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  • ronhira
    09-26 01:21 PM
    Wow... such eloquence from a "highly skilled worker" ! Truly impressive indeed :)

    BTW, for that poster who was imagining a single line, open your eyes buddy. There are indeed two lines. Higher qualifications gets you into the shorter one. You can fret and whine all you want but you cant change the fact.

    Porting PDs is a silly concept as others have pointed it out here. Its the law for now but wont be for long. Get over it.

    i'm as much high skilled as u'r...... perhaps u did not notice that we are in the same category..... on which u'r hanging on.....

    this guy is correct.....
    All of us believe that the system which suits our individual application is the best system. Anything that doesn't work for us is just screwed-up.
    this explains y porting pd is a silly concept to you.....

    i'm in eb2 & my application is pending..... i don't think porting pd is silly just becoz a few others in eb2 think it is silly..... perhaps i know how to use my brain to form my own opinion rather than subscribing to the majority opinion of the category in which i applied for gc..... porting pd makes sense..... & it will not change..... till u don't get change to porting pd system..... i reserve the right to correctly call u a pu5sy..... get over it....

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  • bebar
    06-15 11:52 AM
    Filed June1st. But still waiting for receipt notification.

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  • anotheroneonqueue
    08-26 05:14 PM
    Following is my observation from my last H1B extension from Vermont.

    You should be concerned if the extension is not approved before the expiry of the current H1B/I-94. Even if you apply months in advance, USCIS won't approve it till you are near your "old I-94" expiry date.

    My H1B has already expired. My only proof of H1B is the receipt of H1B renewal application.

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  • obviously
    07-28 01:53 PM
    The visecral reaction to my thread (not threat!) has only gone to prove my hypothesis - self interest is the ONLY binding factor amongst 'highly skilled' workers

    No one can claim to be 'superior' by virtue of their EB classification and take refuge under the current system by preaching that "it is what it is, you accepted it, so play by it!". What a sudden love fest for a system that you cared to fix not too long ago? So, what changed? The sudden realization that there are a few erudite and vocal EB3 I's that can speak their mind and ask the difficult questions?!

    Willwin is a rare gem that could see the point in my earlier thread ... Others, my post is not 'ugly', it is the reflection that you see when I hold a mirror up to you. Dont like it? Dont blame me.

    Others are scared sh*it that the real deal will be revealed. Just goes to prove that if the current system goes to serve YOUR narrow self interest, you will go to no end to justify it AND defend it... even at the cost of creating deep divides amongst a larger group. Suddenly, your sense of outrage has been channeled against EB3 I's seeking a voice and not against the 'system' that you claimed to care fixing. Nice. A chameleon would be proud to welcome you to the family.

    Dont worry. Sleep easy, no one is going to call Ron or a shrink. I have exposed the duplicity that defines your being ... and you can rest easy knowing that your sense of 'logical reasoning and moral outrage' cannot stand scrutiny on a simple b-board, let alone a court of law ...

    Lets get together to help fix this problem. Let EB3 I's find their voice and make the appeals that they need to. They DO NOT need the approval or outrage of EB2's trying to protect their new found turf. Get the drift?

    Many EB3 I's have waited 5+ years in dead end jobs and possibly single incomes only to see EB2 come hither and walk easy. No jealousy or blame. Just the hard question to those that holler back "dont complaint EB2 was meant to be a higher category" ... want to respond to a "higher calling" ... i.e., holding up your petitions to objective scrutiny not prejudiced by narrow goals?

    After all, one would find that MOST work done by EB2 I's does not really require a Masters degree. Just ask a high school Java whizkid.

    I rest my case and will not waste my time responding to emotional outbursts or getting dragged into the cesspit of poor logic. Got it?



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  • akred
    05-24 02:31 AM
    Yes, Microsoft and many other major employers could easily find qualified US students with two years of experience, skills by the way comparable to what the vast majorities of H1B's offer, but Americans who do not need the H1B would give a finger to any employer who would expect that an American would work 80h/week for 55K/year.

