Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • tonyHK12
    02-25 09:34 PM
    Your transaction ID for this payment is: 1KJ77263D2760803K.
    Just contributed another $50 feeling better.

    thanks for taking the initiative and donating again manish1905. It is sad to see only a few 100 'active. Most people want to see results before donating, but most don't realize we can't get results without thousands working first for many months.
    So its up to us to work extra hard to achieve things that will benefit 500,000 people.
    Things like Visa Recapture, which benefit 100s of thousands benefit everyone including EB3, as there are only about 40-60,000 EB2s left.

    Here's the facebook link:
    Immigration Voice | Facebook (!/event.php?eid=197404886938254)

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  • maag
    06-06 09:28 PM
    Hi Maag,

    I did not land yet. Planning to give away canada PR. Its too much of risk being on AP/EAD. I have too many things on stake in US like Home, Nice Jobs for me and my wife..don't want to risk all that.

    As it is i don't think I will ever settle in Canada, i had applied at a time when my US labor was stuck in backlog for almost 5 years but now things have changed and if i ever have to leave US I think I will go back to my home country; as it is after being here for 8 years I don't have energy to start all over again in some new country.

    What have you decided? do you know the procedure to get landing fee back?

    I am also giving up canada PR, i had also applied at the time my green card process was not moving, also i don't have any job offer as of now in canada, i don't want to leave what's in hand in hope of something similar (can't say better). I don't know procedure to get landing fees back and will soon be working on that.

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  • sats123
    06-22 11:23 PM
    I suggest that you should request him and convince him that you are not going to quit and make up some story like your spouse wants EAD to work and you are joining masters program etc.

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  • dpp
    07-28 03:09 PM
    As far i know in the whole world, nobody thinks about the group unless it is beneficial to himself(herself) first. This is natural human mentality, there is nothing wrong in it. Only exception is "Saints". I don't think we are Saints.

    The visecral reaction to my thread (not threat!) has only gone to prove my hypothesis - self interest is the ONLY binding factor amongst 'highly skilled' workers

    No one can claim to be 'superior' by virtue of their EB classification and take refuge under the current system by preaching that "it is what it is, you accepted it, so play by it!". What a sudden love fest for a system that you cared to fix not too long ago? So, what changed? The sudden realization that there are a few erudite and vocal EB3 I's that can speak their mind and ask the difficult questions?!

    Willwin is a rare gem that could see the point in my earlier thread ... Others, my post is not 'ugly', it is the reflection that you see when I hold a mirror up to you. Dont like it? Dont blame me.

    Others are scared sh*it that the real deal will be revealed. Just goes to prove that if the current system goes to serve YOUR narrow self interest, you will go to no end to justify it AND defend it... even at the cost of creating deep divides amongst a larger group. Suddenly, your sense of outrage has been channeled against EB3 I's seeking a voice and not against the 'system' that you claimed to care fixing. Nice. A chameleon would be proud to welcome you to the family.

    Dont worry. Sleep easy, no one is going to call Ron or a shrink. I have exposed the duplicity that defines your being ... and you can rest easy knowing that your sense of 'logical reasoning and moral outrage' cannot stand scrutiny on a simple b-board, let alone a court of law ...

    Lets get together to help fix this problem. Let EB3 I's find their voice and make the appeals that they need to. They DO NOT need the approval or outrage of EB2's trying to protect their new found turf. Get the drift?

    Many EB3 I's have waited 5+ years in dead end jobs and possibly single incomes only to see EB2 come hither and walk easy. No jealousy or blame. Just the hard question to those that holler back "dont complaint EB2 was meant to be a higher category" ... want to respond to a "higher calling" ... i.e., holding up your petitions to objective scrutiny not prejudiced by narrow goals?

    After all, one would find that MOST work done by EB2 I's does not really require a Masters degree. Just ask a high school Java whizkid.

    I rest my case and will not waste my time responding to emotional outbursts or getting dragged into the cesspit of poor logic. Got it?



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  • jsb
    09-14 01:18 PM
    I am not sure what SOL stands for.
    But I can assure you that EB-3 ROW has very little hope. My estimate was that EB3-ROW's wait times were around 5-6 years.
    But now, I have a feeling, that its going to be more like 10+ years. And 10+ years is a long time. Some sort of reform will happen in the next five or six years, and even that reform is not likely to get us greencards, since it may emphasize the family-based applicants.

    Alisa, Your PD is March'07, and you could file in July'07. That was great for you. It is a bigger problem for those waiting to file. Others are theoritically in the admin process, though it would take a long time to complete. Technically visa was available for everyone in July'07,that's why all could file as it is a legal requirement for I-485 filing. Now they are just waiting to have the admin process completed.

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  • immigration07
    05-02 03:02 PM
    in contributions and in any thing else... I started contributing even before lot of people here heard about IV.

    good joke!!!!!!!!


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  • subba
    07-07 09:40 PM
    This is what my lawyer mailed us today (I have always had good service from him):
    In my very initial thoughts, on July 2 and July 3, I believed the lawsuit had no chance; but in following this more closely and doing my own research, I think increasingly that the lawsuit has merit. USCIS and DOS appear to have violated various of its internal rules and arguably actual statutes and regulations in handling all this.

    Not that I am holding my breath, but just wanted pass it on....

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  • BharatPremi
    11-01 05:44 PM
    :D:Di work for big company...and i have paystubs...

    in essense...what you are saying is that if one has paystubs that one can change after the 180 day period even if 140 is not approved...

    i am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel...:D


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  • snathan
    02-09 12:07 PM

    Unique Transaction ID #5G807044SR6324537)

    Guys....its only $20. Please consider to donate ASAP.

