 2009 but it is not stamped on my passport. I entered in US with AP. and my I140 got denied I have sent the appeal and received the receipt for appeal. but after sending I140 appeal my I485 got denied. I have sent appeal for I485. Not received any receipt yet.
    I have renewed my EAD and travel document before I485 denial

    my question Is,am i legal to stay in US. I am just confused reading different posts with different response.
    can some some body help me understand this situation.

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  • funny
    09-16 01:25 PM
    Just cut short that Coffee/Tea/water break around the water cooler and make those calls today...


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  • Bpositive
    01-02 01:59 AM
    Happy New Year!

    My new year begins with another immigration issue..need some urgent advice.

    My wife went to the US Consulate in Chennai today for her first time H-1 stamping. She completed her Phd in Biology from the US and has been working for almost a year for a US biotech company. The consular officer has asked her to submit additional information -221(g); mostly about her job and the company. I can't understand it! Most of the information asked has already been submitted to the INS in reponse to a H-1 RFE.

    My wife has an Advance Parole document and EAD based on my I-485 application.

    Can you suggest options for her?

    1. can she forget about the H-1, not respond to the 221(g) and travel back on advance parole and start working on EAD?

    2. If after submission of 221(g) her visa gets rejected, can she still use the Advance Parole to travel to US and work on her EAD?

    3. Any other options/advice?

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  • ArkBird
    06-17 01:54 PM
    TOTALLY unknown...

    No one knows what they look at and won't look at while deciding on your I485. If you one of the "chosen" one, you may get called for personal interview and I have heard lots of horror stories about the stuff they asked at the interview. At the same most of the people get the GC without hitch.

    So, the morale of the story is stop worrying. There is nothing you can do/prepare to effect decision on your I-485. Since you have played by book and assuming you don't have any law related issues, you should be fine.



    I can empathize. I might me more luckier than you, and there are people *luckier* than me. (You know what I mean..) But, if for some reason I don't get my GC, and you get your GC in a few years, me being lucky to start with is of no use. Nothing is sure till GC is on-hand for anyone.

    So, I would appreciate if someone could let me know if there are any disadvantages process-wise when it comes to I-485 adjudication on a pre-approved labor.



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  • gst76
    02-19 12:52 PM
    I don't know if it is mandatory rule but it definitely is a strong message from US Embassy in Canada. I registered for my trip to visit Canada in Oct 2006, but eventually backed out after reading this message. I don't know if the same message is still being shown or not.

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  • xgoogle
    11-12 05:34 PM
    Even if you are not paid, working for a for-profit organization implies taking away job from a legal resident/citizen who could otherwise have been paid. If its a non-profit org, its a different matter.

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  • anilsal
    01-08 05:15 PM
    the latest passport information once you got it..

    06-12 10:26 AM
    fake post from loser's guild.


    While in the process of filing for labor certification my company has found 2 suitable citizens who are eligible for the job.

    Now what are my options going forward and how does this affect my chances of a successful PERM filing ??

    I'm filing in EB3 category right now. Also I need to file for labor before oct since my H1 will expire its original 6 year length next Oct (Oct 2010).

    08-16 05:08 PM

    The same happened to me in Oregon. Though they have all immigration information about me the person is not able to see/understand and asked me to come after 10days.

    Normally they take 5-6 days if they are really expecting some info.

    Try calling after few days and check with different officer. Not all of the DMV staff are trained to understand all aspects of immigration.


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