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  • swissgear
    08-25 04:34 PM
    No approvals today? Whats going on???

    There were a couple of approvals today from TSC by looking at the other site.But slowed down a lot. Maybe USCIS is taking a break this last week and preparing for the next month:)

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  • letstalklc
    07-20 11:09 AM

    If GCs were sold in stores I would buy you and your family a bunch of them.
    You are in the EB3 category, do you ever wonder why somebody who is more educated than you or me, makes more money? Can we say, hey you I was born in 1890 I should make more money, it does not fly, EB3 is not a reflection on your skills but more the job you hold.

    The question you should ask is why have EB1, 2, 3, etc?

    Why do you not include the family based categories, isn't family first, why not the EB spill over to to FB first then whatever trickles down comes to EB, is not this fair? I am sure there are a lot in the FB queue who have waited for longer than you. Now dont tell you you are better than FB because you are highly skilled, pay taxes, etc.

    You signed up for this knowing what was in store.
    You think writing a letter or starting up a thread is going to help?

    I just wonder, is IV some kind of therapy? something like weightwatchers,
    maybe we should call ourselves GCWatchers, for frustrated GC folks from India.

    Tell me this, are your bosses fools to sponsor you in EB3, do they not know it will take years? No they are not, ask yourself why?

    India is shining, not a bad proposition at all.

    Well said my friend.....

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  • makemygc
    08-01 04:52 PM
    My friends check encashed today from TSC. His Attorney send application (6/20) to NSC and received there on 6/21.

    So long way to go... I am not sure next weekend estimate will also hold good for July 2nd filer. :) Don't kill yourself and it will not make it faster.:D :D :D

    Most of the applications are going to NSC but TSC is the one which is slow. I do not understand the reason. It seems their boss (Mr. Gonzales) sits in NSC, so they do not do any work. Does any one have any idea why TSC is so slow.
    If it goes like this, it will take a century to get EAD and AP itself.

    Just venting out my frustration...:mad:

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-26 04:30 PM
    Umm, Eb3_Nepa, speeding is breaking the law. A speed limit is the law. In pointing out that a speeder is fined but an illegal immigrant is deported, you are pointing out the difference in punishment for breaking the law. The punishment is man's decree, nothing more, nothing less. One could argue that a speeder can cause more harm to society (by driving way faster than conditions permit, for instance) than an illegal immigrant. Yes, an illegal immigrant is breaking the law, but who knows what we would do if we had a bad life and made $1 a day and someone promises a better paying job in some other country. So let us not point fingers here, but focus instead on the value we add.

    You are getting into this discussion late and I have edited/deleted posts, but from my comments you have an idea of what was said. It wasn't productive.

    Stucklabour i am not going deep into the illegals issue here. What i am saying is, that if some members sympathise with the illegals, that is perfectly fine with me, you may be more humanitarian than i am and you have a right to be. My point was, that being in the country illegally is considered more of an offence than a speeding violation not by you, or me, or anyone BUT by the US Govt.

    Also just to let everyone know i am not pointing any fingers at anyone here. I dont know about you, but let me tell you why I came here. It was not money particularly that brought me here. It was the fact that inspite of doing an Engineering degree, jobs were almost impossible to come by. Inspite of being a BE from a Fairly decent Engineering college in India, i have had to work in conditions Far worse than some of the workers in that company would have to (and this was after holding a supervisor's position). My family could not afford to send me here to study outright, so we scrambled for loans and scholarships. That being done I changed professions to do a Master's in IT and completely change fields. My point is, i did all that by staying WELL under the umbrella of the law. I speak for the many many master's students who come here after studying in India and go thru faily poor student life conditions due to lack of money during college. Once again we did it the LEGAL way. We waited for our turns. You gave me a figure of $1/day that illegals make. I was making Indian Rs 4,500/month (after doing a 4 year bachelors in Engineering) which is abt $3.00/day. I also knew my batch mates making even less than that a month. So does that mean that if i came to the US illegally, i would be justified in doing so coz we were making really less money? Also while staying here, we were 3 roommates accompanied by 3 mice in our apartment and abt 2000 roaches coz the apartment was REALLY old. :) Even there i know lots of my batch mates who underwent similar and worse problems.

    Please dont take my post the wrong way, i am sure there are many many more like me who have had it MUCH worse than i did. I dont want to bring my personal problems in public. But when i read things like, "lets put ourselves in their shoes" argument, i could not just sit back and and pretend like it is ok to break the law and actually be rewarded for it.

    You are a moderator and by that right you may delete my post, but just to clear matters, i am not againt any community in particular, just against people being rewarded for breaking the law on grounds that they were making less money.


