Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • 485Question
    09-28 01:51 PM
    Please update your signature with your details, and it will be easy.

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  • reddymjm
    06-08 03:46 PM
    3 out of 6 of my checks got cleared from NSC. My application reached NSC on JUN 1st.

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  • atul555
    03-26 06:01 PM
    I and my wife have been SCREAMING, FIGHTING for over four years now. We are now so frustrated that we have EVEN DISCUSSED THINGS LIKE TAKING UP OUR LIVES !!! I really mean it. For both of us, our career is the single most important thing.
    We had decided to wait for our next step in life like having a kid or putting in a big investment till we both at least have a job. Inspite of both of us having Masters degress from US universities, we are both suffering - me languishing in a filthy job and my wife on H4 - for the past 5 years !!! She is now more than 35 making it difficult to have kids etc...
    I don't have the choice of going back to my home country due to many other personal reasons. I just don't know what to do... I am losing my sanity.

    Man, this website relieves my stress as it makes me realize that there are people whole lot depressed than I am , and it puts my life into perspective. Stress is only a state of mind.
    For you sir, please live up to your username and cheer up. First thing you need to do is make a baby, everything will fall in it's place, trust me.

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  • sam_hoosier
    12-16 06:45 PM
    if you see life as a series of choices and actions, then the lack of GC inhibits a lot of choices and actions.

    Absolutely agree :) However, keep in mind that if one door is closed because of not getting/delay in getting GC, there are other options too.

    A good example is EAD & AC21 for people who do not want to stagnate in their careers. Now you might say that using AC21/EAD has risks, but then remember the old adage "no risk, no gain".

    If we expect life to hand us everything on a silver platter, and get depressed if that does not happen we just ruin our happiness & peace of mind.


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  • mhathi
    03-26 03:30 PM
    Processing dates doesn�t mean they don�t process applications received after those dates.
    I got my H1B renewal notice last week. My application�s received date is in 3rd week of Jan and Processing date for H1B extension is still in December-07.

    Yes this was a recent change in the way they reported processing dates. Instead of reporting which date they are working on "now", they now publish the receipt date of the earliest application that is still being processed.

    That explains the "retrogression", if you will, of processing dates of TSC after the initiation of the new NC rule. A lot of applications stuck in NC suddenly became available for processing, and hence the RD of the "earliest" case under processing had to be moved back.

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  • mchatrvd
    08-26 08:16 PM
    Please also try writing to USCIS Director @

    Director Alejandro Mayorkas
    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001


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  • acecupid
    09-24 05:31 PM
    A person has been with a company for 10 years as a Test Lead and is promoted to a position of a manager and the Lead expects that on the first day of being a manager he wants all the rights and benefits of being a manager for 10 years even though he has been a lead for all of those 10 years.

    In your analogy you are forgetting the company (USCIS) still promoted that Test Lead to Manager even though he wants all those benefits from the very first day(INA law).

    In other words it is a law per USCIS! So stop cribbing because it doesnt suit you.

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  • suriajay12
    02-25 08:55 PM
    Thanks for your insight and observation.
    Do you believe in what IV is doing?

    If Yes, i will really appreciate if you can contribute and help us in any way. This is an organisation run by people like me and you, who have full time jobs and have families also. If we all can take out some time out of our busy lives and try to help IV, then everyone will know about IV.

    When we say we need to convince people, which is ridiculous, as i am 100% sure, everybody knows whats going on. We all are suffering and are here fort he long haul. If still people dont want to do anything, then no one can help us.

    So, Thanks a lot for your insight and help IV to help yourself.



    I could convince 3 of my colleagues who are READY RIGHT NOW to contribute $1000.00 each. I can do $500.00.
    But they asked me just one question. What is the action plan that IV is collecting these monies from prospective immigrants who are already in pain due to this economy and all that. I did tell them about July 07, flower campaign, but they are not willing to listen. They said they did not contribute at that time due to some reasons, but they now want to contribute big way. They have a much bigger friend's circle than mine who are also doing good from top schools who may contribute too. They may also register in IV soon.
    But their only question is "What is the action plan for FUTURE". Can you please help.
    I am confused myself with the same question, no offense. Like me, they wouldnt wait and wait forever for things to happen. We Strongly believe in any action towards goals. Trust me, we need lots of money, but the way they responded made me feel uncomfortable.


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  • GKBest
    10-12 08:02 PM
    Please send details with scaned delivery proof to Email: "PublicAffairs, CISOmbudsman" <>. This will help him to go to bottom of issue. Step has to taken to avoid this in future. my 2 cents..

    Send your scanned delvery proof even if you have your receipt #s on hand because the next problem will be the ACTUAL (hardcopy) receipt of the receipt documents.

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-12 02:16 PM


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  • rsayed
    08-26 06:32 PM
    Finally -

    Received CPO mail today, for both myself and my spouse - Aug 26th @ 4:30pm. Here are the details -

    EAD Renewal - Receipt Date - Jul 8th, 2008
    Notice Date - Jul 9th, 2008
    CPO E-mail - Aug 26th, 2008

    Total processing time - 49 days

    Don't know if it's one or two years validity. Will post once I receive the physical cards.

