Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • FrankZulu
    08-26 01:14 PM
    CPO today. Case at local office. Had 1 interview where all documents for status and taxes were checked for the past 12 years. Never had a problem or gap in status and IO was surprised why the case came to local office. I was atleast happy that the interview is the worst thing that can happen and I am done through that.

    After 3 infopass appts, 2 SRs in all have the CPO in hand.

    Good luck all.

    Was your Employer (GC Sponsoring) in any kind of trouble in past?

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  • zeta7
    06-22 09:30 PM
    Zeta, congrats on ur successful landing and more so due to non-issues at the US side. I completed my landing in May, 2008 and its been about 4 weeks and my friend in Canada hasn't received the card yet. So, I'd assume its common. Yes, as u r not earning any income, there r no tax filing issues. Have u also applied for a SIN and opened a bank accnt? I've done neither. I just did the landing (was barely for about 30 mins in Canada), took a U-turn and came back to the US :). Unlike u, I used AVR to return back to US.

    Yeah, I applied for an SIN card, and received a temp number as well at the same time. I didn't open a bank account however. Hope we receive the PR card soon, then at least the angle to the north is taken care of for the time being.

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  • HarshJ
    11-05 03:11 PM

    I am a Jul 23rd I-485 filer. Just called USCIS second time (first time no success), went thru their menu and was lucky to get a great Cust Service Rep.

    She asked me the I-485 receipt #s, address, primary contact #, DOB, and Zip Code for self and spouse.

    She generated a SR for us together and gave us a Conf # for FP notice. She said that you should receive a FP appt notice in next 30 days.

    So I guess, perseverance does pay off :)

    Hopefully we can get this FP out of the way soon enough.

    FYI I am a Bay Area resident.

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  • sushilup
    08-19 12:19 PM
    same for me tooo...
    I also didn't apply AP..
    Did you call TSC?
    I am thinking to call them...they might request from NSC and this way those guys might pull my case out from black hole...
    and approve I485...BIG IF ...if i m lucky...

    Same situation here as well. June 26th was the date USCIS cashed my check, still no sign of any EAD..heck no LUD either except for an AP LUD, and I did not apply for AP renewal at all! Darn I need that EAD very soon...


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  • morchu
    05-08 02:20 PM
    Do you see anywhere in INA mentioning that "EB-dependents should NOT be filed in EB-category". How is it a "mis-interpretation" then?

    Again like I mentioned before you can achive the same goal (which you care about) via a different approach.
    ...the official mis interpretation ...

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  • hiUS
    09-08 02:09 PM
    I actually spoke to Customer service and I got 2 very different responses.

    1. Wait till you are an old man and then the cards may just come !! (Just Kidding ) she actually said wait for 90 days.

    2. Another CSR told me that the TSC is having technical issues and they are not able to access the Biometric information on approved 485's in their systems. She advised me to download Form I-90 from the USCIS site and fill that in and send it in - if you have a minor on the petition then also send 2 passport size pictures of the minor - this will allow them to access the Biometric screen when they process the I-90. We will get Biometric notices and the Minor will get the card - the Grown ups will get the Cards after the Biometrics are uploaded.

    I have not done this - eventhough I downloaded the I-90 forms - I took a INFOPASS appt and if they suggest that I should do a I-90 then I can get that done right on the spot - I am carrying the filled I-90 with me. Anyhow I-90 is usually submitted to correct errors on the card or to replace a card - however this woman sounded quite knowledgeable - but then there are issues realted to where the I-90 should be sent - this is specially complicated if your case has been transferred a few times like mine was.

    Best is to check with the guys/gals at Infopass -meeting.

    All this was from the rep at the TSC - so not sure if this is applicable to all centers.


    I will post my Infoapss exp on the 9th of september.

    As you said, please post your experience with Infopass tomorrow. It will be helpful.