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  • chalamcharla
    10-02 09:04 PM

    Reached I 485 on July5th ,9:17a.m to NSC and signed by R.WILLIAMS.
    Checks Not cashed yet.
    waiting ...:mad::mad::mad::mad:

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  • satishku_2000
    07-08 06:43 PM
    I have a question , if someone want to answer it.

    We are applying for EB based greencard,That is its my company which is applying for my GC, i am just an benefeciary , and USCIS is dealing with my company, How can i then sue USCIS in the lawsuit.

    I asked this because, my lawyer told me that its my company who is the applicant in a EB based GC

    Your company does not file adjusment of status (AOS), you file the AOS for you and your dependents ... we are not talkin about labor and 140 here we are talkin about 485 .. Your employer or lawyer does not undergo vaccinations and medical tests ...

    You should ask your lawyer about "due process under law" in american constitution ...


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  • abracadabra102
    05-10 09:59 AM
    A suggestion about the contents of these emails/letters:

    Why do we insist on proposing the solution to our problems? One person wants to remove country limits, another wants 5 year EADs, yet another wants to file 485 regardless of priority dates.

    I see 2 problems with this:
    1- The external world doesn't care or understand. Do you think the average CNN viewer understands what retrogression or priority dates are? For that matter does anyone in the White House?
    2- This divides us by EB category, country, pre/post July '07, EB3 to EB2 porter etc.

    In your letters please focus on the problem. If invited to the table we can propose solutions, but now is the time to highlight the problems and the potential impact it has on the US economy, our families, and communities.

    Impact on US economy:
    - I have significant buying power, however I am unable to make any substantial longer term financial decisions due to immigration uncertainties. I may be asked to leave the country on a moment's notice. If there was some stability, I may be looking to invest in a home or a new business

    Impact on our families:
    - My spouse cannot work. She is qualified and capable. Yet due to the vagaries of the immigration system, she cannot pursue full time employment without significant additional paperwork

    Impact on the communities:
    - Most of us hold strong political and social views. The current system makes it untenable and in some cases illegal (like donating to political parties) to participate in the democratic process. In the grand machine that is the American democratic system, we are probably the only group of people that are taxed and yet have no representation whatsoever.

    Maybe these points are not strong enough. But if they are not, then it is not worth anyone's time to pay any attention. Find the legal immigrant population's "we do the jobs Americans will not do" slogan!


    good job!

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  • voradharmesh
    05-23 10:37 AM
    Is it already introduced in Senate?
    I could not find any thing on this from

    I searched for "SKIL" and got the following:

    SKIL Act of 2006 (Introduced in Senate)


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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-09 02:37 PM
    Good to have this as reference and thanks for pointing out the ability to port to self-employment as part of AC21 portability.


    Here is the link. Your attorney is not the law. Some other attorney might say you can do it.

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  • sainwa
    06-16 11:53 AM
    Concurrent I-140/I-485: Yes
    Mailed From State: CA
    Mailed : June 11
    Transferred to TSC: ?
    140 approved : ?
    Receipt Date : ?
    Notice Date : ?


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  • vij
    06-08 05:45 PM
    How long does it take to get the notification letter once checks are cleared

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  • obviously
    07-27 07:15 AM

    It is a fact that EB3 India is a FORGOTTEN category. There appears to be a sense of intra-category elitism within the larger community that comes together at IV. EB3 I's make feeble attempts to be heard and some take a shot at innovative marketing campaigns to call attention to the plight of being stuck for over 6 ot 7 years in some cases. EB2 I's immediately respond with a self protectionist attitude and preach a higher calling that focuses on comprehensive solutions instead of piecemeal solutions. EB1 I's obviously choose to remain outside the fray, since these are matter of concern to vox populi, not them.

    Some EB2's and EB3's then analyse the hell out of USCIS logic, to the extent that they could become full time spin meisters for ANY public organization. With very little fact, a healthy dose of opinion and a mish mash of 'logic', they piece together their 'strong' arguments -one way or the other.

    Lost in this useless din of irrelevant analysis paralysis is the real misery of thousands of EB3 I's (such as myself) that have been stuck for years for no fault of ours. By the way, I happen to be a highly educated (for those that care) Executive that went to Top Private Universities in the US that happens to be stuck in EB3 ONLY because the company HR rep and lawyer at the time, chose to go down this path. POint being, there is no reason for EB2 I's to pontificate from a sense of elitist protectionism because there are EB3 I's like me that can outsmart a bunch of you in no time. Seriously. (This is for those that preach that if you are 'smart' you should be in EB2. Go read those threads).

    So bottomline, let us stop behaving like CIS vs Anti CIS camps and instead UNITE towards the common cause. Let EB3I's air their frustrations. If you can come to help, do so. If not, stay out of it completely. No more half ass 'logic', please.



