Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • reddymjm
    06-12 12:07 PM

    any new receipts please add to this list...
    NOT YET. Waiting man...

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  • zeta7
    03-22 11:33 PM

    I'm in pretty much in the same boat as some of the other posters here. I don't have a valid H1b in my passport, I-140/I-485 is pending. EAD/AP is approved. My landing visa for Canada expires in May.

    Has anyone tried landing and returning to the U.S. while on pending I-485 by utilizing their AP yet? Any issues? I expect my POE to be Chicago. Any information would be much appreciated.

    This is driving me nuts. I really *really* don't want to abandon the Canada option, but the information I've come across on the forums have left me very apprehensive. I applied for Canadian Residency so that I could sleep a little better at night for the next three years, but looks like I bargained for nightmares instead!

    Awaiting your responses. Thanks guys...

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  • GCDream
    07-03 09:01 AM
    I am with you guys. Lets do it.

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  • mmillo
    11-17 03:51 PM
    D, Twice, one from my e-mail and the 2nd from my wife's e-mail.


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  • mahujam
    07-28 12:54 PM
    Received by USCIS on 12th June.
    Lud on 18th June.
    No receipt received. Found SRC number through cashed check.
    No further movement yet.

    Eb-3/India/17th Jan 2003.

    Just got email. No card yet.

    Current Status: Card production ordered.
    On July 26, 2008, we ordered production of your new card

    Another thing I just noticed is a LUD on my I-140 which was approved a year ago ( july5th 2007)
    The lud happened on 7/27/2008.

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  • GCEB2
    09-03 10:43 AM
    Did you receive teh physical cards by now?

    My Case:

    08/12/08 - Approval Notice Sent message (This is the only message I got)
    08/18/08 - Received the Approval notice by post

    No cards till now...:confused:

    I am in the same situation

    08/12/08 - Approval sent email
    08/18/08 - Received the Approval notice by post

    No welcome notice or card

    No updates.....


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  • vinabath
    03-25 03:20 PM
    Wait for Oct 2008 for any possible movement.

    My PD is 1 March,2004 and my realistic estimate for getting my GC is end of 2009.

    You are on spot. To be little optimistic, It will be 3rd quarter of 2009.

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  • Rohan99
    10-10 09:33 PM
    I got some good news. I called uscis just now and got two receipt numbers, one for 485 and one for EAD. Checks not cashed yet. I don't have the receipt number for AP yet. So it seems that our box is not lost and they're processing them, though so slowly. My application arrived on 7/3 at NSC, received by R. William at 9:03am.
    Hope every one of us will receive our receipts, EAD and AP asap.

    Congrats bluesky1!!!
    Can you tell us more about your application like RN on receipt? TSC or NSC?


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  • she81
    05-23 11:11 PM
    I am done with emailing the 10 senators + 2 more from my state.

    It's now or never. Please be benevolent with your time and help spread the word.

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  • ssa
    05-23 02:26 PM
    I have also called 6 senators till now and send email to 100 reporters from the CSV list from the other thread.
    Lets keep up the good work..


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  • PD_Dec2002
    07-07 08:53 PM
    she said "But we're prepared to talk to people about what happened here."

    hope that means they are willing to talk about giving EAD. If we get EAD all the lawsuits will be withdrawn. The law does not say AOS applications should not be accepted when there are no visa numbers available, the law only says AOS cannot be approved when visa numbers are not available. USCIS internal regulations says they will not accept AOS applications when priority date is not current. by now its quite apparent that USCIS has broken a lot of there own internal regulations just to make sure the visa numbers are used up before july 2 2007. Then can easily accomodate the EAD for july filers. It all depends upon the pressure exerted on USCIS and DOS

    My interpretation of "But we're prepared to talk to people about what happened here." is "We know what we did. And if you take us to court, we are prepared to talk our way out of this fiasco."

    Between the Iraq war and tensions in the mid-East, she will actually welcome such easy battles. This administration is extremely smug.


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  • VivekAhuja
    09-17 01:42 PM
    Vivek Ahuja - Apparently you didnt read the note completely or misunderstood it. All we are saying is be consistent or give our money back.

    Yes, we chose to come COZ we were offered to come. We are not complaining here. We want them to follow basic rules.

    On a side note, if they dont need immigrants not sure why they created H1B?

    No one is doing anyone any favor here. We want everyone do their job.

