Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • minimalist
    08-18 02:05 PM
    My reaction would have been the same if you were in Eb1 category. The fact is that I am trying to mobilize some people to get few things done. Of course, motivated by my self interest.

    I was against SunnySurya's porting agenda and still am. But the current issue he is taking up is a genuine one. There should be a reasonable processing expectation that the earlier the PD the sooner the GC,with all other things (like category)being equal.

    However eb3_nepa has a valid point too that you can't expect to utilize core's time/energy.
    In my opinion, SunnySurya is going in right direction championing this cause.
    All the best.
    EB3 -I , May 2006
    Contribution $100

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  • waitnwatch
    08-18 02:53 PM
    Two things..........

    I'm sure you can put your point across without bandying about your expertise in the English language.

    your juvenile logic about the USCIS deciding how important your work is can be extended to how much you get paid too. How about demanding that you be paid equal to CEO's of fortune 100's!

    And finally you still want to live in the US

    Exactly... there is no such thing as LOW HANGING BALLS.... they shuld be fair to everyone... this is just a case of discrimination... first make all these useless categoreis... EB-1, eb2 blah blah..... i mean cummon who the fuck are they to decide how important my work is.... or under what category it falls... i thought the americans considered all work equal.. and respected everyone... well that was my impression before coming here... anyways.... so much fucking hipocrisy....

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  • suresh1
    08-20 09:29 AM
    140- approved by TSC 6/06
    LUD - 7/28/07
    485 - sent to NSC on 7/03..
    No response yet..

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  • sina
    08-27 09:40 AM
    Congrats ajaykk! I hope mine will also come in few days. That is the hope.


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  • anotheroneonqueue
    08-26 05:14 PM
    Following is my observation from my last H1B extension from Vermont.

    You should be concerned if the extension is not approved before the expiry of the current H1B/I-94. Even if you apply months in advance, USCIS won't approve it till you are near your "old I-94" expiry date.

    My H1B has already expired. My only proof of H1B is the receipt of H1B renewal application.

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  • mhkumar
    02-17 02:37 PM
    Contributed $50 using PayPal. Transaction #: 8J0428685R296325F


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  • lj_rr
    09-13 03:40 PM
    New thread created.All TSC Filers please post here.


    I don't know how to create a new thread. Will you please tell me how to do do? Thanks a lot.

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  • priti8888
    10-08 08:25 PM
    All EB categories will be current all the time. As soon as a I485 EB case is filed the visa number should be allocated to the first 8000 odd cases for that category based on the PD of application. If a new case is filed tomorrow with a old PD he will get the visa number and the last guys application will move to waiting list. At the beginning of the year all visa numbers are allocated and nothing is wasted, even if the case is having issues like RFE, FBI check, etc the applicant knows that once cleared he will get his GC.


    You're kidding me...How is your suggestion more efficient..????
    So they should keep sorting and moving visa numbers from one application to another based on PD.??
    if thats the case they would have to wait to give GC on the very last day of the year...


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  • immigration07
    05-02 03:02 PM
    in contributions and in any thing else... I started contributing even before lot of people here heard about IV.

    good joke!!!!!!!!

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  • desi3933
    08-29 10:33 AM
    That lawsuit Idea is still very much alive but not relevant to this. Plus that idea will take some time. I also don't believe I had been unethical.

    The bottom line, you would agree, the reason we all are lurking on this forum is to get our GC. I can assure you and the other core members of one thing, I will not do anything which is I beleive is unethical on not within the boundaries of the law.

    Any update on your lawsuit?


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  • GCSeekerCT
    05-11 07:35 PM
    Vivek Ahuja, you and afew others are able to see the light of the day, and not have been blinded by false facade of the Obama administration. THis is a far far left amdnistration, which will never do anything to incourage Skilled immigrant population, because they need dumb masses to follow them like a herd of cattle...

    While I agree with your statement, isn't that the goal/view of probably most ruling parties ?

    they either will think we are too dumb to understand, or they actually way too smart in manipulating/tweaking/influencing the masses.