    Hmm, so one would conclude that immigrants work harder than the natives. What is stopping the natives from working as hard? At the very least the immigrants are keeping natives honest and increasing competitiveness.

    You also misunderstand the chief reason why younger employees work long hours. It is because they want to learn and become more productive in the future, so they can make more money, not because their job depends on it.

    The illegal aliens are being backed by major employers of cheap labor, such as Wall Mart and many others. Illegals also can put extra long hours and therefore they yield more output for less investiment. That's is the reason that US employers seem to fight so consistently to keep them here.

    This may well be true for illegals. In fact it is true for any work that is well understood.

    By its very nature high skilled workers are expected to perform leveraged work where there isn't a direct correlation between results achieved and the number of hours worked.

    For the naive and dreamers out there who are shaking their heads after reading the above and believe that employers cannot find qualified applicants, so just answer this:
    How many million dollars per year are the top management of Fortune 500 companies making? The US is not about drastic wages inequalities. This is about paying a fair salary, otherwise we have increasing salary inequality and this should be renamed then to Mexico, India or something like that.

    See my comment above about leveraged work. This applies all the way to the CEO, and is the reason for insane salaries. As for the point about salary inequality, US income equality is better than Mexico's and significantly worse than India's, so there may be something there contributing to angst amongst Americans.

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  • JunRN
    09-05 05:43 PM
    Anybody from August filers who got his/her Receipts already?


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  • number30
    07-10 12:40 AM
    In that case, I *guess* you can show yourself as "permanently self-employed" for your own company--should be easy if you have an LLC that does business in "same or similar" occupation (e.g., consulting/PM). Should also be easy to state the *projected" yearly income on EVL.

    Problem with that argument once you own more than 5% of the company you will have file as investor. If your wife owns the company then you will have file under relative category. There were denials based on this.

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  • kosu
    06-13 07:56 PM
    They fwded the bundle to texax your receipts start with SRC not LIN.

    My attorney actually filed directly with TSC. So all my case numbers starts with SRC.


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  • chapper
    07-09 12:50 PM
    My .02 cents.

    Hey All,- I've not been that active, but will try to be hence forth. Below are my proposals to rephrase the present 'Flower Campaign" press release. I'm open to suggestions.

    I felt the need to explain "why the over subscription and what part USCIS had in it" and also in the mean time point to the "overzealous work done by USCIS on June 30 and July 1st".

    Sentence in the press release: However, due to over-subscription, thousands of highly-skilled workers, including engineers, scientists and health care professionals have been waiting patiently for years in order to be eligible to apply for their Green cards.

    My take on this: Due to inefficiency of USCIS in the past years, 187,000+ visas have been wasted according to Ombudsman report. This act is to be blamed partly for the present scenario of over-subscription of thousands of law abiding and tax paying highly-skilled workers, including engineers, scientists and health care professionals who have been waiting patiently for years in order to be eligible to apply for their Green cards.

    USCIS's sudden backlog reduction efforts during the past month have resulted in the use of almost 60,000 Employment numbers among which 18,000 were used on June 30 (Saturday) and July 1st (Sunday) according to (Quote source).


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  • fundo14
    05-30 10:43 AM
    I think it will be smooth. Landing by road is easier than by air. You need to do the following as soon as you have landed. I recommend you land early in the morning as gov. offices are closed at noon:

    1. Locate an HR office and get your SIN number. This will take 30 min to an hour once you are there. You will need to show your Passport and COPR document as a proof.

    2. Locate the medical insurance office and obtain your medical insurance card.

    3. Go to the post office and obtain a PO box.

    4. Open a bank account. Use the PO box address as mailing addres.

    Good luck.


    Is it necessary to apply for SIN and Medical at this point since we are not settling in Canada for atleast few months?


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  • sankap
    07-10 01:04 AM
    [QUOTE=desi3933;486996]1. You can be self employed on c-corp as well. Please go to bank of your choice and you will get the answer. I do have business accounts and speaking from my own experience.