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  • sam_hoosier
    02-09 11:37 AM
    Things are very different in India now compared to when I came to the US (1999). Infact, I might not have taken the decision to come to the US had conditions been what they are now i.e. economy, job situation etc.

    That being said, its a personal choice for most people - based on family ties, job situation, field of work and the reason for coming to the US/leaving India.


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  • walking_dude
    10-08 02:48 PM
    Please donate $5000 to IV and they'll make it their top-most agenda

    I would say IV should make PD based processing as the top most priority in their agenda. ...

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  • gcbikari
    04-24 10:55 AM
    Guyz, i met attorney. got copy of non compete agreement from a co-worker. I feel kind of releived after what he said.

    As per him, every non-compete agreement that is signed cannot be neccessarily enforced in the court of law. If the sole purpose is to avoid ordinary competition, it is unreasonable and unenforceable. If the agreement is ever challenged in court, the most important question, which will be posed from the Judge to the employer, is "What is the legitimate business purpose that is served by this non-compete agreement?"

    Now as h1b employees, as every one knows we r not the key personnel in the company. we do not carry with us any trade secrets or confidential information which might harm their business.

    AS per him the higher up the "food chain" an employee is at a company, the more willing courts are to enforce non-compete agreements. Upper level employees are typically exposed to more confidential, trade secret, strategic and other information that gives a company a competitive advantage in the market place. The lower down the food chain an employee is, the less likely a court is to enforce non-compete and non-solicitation terms.

    Also non competes always have to give some profits to the employee, say a paid vacation, bonus or somethign like that. An employer cannot
    just make the employee sign it to restrict him from making better living and not give anything in return....

    Seems like these things are favourable to all the h1b employees.
    If any employer is claiming non compete to hold the consultant to his company, then even he should not take employees from competetive companies..... But r they doing it???????? We all know the answer.... IT consulting businesses run like that.

    Did you ask Attorney what happens if your employer still choose to Sue you? My friend's attorney told most of cases will be settled, but we might loose money up to 10K. Is it woth it doing? Also if we choose to fight, we might have to attend hearing (may be in different state based on your agreement). I am an employee too, and with you on this. I'd say if attorney guarentees he'll win our case we can go ahead.


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  • knnmbd
    05-02 02:56 PM

    Then what is the real need of Eb2 and Eb1 if everything is going to flow to Eb3?
    Technically under which conditions and criteria Eb1 and Eb2 would be applicable?

    Because you still have the following still not a part of the exemption:

    EB1 or Priority Workers : Multinational Executive or Manager

    Employment Based Second Preference (EB2) : "aliens of exceptional ability."

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  • a_yaja
    06-26 03:49 PM
    But my concern is if my employer wants me to hang on with them till 485 is approved and then 1 more year
    No one can force you to work for them. If there is no breakage clause, then the agreement will not stand in court. Issue is when there is a breakage clause. If there is a breakage clause, you may either have to fight it or suck it up and pay the amount (as long as it is a basis for the amount - just saying "pay $10K if you leave the job" will not stand in court either).

    Usual disclaimer is - this is not legal advice. Consult a lawyer for good legal advice.


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  • mashu
    08-13 02:35 PM
    Hi all,
    any advice/suggestion in my case:

    I-140 is approved on Jun 15, 2007, Premium processing, in Texas

    I485 package delivered to Nebraska on July 2, 11:35 am and is singed by ... whoever..

    I've registered on the
    site and all times before LUD for my I140 was 6/16/2007 until today
    Today LUD for is updated to 8/12/2007.

    Checks have not been cashed.

    Please anybody is in the same sutiation???

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  • sachinsc
    07-20 11:58 AM
    I pledge $200.

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  • xyz_123
    07-21 04:50 PM
    I work for a Fortune 100 company and they have recently denied my request to convert my application to EB2 because its very hard to complete the recruitment and also they are afraid of an audit.

    If there are options outside I wouldn't even think for a second, but there aren't that many employers willing to deal with the green card mess.

    04-20 02:28 PM
    I would probably not worry too much about it. You probably signed a non compete not to join company B. You can save 4K in like 2-3 months. This company may have used the same tactic at multiple places. For future ref., just keep the non compete with you when you sign it.

    09-16 05:19 PM
    Ok now.... Here is something interesting.

    Who said ? Lawsuits will not work. If you guys have any doubts ? Follow the links below, iam gonna paste. It will tell you how powerful lawsuits are in this country if you think you have been fooled over and over on false promises. This is especially true in the case of People whose priority date was current for a long time but still they were made to wait because of unknown reasons by USCIS while the folks who had priority dates as recent as 2006 walked with Green Cards. People especially who fall under this category are sure to succeed only by filing lawsuits. I dont see any other way out here.


    Dudes & Dudettes,

    Hasnt the issue of processing order been beaten to death?

    I understand the momentum here....not trying to rain on a parade or anything...but shouldnt we be a little practical. How long is litigation going to take? Wont only naive lawyers even take this up?

    USCIS can always pull the security reason trump card here.

    moreover, during the last the effort to not waste visas, low hanging easy to approve cases with later priority dates have gotten approved. wudnt u rather have that than visas going waste?

    We have been patient for a very long time....lets see how the dates move in the 1st 2 quarters of fiscal 09.

    My personal suggestion....stop worrying aout GC...there are much bigger things in life to worry about. :)

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