Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • sam2006
    07-20 10:36 AM
    Can some one tell how to cancel 20$ subscription and start 50$ subscription.

    vallabhu you can do it in the Home Page and contributions link
    There is an option to cancel 20$ and start 50$

    thanks in advance for doin it

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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 11:50 AM
    Lets see if July 9 will do as much to Emilio as July 2 did to the GC aspirants...

    Looks like FTD doesn't deliver on Mondays! Lets us make it Tuesday July 10th! Gives us another day to get more people to sign up :)

    I've scheduled mine to be delivered on Tuesday July 10th.

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  • unitednations
    03-08 08:20 PM
    If many EB3-I folks are getting GCs then why is EB3-I PD stuck in 2001? Shouldn't it move?

    There are still lots of cases in eb3 from back that far.

    Many of the eb3 245i cases; there dependents were outside USA. Once; they got greencards; then their dependents went for consular processing or are going for consular processing.

    One of the cases I worked on ability to pay; person had adopted her nephew so that he could get greencard as dependent. You couldn't even begin to imagine how many cases like this there are.

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  • simple1
    05-01 01:32 AM
    thanks akred for refering INA. I went through it now

    In I485 application "Part 2: App Type" Option b (derivative status for spouses and children)
    is actually related to quota listed in INA Sec. 203. [8 U.S.C. 1153] a - 2. (family quota)
    and not to INA Sec. 203. [8 U.S.C. 1153] b - * (employment quota).

    IV Core. Can something be done to highlight this issue in your conversation with authorities ?


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  • johny
    09-06 01:16 PM
    No receipts yet. My file reached NSC on jul 9th. shows TSC is processing jul 2 cases. NSC is also processing some jul 2 cases.

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  • abq_gc
    09-02 08:10 PM
    What are the steps to be taken after receiving GC ?


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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-05 01:34 AM

    Ours is Substituted labor(eb3) and Priority date is Feb2002.

    Our lawyer sent our papers on 29th june2007.Don't know the status of mail,since my lawyer is not responding to our mail.


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  • mnkaushik
    08-31 10:11 AM
    Congratulations mnkaushik?

    How many such cases are with uscis? And what happens to the one you filed for yourself?

    During July 07, i know some of the couples did apply twice once a primary and other as dependent on the other. In July 07, wife and i did not take that approach and had separate applications. In August 08, i applied for my second 485 as her dependent since i would have to wait a decade to get gc through my application. For now, my other application shows under review. Once i get GC in my hands, then i will ask my compnay lawyer if there is a need for withdrawing my other application.


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  • unitednations
    03-08 04:18 PM
    I came on extension. I think they are more critical about the companies with whom you are working for. All my friends with extended their visa with no problems. I it is very hard to conclude on this. But scares every one if we keep saying they can not extend their visa.
    Be prepared with good documentation and you should be fine.

    I don't work with L-1 companies.

    I know of this because many of them have h-1b's and want to know how to switch.

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  • anzerraja
    07-19 07:16 PM
    Can you take the job to give us an update on the total amount pledged so far, at certain points in between the thread , as it grows ?

    Zoooom thanks for doing this. Anzerraja good work. You two work good as a team.

    Twicetwice & Anzerraja, your generous pledge has inspired me to pledge $100 for now, more later.

    We should merge all other threads dealing with this issue over here for convenience


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  • indyanguy
    10-03 02:43 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    I had trouble finding the memo from Dec 2005. Can you please link it?

    Thanks again

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  • arumalla
    07-09 11:09 AM
    I guess I saw a mistake on the writing....

    On July 13th, 2007, DoS provided a glimmer of hope to these aspiring legal immigrants, by announcing in their visa bulletin ( that all Employment-based green card applicants and their dependents would be eligible to apply for their Green cards, during the month of July 2007

    It is June 13th not July13th the first visa bulletin sent out by DoS.



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  • ramus
    05-29 08:01 PM
    Great. Thanks.

    sent the emails to senator/s

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  • nefrateedi
    08-22 04:01 PM
    Application reached NSC on July 14. No receipts or cashed checks yet.


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  • chanduv23
    11-21 02:01 PM
    Dear Mehul,
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Our prayers to God to help you in your situation.
    Attorney Prashanti Reddy has been involved in a lot of pro bono work especially for spouses of 9/11 victims. You can contactt her, let me know if you want to get her consultation. She is a big supporter of IV.
    Like everyone here said, things change. I am sure things will go well for you.


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  • zeta7
    03-22 11:33 PM

    I'm in pretty much in the same boat as some of the other posters here. I don't have a valid H1b in my passport, I-140/I-485 is pending. EAD/AP is approved. My landing visa for Canada expires in May.

    Has anyone tried landing and returning to the U.S. while on pending I-485 by utilizing their AP yet? Any issues? I expect my POE to be Chicago. Any information would be much appreciated.

    This is driving me nuts. I really *really* don't want to abandon the Canada option, but the information I've come across on the forums have left me very apprehensive. I applied for Canadian Residency so that I could sleep a little better at night for the next three years, but looks like I bargained for nightmares instead!

    Awaiting your responses. Thanks guys...


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  • rskanth
    07-05 10:55 AM
    Do we send the flowers individually or collectively? I am in either way.

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  • yadav
    08-28 11:34 AM
    My application reached Texas August 10th.
    Check cashed :NO
    Receipts : NO

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  • forever
    08-03 07:07 PM
    I live in IL
    As per my analysis, your case will not be transferred to TSC. You should get receipt from NSC.

    07-09 07:12 PM
    She is great. I just spent 15 minutes talking with her. She has all her questions written in front of her and she seems really serious about pursuing this story.

    Every one should call her at 2023346701, name is Xiyun

    I spoke to this journalist for almost 20 minutes
    She is awesome and really really listens to you and gets a lot of information to you
    She is interested in talking more people and also if possible with other ASIAN people (Chinese/Taiwanese/Pakistanis), who are in the same boat
    Call her and she picks up the call.

    09-09 02:48 PM
    Important thing that needs to be changed from USCIS side is for EB GC applicants who get their 140 approval and waiting to file 485 from certain time period like two yrs or more USCIS should allow them to file for 485 irrespective of the current rule 'PD has to be current to file for AOS'.
    Otherwise it's a clear loop whole in the EB process..People can't wait that much long to file for AOS for changing business trends or in this economic downturn (which force them to change of job).. USCIS does not loose anything in that case and can make more money if the applicant resumes the process with different employer. Biggest mistake was made by USCIS in July 07 by allowing everybody to file for 485 with out caring people who were sincerely waiting in the line and who were waiting for PERM approvals in full time positions unlike most of Desi consulting based GC applicants ( who used substituted labor by paying 1000s of dollars to their body shopping based companies who misuses the system always) . DOL and USCIS should examine and punish each applicant of substituted labor (who got their GC in 2 to 3 yrs time period through desi body shopping companies).

    Sufferers of the existing system are EB2-I,EB2-C, EB3-C and EB3-I GC folks (Indian and chinese applicants). Existing system neglects EB3 folks.. it's gonna take 10yrs for them to wait and apply for 485 as per Today's date. :mad::mad::mad:

    You are wrong. There have been lot of changes. Two year EAD for one. And how about EB2 category moving to mid 2006 so most of the EB2 people before that have got GC or will surely get it next year. The only thing that hasn;'t changed is EB3 India. It was stuck in 2001 at that time and still is in 2001. It will crawl to 2002 in the coming year but that's that.

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