    Here are the IRS guidelines on filing taxes as an Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee: Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee? (,,id=99921,00.html)

    2. Here is one RFE issued by USCIS. This should answer that AC-21 job must be permanent and match your labor/I-140

    Since nowhere do USCIS/DOL explain as to what constitutes a "permanent" job, one can *assume* that being self-employed (or working for a staffing company on contract) is a "permanent" job, regardless of the project's duration, and mention that on EVL. IRS guidelines could help:,,id=154770,00.html

    3. See point 2.

    4. Contract extension does not mean job is permanent. And, yes, 6 year contract job is temporary in nature. Permanent job can not have end date. Period.

    I didn't imply that "contract extension means job is permanent," as you inferred. Also, can you point us to a USCIS/DOL resource to confirm that definition of a "permanent" job?

    5. Dual intent visa means that it can be issued even if I-140 or I-130 has been filed on your behalf. Nothing more than that. GC job is independent of H-1B job.

    Yes, GC is always for a future job--it's got nothing to do with your H1B job. And here's what I saw on dual-intent visas:
    "Under the Dual Intent Doctrine, some nonimmigrants are allowed to enter and/or remain in the U.S. temporarily with a nonimmigrant visa even though they have expressed a long term intent to remain permanently. Presently, only E, H-1 and L category visa holders are allowed to remain nonimmigrants while simultaneously pursuing permanent resident status. Other nonimmigrant visa holders may be denied extensions or re-issuance of a nonimmigrant visa if they appear to have a dual intent of coming to the U.S. temporarily while pursuing permanent resident status."

    6. Again, Permanent job is a job that is expected to last unknown term and is not defined for a period.

    Can you point us to a USCIS/DOL resource to confirm that definition of "permanent "job?

    H-1B job is not permanent since they have end date specified by LCA and H-1B visa petition.

    If *no* H1B job is "permanent," as you say, then how can that job be permanent after filing PERM or I-140? Second, following your argument, if you're on H-1B and changed employers using AC21, the new job wouldn't be considered "permanent," right? Third, if H-1B job is not "permanent," then which one is?

    7. Here is a case for I-140 that was denied, since offered I-140 job was not permanent full-time job. Read for yourself
    Link to case (,%20Professionals,%20and%20Oth er%20Workers/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Jan022009_06B6203.pdf)

    Please read the document fully. It says the petition was denied because "the petitioner has not established its ability to pay the
    proffered wages to the beneficiaries of the other petitions or the proffered wage for the instant beneficiary." Nothing related to whether the job was "permanent," FT. Also, As I said, there's a difference between being on a "permanent" future job (for which I-140 was filed) and being on a "permanent" job using AC21 provision.

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  • Lasantha
    02-06 10:30 AM
    Actually You have to PHYSICALLY present in Canda for 2 years in a 5 year period since the date landed.

    You have to PHYSICALLY present in Canda for 3 years in a 5 year period since the date your became PR.


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  • delax
    12-17 10:18 AM
    Was a little disillusioned with the whole name check process and I called USCIS yesterday. My wife cleared her name check, but mine is pending. It was initiated for both of us on Sept 26. I am not worried at all although it would not be true if I said that I was never worried.

    This is an irrational, unscientific and to a great extent arbitrary process - and by that I mean the entire green card process. Added to that is the never ending desire to beat the process - read labor substitution and PD porting. I have neither tried it nor do I intend to do it. Before people start piling on and I get accused of a holier than thou attitude, I am only expressing an opinion (not a value judgement) in an open forum. The last time I checked, a forum was meant to do just that.

    Objectively thinking my emotional stability and that of my family is a lot dearer than a piece of plastic, especially when none of the steps in the process are within my control.

    Yes I can contribute, lobby, send letters etc and make an attempt to get the process under my control - but I think its an indvidual decision whether someone wants to contribute, lobby, write letters etc - I did attend the DC rally though. Obviously the opportunity to express my opinion here has been provided by IV and I am grateful for that.

    All that I care about right now is to make sure my wife graduates from school, is able to work, we can travel as a family and enjoy this country. The rest is like trying to find two grains of wheat in two bushels of chaff.

    Just my 2 cents - Good luck with your green card process.

