Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • abhijitp
    07-08 01:53 PM
    07/08/2007: Massive Flower Send-In Campaign by Indian Community in Spirit of Mahatma Gandhi's Nonviolent Protest Against the Injustice Involving Visa Bulletin Fiasco

    The East Indian community has been engaging in an interesting campaign sending a massive bouque of flowers with a message of protest to the leaders of the USCIS and the State Deparment, including Mr. Emilio Gonzalez, Director of USCIS and Dr. Rice, Secretary of Department of State relating to the ongoing Visa Bulletin commotion. Indians are the primary sources of foreign high-tech workers and the country's much needed sources of brains for the businesses and the employers, and it turns out that the current Visa Bulletin fiasco has hit most them and their U.S. employers. Considering the fact that the Congress sidelined foreign legal workers and brains as a backburner issue in the ill-fated CIR, the current Visa Bulletin fiasco appears to add the heat of outrage to the Congress' unfair and unjust treatment of the legal immigrants by leaders in this country. OUCH!

    Thanks a lot for posting!
    Please post the URL, always, if I may add.

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  • paskal
    12-21 11:11 AM
    we will be delighted to have you folks joining in

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  • mmanurker
    12-08 06:38 PM
    vet04, Unfortunatly I dont have an answer to your question but if you dont mind can u pls let us know more about your current job so that I can start looking at your current job as an option for me incase if I get a green card. I am serious and not kidding. I want to know who is paying
    200k salary in this job market and what is the job requirement for that.

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  • pappu
    11-21 06:49 AM
    Should we mail (Paul McDougall )of information Week.

    sure. send it.
    The article says---
    "A lobby group backed by IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and other tech industry giants is urging Congress to pass a new research and development tax credit and increase the supply of H1-B immigrant visas before the current session adjourns."

    H1B visa is not an immigrant visa. It is a non immigrant visa. Everybody confuses H1B visa as the immigrant high skilled visas (Gcs). Moreover this article has no mention of greencards.

    Gcs are not part of their agenda as per their website--

    We will be neglected and our voice will not be heard if we dont do anything. IV core is working hard but they cannot do it alone without the help from each and every member. Each IV member is important to our success. We cannot afford to leave it to others to do it for us. The collective muscle of our efforts will create miracles for us. I see from a total of 450+ members that logged in yesterday only 12 people sent emails to 60 min. This kind of response to calls for action will not help our cause. Same goes for the state chapters. How many of us have actually gone to the state chapter thread and signed up? Pls. ask this yourself before posting new messages on the forum.


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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    08-22 02:53 PM
    This sound like a good idea...our first option is to attend the rally. But if for some reason we are not able to make it...we can identify a place in all the states on the same day to show support for the DC rally.. I tried to find someone in Buffalo...but noone responded..dont know whether I will be able to attend the rally in DC.

    I know some of you will be attending the Rally in DC on Sep 18th.

    But most wont be attending the rally in DC on the 18th. Wouldnt it be good if the people who are not able to attend the DC rally conduct a rally in Texas at the same day.

    This way, there will be a multi pronged effect. In fact, it would have an even greater effect if simultaneous rallies are held in other places too. Like

    West Coast (Bay area )
    Midwest (Chicago)
    Texas (one of the major cities - Dallas, Austin or Houston)

    Think of all the local media attention this gets & also the ripple effect into national media.

    Any thoughts ??

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  • chris
    02-11 11:44 PM
    Still pending ..

    Initially filed in Texas and transfered to Vermont .
    Assigned to officer more that 60 days ago. :confused:

    I've contacted the congressmen. There are 200 odd cases at NSC still lying unprocessed with earlier PD and RD (than mine) while the cutoff dates move forward for EB2-I. Are they going process all others before mine?
    With this some lucky ones will get out and other unlucky ones will complain to the congressmen. Movements without clearing up the earlier cases will cause more problems.
    Btw, Chris, what is your status?


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  • guyfromsg
    07-19 05:41 PM
    Thanks for ur reply..anyone else has any input on this??

    From Greg's blog

    >>greg, i filed today and tx has jurisdiction over my area but i sent it to nebraska....will that cause a delay or will it be bad for my file?<<

    You should be fine. You have your choice up until month's end.

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  • rajuseattle
    04-27 07:55 PM
    According to USCIS's interpretation of the backlog the pending applicants from retrogressed countries do not count as the backlog because they can not process those petitions until VISA dates moves further.

    I hope once they make this information available on their WEB site or to respond to IV's request to disclose the pending AoS applicants based on country of chargeability and category, we will know how many AoS pending and can judge how long it will take to receive our GCs.

