Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • desi3933
    01-30 02:17 PM
    Where is it written???? 30 day rule?????? SHOW ME ...................................


    Why are you shouting? I have posted 30/60 days rule many times on this forum and other popular portal forum.

    Here is one link -
    H-1B - Specialty Occupation Work Visa (

    Here is relevant quote from there
    Employer must pay the H-1B employee the required wage no later than 30 days from the H1 B employee's entry into the U.S., or 60 days from the approval date of the visa petition if the H1 B employee is already in the U.S.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • simple1
    05-05 02:57 AM
    Agreed it is the state dept not uscis.

    We should not mix the interpretation of eb2/3 visas with other immigrant visas including other eb due to perm.

    Could Please ask the lawyer this following question about statedept eb2/3 visa allocation to non-perm derivatives ?
    * eb 2/3 generally require perm except for very rare cases. right ?
    The employer petitions for 1 permanent-employee. With assurance that the 1 person doesn’t displace local workforce (existing citizen and gc). How come state department allocates additional visa (more than approved) to derivative(s) who is not "perm labor certified" from a quota/poll (eb2/3) that mandates labor market test like perm ? (while the actual qualification is fb2a)

    * State department also burns the eb2/3 visa allocated for US-businesses to bring in much needed skilled eb2/3 labor ? while most real primaries wait, the visa gets allocated to non-productive derivatives ?

    Is state dept making mistake ?

    I spoke with our attorney
    He said
    INA Sec 203 talks only about the eligibility to apply the I-485. But the visa number is derived from a relationship to Principal applicant of green card. This is true for all categories Including investor, asylum, Employment categories. Please note that It is Dept of State that is responsible for this allocation not USCIS.

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  • velan
    07-20 11:08 AM
    It is safe giving money to core through IV. If yes, I will pledge $100. Please let me know the details.

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  • subdhar
    08-20 02:54 PM
    Which service center??? NSC or TSC ?


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  • nehas
    01-29 05:39 PM
    thanks for the reply but i already accepted the employment with the employer who sponsored my H1B

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  • pd_may_2007
    07-20 07:35 AM
    Count me in for $100


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  • gsc999
    07-06 08:27 PM
    As soon as we have confirmation of date and time and location/route, I will send out newsletters to all CA, NV, AZ and OR members who wish to participate. This is going to be good.

    Sure, I will join the tomorrows march organized by fightnow. Since it is short notice for many IV members there may not be many of us there, but please feel free to join if you can. There are lot of IV members in San Jose.

    Tomorrow's event will help me to finalize the location/route. I will report back tomorrow evening with updates regarding that.

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  • andycool
    11-18 08:09 AM



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  • Libra
    08-26 07:50 AM
    May be not true, my case assgined to officer on june 29th and no news yet. But I wish Ski_dude12 good luck.

    in my case iwas exactly 3 weeks.
    Someone else mentioned on this forum that the officer will clear all the cases assigned to him/her within 30 days.

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  • sanjeev
    06-18 10:49 AM
    Sanjeev: How do you know it was received by NSC on June 4th,is there on line reference? did you get a letter of recepit? DId your lawyer call them or you just checked the courier company on line receipt?

    Lawyer had given me a tracking number.


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  • akhilmahajan
    02-27 09:06 AM
    Thanks a lot everyone.

    Grand Total - $2162

    Come on folks lets help IV, to get things done for US.


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  • abhis0
    08-21 11:00 AM
    I had a LUD on 7/28 and nothing after that... My I140 approved in Texas in April2006. I think we should get the receipt number here pretty soon...

    Why do you have this hunch?
    It seems like all the LUDs on approved I140 from Texas for July filers is pointing towards their I485 being sent to Texas too. Hence, this unimaginable prolonged delay. Can we do anything about it except sulk?

    Let it run its course.


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  • Maverick1
    10-09 05:10 PM
    "Sorry, we are closed now." ???

    Heck, no !!! I want fries with that !!!