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  • gc_lover
    07-02 09:46 AM
    Yeah, I know my life sucks. I have a priority date of Jan 2003. Got filed under EB3 even though did MS here... I begged and pleaded that they atleast send it on Jan 28th. For god's sake, I was qualified all the way since June 1st. I gave all the documents necessary by June 6th itself. Well, but they had to file on 29th.

    I hear you man. I am in exact same situation. I filed on June 29th inspite of having whole July. We will see what happens. Hope we will be fine!

    Good luck!

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  • sanan
    07-02 09:08 AM
    Or is He/she faking the name - to stay out of trouble from a possible law suit :p

    Just kidding I know its not funny
    Robin Williams? Are you sure it didn't go to Hollywood!


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  • JunRN
    08-31 08:38 PM
    I fully support this rally...what I can do for now is to convince my friends to attend! I will also write some letters to TV and radio to cover this rally. I will also write on some blogs and invite others to attend the rally.

    See you on CNN.

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  • pappu
    12-10 01:48 PM

    There are many more trailer-park, red-neck, f*** heads like proud american out there. We really really have to very discreet both at work and other places when we talk about various strategies, like webfax campaign, phone campaign etc.

    I was going through the discussion forums of the oppt side too this week and one of the s***heads aparently overheard one of IV members asking ppl to start making phone calls to various senators/congressmen. Then he went throwing on on a barrage of insults at all Indians (i dont know why they want to single out Indians only) calling us pests and all sorts of name-calling. Then he went on to say that the good news is that these 'pests' are planning to go back to their home-lands if they dont get the 'green' soon. So he was asking everyone else to call the senators and oppose the bill. And then the ultimate thing - he says that they "have a lot of legitimate ways to make our lives miserable" in the US...Do i hear KKK there??

    This is what happens when we are not discreet at work place. They claim that we are using our work hours to do personal stuff. And he felt obliged to do the same too. Obviously nobody cribs when all of us hard-workers work overtime to get things done.

    Anyway, please be careful at work places, be friendly with everyone but have this in your mind that there is someone always overhearing in the next cube/office and possibly monitoring the web sites being visited (like the above guy that i mentioned, did i forget to say that he was the IT admin who was monitoring all the sites that the Indians were visiting?).

    pls email the url of the site you mentioned above


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  • manderson
    03-28 02:42 PM
    I have mulled over different options in my head for a long time. Here are some things I came up with:

    - switch to a part time H1 (and do something else in your free time that you might find a little more fulfilling, i.e enrolling in PT grad program, starting a business (which you CAN do on an H1!!!), travel!!). I know there is the money factor but most of us are IT people and hopefully taking a cut will be worth the improved life.

    - begin your Canadian PR process. This takes a lot less time and honestly, I think Canadians are more cultured anyway. Leave these people to their Paris and Nicoles :)

    OK - I guess I didn;t come up with as many options as I had thought.... :)

    the Canada option and is not bad. you can get it in 1 year plus it will take less energy than it takes you now to remain depressed.

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  • pcs
    02-09 08:33 PM
    I am sending $ 20 ...

    Please keep sending emails to all members and encourage them to chip in regularly..


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  • mirage
    07-08 11:01 AM
    People have been thinking that all along and have been lying motionless like a crocodile doing sunbath. USCIS have been retrogressing the Visas and at the same time consistently wasting Visa numbers every years. Shouldn't they have already been sued for that. We'll not do anything today just because it take 2-3 years. But what if they screw us again after 2-3 years. Dodn't you think we should keep fighting for injustice even if the benifit may not come to our generation but should pass to coming generation. If every body will become so much short sighted nobody would care for global warming, alternative eneryg options etc...
    if it takes 2 or 3 years to fight this case, what is the use

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  • desi3933
    06-27 12:07 PM
    Diptam, Don�t leave the employer but force them to terminate you after 160 days of filing I-485. Don't clear any client interview and force them to pay you salary as it is employers job to give you work. Take rest at home on full salary. A time will come when employer will no longer afford to loose any more money and they will terminate you. Also ask for severance package when they terminate you.