    I am glad atleast they r acknowledging the fact that their is backlog and they are serious about clearing the backlogs. I can imagine the July-Aug 2007 concurrent filers are now receiving their I-140 approvals. In this bad economy one need to have I-140 approval to use AC-21 provision in case of layoffs.

    No hopes on CIR , that debate will be their for a while until economy starts improving, until then no reform or any releif for legal immigrants....people just talking baout US protectionism and bla bla bla...nobody cares few thousand indians and chinese applicant's petitions rotting in the USCIS service centres for years for no VISA numbers.


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  • wellwishergc
    12-26 11:39 AM
    I will join in.

    I will be calling in.

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  • kirupa
    06-06 02:41 PM
    haha - I just removed the first green stamp and added 1 to his other stamp :)


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-18 12:49 PM
    try entering that number here

    BUT, I am assuming she gave u the Receipt number for online tracking, which you may already have from ur receipt notice...DOES it start with SRC or LIN?

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  • bluez25
    07-15 01:32 PM


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  • coopheal
    03-06 05:13 PM
    My filing date is July 2nd and notice date is Aug 27th.

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  • swartzphotography
    November 24th, 2005, 11:03 PM
    well the short answer is i like the light picture better. now i am sure that is not all your after is which one but also why. to me the photo is just jumping out at me more dark images have there place but for this particular type of image i think the lighter pictures lend better to flowers


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  • abhisam
    01-08 02:01 PM
    I also had submitted with my I-94 attached. I forgot to remove it. It was stapled and I got it back with my old passport. So dont worry.

    Thank you for your reply!

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  • dngoyal
    07-27 05:10 PM
    hello rolrblade
    Thanks for all this,
    in the last you have said,
    "Also the email from you is "legal authorization" to sign"

    But in my case email is not attached with the application.

    as I sent mail after filing the application.

    is it OK?/


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  • sheela
    09-23 09:39 AM

    Yesterday my lawyer received receipts for my spouse and kids (485/EAD/AP) but not for myself. Now my lawyer is insisting upon sending me the copies of the receipts and do not want to send me the originals. With respect to that I have following questions:

    1) Is that o.k having copies only or we should have originals? If we do not
    have originals what bad may happen?

    2) Either my lawyer or I have not received any of my receipts but we
    received all receipts of my family. Is this normal? How long should we wait
    for my receipts before contacting USCIS? By the way USCIS already gave
    me my all numbers for teh receipts and according to USCIS my receipts
    already mailed on Sept 14th. What would be advisable action for me in
    this case?

    3) None of the receipts of my family contain Priority Date. PD field is blank on all receipts. Is this O.K.?


    - BharatPremi
    1) For our point of view, only RN number should be okay-this gives us liverage to track and see updates on your filings. Frankly, I never bothered even that as I received FP notices before RN from attorney and FP notices carry RN numbers.

    2) Question is should we send the 'Stamped Original FP notice' after finger printing to attorney instead of copies? (As this is a kind of document with proof of FP having done and this is our copy). My attorney asked me for original FP notices -stamped by FBI after FP-I would rather send copies and keep original with me.
    Please, let me your thoughts on this

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  • uumapathi
    09-30 10:48 AM
    r u from NBKRIST?

    What is NBKRIST?

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  • myeb2gc
    02-24 08:43 PM
    How long did you get extension for without purchase order or letter from client ?

    Hi, i got it for 2 years 10 months, but not 3 years even after having approved 140.But it seems ok...

    12-04 02:42 AM
    You were supposed to get 92$ / hr for a LC you applied for in 2001??
    exactly what is it that you do/did?

    05-15 01:03 PM
    What a coincidence.....

    1. EB3 I-140 ceritified - Feb2003. - Salary 60K (Soft Developer)
    2. EB2 - Labor approved -Oct 2005 Waiting for PD to port - Salary 80k ( IS manager)

    I do not know what to do, I am thinking couple of situations.

    I. File 485 with EB3.

    Low Salary Requirements,
    Generic Job Duties,
    Easy to use AC21,
    Already approved I-140

    Possible retrogression,
    So more wait before realizing the dream of actual freedom.

    II. File 485 with EB2 labor (concurrent filing)

    Less chance of retrogression.
    Quicker path to GC.

    I-140 denial chances
    Difficult to use AC21 - difficult to find managerial job with 80K salary in Midwest.

    Someone please tell us that we can replace/upgrade the underlying I-140 tagged to 485 application.

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