Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • walker15
    02-15 10:55 AM
    Also your immigration attorney's involvement is very crucial in regard to your case.

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  • insbaby
    08-06 10:40 AM
    Didn't you know for sure that you were going to stay with employer before asking them to apply GC.

    It may be illegal by Law by asking you to give the money back, but where would you put your action of wasting somebody's money?

    Not sure the contracting terms between you and your employer, but surely he was not the one forcing you to join the company, its you joined.

    If he was ready to help you to get GC, ready to invest atleast 9K on the process, why would you think his money is there just for you to play.

    Of course, you have valid points by law, you may escape from the latch now, but make sure this is not an repeating event.

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  • senthil1
    04-15 01:40 PM

    Your post does look like anti immigrant who want to make fun of potential immigrants or undermining US citizenship by immigrants. I hope those observations are incorrect

    Hello, I think I made a mistake. I recently went from GC to citizenship and it cost me my job. I was
    fired shortly after becoming a citizen. I am from a country other than yours. Sorry about that. There is no particular website that represents immigration from the country I immigrated from.

    The employer replaced me with a visa card holder. After I trained him, I was fired and my boss was fired.

    I am a skilled programmer with advanced degree. Employers from the website refuse to even acknowledge my resumes. Being unemployed is no way to be a new citizen. So I am ready to give up searching and move to India,in search of programming work. All I want to do is write code. I do not desire to make a point or to annoy anyone, I just want to work and write source code and try to get on with my life.

    What are my chances to find work with the giant IT corporations of India? I am ready to move today. Can I revoke my US citizenship and immigrate to your country??? Sorry sorry sorry if this offends anyone, I do not mean to annoy any of you. I just want to have a job and write code and I will be on my way.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for permitting me to present my delima to this your website.

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  • lazycis
    05-01 12:52 PM
    If I-485 is still pending, you can try to use AC21 and port old I-140 to new employer. Nothing to lose, a lot to gain if it works out. AC21 is not clearly defined and it's not codified in regulations so you have a good chance to prevail. The only problem I see is that the old employer no longer exists. Termination of the employer's business is one of the reasons for automatic revocation of I-140 (see 8 CFR 205.1(a)(iii)(D)). However if old employer was simply merged into another company, you can argue that business was not terminated.


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  • Vitriol
    04-13 09:12 AM
    Gurus, your inputs please: Can I take up a position in India with an American Firm while on H1B?

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  • nashim
    10-14 03:49 PM
    You can not return into USA using expired AP. In order to use new AP which you have already applied. It should be approved before you leave USA.

    Other option you have H1B stamping if you are maintaining H1B. thanks


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  • mrane1
    08-08 03:54 PM
    Sept 07! Did you enquire with them as you should now be eligible to ask them since its already sixty days have past since you got your GC!
    Looks strange.

    Opened SR's, infopass etc... first the reason was NC... now they just say it should be approved, no idea why its stuck... Now we are just tired... let it come whenever it has to... 11 years and still waiting :mad:

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  • Green.Tech
    09-16 04:28 PM
    Whatever problems you have today :- RFE, NOID, TAXES.. You have 4 weeks to 12 weeks time.
    For the most important task today, you have barely a few hours left. So leave everything else for tomorrow and it would not be too late.
    If you don't call today it would be too late. would be "years and years" late if we don't call today!


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  • GCNirvana007
    04-08 06:04 PM
    Please feel free to delete my id.

    I am done here. Wish good luck to everybody. Hope everyone gets GC soon.

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  • rnvd
    10-30 04:41 PM
    Hi rsdang,
    Its not with AdvanceParole. Because i had I-94 mistake in the past. It may reflect in their systems but USCIS already apporoved my H1b.


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  • IV2007
    05-11 10:13 AM

    I found this site where in we can send letters to our senate members or house representatives regarding the issues we face.

    Letter content pre-exists if needed you can change.

    Let's inundate senate & other members with what we are facing..

    EB2 Labor Pending

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  • Jaime
    09-04 11:57 AM
    Rally slogan?


