Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • conchshell
    02-26 07:32 PM
    And who is hurting because of this? Is it not you? And me? and our families? Whose fault is it that we refuse to actively participated in the effort that wants us to lead a stable life.

    You see, most people here work in IT. So we have binary logic. 0 & 1. There is no in between. So most people in this community of educated illiterates wants the world to be perfectly aligned before we lift a finger. Lets wait for few more years for GC before we contribute my hard earned $20 after bickering for 10 years, way to go.


    May be "educated illiterates" is a too strong word to describe our community. But no complaints, I know that sometime passion run high and we use strong words to convey our feelings. I know you mean all good for IV and the community.

    I am contributing to IV with my time/money/efforts from a long time. I had several face to face interactions with people here in Colorado when I used to ask them why they shy away from fighting for what they deserve. Trust me, it would be unfair to say that people want someone else to fight on their behalf, but what people want is an organization that can represent them in a fair manner, and they feel that IV has a long way to go before that stage comes. I posted a summary of suggested reforms in IV as a organization, but unfortunately it did not spark that positive debate which can bring such reforms. You can read the thread in your leasure time:

    Transparency in its action is one such big thing. Lets just learn from an anti immigration forum called On their donation page ( they clearly mention that "NumbersUSA is recognized by Independent Charities of America as one of the top 3% of well-run charities. When you donate to NumbersUSA, you can be sure that the money is used responsibly." Can we here at IV make such bold statement and prepare ourselves to prove this point if a member ask such question?

    I am no way opposing this campaign, I am supporting this and going to contribute too. But I guess its not too much to ask where these contribution will go, and what track able results they might bring.

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  • h1techSlave
    03-28 10:46 AM
    I have read in these forumns that USCIS wasted around 11,000 visas in 2007. The way things go, they will waste another 10,000 visas during this year also.

    Stopping this wastage should be our #1 priority. But nobody seems to care about this point. Even Murthy during her discussions with USCIS does not seem to be talking about this wastage. I wonder she is even aware of this problem. May be the lawyers are very happy to extend EAD for each of us for eternity.

    As per murthy bulletin, EB3 India might become unavailable or will stay where it is.. If i interpret correctly. Looks like EB3 will remain the same. Very disappointing.

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  • joydiptac
    07-21 03:42 PM
    On the one side you have the EB2. Earning more, and better educated. Clearly more important human beings to IRS and society. On the other we have EB3 Junta trying to get what they think is their right to spillover.
    Now I understand all your points and agree with all of them.

    Only 1 question :D why is IV not fighting to increase the regular (non spillover) quota for the clearly better category EB2. This is clearly not fair such super humans having to share same numbers as lower categories. Lower categories should go to Bombay where there is one apartment which is still empty.
    Or better still get rid of the EB3 category altogether. Problem is solved! :D

    You know you guys are really funny. :D

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  • mnkaushik
    07-08 09:30 AM
    Sub :Vignette Portal Developer - Java/Tibco - Fortune 100 Co


    Where: Washington D.C.
    Length: 1+ year
    Rate: $75-80/hour (all-inclusive and must be onsite)



    Job Spec:

    Looking for a strong Vignette Portal Developer with extensive Java experience. Knowledge of Middleware with integrating others COTS applications.

    If you, or someone you may know (excellent referral bonus!!) is qualified and interested, please dont hesitate to contact me at

    Thanks again.

    Yair Rozmaryn
    Mitchell/Martin, Inc.
    307 West 38th Street, Suite 1305
    New York, NY 10018

    MMI Ranked Among Top 50 Growing Staffing Firms by Staffing Analysts 2006


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  • GCStatus
    09-15 12:15 PM
    Hi GCSTATUS...can u please update your first post in this thread..the new people looking into this thread may not be able to go thru all the posts and will not know what's going on......

    Just did

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  • test101
    07-06 11:16 PM
    I like the CD idea very much. Ithink it will attrack attention. Have not heared money people doing it for the purpose of protest.


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  • tonyHK12
    02-14 08:42 AM
    thanks cleopatra, ajay and silveroaks for your contribution.

    yes, we are way behind on contributions.

    Amount raised = $2600.00
    Contributions needed = $47,400.00

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  • Administrator2
    11-18 09:50 AM
    done... Congressman changed in recent election.

    Newly elected lawmakers are not members of the Congress until 7th January, 2011. In the lame duck session i.e. time between elections and end of the year, the same lawmakers will continue to vote even if they lost their election.

    The names of the Members of Congress is correct.


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  • smisachu
    10-08 04:55 PM
    I have the following questions to pick the brains of my fellow IV'ians:

    1. I would like to change careers. Since I can have multiple employments, can I have 1 job which fits the LC job profile and second which is in a new career.
    How I intend to do this is by consulting in the field of my current job (as per LC) and have full time employment in a different career.
    This leads to my second question.

