Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-19 04:36 PM
    Hi All,
    My skin test was positive, where as my x-ray was normal.Incase I get an RFE , Can I go to my PCP or need to go only to local health dept.

    Can some body guide me
    $100-so far

    that is typically not an issue. lot of people (Esp from India) get a +ve on the skin test because of reaction with the BCG vaccine that they received in childhood. You will most likely not even get an RFE as USCIS knows about this.
    If by chance you do, I believe you can go to a USCIS certified doctor (where you probably got those tests done) and he would prescribe some medication. You just send that report back, and you are all set.

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  • smileyslimey
    11-30 09:47 AM
    Thanks, honge_kamyaab.
    Your point is well taken.
    But, my doubt is on the premise that a new H1-B can be obtained based on a previous approved I-140 or Labor Cert. However, if I am changing industries, my job function and description are both changing. In that case, can I use the fact that I had an I-140 from a previous employer in a different industry for a new H1?
    Appreciate your help.

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  • prince_waiting
    10-17 03:43 PM
    Fellow IVians,
    I was completely unaware of the fact that USPS does not forward USCIS mail to the forwarding address. I moved about a couple of months back and have been receiving my mail to the new address since then.
    My checks were encashed on the 12th of October, so I guess I would be receiving my receipts soon. But if the RN is not delivered to me and goes back to the USCIS will they consider my application to be abondoned? I have already executed G-28 forms and is it OK if my lawyer receives a copy of the RN.
    Also anybody has any idea if the USPS can hold my mail for a certain amount of time. I guess they do but just wanted to clarify.


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  • Danko
    11-26 06:03 AM
    I was just too sentimental about the site where I learned my first Flash steps. :cry3:
    I think it's natural to switch from Flash Studio to Flex Builder in the some point of time.
    Never mind...

    less designer focused and more for developers
    I didn't quite understand this, since Silverlight and Flex are equally developer focused (Silverlight is at least "inspired" by Flex).


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  • seeking_GC
    09-23 04:14 AM
    Hi boreal,
    I had a problem with my wifes AP- they had not acted on it for 4 months I asked them to expedite it since we wanted to visit my father in law who was hospitalized for a medical condition- they did not respond to that request so I contacted my Senators office and asked if they could assist in this matter. They asked me for some medical documentation and faxed it to USCIS.. I noticed yesterday that her online status had changed to document mailed..we are still to get it but are optimistic that we should receive it soon.

    In the absence of any compelling circumstances though I am not sure how it would work. but I would definitely recommend contacting your Senators office.

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  • sathish_gopalan
    07-05 04:21 PM
    If you leave US for 2 or 3 years and get back through a new employer, does your I140 priority date still holds good. A friend of mine got his I140 approved, left to canada and got his citizenship. He intends to move back and want to know if he can still use his priority date. Thanks.


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  • swapnajay
    10-09 01:08 PM
    Sorry to scare you in my previous reply....I did not read your question properly....
    Since you are from a Non-Retrogressed Country, you may be eligible to apply for AOS. As you mentioned, you may apply I-140, I-485, I-131, and I-765 all together without any hassle. Make sure your attorney files all your applications with the right fee, since the fee structure has changed recently.
    Sorry about my previous post though...
    Good Luck!!

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  • brb2
    10-14 10:06 AM
    US has been in number 1 in the past, moved to 2nd spot for a couple of years, in the world competitiveness rankings. For the first time, the US moved to the 6th Spot in the world rankings by the world economic forum (Europe based Institution). The main reason was because of the huge current account deficit and negative savings (mainly federal deficit) which is a threat to the US competitiveness. China moved down due to corruption etc. India moved up but any further movement will depend on structural reforms, especially controlling the huge public service and red-tape and a creaking infrastructure - power, roads, ports, water supply - all of which are run by the government. The health services in large parts of India is dismal and so is the public education system (K-12). With the left firmly controlling the ruling party, deregulation is slow and insipid, and it is the private sector which is basically contributing to the GDP and Competitiveness. Here is the link to the actual rankings for 2006-2007

    The reasons for the rankings are given here

    The US is still the most competitive but the lead is shrinking...its clear that China, India and the emerging Asian economies have the size, the resources and the talent to catch up and probably surpass the US


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  • minimalist
    10-13 02:48 PM
    Is it mandatory to wear business formal? I am going to get visa stamping with my wife, she is applying for H4.