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-16 06:45 PM
    if you see life as a series of choices and actions, then the lack of GC inhibits a lot of choices and actions.

    Absolutely agree :) However, keep in mind that if one door is closed because of not getting/delay in getting GC, there are other options too.

    A good example is EAD & AC21 for people who do not want to stagnate in their careers. Now you might say that using AC21/EAD has risks, but then remember the old adage "no risk, no gain".

    If we expect life to hand us everything on a silver platter, and get depressed if that does not happen we just ruin our happiness & peace of mind.


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  • StarSun
    02-23 08:21 AM
    Transaction ID: 0HV49363NW0956225
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: imm_pro)
    $500.00 USD 1 $500.00 USD
    Subtotal $500.00 USD
    Total $500.00 USD
    Payment $500.00 USD
    Payment sent to donations@immigrationvoice.org

    I will not be able to attend the event due to personal reasons;so am trying to compensate for it by atleast contributing sincerely to the event.Hope this will inspire some of the members who are still trying to decide wether to contribute/volunteer or not.

    Thank you imm_pro for your generous contribution.

    Thanks to all the members who are helping in any way possible to make this advocacy effort a success.

    Thank you Tonyhk12 for keeping track of the contributions.

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  • gcwait2007
    12-17 04:15 PM
    depression is created by anxiety and hopelessness.

    I am also like many others, suffering from GC related depression. After reading the posts, now I feel more comfortable that I am not alone:)

    Two steps I wish to take: (1) Not to think about getting GC any more. Whether I am anxious or not, it will take its own time and let me develop the habit of patiently waiting (2) Have a back-up plan ready.


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  • jsb
    11-02 10:58 AM
    Even after 180 days, your employer put a withdrawal request with proof of insufficient financial strength to pay you from the period start (within 180 days ) till the withdrawal request date then what will you do? Now it is clearly "un approvable" during "even within 180 days" . Now 180 days passed already? - yes. I-140 is already approved? - No, Employer filed withdrawal ?- yes? Employer shows underlying reason of insufficient finance capacity within 180 days - yes .. Then case closed - Denial - Next.
    Above argument is not fully correct. Someone had posted extracts from the law. Please read that once again, and keep in mind the spirit of the law as well.

    Until 180 days: If I-140 is denied or withdrawn, no GC. Note that you are not required to be working for sponsoring employer prior to your getting GC. There should be only an intent on both parties to establish employee/employer relationship upon getting GC
    After 180 days: I-140 withdrawl has no effect provided beneficiary (you) has another job offer for the same/similar job. No new I-140 needed, if first I-140 was approvable.
    I-140 denied after 180 days: No GC if still with same employer. If new employer (for same/simiar job), new I-140 is needed. If different job new LC and I-140 (keep original PD)

    Bottomline is that there has to be at least one I-140 approved at some stage.

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  • abq_gc
    08-18 01:22 PM
    I agree....mine is too 2002 PD/EB2

    Simple reason USCIS will tell you/senator/judge/anyone who really seek the resolution of our loooooong delayed cases is.....case is in security/background/additional review checks.....so everyone will shut their mouth and forward this message to the concerned person.....

    No use....USCIS is a big elephant and acting in sleep....

    Yeah they have to follow the 180 day rule in that case.....if the NC is pending.


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  • flthere
    07-21 01:08 PM
    I see that the minimum contribution to IV is $50. Any chance that IV will make it $20 and see how many new contributions it will get to see?

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  • JunRN
    09-05 05:43 PM
    Anybody from August filers who got his/her Receipts already?

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  • kosu
    06-13 07:55 PM
    I thought all the fees are to be paid by the employer then how come you are paying for it, is it still an option or is there any premium processing for 485

    Actually I paid for all the fees from my personal checks. Later on my company reimbursed those. I dont think there is a premium processing for 485.

    08-26 09:13 AM
    LC: Dec 2003, EB-3, INDIA
    I-140: NSC in Dec 2006, No LUD yet
    I485, EAD, AP: July 3 2007 @ 11:14AM
    No news: No check cashed yet

    08-25 04:27 PM
    No approvals today? Whats going on???

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