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  • arihant
    04-12 05:00 PM
    I whole heartedly agree that labor substitution elimination makes sense. However, the 45 day proposal built into this rule can be disasterous. I just posted my experience with the 45 day letter from BEC in another thread.

    Basically, BEC sent the 45 day letter on March 7th, and my lawyer received it on March 14th. However, it was not brought to the attention of my HR until Apr 10th. A delay of almost a month. When we only have a month and a half to deal with it, such a delay may be disasterous. Granted, that the fault lies entirely with my lawyer, but it just goes to prove that 45 days is too short for something so important! Any number of reasons can create a delay of a few weeks.

    If they want to put a limit on it, why don't they set to it to a more reasonable period such as 6 months, or a year. It will be really bad if, after waiting for years for Labor to clear, people are denied GC because they did not apply for the next step within 45 days!

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-22 06:20 PM
    Rasmussen Reports indicates in their latest poll that only 5% of Americans list immigration reform as a top priority, a number that is consistent with historical numbers but is much reduced from the last few years when anti-immigration activists whipped up a wave of nativism not seen in many years in the US. One of the reasons immigration measures big and small have not succeeded in recent years is because the entire issue of immigration has been perceived as radioactive and no one wanted to take on the crazies. As it becomes clear that dealing with immigration issues isn't something...

    More... (


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  • rimzhim
    06-01 01:57 PM
    Plus, H1B is debated and decided upon (pro-H1B's are quite happy as-is), EB has not been debated at all.
    And when they vote, they may delete the H1B from the cap-removal and retain the GC, which will be just fine for us. We should support this amendment. It might go through after some changes.

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  • Beta_mle
    02-20 12:58 PM
    Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the time.
    When I look back at the timelines, when we applied for the 485s, we thought he was in status but afterwards, we realized he might not have been. Since then, we have renewed the H4 twice, and each time there was an I94 attached and the last one is still valid, so he is in status now.

    My concern is (1) that when the time comes to adjudicate his 485, someone might look back and say err, ten years ago there was a problem... I hope it won't happen, but I just want to be safe and my understanding is that returning with a stamped H4 would cure this and (2) that if we decide to go for the stamping, whether someone in the embassy would dig up the records and cause us problems.

    Thanks for the insight.


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  • sparky_jones
    10-05 10:49 AM
    Never knew that spouse had to be included in the I-140 stage... Is this a new rule?
    No, this is basically the left arm of the government not knowing how the right arm does its business.

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  • immi_seeker
    07-13 08:19 PM
    I agree with Eb2India, It appears to be a mistake or typo on the part of USCIS.
    You should approcah them. Hopefully they will react the same way as his case and you will get extended EAD. Goodluck


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  • Nabeel
    10-25 01:37 PM
    I believe i am right when I say that one can work on an expired H1b visa provided his/her extension (I129) is pending approval!! Please correct me if wrong.

    Yes sir, I am in Agreement with you provided you filed your extension before your H1 Expiration date and got your receipt later on.

    11-15 02:51 PM
    We are actively meeting with lawmakers across Southern California in OC, LA and San Diego. New members, please sign in to our local chapter, details are in my signature. Join in on local lawmakers meetings and help in raising awareness of our issues. We have experienced members in our group who can provide guidance and answer all your questions if you have never done anything like this before. We do need active members in various constituencies though, to help us reach out to all the lawmakers in our region. Read about our local lobbying activities on Southern California yahoo groups and perhaps you could contribute something to our efforts.

    05-05 11:42 AM
    Wasnt there a recent settled law suit that could evnetually force USCIS to consider and work on a petition if its pending for more than 180 days?

    Then I suppose this non concurrent priocessing may be a good thing...isnt it?

    I still cant fathom what would be the real consequences of this non concurrent processing..anyone?

    going to the comments section, I believe its just a "process" to go thru...

    I did submit comments when they proposed fee hike for many gc applications like 485, 140 etc.. they receveid lot of comments BUT they went ahead and increased the fee anwyays...:)

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