Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • willgetgc2005
    02-14 05:19 PM

    On a similar note, please see what the President had to say yesterday. These are softer issues, but will help us.

    Pls see the link.

    NRI picks top US tech award for Motorola

    Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC | February 14, 2006

    Padmasree Warrior, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola, and the driving force behind the company's recent growth and innovative successes, accepted the 2004 National Medal of Technology Award from President George W Bush on behalf of her company at a ceremony in the East Room of the White House on February 13.

    Warrior is also responsible for the success of Motorola Labs, the global software group and emerging early-stage businesses of the company. Her operational responsibilities include leading a global team of 4,600 technologists, prioritising technology programmes, creating value from intellectual property, guiding creative research from innovation through early-stage commercialisation, and influencing standards and roadmaps.

    She also serves as a technology advisor to the office of the chairman and to the board's technology and design steering committee.

    The prestigious National Medal of Technology annual award recognised Motorola for its outstanding contributions to America's technological innovation and competitiveness.

    Established in 1980 by an Act of US Congress, this is the highest honour awarded by the President to America's leading innovators.

    Ed Zander, Motorola chairman and chief executive officer, said, "All of us at Motorola are honoured to receive the National Medal of Technology from the President."

    "This award belongs not only to the talented employees of today but to the several generations of Motorolans who built our heritage of innovation. Given this heritage, we strongly support the President's plan to keep America the world's most competitive and innovative nation," he added.

    Warrior has been with Motorla since 1994 and is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (from where she received her bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering). She then obtained her master of science degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University.

    "We applaud the Administration for proposing increased investments in R&D, in particular for the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) at Commerce and the National Science Foundation," said Warrior.

    "From convergence to mobile Internet to nanotechnology, we must educate, excite and inspire our nation's children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics," she said.

    In an interview with, immediately after accepting the award, Warrior said, "It's a great honour, I feel really humbled, and I feel very happy for all of our engineers worldwide, because the award is really theirs."

    She said being in the company of several other leading scientists and technologists who were also awarded the National Medical of Science and the National Medal of Technology Award, "who made these great breakthroughs in the fields of science and technology was very inspiring to me to be amongst of the company of these people."

    Warrior said while giving her the medal at the awards ceremony and also preceding the ceremony "he (President Bush) talked quite a lot to me and asked me if I was from India and I said, 'Yes, I came to the US on a student visa to go to graduate school and then stayed here.' And he said 'we need more people like you. We need more talented people from around the world to come and contribute and help our economy grow and build our innovative strengths to be competitive.'"

    She said Bush had also told her that he was looking forward to his visit to India. "He said, 'I am going to India in a couple of weeks and I'll be meeting once again with my good friend, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.'"Bush in his remarks before presenting the National Medals of Science and Technology, declared, "It is a honour to be in the company of so many bright and distinguished Americans. Each of our honorees has been blessed with talent, and each has used their talent to the fullest."

    "The work we honour today has improved the lives of people everywhere. It has helped to move our economy forward and it has helped to make sure that America is the leader of innovation in our world. The medals are our nation's way of expressing gratitude to gifted and visionary citizens."

    Bush said that these annual awards "are the highest award a President can bestow for astounding achievement in science and technology. They recognise work that has helped expand the horizons of human knowledge. The National Medal of Science honors those whose research has enhanced our understanding of life and the world around us. And the National Medal of Technology recognises innovators whose work keeps America on the cutting edge with discoveries that change the way we live."

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  • thomachan72
    05-10 09:42 AM
    I am curious to know if people are sending amounts >20K by wire transfer to India or other countries from the US. People who do that regularly or have done that in past, have you encountered any problems? Wire transfers are directly informed by the bank to the IRS and you do not have to do it personally right?
    Comments from those who have done this before is appreciated.

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  • clear485
    06-08 01:53 PM
    I did think about doing it this way, but it didn't feel the "right thing to do"...

    I spoke to my lawyer on what to do , but I'm not getting a straight answer.

    Do you guys recommend a lawyer that would be able to help?

    I checked and she asks for $250/20min of consultation... Is she that good? Should I consider calling her?

    I did consult Murthy....she is good and will give you better solution....few of my friends used her law firm and resolved few complex queries....I have heard from my friend she is very good at document preparartion for real complex problems...