    They may not care even if you go in casuals but may not be a good idea to push it that far.

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  • govind440
    08-30 07:05 AM

    tanx for ur reply. I already quit the job since i could not bear him..any more nd his mental torture...I ma planing to give a compliant to DOL and wanna c if it can be helpful to me..Si i cnat record anymore i tohught of recording it but never really got a courage to do that. I will c if i cna sue him...
    Try to record few of your conversations with him with a hidden camcorder and/or voice recorder, once you are sure you have enough evidence - talk to a good lawyer, also file for a h1b transfer and change job and once you get into your new job sue this old employer for mental agony and torture etc....... lawyer will manage this


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  • anurakt
    01-20 09:29 AM
    Please join the orkut immigrationvoice group. This would be another way of reaching each other when time comes.

    Also I request if you are member/owner of communities then please send message to your groups about It can be a small message but very effective to reach wide audience.

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  • Libra
    10-24 10:08 AM
    yeah it took almost a year to send an RFE that too after repeated calls to CIS.


    Congrats!!! Did it take an year for the RFE itself???

    Romesh and naresh,

    Any updates?



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  • konga1978
    01-22 10:34 AM
    Hi friends,
    I live in weston (south florida). This thread is effort to gather as many as we can from south florida, help and bring awarness regarding Green Card processing to make things work faster.


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  • reachinus
    10-31 12:40 PM
    I am not sure what you want to say over here...
    I told you are wrong in saying that they may issue the I-94 till the expiry of the Visa Stamp.

    Well. In non-immigrant visa admissions at POE, ICE officers has their own "power" in determining the period of stay. Even if anyone has 10 year visa stamp, they can admit only for 10 days if they want; no one can argue/challange it at POE. Further truth is; even they can deny admission to GC holder if they want or if they found something fishy. Nothing is guarentee at POE as well as in consulate for getting non-immigrant visa. So, the departure date in latest I-94 is the important date to comply with (to leave US or extend on time).


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  • glus
    08-01 10:18 AM
    My wife's current H4 is valid till Nov. She got her H1 also approved from Oct'2007. She checked the status this morning only on USCIS.

    I'm applying for I-485 and adding her as spouse. Should I file for her advance parole and put her status as H4 in it? What happens to to her H1 approval, if advanced parole gets approved also. Will she loose her H1 status?

    any ideas??

    Put her status as H4. She is in H4 until October 2007 (assuming you asked for change of status and change of status was also approved.) No, she will not loose her H1, as H1 is a "dual intent" visa.

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  • samswas
    09-28 03:43 PM

    I have filled I-485 in 2007, PD is June 2006, EB2. I went to India and came back using my AP on 07/16/2008. I was working for the same company when I came back. I have changed my employer in April, and haven't filled for AC21 yet.

    Can you please help me with following question?
    My Question is: Will it be Okay to travel using Advance Parole after changing employer and not filled AC21? If anyone traveled like this, Can you please let me know what documents do I need to take with me?


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-20 03:54 PM
    If I have applied for 485 can I still do that ?

    I think you are only supposed to get 1 year extensions if your LC/I-140 was filed atleast 365 days ago, but I have seen atleast two people get 3 year extensions even though they had filed I-485, just because their PD was not current.
    Its USCIS discretion or interpretation of their rules. Ask your attorneys to request 3 years when they file.

    I am going the other way (just got a 3 year extension approved 2 days before that announcement that dates are current again) and will be filing 485 now.

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  • Raji
    09-16 10:20 PM

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  • Berkeleybee
    04-03 07:29 PM

    We were trying to keep this fact sheet to 2-3 pages, but it would be great to compile a list of immigrant overachievers anyway. :)

    07-30 02:19 PM
    I wouldnt be surprised if this thread is referenced by numbersusa and as " H1B's using anchor babies to get Green cards"

    They did have it in their fax campaign but removed it.

    09-25 04:51 PM
    No one has ever been denied mortgage because their green card is pending, all other things (credit record, finances etc) being equal...that would constitute housing discrimintaion...

    Just a thought, especially in response to those (and there are some on this forum) who feel discriminated in this country and compare their situation to that of exploited laborers in some podunk land...

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