Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • TheOmbudsman
    06-27 11:57 AM
    I believe it when I see it.
    We should hire a lobbyst who can sell the idea to Sen. Specter and others pro amnesty lawmakers that they should hold on with the illegal alien case and work on the legal issue right now. I've seen this before where Sen. Specter claims that he could come up with a compromise, and yet he always show up with a redefinition of the word 'amnesty', what doesn't go far.

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  • manishcp
    08-26 09:13 AM
    LC: Dec 2003, EB-3, INDIA
    I-140: NSC in Dec 2006, No LUD yet
    I485, EAD, AP: July 3 2007 @ 11:14AM
    No news: No check cashed yet

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  • joeshmoe
    06-05 10:11 AM
    Is there premium for I485?

    I am not a lawyer but as far as I know there is no Premium for 485. They mentioned they will want to do it at some point in the future but it is not yet available for this application.

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  • gk_2000
    04-16 07:46 PM
    Well, in that thread they were about to "hire a top constitutional lawyer", but it ended in a whimper...


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  • pasupuleti
    05-03 01:19 PM

    05/02/2006: Senator John Cornyn Introduced S.2691 for "Legal" Employment-Based Immigration Legislation

    * Today, John Cornyn, Senator from Texas, introduced in the Senate S. 2691, Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership (SKIL) bill, which is similar to the legal employment-based immigration bills incorporated in the comprehensive immigration reform bills of Senator Bill Frist and Senator Alen Specter. These legal employment-based immigration bills are similar to the Education bill named PACE Act which is still pending in the Senate.
    * Senator Cornyn strongly opposes the legalization of undocumented immigrants as opposed to the Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and most of the Senators in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The compromised comprehensive immigration reform proposal faced strong challenge from Senator Cornyn before the bill collapsed in the Senate during the Easter break. Cornyn-Kyl bill and McCain-Kennedy has engaged in a fierce duel in the Senate Judiciary Committee and in the full Senate. The collision was marked by the legalization of illegal immigrants that are incorporated in the McCain-Kennedy bill.
    * By introduction of S. 2691, Senator Cornyn practically joins the original Bill Frist bill that strongly supported legal immigration and strongly opposed legalization of illegal aliens by focusing on the border security and the immigration enforcement. Question remains whether the legal immigration bill can pass the Congress as separate from the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation. We are concerned that this bill may bring a further division between the legal immigrant community and the illegal immigrant community with the potential damaging consequences to both legal and illegal communities. We have maintained a tradition of strongly supporting legal employment-based immigration. We just hope that the legal and illegal reform legislation does not end up with the fate of S. 1932 as driven by the political forces using the traditional battle tactic of 'divide and conquer.' From the perspectives of the legal employment-based immigrant community, all of the pending bills support their interest and they will be least affected by whichever bill the Congress finally would pass. This is a time to unite and not a time to divide.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-13 07:53 AM
    My attorney told me that they sent my case to USCIS through FEDEX overnight on 6th June. My check is not cleared from my bank yet. I am concerned about my RD. Any idea?


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  • josecuervo
    08-20 12:02 PM

    Did anyone get their physical Cards without getting CPO message ?

    I have recd the I-797C Approval notice on the 11th but I have not recd the physical cards as yet. BTW I did not get any welcome e-mail or CPO mail - I directly got 485 Approval e-mail and that is all.

    My situation is very similar to yours.
    As per CSR "The cards will be sent to the printer in October". I dont know how far it is true or what to make out of it.
    Probably she is reading a standard call script. God knows...

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  • simple1
    05-01 12:15 PM

    Please dont mix priority date with quota.
    spouse's priority date will be the same as primary priority date.

    We are discussing about quota here.

    Lets say I have PD of Aug 2007 and If govt makes me to file under EB and my wife under FB. When date becomes current in EB ( which has higer probability ) I will be able to file but my wife will not.

    Now questions will be what will be her status ? If I switch to EAD ? second if govt give them a legal status but they have to wait for 3-4 years to date become current and file for 485.


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  • Jaime
    06-26 05:10 PM
    For your Information India's GDP is 3 trillion USD compare to Mexico 1 trillion USD. Taking into account GDP of EU India ranks 5th in GDP higher than any indivisual European nation where as Mexico ranks 13th. This is as per CIA worldfactbook. So where did you get the number
    "Mexico's GDP is essentially equal to India's (India = 775,410, Mexico=768,437). "
    Hmmn did I forget you are an MBA from Mexico ?