    My suggestion is, better go to her office if you are in tri-state area....if you use her service then she will waive $250 in legal fee....

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  • jhaalaa
    11-11 10:56 AM
    I agree that every single job loss matters and I support keeping jobs here where possible - unless essential.

    Interestingly, jobs lost due to outsourcing are far less than other factors. Here is some interesting survey link:

    Where the Jobs Went - Careers (

    The reason I posted it here is because the anti-immigrant lobby also views immigrants as supporters of outsourcing - which is not true because we look wholistically from an economic perspective. Also we are comparatively less emotionally charged about local issues, something that we should be more involved in to ensure comfortable assimilation for natives and immigrants alike.


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  • Desi Unlucky
    07-27 08:51 PM
    I 140 and 485 filed concurrently.
    Let's say I 140 is approved after 200 (greater than 180) days, If employer revokes I 140 after 230 days (let's say he is pissed off that i left the company using Ac 21 portability)

    will it create any issue for my GC ?

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  • seahawks
    06-29 11:30 PM
    Thank you for your input, do you know where I should call, if there is a number and so on? There is absolutely no information on any place on fixing 485 form.


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  • purgan
    04-13 10:13 AM
    USINPAC, for instance, promotes its role in the India-US nuclear deal.

    It has also listed immigration as one of its issues, but all it cares about there is family immigration, so all those citizens can sponsor their own relatives. A bunch of A$^#^

    himu73, why don't you try to contact these two oganizations + USINPAC to see what kind of traction you can get? The core is busy and needs all the help it can get. Are you upto it?

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  • vagish
    04-18 11:13 PM
    Patience my lovelies. This may be the calm before the storm, who knows.
    Per some news report, a debate has been scheduled on Senate floor to debate a comprehensive immigration reform bill during last two weeks of May'07

    the other immigration bills are introduced by republicans, not with democratic support, so those bills are going no where. Only hope is STRIVE!!



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  • anu_t
    07-20 10:10 PM
    I would definitely choose carreer over GC. Infact I myself did it.

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  • pou-pou
    06-06 01:30 PM
    the one lovely green is there a few times :love:


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  • srikanthmavurapu
    08-16 12:29 PM
    Hi ,
    I have a problem with my employer. He never paid me ontime and he didn't paid me since April,2010. So i have applied for H1 trasfer as i am having problems with this Employer. My H1 got approved and now my old employer sent me a notice saying i am in breach of agreement and i should not work for the same client and he will sue me for 50,000 dollars .
    Then i replied him saying since he is not paying me from past 4 months his agreement got voided as he is in Material Breach of Agreement.
    He is still giving me hard time. Can any one please give some suggestions like if i also proceed legally will it be helpful to me .

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  • RamBharose
    03-13 06:34 PM
    hey kris

    i really wanted to know if it was illegla before reporting someone, you can refer to jaylenos reply where he quoted my previous post and you will know my real issue is with people that do fraud.
    And i am not that stupid to write in a forum like this accepting that i am doing a fraud ehn i can be tracked.
    I wasnt sure and i didnt know how to go about it.

    try to follow law in its technicality and spirit. A lot of us may face delay in their app processing for uscis to figure out fraudsters among us. We should keep our program defensible not only in the court of law but also in the court of (american) public opinion.


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  • ivgclive
    09-04 01:59 PM

    Here is the list of people who recently died in my village. Let us all pray for their soul to rest in peace. Please understand that when we can pray for YSR..we can do for these people also. Every life has the same value...dont you agree..

    1. Rasu Devan
    2. Kenkai ammal
    3. Gandhi mathi (lady only).

    Please all do pray for the poor souls. From today onwords I will post all the dead people list in IV and let us all pray for them. Thanks for your support and prayer. Please let your freinds and family know about this and ask them to join in our prayer. Once again thanks guys.

    You are more than welcome to give red dots.

    Good. Let us collect a list of people who died and pray for them.

    You could add their PD and Category also, would be nice.

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    09-24 05:37 PM
    I am hoping you are going to change job in the same profession. What iti means is if you are working on technical side in IT, you are going to continue on technical side no matter what your designation is. I feel that USCIS has clear guidlines on this. please refer to the link below:

    I think following information on this link could help you to make a quick decision. I addition you should consult to attorney before you make your final decision.

