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  • anzerraja
    07-20 12:38 AM
    Thanks Very much !!!

    One more person in the 320 group. Awesome, we are going to make it happen tommorow !

    I pledge for 200$.

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  • bombaysardar
    05-27 11:51 PM
    We are in AOS stage and planning to do Canadian Landing next month. Any one here knows if we have to surrender our I-94 when we exit the USA?

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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 12:34 PM
    Hello folks looks like that link for the "sweetheart roses" doesn't work anymore (They probably ran out!)! The cheapest flowers I could find now are these -


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  • surabhi
    04-23 03:50 PM
    Both parties ( employee and employers) bend letter and spirit of law. Think fake resumes, references, experiences on employee side. Think no salary on bench, lack minimum professional decorum, professional ethics on employers side. But overall my sympathies are with employee and more so in this case.

    In > 90% of cases I have seen, Desi employers dont operate on good faith. A good example is punitive damages. The employer does h1B, incurs about 5K cost and expects the employee to serve out 12 months. The exit clause is 25K. Its downright silly and precisely what causes employee anxiety. Instead if it is prorated for stay, it would be fair for every one involved.
    Hoarding I-140, labor certificatio etc and giving no visibility is another deal breaker.I just dont get it.

    Some one commented its a small world, apologize if necessary blah blah. If, for a minute the employer in this case thinks in positive way, ( My former employee would be at this place, couuld be in a position where I can sell more, i could get referral for new employees) he wouldnt be doing something like this which downright irresponsible and can cause significant damage to his shareholders. Being a small world goes on both sides.

    For a techie, clilent is king. I would never displease the ultimate beneficiary of my services. Even after my project is over, I keep in touch, do occasional free consulting all in hope of building my network. But for employers like these, who add no value, i have no sympathies.


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  • stucklabor
    06-26 12:56 PM
    Santosh_gc, I don't have a problem when you talk about illegals getting ahead of legals etc. But the comment about illegal immigrants bringing corruption into the U.S. was way out of line. It is unfair that illegal immigrants may get ahead of legal immigrants. Let us leave it at that and not speculate on how they might introduce corruption into society. No discussions on how they break the law when they enter the country - that is a bogus argument. Just about every one of us breaks the law every time he/she gets behind the wheel of a car, unless you claim you always drive the speed limit. By your logic, then every immigrant from India can be disallowed as we are exposed to as much corruption in India as there is in Mexico and we might infect the U.S. culture just as much. Bkam's comments didn't add any value to the discussion and were just offensive.

    Keep the argument civil and logical and treat others the way you would like yours to be treated.

    The Ombudsman, I am an IV core member. You may be a contributor to IV but please don't expect me to answer a call from you just because I disagree with you and you would like to argue about it. Keep your arguments logical, don't give us hearsay about what some lawyer told you.

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  • nehas
    01-29 05:39 PM
    thanks for the reply but i already accepted the employment with the employer who sponsored my H1B


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  • desi3933
    07-08 01:20 PM
    Your perspectives go well beyond what an average immigrant thinks about the whole EB system.

    I have seen people "NOT" being themselves and do everything at workplace ONLY because their GC is pending and they do not want to have issues with employer for the sake of GC.

    In my opinion, which also complements urs, the whole employment thing - if viewed from the eyes of a common man - one whose immigration status is not tied up with employer, is completely different.

    I have seen people facing cultural issues, community issues and a wide range of issues - such things get masked when one's focus is on the GC process, heck leave alone GC - people struggle for even getting h1b and maintaining it.

    It all comes down to priorities. If someone's aim to have GC at any cost, he/she will do everything to get to the finish line -- i.e. 180 days past I-485. In my opinion, GC process should be part of life, and it should not hijack 100% of time of highly skilled professional. No wonder, we see so many posts where person is waiting for AC-21 so as to get rid of "blood-sucking employer". For a neutral person, both employee and employer are using system to suit their needs.

    Some people will go the extent of using term "slavery", whereas, actually, their thought process is slaved to the GC process.

    And, employers know this very well and try to use to their advantage.

    A lot of people I talk to who come fresh out of school or have 2 years of experience or so, think that they have certain skills and employers would not live without them - whereas it is THEIR struggle to maintain h1b and also work towards GC on long run. All this is nothing but lack of thought process that people must apply but will not because their primary aim is to work out a sponsor.

    >> have 2 years of experience or so, think that they have certain skills and employers would not live without them
    You have described it very well. I have met many of such professionals while interviewing them for jobs. But, the reality is, these same professionals are scraed of their jobs being outsourced.

