Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • desi3933
    07-10 10:18 AM
    Thanks for posting this link. This is a must read on AOS.

    This link is for section 245 in TITLE 8 OF CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS (8 CFR) (I think!) . This CFR may have other sections of use for us. For example, there may be section 240 that explains some other GC stage.

    Please post a link that is table of contents of CFR. That is, it gives all section titles in CFR: Sec 1, Sec 2, .. Sec 245, Sec 246, ... Thanks!


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  • diptam
    06-27 10:33 AM
    May end i had 11 day bench but they paid in full... They are good in some aspects that's why i stayed with them for 2.5 yrs....

    But signing a binding contract for an indeterminate period ( I yr after GC)
    is making me worried !!

    If you are consulting and not getting bench period salary, try to be out of project for some time and ask him to pay for that period. According to H1B he supposed to pay the salary. Probably at that point he has to let you go.

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  • unitednations
    03-08 03:17 PM
    I agree that legislators are very aware of the difference between the H1b issue and the green card issue. Yesterday on CNBC, Larry Kudlow interviewed Sen. Grassley from Iowa on this topic. When Larry was asking about these workers contributing to society, buying homes, starting companies etc, Sen. Grassley told him he was mixing up two separate issues. Basically he only wanted to talk about the H1b issue.
    The sad truth is these guys(like Sen. Grassley) are anti immigrant period(they give you all the blabber about I am 3 generations separated from immigrants etc. but that is quite simply them satisfying their conscience/the public conscience on this issue, I always wish the interviewer is an American indeginous Indian), and instead of saying so openly, they combine the issues when convenient and separate them out when not so. I agree with you that it is not because they are not aware. Right now their focus is on stomping out fraud, he mentioned cases of people coming on H1b and running laundromats, or working in different locations to what they are certified(ouch). The new quota that opens up on Apr. 1 will indeed be a watershed. I am expecting really restrictive and nasty legislation in time to greet this. I truly hope for very few applications, so the Hon. Sen. understands that this is a demand driven issue for the most part and fraud where it exists can be addressed but not with blanket legislation which effects can be unintended.
    Nonetheless this issue of Country caps has become so draconian that if indeed the US changes its policy and institutes country caps on H1bs as your posting suggests they might in the end, then we will have things go in a certain direction.......protectionist, and there will doubtless be backlash. As it stands the current insensible policy is such that people come on H1b, settle into a job, have their US citizen kids, accumulate enough social security credits, savings etc and then facing an inordinate wait, perhaps even have to leave, what do you think the result is going to be? Well, the return to India where US employers given their US experience/education are more comfortable hiring them hence more outsourcing, then their US citizen Kids return for Gov't aid/loans to college, then they sponsor their parents to come in and receive social security and medicare etc. while their working contributions and taxes would have accrued to another country. Really? Does that sound like good policy?
    If the US chooses to Cap Indian H1bs fine, let it be, however continuing such policy only leads to and effectual ban on EB green cards for Indians.

    Very well written. I can tell you through my observations of living in this society for 35 years:

    1) People leaving because of long wait is a losing argument. Available information doesn't back it up. We have had severe retrogression since 2005 (h-1b quota cases have finished in matter of days)

    2)USA is destination of choice. 9 million people file through greencard lottery for 50,000 slots and the main populated countries aren't even eligible to file (ie., India, China, Pakistan, Canada, etc.)

    3) Call it what it is: Employment base immigration is least impacted. It is the only class of immigrants who are allowed to work/live in USA while they wait for greencard. Just about every other class has to wait outside until their number is called. This is number one impediment to EB grievances.

    4) Stating that one is paying taxes, etc., is also losing argument. You are comparing yourself to the people who are here unlawful. Paying taxes isn't some virtue, it is the law.

    5) Country quotas is fundamental to US Immigration. Getting rid of it for one class; ie employment base without looking at the whole thing is waste of time (ie., lottery, family base, etc.).

    Now I don't want to get people upset but let's look at some things that have happened since 2005:

    There was considerable debate on of how the country quotas work and spillover of visas. Depending on how you read the law you would keep coming up with different conclusions. One way was to look at it as hard cap of 7% across all 140,000 visas that is 10,000 or so and it didn't matter about eb1,eb2, eb3. Any unused visas from ROW in EB1 would not go to india but rather flow down to eb2 row and then eb3 row. That s unused would go vertical instead of horizontal.

