Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • gondalguru
    08-18 09:52 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I filed on july 7th and still waiting.
    My case little different, my 485 pending at Nebraska and I mailed EAD renewal at Texas (because I live in PA, per instructions in form).

    Do you think my EAD will get stuck because of this? I hope I did right thing.

    Is any one similar situation


    I am in exact same situation too. The notice date for EAD renewal is July 7th, 2008. I-485 pending at NSC and EAD applied at TSC. Still waiting. I am current as my PD is EB-2 India 9/2004.

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  • rayoflight
    11-18 03:20 PM
    Done. Will setup appointments next week.

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  • dixie
    12-12 08:04 PM
    Technically, we are applicants for immigrant status who are stuck in non-immigrant status indefinitely. A prospective immigrant is different from one granted legal residency (GC holder). Not sure if it makes a difference or not in the eyes of congressmen.

    GCWaitforever, please make sure if stating that you are an immigrant is acceptable or not; in your letter to Sen. Sessions, I mean...

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  • BharatPremi
    11-01 05:37 PM
    pls try to statement is valid for beyond the 180 day period....i agree that one should not change before 180 days irrespective of whether the I-140 is approved or not...

    the question is after the 180 day period..and my point is aytes memo clearly states that the I-140 need not be approved..

    Even after 180 days, your employer put a withdrawal request with proof of insufficient financial strength to pay you from the period start (within 180 days ) till the withdrawal request date then what will you do? Now it is clearly "un approvable" during "even within 180 days" . Now 180 days passed already? - yes. I-140 is already approved? - No, Employer filed withdrawal ?- yes? Employer shows underlying reason of insufficient finance capacity within 180 days - yes .. Then case closed - Denial - Next.

    So I would not play with fire.. Rather I would wait for I-140 approval if 180 days have already been passed.

    Note: With big companies, This may not happen. But with small desi companies this can happen.


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  • jfortune
    06-27 10:05 AM
    The VP signed the letter and asked me to let him know when I get green card. He will throw a party to celebrate!

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  • gsc999
    12-18 08:18 PM
    Call me or e-mail me if you feel depressed. I have a long list of action items here with me that you could help me out with:)

    I don't promise a cure but that will definitely turn your mind away from all this melancholy


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  • kuhelica2000
    01-30 06:20 PM
    This is plain simple illegal to secure H1B without a job. Period. There is no question of moral or ethical issues here.

    Moral and ethcial issues come with legal situations; like labor usb is legal but one can question whether it is etical. Same goes with PD porting. It's legal but one might question if it is ethical.

    Geeting H1 through bodyshops showing false employment is a fraud. It's high time we reported all these fraud to DOL.


    as long as there is a leeway, people do tend to take the maximum advantage of that leeway. this applies in life in every aspect. OP did the same.

    being moral or ethical is not the criterion here I guess, otherwise we would all have (I,C) have been current ( if no labor subs, eb3 to eb2 conversions etc).

    I feel bad too, seeing some one who landed on H1B in 2006 , got hold of a 2002 labor sub. and is enjoying GC right now(thanks to July 2007 fiasco)., and for crying out loud I have been in USA since 2001, went to school here, is working in a physical science research position, have one patent and filed for 2 more.

    I consider myself to have contributed to the USA, more than the guy I gave an example of (in terms of taxes, tuition, original research, etc). But does that all matter to the other guy, when he did what he did.
    that is life :D

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  • fall2004us
    08-13 08:14 PM
    Here is my update:

    EB2 - India
    PD - Sep/2006
    I 140 approved - Dec 2006
    I 485 Date received July 2nd 2007
    RD - checks were cashed (date - July 30, 2007)
    FP - Got a mail from USCIS regarding finger printing (scheduled - August 29,2007)

    So far no receipt by mail, application is at Nebraska.


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  • sathishav
    02-14 02:03 PM
    Contributed $50. Will contribute more Apr.

    (Unique Transaction ID #7VF446858B266490E)

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  • rc0878
    09-23 09:42 AM
    Quick question for thosewho have already recieved their receipt notice????

    What does the priority date column say on your receipt notices? I mean does it show the actual priority date or is blank????