    Some are simple cookie cutter prgrammers and compare themselves to reasearch scientists and technologically superior.

    Another thing, I have noticed is that while on H-1B, vast majority of professionals claim that they are getting paid prevaling wages, but, on the other hand, they also claim they can make upto 50% more, if they had EAD or green card. Ironic! Isn't it.

    I am not blaming an employee or employer for this but this entire EB based system is set up in that way.

    You are right. These are the rules set by current EB immigration system.

    With this so called "exploitation" by whole Employment Based Immigrations, these professionals turn blind eye to whole thing after getting Green Card. Afterall they are, rightly, professionals.

    How many times we see any green card holder or citizen supporting fellow immigrants?

    H1 does not care for F1.
    EAD does not care for H1/F1.
    GC holder does not care for EAD/H1/F1
    Citizens wonder why immigration level is so high.

    Taking a quote from MTV Roadies program, each professional (roadie) is alone and has to look after his own best interests.


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  • dilipb
    07-30 03:28 PM
    I applied for EAD on 06/18/2008
    Receipt Date 06/20/2008
    Not received it till date!

    My friend applied on 06/04/2008
    He got 1 year EAD on 06/30/2008.
    This is because they were trying to approve as many EAD cases as possible, so that they can earn money next year too.
    They probably did this because its a fee based organisation.


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  • arunkotte
    07-02 09:53 AM
    all USPS shipped Guys
    Any idea, can we get information any info from the USPS of Lincoln, NE when would they deliver our packages ?

    They say this " Information, if available, is updated every evening." I guess we have to wait till the update to know when it was delivered.

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  • perm
    07-03 10:45 AM
    Are you guys serious. and if so. I am IN.
    For those who will 'JUST MOVE ON'......... Please don't and you should not just forget this.
    Just be yourself and express it out

    so is the plan to send flowers collectively, on the same day?

    Is there a way we can help the citizens / GC / Locals and they can too, in - return, send flowers and the note on our behalf?

    lago raho...


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  • ski_dude12
    08-26 03:13 PM
    Not sure if I got your question...

    You can file I-485 only when your dates are current. If you filed I-485 by itself (not concurrently with I-140) then your PD will not be on the I-485.

    is this pattern (missing PD on I-485) for people who've PD current and not got greened?

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  • simple1
    05-05 10:24 AM
    I spoke with our attorney
    He said
    INA Sec 203 talks only about the eligibility to apply the I-485. But the visa number is derived from a relationship to Principal applicant of green card. This is true for all categories Including investor, asylum, Employment categories. Please note that It is Dept of State that is responsible for this allocation not USCIS.

    The relationship with the principal/primary doesn’t make derivative eligible for same visa as primary.

    EB1, EB2, EB3 are also visas. with specific qualifications like H1 and L1.

    H1b dependent gets h4 (different visa from primary) and not counted in h1b quota.
    Same applies with L1( dependent doesnt get L1). Same applies here, the dependent/derivative is not eligible for **same** immigrant visa type/preference. While h4/L2 has no quota and is of temporary nature. The FB2A has quota and is permanent. That is the only difference.

    It is the situation of the dependent/derivative that matters. So FB2A is the right category.


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  • sheraaj
    07-10 10:38 AM
    Hello Guys,
    Looks like this did got some visibility. It does not matter you have won the game or not but getting the message and getting the visibility is important.

    Check wikipedia article (Down below). -- > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gandhigiri

    "Wikipedia is a free online library with many articles and it is very popular website and gaining popularity every day."

    BTW.. People might argue why are we doing this and Gandhiji did not do this. Gabdhiji clearly stated that Satyagraha can be achieved in any way as long as it is peacefull. We are doing Flower-Satyagraha.

    Thanks to you all. If you did not send then keep on sending. IV has done a very good job by initiating this.


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  • piman2100
    11-18 09:56 AM
    Sent the email. Will communicate it to my friends.


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  • ChampU2008
    11-18 10:30 AM
    Thank you for your letter regarding the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2009 (S. 729). As always, I value your input on this and other issues, and strive to keep you updated on the important issues facing us today.

    On March 26, 2009, the DREAM Act was introduced by Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL). This bill would authorize the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to cancel the removal of, and give conditional permanent resident status to, an alien who entered the U.S. prior to his or her 16th birthday and has lived in the U.S. for a period of 5 years. Such a resident must also meet other requirements, such as be judged to be of good moral character, not inadmissible or deportable under the Immigration and Nationality Act, be admitted to a higher education institution or have completed high school or the equivalent, never been under a final order of deportation, and be under 35 years of age at the time of this Act�s enactment.