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  • indianabacklog
    11-21 07:16 PM
    Just a thought.

    If the worst was to happen how do the USCIS know your wife is now on her own? If you have an H1B visa that has some years to run on it then this would buy time to get I485 approval.

    Once the approval comes through what is to stop the USCIS issuing one to you as well as your wife.

    If nobody tells the USCIS then the wheels will continue to grind along anyway.

    Just a thought.


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  • sracharla
    08-22 07:36 PM
    I got my EAD today...Even i received my EAD also...Mine is sent to NSC on july 2nd...I received EAD's from Texas Center...I think my application was transferred to Texas...I have approved I-140 from Texas...Are receipt numbers for EAD, 485, AP are in serial? I haven't received receipts yet...I filled attorney did not receive my receipts...I don't know what is going on...

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  • eastindia
    01-14 09:58 AM
    Has anyone been checking all the predictions if they are now true after 4 months?


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  • Greatdesi
    08-28 09:32 PM
    My wife and I submitted affidavits about the date of birth. We received our approvals 10 days without any RFEs about those affidavits.


    Submitted affidavit for my wife too. No issues.

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  • seshadsr
    02-24 12:53 PM
    I just contributed $50

    Feb 24, 2011 10:53:12 PST
    Transaction ID: 0V703688KE277903E


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  • GreenMe
    07-03 11:54 AM
    July 9th fine for me as well .....

    No arguments...only folks who want to participate in this action reply to these posts.. PLEASE

    Guys, I am at check out page, it says Monday delivery not possible. Let do it on tuesday Jul 10th.

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  • mbsac
    10-10 08:28 PM
    No Luck yet !!!


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  • mirage
    03-06 04:24 PM
    You are seeing it from a complete 180 degrees than I see it. It's not us who's discriminating, it is the laws which are discriminating. I am asking them to treat us all equal, I entered the country on an H1B which was an employement based application it did not hav any country quota, then why should green cards for EB have country quota. Why should a person from India wait for 10 year and a person from Romania get it in 1 year....I think your ROW friends shold understand our position.
    Your strategy is to go against her own bill to recapture greencards that she introduced for us last year.

    I think this is wrong.

    Recapture is a good option if you want to do it right. Otherwise all ROW will oppose you. How are you different than the guys who open threads against Telgus or EB3 vs EB2 or against Muslims.

    What you are doing is only dividng the community. My collegues who are also IV members are upset reading that someone in IV is pursuing a one point agenda against ROW. We need to stop and think. A lot of ROW are quiet members on IV forum and they will be upset.
    Country caps can only be supported if there is recapture or increase in visa numbers.

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  • kanyewest
    02-12 11:13 AM
    Couple of questions here -
    1. Did you report for work? Also, did you indicate to your employer that you are ready to start working?
    2. Did your employer terminate your employment by giving you written notice of employment termination? If not, in that case, your employer is obligated to pay you until
    a. your employment is terminated
    b. USCIS is notified of such termination. (Section 214.2 (h)#11) of 8-CFR)

    Don't mean to hijack this thread, but interesting issues raised by desi3933 and would like to get his comments on this from him:
    I am in a similar situation...I have been on H1B since Oct�07 and prior to that I was on a valid F1 status. Not been on a client project since mid-Sep'08, have not been paid from past 5 months.

    My employer is not helping with either COS to H4 or port H1B to another employer, by not providing REAL paystubs for the past 5 months. I have been actively working with my employer to find new work and I have all evidence of this in emails. I cannot report to work, as the office is too small for more than two people to comfortably work under normal working conditions.

    When I ask employer for back wages, I get threatened that they will issue a backdated termination letter to Sept 2008 (employee not terminated yet), though I have been actively working with them to find new work? I am also being asked to submit a fake personal leave letter for the past 5 months.

    How do I know if my H1B has been revoked? I know there are many issues and questions raised here...
    Greatly appreciate your time in responding to this...

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  • desi3933
    06-28 11:47 AM

    All the points you mentioned are valid and sensible from a business perspective.

    In case, you didn't read, I said valid legal reasons.

    Here is text from my post

    Many reasons. Pick any one of you choice.
    1. Employer does not want file H-1B this year at all.
    2. Employer already has 15% workforce on H-1B and does not want to become H-1B dependent employer.
    3. This job is permanent and H-1B can be filed only for temporary jobs.
    H-1B Specialty (Professional) Workers ( The H-1B program allows an employer to temporarily employ a foreign worker in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant basis in a specialty occupation or as a fashion model of distinguished merit and ability.
    4. H-1B quota is over (if applicable) and employee is on F1 OPT.
    5. In past, many H1-B has been rejected by USCIS for this job position.
    6. The job does not qualify as specialty occupation under H-1B

    All of these reasons are valid legal reasons. One more time, valid legal reasons.

    04-14 08:35 AM
    Thanks for posting your experience. Did you apply for your SIN and your PR card? Do you (or anyone else) have any info on how that's done or what the procedure is?

    - Once you complete landing procedure at POE and provide your Canadian address, PR card will come automatically at your address in mail

    - SIN (number printout) you can get instantly at any of the ServiceCanada centers. In Toronto, they have plenty of these centers in downtown (Bay street, lake shore blvd, yonge st ...). Card comes in mail

    05-05 04:56 PM
    Your Id makes sense for me now. That 2020 part. :)

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