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-09 02:06 PM
    Thanks a lot.

    Grand Total - $278

    Come on folks lets help IV, to get things done for US.

    IV is I/WE.



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  • sanjay
    02-14 02:15 PM
    Really? Narendra Modi is great? And thats why he has been banned from visiting USA...WOW


    I did not know that visa to USA is also a certificate of good behavior. Does Modi needs a visa to USA to prove he is good or bad person or vice-versa ?

    Well, every one had choice to be opinionated and I posted what I think think of Narendra Modi. Why, are people so crazy, that they start posting ( BS ) comments with red marks on post.

    Not that I give damn about red color, but remarks and PM are unwanted.

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  • acecupid
    07-03 01:29 PM
    still valid link

    any vendor is fine. its a token of protest

    I think its important to mention this is a protest of the actions done by them, otherwise the morons might think we are appreciating their work..

    Please make sure this is a protest and your message should convey that. I'm sure the morons would think otherwise if we dont make it clear to them.:D


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  • sayonara
    08-23 01:33 PM
    Cool...I have an LUD of 5th August and after seeing your message, hope to get my receipts soon as well !

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  • sammyb
    11-21 10:42 AM
    Dear Mehul,

    I was spellbound after seeing this thread and going thru it ... It is something beyond anyone's imagination ... as I saw on Ramdev's program and on Astha channel (, Yoga and Pranayama has cured some of the most incurable diseases... I would request you to try Pranayama ... I have the Ramdev�s Pranayama DVD with me ... pass me your address in PM and I will mail it to you...

    I have nothing else to say ... It is indeed a sad news ... I pray to almighty to give you courage and have faith on your believes...


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  • man-woman-and-gc
    09-15 03:50 PM
    you are right we were not brought here on a gun point but at the same time we did not beg anyone to bring us here... it is entirely a two sided business deal... and no one is doing any favor to anyone here ... we are doing our job and they must do their's. and yes we are "Highly Skilled" and we do deserve repect and our voices do deserve to be heard. Sure they can put an Ad in any newspaper and replace me with someone else but the question here is not about you or me... it is about the "LEGAL IMMIGRANTS" and which in that case would include anyone who they bring in to replace me.

    Absolutely agree...and also please note that yes, they may replace the individual me or the individual you....but can they replace the whole immigrant population who are in the long and endless queue for a GC?

    United we stand folks.....individually we may be non-existent.

    03-09 06:47 PM
    While your story is interesting, but I beg to differ again, because, immigration is not something which would be discussed in the Congress for the first time, if we are successfull in bringing something. Each and every single lawmaker in this country understand immigration to the extent that you may not even start to guess...People who oppose us have been putting their restrictive bills again and again so they are going to continue doing that despite of us do something or sleep, do you think Numbersusa wait for us to do something, their anti.... mill will keep churning.

    Sometimes you have to see the other perspective rather than just defending a point of view.
    Now is not a good time for immigrants. The EB5 investor visa, which is a no brainer in this economy has been kicked on like a can for 6 mths at a time, congressmen that are pro- immigration are laying low. Anti-immigrant forces are gearing up for a big assault in coming weeks, the American public is unsympathetic given their own issues. Against this backdrop why would we launch such an effort. Basically now is the time to play Defense not Offense. Do all you can to hang on to your job, keep your savings liquid. Wait for any opportunities to arise, and wait for the storm to pass.
    After the great depression, this country virtually shut down immigration for the next few decades. Likewise they slowed it down in the early 80s and again in the early 90s. Right about now, no change is a good thing IMHO, as bad as that sounds, as change will not be in your favor.

    10-25 10:38 PM
    Why SKULL bill ? As a high level manager I have learned after years of experience that you need to use good sense of humor, satirize when confronted with insanities and very stressful situations.

    I appreciate your effort to make us smile and relieve stress but when you repeateldly
    keep using the same stuff, people no longer find it humorous.
    You too must have realized it by now as people have started questioning why
    you are using this word repeatedly.

    It is like telling the same joke time and again and expect people to laugh everytime.

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