    (What would happen if India shared a land border with the U.S.A. - One can only imagine! Instead of 7 million illegal Mexicans, we would have 400 million illegal Indians here!)
    Lets get this thing straight buddy without shadow of any doubt there are more Mexican than Indian in USA. But what about the number of doctors, computer scientist, economist, professors of reputable Universities, physcisist of Indian origin compare to Mexican origin.

    I will ignore your familiarity in calling me your "buddy". Find something constructive to say in regards to our IV goals instead of attacking. To begin with, this is not the place for me to explain to you the details of difference between Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) GDP (that you quote) and the market exchange rate GDP which I quoted. But since you raised the subject, PPP GDP is adjusted to accomodate for different inflation and consumption rates in different countries. Without the PPT adjustment, India's GDP is equal to Mexico's, even though India has 11 times the population of Mexico. The reason India comes in 4th with the PPP adjustment in the world is because the ruppee is undervalued and Indians have a purchasing power that is 4 times smaller than Mexicans. So, to humor you and use your method of calculation, the Per Capita GDP (PPP) Of India is $3,344 in 2006 and Mexico's is $12,886. "Where are all the Mexican doctores, computer scientists, economists and professors?" you ask. The answer is: They are IN MEXICO making huge salaries, when the Indian ones have to come here because their salaries in India don't give them enough money to eat. Why aren't all the construction workers and lawn workers in the U.S. Indian? Because they cannot affor the airfare. The Mexicans just walk accross the border. Any you know what? All those Indian Professors at Harvard etc are teaching class to all those rich Mexican kids. Get your facts straight before you confront me and make fun of my MBA (which I got in the U.S. incidentally, not Mexico, but if I had wanted I could have gotten a top 20 MBA back home). I just recated to people's racist attacks here. So now, if you have anything to contribute to our IV common cause, welcome! If all you are about is attacking other forum members then please leave and do not come back. Thanks.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 10:42 AM
    Thanks balakishore !!!

    All you need to do now is pledge an amount. Just write down a reply to this message what you would like to contribute.

    We are working on how to arrange for the payout. Once we figure that out, everybody in the thred will be informed.

    Could some one please tell me on how to contribute for this issue ?

    I am ready to contribute a little.

    I hope everybody will contribute a little, so that AMAN will come out of this issue.


    ( Contributed $100 till today )


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  • probe
    09-12 10:47 PM

    when did you file your I-140 was it concurrent or filed prior to filing I-485?


    I filed I-140 in Nov 2006 and it is not a concurrent application

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  • chanduv23
    02-17 02:53 PM
    Answer to this:


    And this:

    is this:

    Positive programming. Could we start it inside ourselves first? Stop ranting and lamenting?

    The point is not that tri-state was crooked etc. The point is, they got the cash because they made themselves known as an entity that does some service

    Same with IV. If IV is just a rant board, who will believe? We must change IV!

    Well, it goes beyond that. This is a "complicated story with no sub titles".

    IV website is a board where people of all kinds visit and there is no control over stuff. Just go to any blog site - we see 100 rants and crazy comments as against a few wise talk.

    I guess we have to live with it and keep pushing people. Sometimes loud and sometimes gently.


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  • logiclife
    05-03 12:56 PM

    Everyone here on this forum understands the frustration of H4 limitations.

    However, to say that IV has not done anything beyond media publicity is far from truth.

    I hope that you read the "Amendments" link on the homepage(top).

    These amendments sponsored by Sen. Brownback and co-sponsored be Sen. Alexander and Bingaman DID NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY.

    And they did not come from other organization or lobbying firm. They were introduced to the comprehensive bill on April 7(Just before recess) SOLELY due to efforts of IV, QGA, AAPI and the good staff at Brownback's office.

    I have to point this out because by saying that "IV has not done anything besides media publicity" is not true and it discourages people who have spent hundreds of dollars of OWN money to travel to Washington DC and lobby for these amendments. On top of that, core group members HAVE taken UNPAID TIME OFF FROM THEIR WORK to travel to DC. These things are not easy to get done. Unfortunately there is a partisan env now in Senate and the Comp bill's future is uncertain but had that bill been passed in Senate, it would have had amendments that come from nowhere else BUT Immigration voice.

    So please be kind to the group and have patience. H4 applicants have a bad situation, but there are some in our membership who have been laid off after 6th year and are looking to go back to India as their current employer would withdraw the pending labor. So these guys are GOING BACK to country of origin along with their H4 SPOUSES. Things could be a lot worse and one should be mindful that everyone has problems in their lives.


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  • qplearn
    12-10 03:38 PM
    There are two posts from 'Ticked Off' at this link:
    Scary comments. Also saddening.