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  • needhelp!
    02-18 04:27 PM
    Its easy to point at IV core for direction, but where is everyone when IV core gives a direction? There was a thread poll for another rally, but how many members came forward? How many IV members made an effort to convince others to vote on that poll so that IV core can plan for a rally?

    If IV members do not come forward for contributions and action items then IV core has to make do with limited funds and use them thriftily. That only means lesser results for us.

    It was the lobbying that got the bills introduced, so the least that we can do is contribute towards the lobbying expense. Its not going to work if everyone says that they will contribute when a bill comes on the floor.

    I guess the reason most of the people are not contributing is because they do not see any strategy going forward. I am sure IV core is working hard on the issues but there is lack of clarity as an organization.When the bulletins come out and dates dont move forward significantly, people start with various ideas ranging from flower campaign to eliminating country cap to EB3 - EB2 portability to ....( Most of them die by the middle of the month).If we look at the past, contribution campaigns have been successful ( up to reasonable extent) when there is a favorable bill on the floor and people see some hope. I remember till last year there was a guy ( I think Chandu13 ) who tried to motivate people for contribution by calling them coward, lazy.....Believe me it never worked...

    So I think it is time to get serious and have some synergy and that might motivate people to come forward, participate and contribute.

    Good Luck.

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  • nousername
    01-30 04:23 PM
    Funny... Sathweb took his post back, which even he does not agree with anymore and you now agree with it..

    Point is very simple: If a person has a valid job offer then by all means go ahead and apply for H1 from any status (be it H4, F1, B or Z...) but if you don't have a proper job offer then please don't apply for the H1 visa through a body shop as you are taking away a valuable visa #, which unfortunately are very limited.

    QUOTE=sumanitha;314025]I Completely agree with your reply. First, when I read the comment of that guy, I couldnt accept at all.

    You have given a nice and neat reply.[/QUOTE]


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  • EADplease
    09-21 02:55 PM
    I got receipt numbers from the checks. Receipt notice date is Sep 14. But haven't received the actual receipts yet.

    For me, since my 140 was approved in TSC, my attorney sent 485 to TSC.

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  • manish_jain99
    07-19 11:47 PM
    I pledge for 200$.


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  • Shaikhtabrez
    07-12 01:01 PM
    New Traps for Aliens Filing for a Green Card (

    does this mean one cannot use wad for primary job?

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  • txh1b
    08-26 01:09 PM
    CPO today. Case at local office. Had 1 interview where all documents for status and taxes were checked for the past 12 years. Never had a problem or gap in status and IO was surprised why the case came to local office. I was atleast happy that the interview is the worst thing that can happen and I am done through that.

    After 3 infopass appts, 2 SRs in all have the CPO in hand.

    Good luck all.

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  • rajusk
    11-21 01:20 PM

    For all those who are from India or believe in the Hindu gods and are ready to offer a prayer for Mehul.

    Here is a link -->

    Read it about 108 times on his behalf preferrably on Monday or you can do it 11 times until December 8th as this is an auspicious month for Lord Shiva.

    Good luck Mehul. I also sent you a PM.

    12-16 09:54 AM
    Meditation soothes your mind. It is scientifically proven.

    Time magazine reports where doctors studied Buddhist’s and you can find all the reports at:,9171,1101030804-471136,00.html

    Guys, It is all scientific.

    Look at the bottom link and click on tab "Wave Change".

    Been in the US since 1998, have an EB-2 PD of 2001, have played by the rules all along. Still no GC... And, the dates are going back to 2000 from the new year.. I've lost hopes...

    I'm pretty close to getting clinical depression because of this game played by USCIS, Labor Dept, FBI and my own bad luck.

    SKILL bill, OMNIBUS, etc. comes and goes. IV does seem to be doing things to lobby for the community, but let's face one reality. Like a news article said, no one in congress or senate wants to touch immigration even with a long pole until 2009.

    The US has been very good to me (other than the GC part), more than my home country (India) which is why I'm still here.

    Have invested too much of time in this country to just pack up and go. Just curious if any of you feel this way? How do you handle such depressing feelings?

    11-06 02:23 PM

    I tend to disagree from you on your comment regarding a possible link between name check and FP. I think they are seperate processes and run in parallel - one does not depend on another. I've read somewhere that a guy's name check was initiated like a month before he went for his FP. He got that info from infopass appointment. Also, wouldn't the IOs mention about the pending name check if it was related to FP notice?

    Regarding reaching a non TSC IO, I think is impossible since the call gets directed to TSC or NSC based on the receipt number that you key in when you call.

    I agree with you that we'll end up getting the same damn letter as our friend about no appointment availabality at local ASC for our SR response. It seems to me that we have to try either the Infopass or just wait it out.

    Has anyone thought about writing to ombdusman (if I spelled it correctly) about this FP notice issue or will that be not worth it?

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