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trey songz 2011 photoshoot

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  • Girltalk 24/7 – APRIL 2011

  • GCStatus
    09-15 04:57 PM
    I am all in for donation.

    Welcome Feedfront.

    Please send your e-mail, ph# to man-woman-and-gc. He is collecting all the details

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  • Trey Songz

  • mita
    08-18 11:57 AM
    My husband also got welcome e-mail mentioning about ADIT processing but when he received his card there was no information regarding ADIT processing, should we do anything about it? We have no clue, please help!!!
    I received the below emails

    on 8/15 - Current Status: Card production ordered
    on 8/16 - Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident. On August 16, 2008, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    What is the Audit processing ?

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  • Trey Songz released his own

  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-13 11:20 PM

    We have thousands here. We take just 1000 people and if everyone contributes 100 dollars - its 100,000 dollars. Just an estimate for lawyer fees incase we get that far

    We are from BHARAT. Its a loaded statement. WE dont lose.

    TOGETHER WE STAND, TOGETHER WE STAND my brothers and sisters.

    It sounds easy..but funding drives are not always easy when reality about starting a spreadsheet with names and ph# of people who are willing to contribute $100 for this lawsuit. As soon as we have the 1000th name, we start depositing money to a bank account. 100 grand is not small amount and I am sure we can find a good enough lawyer to start a lawsuit for that kind of money.

    I and my wife are ready with our 100 bucks each.....and can help with maintaing the spreadsheet etc.... how do we get those 1000 names now....or do we even have support of 1000 people around here...that is the biggest question.

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  • sanjaymk
    07-20 10:18 AM
    please count me in for $50 for this and another $50 for the core. Let me know the address for the aman kapoor reimbursement fund.



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  • Watch MTV When I was 17 – Trey

  • anilsal
    08-13 05:36 PM
    It is a hard fact but I guess I do not want to scare anyone. If you notice some people have got their JuLY 2ND filed cases receipt # and most of them have a Notice date of 08/04/2007 (the guys who got their receipt #). This notice date is the day the Receipt was generated. So today is 08/13/2007. It seems that USCIS is delaying this process of issuing receipts as that will give them a chance to reject applications after 17th. So I guess we should brace ourselves for rejection notices also......

    Keep your chin up, guys. You have to understand that there must have been a large number of applications arriving in the USCIS basket. Things will take time - so will the receipts. Do not lose hope.

    Why worry about things for which you have no control on? You certainly can control your actions. Maybe contribute to IV in money, time etc PLUS also show up at the rally and sign up a bunch of your friends. Action is the only solution to Worry. :)

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  • Shots: Trey Songz#39;s 2011

  • manchala
    02-16 06:26 PM
    Bank of America Bill Pay confirmation number C2WZ7-X3TSQ

    Will be calling my friends and asking them to make some contributions

    Asked few DC friends to definitely make it to the Event.


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  • Trey Songz x Rocawear

  • bomber
    07-20 12:26 PM
    making our first campaign(revision of VB) successfull. As you mentioned that we need to continue this fight even if one has recieved there green card. For those who got, need to remember the pain they went through and that of other's who are going through it now! This blackbox of Employment based Green Card process needs to be more fit towards the high-tech century when everything else is.

    Once again congratulations! and good luck in your future endeavors

    Wow ! Did Aman get his GreenCard???
    Great news for IV as it will enable him to be more aggressive now!

    Aman, open a consulting company( non-profit ;) ) and we'd be happy to invoke AC21 in 6 months :)

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  • Trey Songz#39;s for the 2011

  • googlegc
    08-25 07:48 PM
    California Service Center.
    GooglgeGC, which is ur processing center?


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  • Trey Songz

  • alterego
    12-11 05:05 PM
    I feel more H1b visas alone and/or nurses visas only would actually be bad for us. It takes some of the pressure off the senators from the Tech Lobby/healthcare lobby. In fact one of the silver linings in this last week is that nothing at all was done. This is sure to keep the pressure rising in the start of the 110th congress.

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  • gc_chahiye
    12-16 05:45 PM
    One more AC21 question -

    Does the original I 140 stays with the employer or employee? Any other document that I need to get from my employer before switching?


    If you cant get a copy of everything (if you ask the attorney directly you should be able ot get a copy of the complete filing) try to get:
    - copy of LC or atleast the section that describes the skills
    - copy of employment verification letter which describes skills

    original I-140 typically stays with employer. trhey might give youa copy of the approval notice...


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  • PHOTOSHOOT: Trey Songz New

  • wait4ever
    08-08 12:19 PM
    Congrats...remember folks are waiting for over 10 years...and still not CARD PROD ORDERED e be happy and enjoy!!!!


    Appreciate the sentiments - I hope & pray that everyone gets approved very quickly - all on this forum are deserving types without any doubts -


    Could I have an answer to my questions please ?:)

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  • Trey Songz#39; Rocawear

  • PDOCT05
    10-08 10:15 AM
    I am still waiting?


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  • tabletpc
    12-15 10:45 PM
    Never make anything a weakness....thats when you will feel you have everything to lose if you don't get it.

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  • trey-songz-new-music-300-1.jpg

  • anandrajesh
    05-28 12:41 PM
    Me & My wife,
    emailed Minnesota Senators + 10 senators mentioned.


