Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • jaocanada
    07-10 02:53 PM
    I have arranged to send the flowers so they reach USCIS on 10 July.
    Incidentally, there was a townhall meeting with Senator Bob Casey in Pittsburgh. Thankfully i got to speak with him and personally put forth our story of endless waits for a greencard. Am not sure if it will genrate any tangible action from his end, but it certainly drew attention of the public present there, his staff and mostly importantly the Senator's mindshare.

    Let's keep this effort on..

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  • kshitijnt
    05-10 09:25 PM
    Quota based on race argument is fallacious. For example, Bangladesh and Pakistan are not limited by the quota. However, they are the of the same ethnic/racial background as people from India.

    Thats my point. Why are pakistanis getting green cards and nobody is saying they have taken jobs away from Americans? So many come to US on visa free travel, work 6 months undocumented from european countries, yet they are the first to get the GCs while Indians abuse B1, they abuse H1. How come only Indians abuse everything no one else abuses anything?

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  • ski_dude12
    08-26 02:51 PM
    You will see a date on I-485 only if you filed I-140 & I-485 concurrently. Even my I-485 does not have any priority date.

    Do you have Pritority Date written on your I-485's notice of action? It's blank for me.

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  • ashishgour
    09-21 10:53 AM

    Are there any one who filed at NSC on July 23rd and not received the receipt so far?


    I am in the same boat...with approved 140 from TSC.
    So I believe my case might have been transferred to TSC.


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 10:11 AM
    Yes, we are considering that option. Thanks for the suggestion !

    Also VMH_GC i see that you haven't entered the pledge amount in your original posting. Could you please re enter it, so we can keep track of it.

    Thanks for your help with the spreadsheet thing

    Small suggestion, Please extend this drive until monday, lot of people might contribute on weekend.

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  • desi3933
    07-10 06:54 AM
    This comment was then obviously was not directed to you but to others who advise to "file AC21."

    Thanks, Sankap, for the clarification. Because, in this post you have addressed that post to me and asked me this as #7. Here is that post again -


    1. ....

    7. Since you're *not* required to inform USCIS on your job changes, why "file AC21" (and stir things), or advise people to do so?

    Please show me any of my post where I have advised people to file for AC-21.



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  • GCStatus
    09-16 10:16 PM

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  • franklin
    06-12 06:25 PM
    what can u do if u still have no EAD after 3 months? Endless waiting?
    I-765 Application for Employment Authorization Based on a pending I-485 adjustment application [(c)(9)] February 26, 2007


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  • anda007
    07-09 03:38 PM
    I spoke to this journalist for almost 20 minutes
    She is awesome and really really listens to you and gets a lot of information to you
    She is interested in talking more people and also if possible with other ASIAN people (Chinese/Taiwanese/Pakistanis), who are in the same boat
    Call her and she picks up the call.

    Originally Posted by test101
    I found this in the one of the forums.. please people contact the report have people hear us.

    Story for the Washington Post


    Hi all,

    I'm a reporter with the Washington Post. If your efforts result in Emilio Gonzalez receiving hundreds of flowers tomorrow, I would very much like to do a story on it. If you're interested in speaking with me and telling me your story and why you've decided to participate in this demonstration, please give me an email or call me. My contact information is below.

    office phone: 202 334 6701

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  • thescadaman
    11-17 04:17 PM
    done - Thanks!


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  • FrankZulu
    08-26 01:14 PM
    CPO today. Case at local office. Had 1 interview where all documents for status and taxes were checked for the past 12 years. Never had a problem or gap in status and IO was surprised why the case came to local office. I was atleast happy that the interview is the worst thing that can happen and I am done through that.

    After 3 infopass appts, 2 SRs in all have the CPO in hand.

    Good luck all.

    Was your Employer (GC Sponsoring) in any kind of trouble in past?

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  • Libra
    08-13 03:23 PM
    Your signature shows you got saved by IV efforts, so what is your effort to support IV? Please contribute for sept rally in DC. Thanks.

    I-140 approved from Texas.


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  • GCEB2
    09-03 02:41 PM
    Please do share your experience after the InfoPass. I will follow accordingly.

    To better be on safe side to get it stamped on my passport. I took info pass on 8-11-08 it will be almost 30 days
    I think it is I right?

    They say you will become actual permanent resident when you get the card The card is important.
    As replied by Desi3933, it is incorrect to my knowledge. Approval notice it self is a proof that you are a Permanent Resident. The stamp in the passport works for us till we get the physical card. I think you will get it on 9/11/08 9Infopass appointment date).

    Hi hiUS

    Thanks for noticing I have corrected my info pass date.

    did you took info pass appointment.

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  • MightyIndian
    04-25 05:49 PM
    Finally received my FP notice today after 7 months. FP appointment on 5/12.


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  • guru76
    02-05 02:40 PM
    Contributed $50.

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  • SGP
    11-19 02:40 PM
    Nothing for Legal Immigrants, but any ways below is his response.


    Thank you for contacting me to express your support for S. 729, the DREAM Act of 2009. Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this important issue.

    You will be pleased to know that I am a strong cosponsor of the DREAM Act and am fighting tirelessly to enact this critical legislation into law. As the first person in my family to attend college, I can personally attest to the vital importance of a quality education. The DREAM Act, would give countless innocent children the same opportunity I had—to fully reach their potential and fulfill the American Dream. In doing so, it will give our country thousands of new doctors, teachers, pilots, and servicemen. It is a win-win situation for both those who would directly benefit from this legislation, as well as our country as a whole.