    2. This has been asked before , but I did not see a good answer. Can you consult using 1099 or should you be on the payroll ?

    3. Thirdly, Assuming I have to consult through a consultant and not through 1099;
    I intend to use a consulting company. Since there are no consulting companies or I don't know any, in my current field of work (Automobile engineering) I will have to use a regular(read Desi) consultant. Is there any issue with this as the code for him will be different than the labor code of my present employer. I will put down that I am working as per the same code as my labor, but the employers code will be different. Consulting companies usually get a code which will say " Nature of business: Consulting-All kinds". Will this be sufficient?

    All answers will be greatly appreciated.


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 12:54 AM
    Thanks Very much SS_col !!!!

    Count me in for $100. Have contributed to IV before as well.


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  • wait_2010
    02-25 01:06 PM
    Cannot make it to DC..Contributed $100 with tran ID 0941-3918-8124-2866..Thanks to all who are going there..
    Reaching out to friends to get more contributions
    Gud luck to us all

    Additionally , I saw a post about "5 reasons to not contribute" that was a gud one. I will bump that one up ...I am surprised that we cant get a 1000 people to contribute some money..An avg of $50 will get us beyond $50,000 (Obviously we dont need even 1000 people because many will contribute 100 or more) ..There just too many leaches who wait for others to do thier job..

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  • manand24
    07-02 08:39 AM
    Fedex sent June 29, 2007.
    Delivered to Lincoln, NE on July 02, 2007 at 7:55AM.
    Signed for by R Williams.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-18 02:45 PM
    Is it fair to have an EB2 person write - what "a" unfair system :eek:

    Yeah tell me about it! It is not enough that Eb3 gets screwed left right AND center. Now we have people applying pressures from the top and bottom as well, and to top it off, Eb2 people who:

    1) Get ALL the spill overs from Eb1 and
    2) Have fewer people drinking from their pool (As opposed to every tom dick & harry taking their share from the Eb3 pool, nurses to name a few).

    now complain that the system is unfair coz processing is not sequential. So everyone in the core team, please forget all about the people suffering in Eb3 and focuss SOLELY on the Eb2 people. Actually dont even focus on all EB2, just the fact that EB2 is not being processed sequentially.

    What a load of crock!!

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  • BrazilianCitizen
    06-12 12:14 PM
    My attorney told me it should be 1.5 months after the receipt date. But with this unprecedented volume, who knows...


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  • GCEB2
    09-05 11:05 AM
    Dear Friends,

    My GC was approved on Aug.19, 2008 and received my Physical card on Aug. 22, 2008 :):). I am wondering what to do with the I 94 , which I received after my last re-entry to USA in 2006 using AP. Any info.



    Check this Link

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  • sanjay
    02-25 08:10 PM
    Free riders if you are reading this and I know you are, please and please come out of your cheap mentality and donate. You know very well that saving 20$ will not help you build a TajMahal, but donating just 20$ or 50$ will make a huge difference to millions of people INCLUDING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    So don't be ashamed of yourself by not donating and donate generously.


    How much you had contributed as of now? Can we ask ?


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  • nat23
    10-30 10:37 AM

    I dont understand why are people trying to correct and change each others thinking & views. This is a public forum and people have the right to post their views. I had another gentleman try and correct me last week . I think it was some guy named "eb3India".
    The kind of language people use is embarrasing. We are all professionals and there are some etiquettes we ought to stick with. Kindly refrain from using sarcastic language against each other.

    If you dont like something ignore it . If you cant ignore it, kindly use proper language to ask the person why he thinks in a certain way. If you dont get an answer that person is not worth talking to.And dont be worried about others getting disheartened. We are all grown-ups & professionals.


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  • alex99
    04-30 03:10 PM
    That data include all EB categories and Even BEC cases.

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  • pa_arora
    07-09 02:39 PM
    I was talking abut this from the past 1 year approx (going on the streets). Good that we have finally decided to get ourselves heard on those deaf ears.

    I am in for SJ.

    One more suggestion, even if we dont see too much gathering there we should not stop here & should keep doing this atleast every couple of months.

    08-28 01:41 PM
    Looks like they are processing EAD and AP (in the mail room itself:) ) along with receipts. No point in touching the same application twice or thrice. If you get a receipt then you should also get EAD and AP:):).

    It's very frustrating.. TSC is sitting on our application or what? Approx 30K application are there for July 2nd filer including NSC->TSC transfer(per old NYT report). We see reporting of 1 or 2 receipting a day then few quite days. :mad::mad::mad:
    It will approx 60 days since filing and still waiting for Receipt. What a heck..

    04-30 03:10 PM
    That data include all EB categories and Even BEC cases.

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