    This is not a legal advice just a suggestion

    There could be a clause in the agreement that employee to pay the amount if he is fired due to bad performance. however, documenting bad performance for the employee is real headache for the employer. But still it can be done.

    Not a legal advice.
    Green Card holder since May 2002

    desi3933 at


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  • needhelp!
    02-18 05:26 PM
    I am sure everyone agrees that fixes are needed. I am sure everyone agrees that fixes won't come magically. But to stand up and work for it, Macaca once said "Something has to CLICK!".

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  • bindoke
    08-24 01:33 PM
    got approvals for wife and myself today
    PD Jan 22 2006.
    Infopass on Aug 3rd said everything is good to go.
    opened SR no.1 for primary on aug 4th, was told cases were assigned on aug 3
    Level 2 cust service said cases pre-adjudicated.
    Reply to SR no.1 was standard - wait for 30 days.blah blah.
    Congressman inquiry said cases assigned to officer.
    opened SR no.2 for dependent on Aug 19.

    i think the Aug 19 SR did the trick.
    thanks a lot for moral support all this while everyone !
    i will donate soon !


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  • spulavarthi
    09-03 04:19 PM
    I got the welcome notice in mail.
    I got the cards in the mail.

    I did not get the 'approval notice' yet(mailed on aug 22).
    Does it matter?


    Can you provide more details about you PD, RD, ND, category and did you see any soft LUDs before you received your cards in the mail?


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  • qasleuth
    02-12 01:27 PM
    In that case I have to ask you this - what makes you think I am "imposing" (whatever THAT means) high standards on myself? Were you trying to shoot down my arguments by false accusations? I am maintaining the same "standard" as the next guy.

    If you read my previous post with attention, you'll see that I have said I did not convey my intentions clearly. So again, if you're simply trying to shoot down what ever I am saying, well, I really can't stop you. You can keep going back to the same topic over and over again, but it will not prove your accusations!

    "self-imposed" as in 'chosen people' - as to subscribe to a higher standard to fulfill some expectation. It is not an accusation, it is called underlying presumptions in your posts.
    " I did not convey my intentions clearly" - then your comm skills are not much as you have presumptively touted them to be when you shot down the other guy. I am just pointing out, before pontificating, try self-analysis.

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  • eers
    07-09 03:12 PM
    emailed below to Houston Chronicle

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am one of the skilled, legal applicants affected by the recent "Flip-Flop" of visa bullentins by USIS and DOS, and we are planning to protest against this decision the USCIS in a unique and peaceful manner - by sending hundreds, if not thousands of flower bouquets to the director of USCIS, Mr. Gonzalez on July 10th.

    Please refer to the attached press release for more information

    More information about this initative and the current f iasco is available at

    This is probably the first time when skilled, legal professionals are participating in an event like this at this scale and it goes to show the level of anxiety in the community right now. Would you be willing to write about this event ?"

    If we can provide any more information, please contact me or the email address provided in the press release link.

    12-26 10:46 AM
    I didnt have to open an SR to get the FP.

    - gchopes

    08-20 12:18 PM
    Ha ha Congrats....

    Story of my life. I complain about delay with my application. Someone joins me and tells me they are in the same boat and the very next day that someone leaves the boat and jumps into "greener" pastures. Everyone is leaving the boat and I seem to be left out :(

    Who else are in my boat? (Application with an officer for over 2 weeks and still status = "Initial Review")

    My wife and I just received the email about card production order. And, ou4 case status has changed on the website to CPO. I wish good luck to all of you. In case it helps, anyone, our details:

    Priority date: Feb 26, 2006
    I-485 Receipt date: Jul 27, 2007

    Steps taken:
    SR opened for my petition around July 17th: Response stated that my petition was in the adjudications department, and was for an officer to be assigned.
    Status enquiry through the local congresswoman Aug 12th: Same result as my SR.
    SR opened for my wife Aug., 10th: No response yet
    Infopass appointment on Aug. 16th: Both petitions with an officer since Aug. 12th.

    I appreciate the forum and all the support it offers. Donated last month.

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