    And not sure whats your agenda of sending this note other than being extremely rude and ignorant.


    I know the truth hurts but just because it is the truth does not mean it is rude or ignorant. Be realistic!


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  • saketkapur
    09-24 06:34 PM
    Guys this year's party is pretty much over :rolleyes:....whts the point debating something whether right or wrong which pretty much nobody can do anything about except went frustration from whichever side of the isle one sits on.....

    As per Mr C.O. of USCIS I guess they have sent out the party invitation for the year so I guess there is no point sniping at each other. New inivitations will start from July next yr...;)

    Take a chill pill guys....its a weekend.....get a beer....enjoy life( beleive me GC or no GC these days will not come by:make the most) :D

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  • wizpal
    07-08 03:01 AM
    Order # FNKXXXXXXX
    Deliver on: Tuesday
    Jul. 10, 2007
    Delivery by: FedEx�, DHL� or UPS�
    Deliver to: Emilio Gonzalez
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington DC, DC 20529
    Occasion: Other
    Gift Message and Signature: "Kindly do not return our I-485 petitions in July and honor the original DOS visa bulletin"


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  • HV000
    09-30 09:44 AM
    I have a couple of questions. My employer has an in-house attorney who is responsible for green card processing.

    1. If i change employers WITHOUT notifying USCIS, who gets the RFE (if any) in the future? My ex-employer or beneficiary (I got my I-485 receipt directly from USCIS)

    2. If i change employers WITHOUT notifying USCIS after 180 days, what happens if my ex-employer tries to CANCEL my I-140?
    Can USCIS cancel I-140 without receiving any AC-21 notification from me?

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  • webm
    11-21 08:53 AM
    Hi Mehul,

    I pray for you and your family..Hope your 485 thing for your wife gets resolved..

    Believe in life!!


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  • lutherpraveen
    10-14 09:27 AM
    Processed at NSC.

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  • Can454545
    05-10 08:13 PM
    Its amazing how this community reacts to these set backs. For last few months I have been consistently seeing people with EB-3 complaining and pleading to the community to come together and join hands to eliminate the country cap. But most of the words fell of dumb ears. Most of the EB-2 members did read the pleads and requests, but did not bother to take and concrete actions or even comment on it.
    Now that the EB-2 is regrogressed to 2000, suddenly all the EB-2 members jump in. What happened, friends?
    This is plain selfishness - on the part for few lil stratured people. They should be ashamed of themselves or even to comment on these forums and come up with ideas.
    The point is not to divide the community, but to emphasize on unity! Though we belong to different EB categories, we need to work together and realize the pain of the community as a whole instead of taking it individually.
    Well my hopes are pretty low from this community, infact hopeless. But I did take the pain to create the dummy username to point this bigotry of some of our useless members, who are among us.
    Please don't care for our betterment - we have and would manage without the help of you BS people.


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  • venky08
    12-18 06:16 PM
    The ideas and concepts of releasing your unlimited potential can only be turned into reality if you take bold action now. Wishful thinking will not make your dreams come true. . If you want to be free your thinking must control your limitations instead of your limitations controlling your thinking. Look at your life for a moment! What do you see? Do you see opportunity, love, happiness, success and fulfillment? Or, have you mentally set up restrictive limitations? If so, the fact that you have declared yourself a prisoner will make you a prisoner. Once you make up your mind to be free and declare that you are �sick and tired of being sick and tired,� you will be motivated to make necessary moves toward liberation. The truth is, you will remain where you are only as long as you hold yourself prisoner. There are only �ordinary� people who have decided to do �great� things. These are people who are motivated by a burning desire to be free in order to express their unlimited potential. Instead of blaming others for their condition, they took action to change their situation.

    Hope this helps someone somewhere...

    it certainly helped me...thanks for posting this...

    06-15 07:49 PM
    This is what i have been asking since last week.

    My attorney told me that apart from employer i would also get a receipt notiece. I want someone to confirm this.

    My petition was sent on June 4th and i haven't received anything yet

    Is this true?

    05-30 12:57 AM
    1. I sent emails to Senators again.
    2. Sent another issue of my story to 50+ journalist/newspapers again.
    3. Sent Webfax again.

    Cmon people...this is the only change we've got and IV is the only hope we can hang on to. Please use it to the fullest.

    Go IV Go...

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