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  • 2011 Trey+songz+shirtless+2011

  • chanduy9
    07-05 03:35 PM
    I have convinced a few people at work to do this. Their point is, if we really want to do this, let's do it in a way that works. After receiving a few deliveries, USCIS will get the idea and direct it's lobby security to refuse all further flower deliveries. What's our plan for that situation?

    How did the people who delivered nuts to CBS make it happen? The delivery was actually done via UPS. It's difficult to refuse a UPS packet in the security lobby! Should we send chocolates via UPS instead? It will be much more difficult to refuse deliveries of chocolates.

    Media will not let it go...ALL THEY NEED IS NEWS!!! Which is new...Let us give a shot.

    Just idea.

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  • Trey Songz Performs #39;Love

  • for_gc
    10-25 06:21 PM
    If skill bill is passed in the same form as it is Americans will be alarmed seeing the inflow based on exemption of US based Master degree and STEM. Not only to Americans it is threat for current H1s and green card holders as well. The problem is those who have money in India can get admission in USA MS degree in any non standard college(I do not think INS can evaluate whether it is standard or not). So atleast 4 times of current MS students will come and they will get h1(I think Ms people has exemption in quota) thro Desi consultants by paying Money and get green card immeditely. This will defeat the purpose of skill bill itself. And also India so many people are doing MSC they can get gc easily here(As we know Indians or anyone will use loopholes to come here and get gc). If immigration is increased so much then it will impact all kinds of exsisting people. I think there should be control in number of h1s and also green cards. I am clear that both H1 and green card numbers should be increased but blanket exemption should not be given any category especially for H1. There were a situation on 2000 and 2001 lot of people returned India because of too much supply and Americans were angry with immigrants at that time especially H1 because they were laid off.

    So basically increase of immigration should be based on supply and demand . The purpose of Labour certification is to verify whether any american is rejected for that job. But that is now just formal and real test is not done(it is not possible to do it. If they do it it will take years to clear). I think if they double number of gcs the retrogession issue will be resolved for atleast another 5 years

    Good Points Senthil. All we need is something like doubling the # of GC's for the next few years. No blanket provisions. I hope the congressmen are sensible to do that and soon.


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  • pictures Trey Songz 2011

  • eb3_nepa
    08-18 02:50 PM
    so the best u can reply is by cursing me... hahahaa

    There are various degrees of cursing and you were clearly crossing the line. I dont think the IV forum is a place to be "innovative" with cuss words.

    If you are that "innovative", why dont you write that letter yourself. Why are you looking for the support of the IV community?

    What have YOU done for the IV community except ask everyone to join you in your tiny specific micro-action items which benefit only a small fraction of the community like 5 people who have joined this law suit. Is that your definition of "innovation"? Coz if it is, I would much rather be a LOWLY Eb3 and fight for a common cause than be an "upper class" Eb2 fighting for just myself.

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  • 1112319-trey-songz-kelly-show-

  • concorde
    10-16 02:05 AM
    I think the major bone of contention among the legislators is what to do about the illegal immigrants currently in the country. Amnesty OR no amnsesty is the major debate. Other than that both are in a common frame of mind (in some way) one way or the other regarding - border enforcement, legal immigration, retrogression relief. Now, it looks like there is a common agreement that the skillful legal immigration issue has to be separated from the illgegal immigration related Amnesty OR no Amnesty debate. Hopefully we should see something positive in the next few months. This article seems to indicate in that direction since they have agreed upon one more item, border enforcement -

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  • 485Mbe4001
    03-28 11:31 AM
    :D yes. I want to predict what I will do (or what i want to do) to USCIS, but i will be banned.;)

    Yep, I want to predict what USCIS may do,,, not what I want USCIS to do :)

    07-11 11:17 AM
    With a successful flower campaign to USCIS, we must draw our conclusions from this success, and use the outcome to make the San Jose rally a success.

    Please note that legal immigrants is a small handful set of people. Just a usual rally/demonstration will not make a dramatic impact. We have learned from the flower campaign that if we use innovative-peaceful ways of demonstrations, and manage Public Relations and Media well, we can be successful once again.

    Please think and try to come up with some ideas. I have come up with these four ideas:

    1. Project Martin Luther King Jr. as our hero in these rallies: Please understand that local Amrican people better understand about Martin Luther King Jr. andhis idealogy then M.K. Gandhi. My suggestion is that we should include large picture posters of Martin Luther King Jr. with a slogan "We legals too have a dream". We should also take Gandhi's posters. There is a possibility that all Black American organization may lend their support to us.

    2. An act that attracts media attention: Please remember the scene from Gandhi movie when protesters led by Gandhi peacefully burned their resident permits in South Africa. To do something similar and show our symbolic protest against USCIS, we can publically burn a Photocopy of our H1B approvals (I-797). Please note that we are not asking people to burn the original I-797 approval but a photocopy of the document. This will send a message that taking the great pain in obtaining these legal documents are not helping us getting a better treatment by USCIS. This act will perfectly portrey the pain of legal immigrants and once again will attract media and newsprint to keeps us in headlines. This should be part of our demonstrations.

    3. Waive American Flags: Please understand that recent media reports that only Indians are responsible for the flower campaign may hurt the campaign in the longer term. Please waive small American flags and show our solidarity with local Americans.

    4. Distrubute a flower with a pamphlet to the people passing by at the demonstration site. A well worded paper will be required that can project our problems to the people.

    Please share if you come up with innovative ideas to make these rallies a huge success.

    07-19 07:46 PM
    Yeah I saw it..Great job!!. We need people to notice this.

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