    In uscis fiscal year 2004 eb3 went unavailable in summer of 2005. Statistics showed that India went well over their 7% limit.

    In USCIS fiscal year 2005 we had severe retrogression for India. Visa bulletin states that spillover will be vertical instead of horizontal. Statistics showed that India only received 10,500 visas

    Now, fiscal year 2006 . We have slow movement in visa dates; it appears that they are going vertical with spillover. However, in July 2007 they make it current for everyone and India goes over the 7% limit.

    Fiscal year 2007 it appears from visa bulletin that they are going to go horizontal instead of vertical. No statistics yet of how much went to India.

    Therefore; department of state has changed policy, interpretation without law change. Talk to many lawyers and they will tell you that spillover is supposed to happen vertical instead of horizontal. indian nationals have been benefitted greatly by department of state changing it on their whim. You don't see many people from ROW on these boards bellyaching about this; or contacting senators, or threatening lawsuits do you?

    This is something to think about? As people keep highlighting this issue and if they continually point it out to lawmakers and someone from ROW gets the birght idea to challenge department of state then it will make it worse for India. I don't foresee any change whatsoever in country quota limits; mainly because it is fundamental to immigration and fundamental things don't change very easily.

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  • guyfromsg
    07-19 11:51 PM
    Thanks IV core for the selfless sacrifice..A small pledge of $100


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  • girishvar
    08-10 09:59 PM
    I only got CPO on 8/8/8 and soft LUD on 8/9/8/

    My husband received CPO mail on 08/04, welcome mail on 08/05, soft LUD on 08/06 and approval notice sent mail on 08/09 but dated 08/08 in USCIS status. Hoping to have the GC in hand next week.
    Anyone who has the same chain of events or received GC for CPO mail on 08/04 or later?

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  • EndlessWait
    10-08 12:32 PM
    Action item for IV, besides visa recapturing etc. Its one of the items they
    should add to there agenda.


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  • krishnam70
    07-10 12:12 AM
    The immigration lawyers are talking about the flower campaign! Matthew Oh reported it on his website. So did Bender's Immigration Bulletin. Now this is the latest from Greg Siskind's blog!

    Emilio has made a statement that the flowers will be forwarded to Walter Reed hospital

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  • akhilmahajan
    04-08 12:12 PM
    I did my landing this weekend.
    Every thing went smooth both on US and Canadian side.

    I was not asked any questions.
    Just wanted to let everyone know.


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  • delhirocks
    07-09 06:36 PM
    We made news at USCIS! Whatever he does with the flowers is not our concern. The fact is we made the news there. Hopefully the media will pay attention too.

    Agree...The way I look at it, its 2 birds with one stone...we make our protest, which gets noticed...and it (hopefully) will put a much needed smile on American service men & women

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  • techskill
    08-18 01:08 PM
    I think IV core shud take the matter with USCIS or the concerned people.


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  • HarshJ
    11-05 03:31 PM
    I will update this when I get my notices. Mine is at NSC and went thru the NSC-CSC-NSC cycle

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  • ThinkTwice
    07-20 12:54 AM
    Did you know that Aman Kapoor the founder of IV has contributed $64000 of his personal money towards the efforts of IV? Yes that is correct Sixty Four Thousand USD. _businessweek+exclusives
    I was dumbfounded when I first found this out. The man must have real conviction and courage and belief in himself and this effort to do such a selfless act and I am not even talking about the hours and hours of time, mental energy, physical stress and emotional capital he must have invested into OUR effort and I am not talking about all that because that is immeasurable and there is not much we can do to repay all that back but there is something we can do.
    Please take out your wallet and repay IV core members who have contributed selflessly to OUR cause.
    Every one of us has benefited in some way or the other because of our association to IV and who do we have to thank but the core team who have put so much on the line for OUR cause.
    Please join in this effort to reimburse the expenses incurred by IV core to fight for OUR cause.