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  • pappu
    11-18 02:33 PM
    I am wondering none of these senators who responded as of now understand our request for adding the provision of recapturing unused visas. Please read below response from IOWA senator and not even one word about our request.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share with me your views regarding S. 729, the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act. The views of my fellow Iowans are an essential component of my decision making process as a Member of Congress.

    As you may know, Senator Richard Durbin introduced S. 729 on March 26, 2009. This legislation would allow unlawful immigrants who entered the U.S. as minors to gain eligibility for higher education benefits based on state residence, unless a U.S. citizen is eligible for the same benefits. S. 729 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Judiciary. You will be interested to know that Congressman Howard Berman introduced H.R. 1751, the American Dream Act, on March 26, 2009, which would create a similar law. H.R. 1751 has been referred to the House Committee on Judiciary and the House Committee on Education and Labor. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind should the full House consider this issue during the 111th Congress.

    Our nation faces many challenges, and economic recovery is vital if we are to meet them. As a senior member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, I will continue building upon the job creation opportunities that I have delivered to the 3rd District in order to expand commerce, spur business development, and provide economic opportunity to all. I periodically provide electronic updates on issues I think my constituents might be interested in. If you would like to receive the E-newsletter, please sign up at my Web Site at Congressman Leonard Boswell : Home ( As always, please feel free to contact me or my office if ever you think we may be of assistance.


    Leonard L. Boswell
    Member of Congress

    The highlighted message is the key to the next step.
    At most times you are likely to get such automated responses and message would be ignored unless backed up by lobbying effort. Each campaign is carefully crafted and the strategy is based on our ongoing lobbying efforts.This is why we ask for a focused message and followup instead of sending junk emails (from online petitions) and thinking our work is done after hitting the submit button. It is a waste of time and energy and misleads the community in what they should be doing to get attention to their issues. Sending email is just one tiny step towards the advocacy work. Next step is to call the office and follow up about the email. Tell them you are not satisfied with such a response on an important issue. Tell them that you want to talk to someone about your letter and also wants to meet them in their office as you are a constituent and part of a national organization. Once you get the appointment, contact IV and we will guide you for the next steps.

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  • chantu
    09-03 11:44 AM
    Yes, u r lawyer is right. It is fine to skip.

    Hi - I currently have my H1B(H4 for my wife) valid till Mar 2011 and EAD expires on 10/15/08.

    Can I skip the renewal process for now and apply for EAD later?

    My lawyer says it is OK to skip for now and apply for EAD/AP anytime as long as I-485 is pending.

    Please advise.



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  • devmaha
    02-18 03:27 PM

    I will not be able to attend the effort, so i just donated $50 using Paypal Unique Transaction ID #76X660992B201912K.

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  • tonyHK12
    11-17 03:11 PM
    Done for NYC

    Are we just supposed to enter our infomation on the form? or name, email etc? how does it go to our local congress men?
    The page will choose senators and house reps based on your ZIP code and email it to them

    Great job admins this was needed

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  • amsgc
    08-25 12:47 AM

    The issue is not with desi consultants. It is with those companies who game the system and take advantage of workers from India. If you believe that the petition filed by your company is legit, then it is all good - you will never have to worry about any audit or RFE.

    As I have said before, the problem arises when some companies file petitions when there isn't an immediate job offer. They often take money from the H-1B worker to file the petition and not pay them when they are on bench - making them vulnerable to USCIS audits. In my view this is bad for the H-1B program and everybody who is involed, and it should be investigated by the USCIS.

    Now, there may not be many who do this - but a few bad apples have certainly given the rest of us a bad name.

    Here are some of the red dot comments I recieved for my early posts. Not that I care about red dots.

    no. i was hired because i was good. you were hired because you were willing to work as a slave for 40k.
    BAN desi consultants, hoarding H1B's from deserving people, BAN everyone who supports them

    To the poster of this message,

    This country is not for incompetent people who fear desi-consultants.

    07-10 01:04 PM
    Can anyone do a cartoon and we can post it on the internet?

    How about a caricature of Gonzalez holding a sign as follows:

    WASHINGTON�The Department of State has revised its July Flower Bulletin to reflect that all available flowers have been allocated for fiscal year 2007.
    As a result, beginning today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is rejecting applications to send flowers (Form I-356937) filed by aliens whose priority dates were current under the original July Flower Bulletin.
    U.S. immigration law limits the number of employment-based immigrant flower receipts that may be issued each fiscal year.

    06-22 12:05 PM
    Why would filing I-485 change the whole financials for the company?

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