    "Supervisors of professional and technical workers usually have a background similar to the workers they supervise, and are therefore classified with the workers they supervise. Likewise, team leaders, lead workers and supervisors of production, sales, and service workers who spend at least 20 percent of their time performing work similar to the workers they supervise are classified with the workers they supervise.

    First-line managers and supervisors of production, service, and sales workers who spend more than 80 percent of their time performing supervisory activities are classified separately in the appropriate supervisor category, since their work activities are distinct from those of the workers they supervise. First-line managers are generally found in smaller establishments where they perform both supervisory and management functions, such as accounting, marketing, and personnel work."



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  • manja
    04-21 09:48 AM
    I will be relocating to Houston soon. I am new to the area. I would really appreciate if you can give your inputs on good neighborhoods, cost of living, etc.


    Welcome to H city! SugarLand and Katy have very good neighborhoods with lots of desis. A lot depends upon where your office located. Cost of living is in Houston is low compared to LA, NY. Homes are "affordable". But property taxes are high (average is above 3%). Food, gas and misc. services are cheap. Insurance and utility costs are high though. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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  • insight08
    02-01 02:22 PM
    Please let me know whether my I-140 will be approved under EB3.I have 3 year bachelors degree(Maths) from India and 2yr diploma from Aptech. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated

    Column 14

    Grade School : 8 years
    High School : 4 years
    College : 4 years

    College Degree(Required) : Bachelor's Degree
    Major Fied of Study : Computer Science*

    Column 15

    Travel and/or relocation required

    *compluter Applications, Computer Information Systems, Electrical, Mechanical, Mathematcis, Physics or its foriegn Education Equivalent. Will accept any suitable combination of Education , training or expeirence in lieu of stated requirements.

    --I have experienced this myself. You should be fine. Note in Column 15 is going to protect your case. There are 90% chances of not getting any RFE. Even if you do, any english speaking-reading-writing lawyer should get you out of this by writing a simple letter to the Immigration officer at NSC that they should look at column 15 again. "Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable".

    Relax and enjoy!!!


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  • glen
    05-17 09:43 AM
    With approved I-140 H1-B extension can certainly be done .

    For 365-day period one can take out the days he/she has been away from US for work, vacation,etc. Check for this.

    My question to my valuable friends is that if I've filed PERM well before 365 days (i.e. the last year) but it was denied and then i refiled another PERM after the 365-day period was started, then would I still be able to renew my H1 based upon filed PERM or approved I-140 or what? :confused:

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  • suryamnb
    12-07 02:30 PM

    I apoligizeif I was posting this message in the wrong section.

    I'm on H1B and filed my 140/485 concurrently in Aug 2007. Can I do ONLINE MBA with out affecting GC process?

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  • Danko
    11-27 04:26 AM
    I find that Silverlight and related .NET stuff works extremely well cross-platform. Apps like Banshee ( are cross-platform (really, not like Flash and AIR which suck on Linux and Mac) and work wonderfully on every platform (alright, bad example: there�s not a Windows port at the moment, because of the underlying audio libraries, but it�s all C# stuff).

    Mono is implementing a really nice open-source version of Silverlight (I forget its name), and Silverlight works great on Mac.
    Hmm... I didn't know about AIR issues you mentioned.. ;( On PC it works great, and people at Adobe (as I can see on videos) use Mac OS as their primary OS.

    btw considering Mono... We had an ASP.NET app that had to be ported to Linux.. We did it with Mono, but... there were huge problems with memory leaks.. So colleague had to rewrite it completely in PHP.. So, my (bad) experience tells me not to use .NET on Linux... Perhaps they fixed it though? Ugh, somehow I don't believe that Microsoft cares for any other OS but its own.. ?

    11-07 10:26 AM
    If EB2 PD is 1 APR 2004 then what does the ProcessingTimeFrame Date(August 25, 2006) mean for I-485 in Texas Service Center.

    Can anyone clarify. Guys exuse my Ignorance...I just want to know the rule

    08-24 10:22 PM
    If I were you, I would read the "captions" before responding.:mad: come out of box dude

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