Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • abhijitp
    07-06 08:50 PM
    - There is an event organized by a Chinese organization, this is 7th July in San Jose. Please see first post of this thread for details
    - Since it is such a short notice for 7th July event, who ever is interested from IV may join it. I will join to show support to the Chinese organization for our cause. You are welcome to join too.
    - IV will organize a similar event on 14th July. We will publish details about location/route/time soon.

    Hope this is clear.

    I will participate in the IV endorsed event on 14th/ 21st July. Thanks for clarifying!

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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    08-06 11:08 PM
    - Received 2 Yr EAD expiring July 2010
    - Current EAD expires in Sept 2008
    - 140 Still Pending
    - EB3-I, July 03 PD

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  • rennieallen
    10-09 12:29 PM
    Try to lift one single crab from a vessel full of crabs, other crabs will try their best to pull that one back. Same mentality is at play here - if I don't get it nobody else should get it. Don't you guys feel shamed to act so self-centered and selfish like crabs?

    Hmmm, I don't think this is a very good analogy to support your position.

    Do you know what is going to happen to the crab that is being removed from the vessel? (hint: think boiling water)

    Do you know why crabs have this instinct? It is a group instinct that through natural selection propagated due to the fact that various predators would slowly pick away at clusters of crabs.

    This group instinct (resisting the removal of an individual member) resulted in slightly fewer crabs becoming shark/octopus/otter/etc. meals amongst the groups that exhibited this behavior. These "grab back" groups were slightly more successful than those that "let 'em go" and consequently this particular trait (over many millennia) became well established in the larger gene pool.

    This analogy is a nearly perfect counter example to (what I believe is) your intended point.

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  • rajbgp2002
    05-02 02:31 PM

    SIA Urges Support for 'SKIL Bill'; Cornyn Bill Would Help High-Tech Industries Facing Shortage of Scientists and Engineers

    SAN JOSE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- May 2, 2006 -- The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today expressed strong support for S. 2691, legislation known as the "SKIL Bill" (Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership). The bill was introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R, TX) and co-sponsored by Senators George Allen (R, VA), Wayne Allard (R-CO), Robert Bennett (R-UT), Michael Enzi (R-WY), and Trent Lott (R-MS).

    The legislation has four main provisions supported by technology companies:

    -- It reforms both the H-1B visa and employment-based (EB) green card processes by exempting U.S.-educated foreign workers with advanced degrees from the H-1B and EB quotas.

    -- It creates a flexible, market-based H-1B cap. The current limits on such visas were reached in August 2005, preventing U.S. employers from utilizing H-1B visas to hire workers with critically needed advanced skills until October of 2006.

    -- It extends the optional post-curricular training program for foreign students to 24 months from the current 12 months. This provision would make it easier for skilled individuals to go from student to green card status.

    -- It exempts immigrant spouses and children of EB and green card workers from the annual cap, thus making more visas available for highly skilled workers.

    "America is simply not graduating enough scientists and engineers to keep our country in the forefront of innovation and technology," said SIA President George Scalise. "The provisions in Senator Cornyn's 'SKIL bill,' as well as similar provisions in the two versions of comprehensive immigration reform introduced by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, address our critical shortage of scientists and engineers. The Congress must quickly pass legislation to keep foreign-born, U.S. educated talent working for U.S. companies. Leadership in technology has been critical to driving economic growth, enhancing productivity, improving our standard of living, and ensuring national security. Leadership is not a birthright -- it must be earned, and it takes highly skilled scientists and engineers to earn leadership," Scalise concluded.

    About the SIA

    The SIA is the leading voice for the semiconductor industry and has represented U.S. semiconductor companies since 1977. Collectively, the chip industry employs a domestic workforce of 225,000 people. More information about the SIA can be found at


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  • AR77
    02-23 11:59 AM
    Just came across this forum for Advocacy days today.