    With transfat or without transfat ?

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  • smohan
    07-20 03:51 AM
    hello anzerraja
    By putting date coloumn in the Excel sheet, this sheet will provide a reader the trend in the pledge making. Most of the techies are always curious...sniff-sniff type you know.


    Thanks Mohan !!!


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  • marlon2006
    06-21 11:36 PM
    Wait until November for Democrats to gain control ?
    I am sorry, but that is the opposite of what 4 recent elections have shown. In spite of Republicans bad reputation, the American people seem to have replaced incumbents based on their position on illegal immigration/amnesty, not necessarily on their party. Those of us waiting to see Democrats regaining control may be heading towards a disappointment. I am not sure if others understand what we are up against. That's exactly what members of the House want:if you wait after November, more likely than not a number of incumbents may be kicked out of the office. Then it would be easier to pass a House enforcement bill.

    Is the only hope. Reality is that we have to wait for November and hope that Democrats will gain power at the House. Is important to undestand that only the conservative repubblican are blocking and killing the bill. We have to hope for the Democrats to gain control.

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  • payur
    07-11 10:21 AM
    Way to go !!!!


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  • zxc1251
    02-03 03:20 PM
    ================================================== ====
    Brother your assumption is flawed if someone come under reservation category they get their guaranteed reservation seat (on their merit basis in that class) if reservation % is fulfilled as per rule then their application goes to open category. That means 50% resources is for everyone in India.
    This was happened few years back to get admission in one of top Medical school after scoring more than 92% was not able to get to desired top medical school but one of his friend who had just scored 58% was able to get in top notch medical school. Now this remind me similar situation what was happened 50 years before. Now making matter worst student who had got 92% was belonging to very middle class or you can say poor family but his friend was belonging to class one gazetted officer�s family (I would classify them upper middle class).
    I think reservation was required in past to up-lift backward class and give them justice in system but now situation is change drastically we see people from all class is on same page .if someone wants to argue on this that is fine. In real sense if we need reservation then it should be on economics basis everyone should file taxes and they should get reservation accordingly with merits .In this way government will get more revenue and on the whole we will have fair justice to everyone (all cast )and this will provide better visibility what is happening to normal families. Now some will debate how we can avoid fraud for reporting low income then hey that is what government should be doing, proving infrastructure and enforcing rule of law other than that government has no business in dictating which cast is upper cast or lower cast.
    Now real question pose by the other users here are we better-off here or back home? I think we always indulge in material benefits but there are other aspect of life you cannot put face value on it .What matter is the most are you Happy? What is your ultimate goal of life? What is the most important thing you want to have in your life? What is the most irritating thing you cannot overlook or make you uncomfortable? On top of all these key questions what are tools /resources available to you to address all these likes dislikes. So let us say if you are shooting for quality life then define what must have for that life and to get those you may have to bite bullet and compromise on some of those. If you can find middle ground some where there then we call those people happy people or successful people. So life is about making right choice all the time as per your own situations. When we are in this fine-tuning process we can always use help from our resources, friends, relative, culture, God, Money and our own intellectual.

    Very well said...... My best friend (brightest among all of my school friends) in India belonging to Backward class could not study medicine or engineering because he had (no money) to support his family..... so he finished his shortest teaching course and became public school teacher.... He was capable of getting into any medical school without reservation help... and because he belonged to lower cast he was assured in any medical college with the help of reservation.... this reservation system does not work for real lower cast or for people who really need uplifting..... between I could not get into medicine because I was 1 mark short...... Just 1 mark..... :) ..... I am really happy were I am but reservation is a plague that is corrupting our nation.......

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  • Legal
    07-28 10:18 AM
    It is indeed sad that you continue to pontificate from a perch of indifference and ignorance. We all know that the entire EB immigration system is not a zero sum game (just ask Ron Hira and his ilk). Sad thing is, when it comes to EB3 I's, EB 2's such as you suddenly transform into a Ron Hira lite ... going about throwing broad hints about how the system is setup the way it is ... to serve those 'higher in the pecking order'.