    I am happy to announce that I have received the EAD cards today (just like rc0878 had suggested). I should not have doubted the encouragement and estimation of the experience here.
    So, I received the EAD cards dated Sept 18th, expiry is one year from the issue date i.e. Sept 17th, 2008 (unlike someone else's cards which were valid for only 3 months).
    Let me know if someone wants to ask any other information.
    thanks again. :D


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  • jsb
    10-30 02:11 PM
    My current employer is not willing to provide copy of I-140. I got EAD in 2nd week of October 2007. Can I change job using AC21 without copy of I-140 from current employer. What are the documents I need to change job using AC 21? Thanks in advance for your replies

    Who filed your AOS? Your I-485 filing has to include an approved copy of I-140 and LC. Since I-485 is your filing, you can ask the attorney to give you a full copy of the filing (including I-140 and LC).

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-09 08:57 AM
    Guys, is there a nice write up that a staff reporter could use directly ? I am on the phone with local reporter here & she needs something 100 words or so quickly. Pls help.


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  • raju123
    07-03 07:38 AM
    I like the idea. Why only secretory of Homeland security only. Cover White House and Speaker of House and Majority Senate leader.

    We need systematic planning and coordination. The letter should have background picture of Gandhiji and footnote should contain famous quote of Gandhiji.

    Anyway good idea to have attention of media and lawmakers.

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  • SivaMayam
    08-14 09:02 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I would greatly appreiciate if you all would be kind enough to include the service center which issued the receipts along the filing date in your postings.



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  • psk79
    09-10 11:23 AM
    Hey, Anyone whose checks cashed but still didnt get their receipts? My checks were cashed 5 days ago. So far no receipt notices.. I got the receipt no's from back of the checks and the lud on 765 is 9/7 but it still says we mailed out a notice on how we process this case.....

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  • skillet
    05-24 02:11 PM
    Will call the other committee members



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  • ak_manu
    06-09 11:40 AM

    I filed for my I-140 last month and got a reciept notice. Based on the processing times it looks like it might take atleast 6 months for my I-140 to get approved. My priority date is 07/2004 EB3. In case EB3 dates move this month and my PD becomes current, Can I still file for my I-485 this month even if my I-140 is not approved yet?

    I cannot file for I-140 premium processing as I have filed for I-140 with a substituted labor.

    I appreciate all of your comments.


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    11-17 03:19 PM
    Done. Will be sending messages to my freinds

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  • nixstor
    07-07 10:33 PM
    Great job.. This is exactly what we need.. National coverage on this issue..

    What is it with posting the same message on every post? You are spamming the forum

    06-27 03:06 PM
    I am really surprised that you guys are contemplating on going against your employer for a employment letter and filing your GC. I mean, how hard is it for you guys to agree to the terms of your employer that you will work till you get your GC and upto 6 months beyond that..

    If you guys came before 2001-2002 and seen how the situation was for green card filers you will now what I am talking about..

    1. There was no concurrent filing of I-140/485
    2. There was no premium processing for Labor
    3. There was no premium processing for I-140
    4. There was no AC-21, so there is no way of switching jobs..

    Still it used to take 4-5 years to get a GC.

    And you guys are complaining about your employer because you worked for 1-2 years and you want to quit as soon as you get EAD..

    Just imagine what would have happened if the dates were not CURRENT.. How many more years you would have worked, cursing USCIS

    Your greed will ruin you in future, just like you are cursing your employer's greed..

    Also, before you curse your employer, it was you who joined the company and you had many months to find out what kind of employer you have and it quit the company long time back.. You could have switched to different company long time back..

    12-15 02:29 AM
    I totally agree - our concern should begin and end with whether our interests are addressed or not. This is not the time to argue and nitpick on what is good for the whole world in the long term - remember, there is no "long term" for us without a GC. Lets be realistic - its a done deal that EB reform if all it comes up, will come with either a generous H1-B increase or illegal alien amnesty or both of them. Its not our job to worry about excessive immigration - the anti-immigrants and their friendly congressmen are always there to raise a hue and cry and dilute any and all pro-immigrant proposals. With them at work, if we ask for a yard we will get a foot, if we ask for a foot we will end up with not even an inch.
    Well, it is not a perfect world. It is not a perfect system. When CIR comes up every group will push for their interests. If u send a mail to any Senator, all u get is a standard reply about H1-B. It will be impossible to educate every ligislator. We have to do the best we can to voice our concerns and go with the tide. We cannot nitpick the sections of the CIR and tell the legislators vote only for these. We just make sure that our issues are addressed in whatever bill comes up.

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