    Donated $100
    Receipt No: 0508-4391-5011-8443

    Organizers, do you know how many people have confirmed attendance? Reason I ask is because I am currently scheduled to be on work-related travel during the advocacy dates - but if you are short on people, I can try to cancel and attend the event.
    Please let me know.


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  • sohilbt
    08-13 04:40 PM
    Aug. 10 receipting update.
    No movement for NSC.
    TSC moved to 6/28/07


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  • alias
    08-18 01:12 PM
    Everybody has been waiting for his/her green card and congratulations to all those who has got their GC. On the other hand it is really unfair and to some extent unethical on the part of USICS not follow a fair system.
    There are several people in 2004, 2005 who have been paitently waiting for their turn only to see that people behind them getting approved.
    Several of us have writtent to Ombudsman, Director but of no avail.
    Not sure what else can be done? Any Idea? Do we have any liaison with AILA who can take up this matter.

    Didn't someone took up the EB3->EB2 porting issue already; can't this issue be clubed along with it? ek teer se do shikar!!

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  • trueguy
    05-02 01:10 PM
    It sounds like IV should assign PD to people who join and accordingly allow them to comment.......just like USCIS allot GC based on PD.....:)

    Why not if 'Who did not even know about IV till Apr 2007 are CONTRIBUTING here'.
    Do u think admins should ban people from expressing views if joined after a certain cutoff date???


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  • kataria
    11-19 01:55 PM
    Email to House Rep and Snail Mail to Senator. Done for both me and spouse.

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  • buddyinsd
    02-02 02:10 AM

    1. 2G scam --- Our culture
    2. CWG scam --- Our culture
    3. Adarsh Housing society scam --- Our culture
    4. Land acquisition in states like K'taka and Andhra --- Our culture
    5. Gang rapes in Delhi --- Our culture
    6. IPL scams --- Our culture
    7. Not allowed to hoist our flag in our own country (Kashmir) --- Our culture
    8. Chinese can claim Arunachal and issue stapled visas - its OK. Pakis violate ceasefire - Not OK --- Our culture
    9. North Indians treated as aliens in Mumbai --- Our culture
    10. Hordes of muslims killed in Gujarat --- Our culture
    11. Celebrities like Salman, Sanjay Dutt can kill ppl on road, possess AK 47s and still get away with it --- Our culture
    12. Mining scam in K'taka and Andhra --- Our culture


    Ofcourse, there's corruption and sickos everywhere. But relatively what is better??? When u have an option what do u want to embrace???
    Just speaking 100 languages and celebrating 100 festivals and females not mingling with males thus keeping away from social life not culture. Ur every day news is culture as well. Wake up to reality and make the choice when u have the liberty to make it.

    All said, its ur choice end of the day. Weighing b/w the good and bad and if ur tax money is put to good use or what? I think the writing on the wall is clear and can easily make out the differences b/w white and black. But again thats just me. 5 fingers are not the same.

    @ asdcrajnet - All the very best to you !! May you have a great life back home !!

    I agree there are many issues we have back home but after all it is our country -:)
    there is something that pulls me back to and we are also thinking we will go back in the next couple of years. It will not be easy as we love this country too...but then one of the main reasons we are going back is the way is the culture here... I am not very comfortable with the culture here and would like my kids to have the Indian culture...I agree there is a lot of westernization back home too...but I guess there is some hope there still to have a little control on the kids...or help them go the right I am not saying it is wrong...but is a totally different culture....which is what I am not able to digest....

    Also, we are alone here no family or extended family and that too is not easy (I think)
    Lack of social support....

    I respect this country a lot and love this country (and my country too -:) ...I am what I am today because of India and US.

    If we end up going (I am sure at some point we will), we will always be greatful to America !!!


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  • caydee
    07-09 11:16 AM
    A news article from San Jose Mercury News...........

    (apologies for posting this here. I couldnt find the link to News Article Thread - 3. Moderators please move this to the right thread)

    By Frank Davies
    MediaNews Washington Bureau
    Article Launched: 07/09/2007 01:29:41 AM PDT

    WASHINGTON - Reeling from the collapse of a massive immigration bill, major tech firms plan to press for more visas and green cards for foreign workers - one element of the failed legislation - but admit they face political resistance and an uncertain future.