    Those that oppose the DREAM Act believe that children should pay the consequences for their parents' mistakes. They believe that children who were brought to this country by their parents without the proper documentation or were kept in this country by their parents without the proper documentation should not be allowed to get an American education. That is not only wrong, but it also goes against who we are and what we stand for.

    While the DREAM Act has yet to be passed, you may rest assured knowing that I will continue to fight until every child in the United States has the opportunity to reach the American Dream. Anything less is simply un-American.

    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate your support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of more assistance. I invite you to visit my website Robert Menendez - US Senator for New Jersey: Home ( to learn of other important issues to New Jersey.
    Robert Menendez
    United States Senator


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  • chanduv23
    11-21 02:01 PM
    Dear Mehul,
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Our prayers to God to help you in your situation.
    Attorney Prashanti Reddy has been involved in a lot of pro bono work especially for spouses of 9/11 victims. You can contactt her, let me know if you want to get her consultation. She is a big supporter of IV.
    Like everyone here said, things change. I am sure things will go well for you.


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  • GCStatus
    09-13 09:04 PM

    First of all, ask yourself the following points before continue reading.

    1. Do I need a Green card at ANY cost ( Any cost = Waiting for yrs, Not willing to risk any other options, afraid to raise issues, not pinpointing flaws )

    2. Willing to fight for justice.

    If you chose the option 1, please stop reading further and good luck.

    For the option 2, here we go.I am new to this web site and it seems there are approx 70k people here and lot more outside. Huge enough to create miracles.

    Just to remind ourself who we are. We are Highly skilled LEGAL immigrants. It not only means we are skillful but it also means we pay every damn tax which is out there. We pay for welfare. We pay for unemployed. We pay for pensioners. List goes on. We pay fees for every application processed by USCIS ( Labor, I-140,I-485,I-765,I-131 etc etc ). We pay rent. We buy cars. We buy houses. In short, we are nothing but GOLD to this economy.

    However, this one department called USCIS is literally toying with us for yrs now as if we are slaves or we are obligated to them. We dont want anyone to do us any favour. We need justice.

    Friends - I have self respect and i wasn't born chanting Green Card. I AM going to face them, confront them, demand them to provide justice, if not I want them to REFUND every penny i have paid so far. If this "I AM" becomes "WE", half the battle won. TOGETHER WE STAND, VICTORY/JUSTICE FOR ALL. If you are still hesitant, you made a bad choice of choosing option 2. Please go back to option 1.



    We are making great progress on this and glad to see tonnes of positive responses. For the people who are viewing this thread first time, please send your name, e-mail, ph number and the amount you are willing to contribute ( in case of a lawsuit ) to man-woman-and-gc ( who is graciously collecting information for us and adding them in the below spreadsheet. Next steps on the way. (

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  • gc_aspirant_prasad
    07-11 10:13 AM
    This one was the best... Where did this come from??
    I think its a conchshell original.
    By and far one of the best!

    03-07 11:31 AM
    Look man, I don't know who you are and what's your story. But I do know this. Giving a false impression to others and misleading others on this forum and on any other forum is not going to help. You seem to project that only you care for the issue of country-limits. I think the better description is, you only care for the removal of country limits till the day you get your green card. You do NOT want to remove country limits on EB beyond the date you receive the approval of your application. Giving a false impression to a few on this forum that temporarily removal of country limits will be easier than permanent removal of country limits is just WRONG.

    After IV admin posted for the media interview few days back, I sent them an email expressing my willingness to speak with the press. I spoke with Vivek Wadhwa at length last week about this issue. Vivek Wadhwa article in Washington Post covers the issue of country limits where as his previous articles have not covered this issue.

    "Yet rather than welcome these entrepreneurs, the U.S. government is confining many of them to a painful purgatory. As of Sept. 30, 2006, more than a million people were waiting for the 120,000 permanent-resident visas granted each year to skilled workers and their family members. No nation may claim more than 7 percent, so years may pass before immigrants from populous countries such as India and China are even considered".

    I also called a member of IV core yesterday evening and they told me that they have told you not to do whatever that you are doing. I was told that you are hurting their effort and you have been told this pretty clearly. But you continue with this senseless and direction less ranting and you continue to cause damage to the effort for the removal of country-limits.

    Its disgusting that rather than working with others to fix this complicated and difficult issue, you continue to beat your own drum, without actually doing anything, but at the same time hurting the issue you claim you care for. And on top of that you want to remove the country limits only until you get your green card. Is that rationale to you in any which way?????? No. Is your action selfish????? YES.


    Good point, has anybody asked this to any lawyer ? Can we challenge this in court ? This is the definition of judiciary review...If we can proove the country cap to be unconstitutional..

    Judicial Review is when the Supreme Court reviews an act of Congress to see if it is Constitutional.
    Judicial Review is the power of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutuion (violation against the laws of the Constitutuion).

    09-12 05:06 PM
    Congratulations, mine (485 and 765 for my husband) was received by TSC on July 24th but no receipt, no checks cashed nothing yet. It seems TSC is really slow in receipting the applications. My husband needs to travel abroad soon and we're anxiously waiting for the receipt...[/QUOTE]

    Hello: I am in the same boat with you; received 485 at TSC on July 25, 2007 but no news of checks being cashed. In that context I have a question:
    Can we start a thread only for those sending 485s to the TSC say after July 17, 2007? (This is because most postings are for the NSC).

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