    Furthermore, the DREAM Act sets parameters for conditional permanent resident status, and the process by which one transitions from conditional to permanent residency status. Under S. 729, an undocumented alien would also be authorized to petition the Secretary for conditional permanent residency if that individual has satisfied all of the above requirements prior to the enactment of the Act. Currently, S. 729 is before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary where it awaits further consideration. While I am not a member of this committee, I will certainly monitor the progress of this bill.

    As you may know, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced on September 14, 2010, that he would offer the DREAM Act as an amendment to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Defense Authorization bill (S. 3454) as well as not allow a fair and open debate on the bill. I was disappointed that he chose to play politics with necessary support for our troops and national defense by trying to tack on the DREAM Act, which is unrelated to the daily operations of the Department of Defense. I remain committed to reforming our legal immigration system and streamlining the legal process; however, I have consistently opposed proposals that extend taxpayer benefits to those here illegally or give incentives for illegal immigration. On September 21, 2010, the Senate voted 56 to 43, where 60 affirmative votes were needed, not to move forward with debate on the Defense Authorization bill. I joined colleagues from both sides of the aisle to oppose this vote.

    Again, thank you for sharing your views with me. As the legislative process moves forward, I will keep your thoughts in mind. If I can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to contact me or visit my website at www.scottbrown.senate.gov.

    Scott P. Brown
    United States Senator

    Huh? Not a word about our plea for Legal immigrants??

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  • grupak
    08-05 10:51 AM
    These guys are not consistent. I should have gotten a 2 year EAD.

    Dunno who to take this up with.

    Sorry to hear they gave you 1 yr EAD.

    I don't know why USCIS just don't make their ( and our) life simpler by just issuing 2yr EADs. Deciding how close to current is close enough for 1 yr EAD is extra effort. If its a funding issue, they can give the customer the option for multi-year EAD and extra fee.


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  • chmur
    07-27 06:09 PM
    otherwise society would have have no use for lawyers....who make a living making interpretation of the existing laws.

    Anyway, the current discussion is not even about the law but about the different interpretations of the same law . The Visa Bulletin extract also provided yet another interpretation by the same authority.

    The Law/Directions from the congress regarding spill over distribution has not changed in over 5 years but it's interpretation and implementation by DOS has changed drastically in the same period.

    They have gone "Vertical" to "Horizontal" and probably will somersault next .
    2006 -2007 saw EB3 getting lion share of the spill over EB2. It is being reversed now, all without change in any laws/directions from congress.

    This year's interpretation cannot be assumed as absolute just because it is favorable to a particular segment of applicants and it is incorrect to opine that any change in such interpretation requires change in law.

    All this indicates that congress has given enough leeway to DOS to interpret it's directions , as DOS sees fit to run it's business.

    and I think herein lies an oppurtunity for EB3 applicants to state their case and explain if DOS continues with it's current interpretation.

    EB3 lobby has to impress upon the DOS that it is in DOS's intrest to not to starve any particular queue lest it will damage it's own throughput.

    If convinced , DOS might look at alternative algorithm to mitigate starving within the current directions, atleast we can hope for that.

    Now what that mitigation strategy will be within the current laws is known only to DOS. Which algorithm requires law changes... which do not none of us know yet ...everything alternative suggested is speculation based on contradicting interpretations provided by DOS over the years.

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  • neverbefore
    08-29 11:57 PM
    take your 485 and 140 receipts.

    Just thought I will share my Infopass experience.

    I had an appointment at 1:30 pm in LA. Reached there in time but had to wait at the tail of a long line despite first asking the security person about the location of Infopass entrance (assuming there was one).

    The same guy announced after 10-odd minutes that Infopass people should follow him to a door and so we did. The clerk at one of the windows inside took a long time and then asked us to take a seat and wait to be called.

    We got called in 10 minutes and this clerk now said that for our case, we needed to be sent "upstairs" but since it was already past 2 pm and we had "so many files" (3 to be exact), we needed to book yet another appointment for an earlier time slot! Impressive!

    We have done that now and hope to get some insight next time around. Funny that nothing about 2 pm is mentioned anywhere when booking an appointment for Infopass.

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  • shankar_thanu
    03-25 04:20 PM
    Went to the Washington DC office in Fairfax (Prosperity Ave). Got an appointment for finger printing scheduled for April8

    07-20 11:34 AM
    pledging $100

    01-30 12:32 PM
    H1 is valid for an year from the date of last used/Approval.

    Just for replying to this query - I have got 40 or so negative reputations.:confused: I understand that this is Free Lawyer Conference call forum.

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