    "We face a serious problem this year, Congress knows that, and we just have to keep pushing," said Robert Hoffman, an Oracle lobbyist. He said restrictive caps on H-1B and L visas for skilled workers and the long waiting time for green cards for some were limiting companies' growth and sending some jobs overseas.

    But Ralph Hellmann, who lobbied on the Senate bill for the Information Technology Industry trade group, sounded an upbeat note. He said a separate measure increasing visas and green cards "is probably a better product now that we don't have to ride on a compre hensive bill."

    Hoffman, who co-chairs Compete America, a coalition of businesses seeking immigration reform, said he hopes to meet with key congressional leaders on the issue, including Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., sponsor of the failed Senate bill, and Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the San Jose Democrat who chairs the immigration subcommittee in the House.

    "We'll have to see what's in the realm of the doable, whether it's long-term or a stop-gap," Hoffman said.

    Lofgren sounded a note of caution Friday, saying progress on any component of the comprehensive bill may be difficult.

    "We're in an assessment phase right now, and I don't know what can proceed - that's up to a very diverse group of people in the House and Senate," she said. Other provisions of the failed immigration bill have champions who now see an opening for separate legislation.

    Taking separate action

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, said the shortage in farm labor is a crisis that means her "ag jobs" proposal for more foreign workers "should be moved before any other immigration-related legislation."

    She said she will work with Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, a co-sponsor, and industry and farmworker groups to push soon for that bill.

    Lofgren said "there's a compelling case for the Dream Act," another part of the comprehensive bill that would allow some children of illegal immigrants to achieve legal status and make it easier to enter college or the military.

    Several South Bay students last week launched a fast to show their support for the Dream Act, and they demonstrated Tuesday in front of Lofgren's San Jose office.

    Immigration hard-liners who oppose any legalization process for undocumented workers said the failure of the Senate bill shows the need to improve border security and workplace enforcement.

    Rep. Brian Bilbray, a San Diego Republican who chairs the House Immigration Reform Caucus, said a congressional consensus exists to pursue those goals this year.

    Workforce in jeopardy

    Meanwhile, thousands of highly skilled visa-holders who filed paperwork last month for green cards had a more immediate problem this week. Because of a dispute between the State Department and Immigration Services, and a huge backlog of applications, they were told no more green cards are available this year.

    Large employers, including some in the tech sector, were told this year by the Bush administration to help pass the overall bill to secure some of their key goals. Those include almost doubling the number of H-1B visas to 115,000 a year, exempting 40,000 people with higher degrees from any restrictions, and speeding up the employer-based green card system for workers already here.

    With the demise of the bill and uncertainty over future immigration, some California companies may shift operations to other countries, Lofgren said. Microsoft announced plans Thursday to open a software development center in Vancouver, British Columbia, which would "allow the company to recruit and retain highly skilled people affected by the immigration issues in the U.S."

    In 2006, Microsoft secured 3,117 H-1B visas for its workers - the third-highest total - according to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Lou Gellos, a Microsoft spokesman, said immigration uncertainty was "an issue, but not the defining reason" for opening the Canada center.

    Criticism has also mounted over abuses and fraud in the H-1B visa system.

    Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., citing government surveys, said that "job shops" and other brokers were misusing the system to bypass U.S. workers, bring in foreign workers for substandard wages, and outsource some jobs.

    "Our immigration policy should seek to complement our U.S. workforce, not replace it," Durbin said last month during the Senate debate.

    System left in limbo

    After behind-the-scenes negotiations, tech companies acceded to some of the proposals from Durbin and Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, to improve oversight and enforcement of the H-1B program by the Department of Labor. All companies would have to pledge to seek U.S. workers first for openings, and if an employer's visa-holders who are paid entry-level wages exceeded 30 percent of its workforce, a Labor Department audit would be automatic.