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  • StarSun
    02-02 08:31 AM
    $49,350 to go..

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  • anilsal
    12-16 09:29 AM
    it will be the most fulfilling. If life came to you on a platter, it would not be as enjoyable.

    With pain comes learning and experience.

    For those folks to whom GC and citizenship comes with low hardship, life will get them in some other way. This is the truth of nature.


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  • newuser
    05-23 11:26 AM
    Unfortunately, the Senator e-mail id's are not available. We need to do the hard way. use either AILA websiter or senators contact page

    AILA -

    Senators -

    Can someone copy paste the email ids of senators. I have limited access to internet at my work place.

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • ArunAntonio
    07-09 06:59 PM
    Can you post the template of the email you are sending to the reporters.

    - AA


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  • amitjoey
    07-10 04:44 PM
    I have arranged to send the flowers so they reach USCIS on 10 July.
    Incidentally, there was a townhall meeting with Senator Bob Casey in Pittsburgh. Thankfully i got to speak with him and personally put forth our story of endless waits for a greencard. Am not sure if it will genrate any tangible action from his end, but it certainly drew attention of the public present there, his staff and mostly importantly the Senator's mindshare.

    Let's keep this effort on..

    Thanks for your effort.

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  • techskill
    11-21 12:48 PM
    Dear Mehul,

    I am shocked to hear the news.I cannot express myself.I will always pray for you and your family.
    If everybody prays together even GOD cannot resist.

    I agree with WeShallOvercome and logiclife.

    We worry about RP, EAD,AP etc. GC is not the end of the world. Is it worth worrying about the Plastic card.

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  • GCapplicant
    07-27 10:09 PM
    Where the hell all these guys when EB3 is getting 80K to 100K of total 140K visas all these years and EB2 is getting just merely 10%-15%. Nobody from EB2 didn't felt jealous like this before. It is hard to digest for them now.

    Hi Dpp

    kindly dont use hell ! jealous , these type of words are not required for any argument.
    If you want EB2 I to get the visas and move will.

    I understand u r EB2 ....EB3 I is how you want ur GC its the same line EB3 I is also.

    The guys from EB3I have been waiting all these years.

    Its the DOL's mistake for the delay of labor approvals ,hence the visa wastage.Otherwise this backlog for EB3 I woudnt have been there in the first place.

    The two years standard gap would have been maintained there for EB3 I and EB2 I as usual.

    When there is no movement ,this will be the reaction for the EB3 I people.

    When you are eager for yr Gc ,the same rule applies for everone.

    There is a big block EB3 row in between -so dont say all the visas were taken by Eb3 I only.

    Did you know the visa flow earlier?

    I never knew.People learn by experience.

    These frustrations are not jealousy...Eb3 I is suffering and waiting for a solution.

    kindly dont under estimate anyone's feelings.Every family here is undergoing pressures and agony.

    I participated in the mail campaign... We are fighting for the lost justice.

    Let us team as one and work best.Ever one deserves their own share.

    I am not here for any argument.

    09-20 10:09 PM

    Did you file at NSC?

    Junior Member Join Date: Jul 2007
    Posts: 3


    Labor Certified in June 2006-India
    I-140 approved Dec 2006
    I-485 filed on July 23rd 2007 > Checks got cashed > Got Recipt:WAC ###
    EAD filed on July 23rd 2007 > Checks got cashed > Got Recipt:WAC ###
    AP filed on July 23rd 2007 > Checks got cashed > Got Recipt : WAC ###

    How do I check if EAD card has been ordered and/or AP approved?

    Your all are awesome and Thanks to Immigration Voice.

    03-26 03:30 PM
    Processing dates doesn�t mean they don�t process applications received after those dates.
    I got my H1B renewal notice last week. My application�s received date is in 3rd week of Jan and Processing date for H1B extension is still in December-07.

    Yes this was a recent change in the way they reported processing dates. Instead of reporting which date they are working on "now", they now publish the receipt date of the earliest application that is still being processed.

    That explains the "retrogression", if you will, of processing dates of TSC after the initiation of the new NC rule. A lot of applications stuck in NC suddenly became available for processing, and hence the RD of the "earliest" case under processing had to be moved back.

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