    If we were to buy this weak attempt at making a 'logical point', I would be glad to give Ron a call and have his folks look into YOUR respective EB2 applications and find out if there REALLY was "NO" qualified US worker available for that job. Want to play that game?

    Look, the EB system is what it is. Instead of trying to bait others into silence by suddenly finding 'fairness in this system', only because this part of the puzzle narrowly goes to serve / protect your gains ... try to come together to fix the underlying weakness in the system.

    For the record, I am not bitter about a 7+ year 'wait'. On the contrary, I have grown professionally thanks to the opportunity to focus my energies towards building a Billion dollar corporation. That said, I would LOVE to see the paperwork of EB2 Java 'gurus' and L1 converts stand up to true scrutiny ... and that would open a whole new can of worms. Game?

    I know only of Java coffee:). I promise you Ron Hira wouldn't be interested in my application.

    It looks like EB2-EB3 having overlapping qualifications is a major source of frustration for you. I have similar issues with EB1-EB2 overlaping qualifications.

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-25 03:52 PM
    Thanks for your insight and observation.
    Do you believe in what IV is doing?

    If Yes, i will really appreciate if you can contribute and help us in any way. This is an organisation run by people like me and you, who have full time jobs and have families also. If we all can take out some time out of our busy lives and try to help IV, then everyone will know about IV.

    When we say we need to convince people, which is ridiculous, as i am 100% sure, everybody knows whats going on. We all are suffering and are here fort he long haul. If still people dont want to do anything, then no one can help us.

    So, Thanks a lot for your insight and help IV to help yourself.


    Lack of convincing power that IV will do something. Lack of trust in IV organization. Lack of advertisements. lack of communication.

    How do successful organizations ask people to donate money? There is something to be learned. If the cause is right (we all know it is) then its a matter of delivering this message that will get people convinced. Lot of charities get donations. How? I think that is what we need to learn. Most desis are not even aware about this organization. I bumped into it via google search for my immigration answer. So lets throw some ideas around for better advertisements.

    07-03 08:02 PM
    Congratulations! Don't worry, those emails don't arrive in a logical order. I am pretty sure you will get a case approval email soon. In any case your wait is over. Happy 4th!!

    EB2 category

    I did not get an approval for the 485 so was thinking what the process was here. Am I not supposed to be getting an approval notice in the email before the "Card Ordered" message came through ? I hope everything is over now, it was a long 51/2 years wait and just when you loose hope in the whole process this message turns up in my Inbox. I love this site and will continue to support it in whatever manner I can

    07-26 11:59 PM
    There is not much use for just fighting EB3-I. You can send a letter or lobbey and they will hear it. Thats all. There are so much discrepancies in immigration policy of USA(The impact is for just for potential immigrants not for the country) I do not think they will spend time to resolve each and every small discrepancy. There are more more severe issues in the country than resolving EB3-I. Of course that is a big issue for those who are impacted.

    But the problem will be automatically resolved if STEM/and or Recapture bill is passed. That is a big picture and that will get more attention than just lobbying for EB3-I.

    "There are more more severe issues in the country than resolving EB3-I"
    True ... and so I guess there no issues more important in the country than to recapture visas for legal immigrants.

    With your approach IV should just keep quiet and hope for the best.

    Agreed Recapture will solve most of the problems but at the same time it has turned out to be the most difficult one to achieve since it requires a legislation change.

    All the immigrant community should support IV in it's effort to recapture .

    But I cannot understand your ilk who are adamant that the entire community should only focus on recapture and doing anything else is blasphemous and attach negative conotations like "infighting", "Splitiing"'s absurd.

    Such utterances can poetentially hurt the recapture issue by alienating significant community size .

    Why was this mantra,"Only Recapture nothing else", not preached

    1. When IV sucessfully reversed USCIS decisions last July
    2. Two year EAD's.

    Recapture would have solved the above problems automatically to

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