    That agreement is now in limbo. If a serious push for an increase in visas makes progress, Durbin would want to include his proposals, an aide said.

    Hoffman said tech representatives would agree to more enforcement "that is not punitive."

    Lofgren, who represents tech executives and workers, said she could support "reforms and changes" in the visa system.

    "It needs a good review - I've never thought that just increasing the numbers was in the cards," she said.

    Contact Frank Davies at or (202) 662-8921.

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  • shsk
    07-06 11:34 PM
    Send thank you greeting card for 30 days to USCIS. That will give continuous media attention


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  • ngodisha
    05-28 12:51 PM
    Sent the email to 10+1 senators.

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  • factoryman
    06-08 06:51 PM
    probably Texas, that is where my I-140 was approved.

    Cancelled 4 tickets and lost 1000 bucks. Was to fly on 6th. Never expected dates will move. MY PD Nov 2001 EB3 India.

    Hoping to get receipts by 20th. Is that a fair assumption? Planning to re-book for 22nd.

    Don't want to lose another dime on cancellations and re-bookings.

    Advice and share your thoughts.


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  • WaldenPond
    06-28 08:34 PM
    Hello gg_ny,

    USINPAC and India Caucus work together. And we have been seeking help from USINPAC. But Thank you for the suggestion.


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  • TheOmbudsman
    10-26 11:08 AM
    Your points are correct. The real question is how many more can the country take without going unsympathetic to immigration. That's their country and their decision you know.

    You guys migh want to read this, if you haven't done so that already. Great article that helps you understand the shift in posture. I am afraid that things will get rougher for us. Fortunately we are in the best position possible, if we learn how to take advantage of this situation (assuming that we ever get the GC!).,1518,439766,00.html
    Immigration is a demographic imperative for America and the rest of the western world. Fact is the modern western cultures that empower women, encourage them to the workplace, make contraception/abortion freely available and make alternative lifestyles a choice, leads to a drop in fertility rates. Liberal leaning countries have amongst the lowest fertility rates, well below replacement levels.

    The above makes it an imperative to import labour and yes sheer people to take care of the old and infirm, to keep the service sector rolling even if manufacturing etc is outsourced. The only question is what kind of immigration and how much of it. In short the answer is the USA is not a dumb country, it generally always acts in its self interest faced with these choices. I believe EB immigration will soon be liberalised. This would be a smart thing especially if coupled with a crackdown on illegal immigration.

    US population is growing yes, but the elderly population is exploding. More are getting older (baby boomers) and once there there they are sticking aroung longer. I wish there was a measure of working age population only, the growth of that population is probably much less than that of the general population.


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  • hiUS
    09-17 12:49 PM
    Call USCIS and enquire about your card and also verify if your address in their system is correct. Also, get an appt with local USCIS office. All the best!!!

    Called USCIS couple of times but I did not get the right response till now. They used to end the call abruptly.

    But just now I called again, she told that they need to upload the Biometrics from CSC and she will do that. She told that I will get the card in 30 days...may be the regular time which they mention.

    And she told not to take any Infopass appoitment and just to wait for 30 days.

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  • satishku_2000
    07-08 04:47 PM
    In Fox News this afternoon, the senator has explicitly said that the Chicago lady does not have any "constituional rights" since she is not American citizen. Go figure what they think about us.

    He is a congressman from Colorado .

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  • Sri_1975
    08-31 01:49 PM
    No Recipts yet..:)

    11-17 03:23 PM
    Not to nitpick, but "inside of the US" sounds odd. It is simpler to say "in the US".

    04-25 11:50 AM
    Most of the desi employers in this country have gone thru the same H1B and GC process and got all bad experience. BUT when they start their own company, MOST OF THEM (NOT ALL OF THEM) do the same..... Employer should treat employees, the same way they are expecting to be treated as an employee.. In a long run, Employers with good ethics and practices makes more money and reputation.. The releationship goes longer only if employer and employee both benefits from it.. Isn't it simple to understand and put it into the practice ?

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